In Islam – People are Equal

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There are various different types of brotherhood. Brotherhood, based on blood relationship, brotherhood, based on region based on race, brotherhood, based on caste, on creed, on color,

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but all these Brotherhood's

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they are limited and they are not universal.

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And Islam does not believe that human beings should be divided based on color, and caste.

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I started my talk by calling also the Louis Farrakhan from surah chapter number 49 Verse number 13, where Allah subhanaw taala says, Yah Yah ha nasil inner Calaca na comienza cannibal unsavoury Jana calm chauveau Akbar Allah, Allah Tada foo in Nakama window head Coco in the LA Alleman COVID. All humankind, we have created you from a single pair of male and female and have divided you into nations and tribes so that you shall recognize each other and you may not despise each other, and the most honored in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the person who has taqwa, the person who has God consciousness, piety, righteousness. Allah says in this verse, that he has divided the human

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beings into different tribes, so that you may recognize each other, not the debate despise each other. And the most honored in the sight of Almighty Allah is the person who has Taqwa God consciousness, righteousness, piety, Allah says in surah, room chapter 30, verse number 22, that amongst His Signs, He has created the heavens and the earth,

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and has created different languages and colors. Verily in it is a sign for those who understand Allah subhanho wa Taala has created people in different colors, having different languages, so that you may have unique with each other. And this is the same for those who understand.

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Allah says in surah surah chapter number 17 was from 70 Walcott Karam nominee Adama that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has honored all the children of Adam. irrespective whether you're black or white, yellow or brown, rich or poor, coming from America or Malaysia or India or Pakistan, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has honored all the money out of all the children of Adam. Besides Islam. There are other religions that believe that the humankind originated from a single pair of male and female from Adam and Eve. May peace be upon them. But unlike Islam, the other religions they believe it is the woman because of which human kind is born in sin. Because if Mala visitor she disobeyed God, that's the

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reason human beings are born in sin. In Islam, we do not put the blame only on the woman. In Islam, we've read the Quran, the blame is equally put on both of them.

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Allah mentions in sort of a raft chapter number seven, was the 1957.

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Where Adam and Eve peace be upon them. Both of them are addressed more than a dozen times. Both of them made a mistake. Both of them repented both for forgiving, the blame is equally put on both of them. There is not a single verse in the Quran, which puts the blame only on Eve May Allah be visitor but there is a verse in the Quran which only singles out Adam peace be upon him.

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Allah says in surah Taha chapter number 20 Verse I'm wondering given that Adam peace be upon him, he disobeyed Allah.

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But if you read the Quran as a whole, the blame is equally put on both of them.