Zakir Naik – Dawah to an Atheist in a Non Muslim Society #02

Zakir Naik
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In the field of hydrology, it was a Bernard palissy. In 1500 80 was the first person who described the present water cycle which we learned in school. Previously, we did not know about the water cycle. The first person was a Bernard palissy in 15. And at that he described that the water evaporates from the ocean forms into clouds, it moved to the interior, it falls down as rain and the water table is replenished. Now this water cycle is described in the Quran in great detail in several places in Surah zomer, Chapter 39 verse 21, in three rooms chapter number 30, verse number 24, inserting chapter number 23, verse number 18, insert a chapter number 15, verse 22, insert a new

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chapter number 24, verse 43, industry room chapter 30, verse 48, in for chapter 13, verse number 17. In chapter seven, verse 57, instead of for concept number 25, was 4249, in 45 minutes after 35, verse number nine in Surah Kahf chapter 15, verse number 911, in Slovakia, Chapter 56, verse 68, to 70 in Surah mulk chapter 16 verse number 30. In direct chapter metaphysics was the 11 you can keep on giving references only of what the cycle mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago.

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The Quran speaks about the word cycle in great detail, you can talk for several minutes on each was

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talking about a cycle who could have mentioned this in the Quran 14 years ago.

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And it is, could be silent. Keep on there are several scientific facts mentioned the Quran, the Quran speaks about geology. Today science tells us that the mountains give stability to the earth if the mountains were not there, the Earth would shake. The Quran says incident about chapter number 78 verse number six and seven that we have created the earth as an expanse, while jabaal Tada and the mountains as takes today sense tells us that the portion of the mountain you see above the ground is a very small portion, the major portion is deep within the ground, like how when you put a tent peg in the ground, small portion remains on top, the major portion goes down, and these are roots of the

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mountain de giftable to the earth. The Quran says in Surah ambia chapter number 21 verse number 31 that we have created the mountain standing firm on the earth less it will check with you

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in the field of oceanology.

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We knew previously that there were two types of water, salt, and sweet. But we did not know

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that why these two water did not mix. Quran says in Surah Furqan chapter number 25 verse 253, that it is Allah who has created two bodies of flowing water, one sweet and the other salty. Though they meet they're not mixed, there is a barrier between them which is forbidden to be trespassed. Today after science segments have come to know that though one type of water flows into the other type of water, it loses its constituents and gets homogenized into the water that flows. This homogenizing area the Quran refers to as barza an unseen barrier, which scientists have discovered today. And Quran has mentioned 14 years ago.

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In the field of biology, the Quran says in Surah ambia chapter number 21 verse number 30 with a nominal ma ecola shine here, we have created every living thing from water, who could have believed 40 100 years ago that every living creature made of water today science has confirmed that everything is made from water. Koran says insert a new chapter number 24 was no 45 we have created every animal from water, but uncertain sort of forgone chapter number 25 verse number 54. We have created every human being from water.

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In the field of botany, Quran says that even the plants have got sexes male and female in Surah Taha chapter number 20 verse 53, which we came to know recently, Koran says that every kind of fruits are created in paste into the rods chapter number 13 verse number three.

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In the field of zoology, Quran speaks about the lifestyle of the animals in Surah. Chapter number six was number 13. Quran speaks about the lifestyle of the beast, and you sort of know *, Chapter 16, verse 68, and 69. Quran speaks about the spider and sort of uncovered chapter 29 verse 41, about the and insert a normal chapter number 27, verse number 7218. And all these aspects of the spider of the hands of the bees, we have come to know recently and Quran mentions in detail 400 years ago, who could have mentioned this?

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Quran speaks about medicine, that in the honey there is healing for humankind. In chapter 16 verse number 6869 Quran speaks about the production of milk and the circulation of blood in Student Health, Chapter 16 verse 66, and Surah maamoun chapter number 23 verse 21 1400 years ago, which we have come to recently, Quran speaks about medicine, about physiology about embryology, the various stages of the human body

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development is described in detail. And so the maamoun chapter 23, verse number 12 to 14, Quran speaks about genetics,

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about the * responsible for the child in Surah najem chapter number 53 was from 45. Quran speaks about the fingerprinting method. And so the gamma chapter number 75 was number three and four,

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after every scientific fact mentioned the foreign as the atheist, who could have mentioned this in the Quran 49 years ago, and his reply will be the Creator, the manufacturer, the maker, the inventor, this creator, this manufacturer, this maker, this inventor v Muslims, we call him as Allah.

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Even to an atheist, we can prove about the existence of Allah subhana wa Taala with the help of the last and final revelation, the Glorious Quran,

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we are not using science

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to prove Allah subhanho wa Taala. The science is the yardstick of the atheists. Our yardstick is a foreign we are using our yardstick and comparing with his yardstick and trying to prove that our yardstick the Glorious Quran, is far superior to your science.

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So these type of non Muslims do data

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based on the similarities if he thinks science is ultimate, we use science and try and get science and the commonalities in the Quran and try to get him closer to Islam.

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Allah says in the Quran in surah *, Chapter 16 verse 25, oh do Allah subhanaw taala because Walmart has now

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has an invite all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best, most Gracious, we have to deal with and request now.

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