Zakir Naik – Fasting Exclusively on Fridays is Discouraged

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of singling out Friday for fasting, stating that it is not a complete statement. They also mention a Prophet who asked the person to do fast on Friday, but the person did not do it. The speaker suggests that the person may be confused and that regular fasting on Friday falls on the regular practice of not doing it.
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Following on from that nother category of prohibited fasts. Friday's an incredibly special day for all Muslims, wherever you are.

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So why is it that it can't be singled out on its own as an object of fast as far as

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signaling or Friday, for keeping the warranty fast, it is prohibited, because Friday is the main day for the Muslims in the week, we can call it the weekly or the day is important for the Muslims. And we offer congregation salah, and we meet relatives, the meter friends, too fast on this day is not preferable. And furthermore,

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it is negating, doing the opposite of what the Jews and Christians do. They prefer fasting on the main day. That is Jews prefer fasting on Saturday, and the Christian on Sunday, and they consider the religious day. And all the other day they do all their activities with no problems. So we don't believe in that. They're only doing acts of good deeds on Friday and not doing on the other days of the week. Based on these two reasons. The Prophet Musa Salam has prohibited singling out Friday for fasting. But this prohibition is not complete prohibition. It is other mcru. And he said that if you have too fast, you can fast on Friday along with fasting one day before or one day afterwards. That

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means either singing or fasting or if you're used to fasting on particular days, you know, like maybe three days in a month, the yam will be unbearable to be affected in the no problem. Or if you're fasting on a day then that happens to be a fairly new problem. Otherwise singling out only Friday is not permitted. It's mentioned in the hadith of

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say Buhari voice number three, book of fasting Hadith number 1986. That once the Prophet met you were there may Allah be pleased with her. And she was fasting on Friday. So the Prophet asked her that to do fast yesterday. She said no. Do you have intention to fast tomorrow? She said no. Then you break your fast prognosis and further said it's mentioned in say Muslim woman number two, in the book of fasting Hadith number 2546.

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The blood perfect said that do not single out the night preceding Friday for offering the night Salah night prayer, and neither single out Friday for a voluntary fast unless you're used to fasting unless you're accustomed to fasting and then Friday falls on that. So as I mentioned earlier that Fidesz cannot be singled out, you know because you don't copy the other non Muslim the Jews and the Christians unless it's a normal practice and you habit and it happens to fall on the day no problem. If you fast on a Friday is preceded by fasting one day before or one day after there's no problem or if it falls on your normal routine of fasting like ordinary days, or the tedious I am will be

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perfectly fine.

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