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splendora man Rahim in the handler in a medical minister in hoonah. Stock Pharaoh what are all the below him in Sri unforseen amin say Dr. Molina May the Hindu furthermore the ladder woman your little Fender dealer was shot

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in Lago de la sharika. Where I showed you an Mohammedan abdomen or a solo

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in the cul de sac eatable

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had he had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa and he was sending them was Sharon ohmori. Mo, to her wakulla that in bid on wakulla bid at in Bala that in Baku, la la la la la rubbishy roughly sorry, are you silly ambry workflow, aka Dr. Melissa Nia Foley. After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We find that we live as a Muslim online Strange Times that there are various temptations or distractions or tribulations that are disturbing this Muslim ummah. That key word that we want to focus upon tonight is the word al fitna.

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The word al fitna. amongst his murni its meanings we find his trials and tribulations. Does he pick up any book of Hadith? You'll find towards the end of the compilation, you'll find a book entitled Kitab will fit in the book of trials and tribulations that is Muslim Omar face towards the end of time, whether it be the coming of the Antichrist, Judo, Judo Gorgon Magog, the return of resub new Maria alayhi wa sallam, and other signs towards the end of time, like was defined al Maliki hematol Cobra, the final Armageddon, the war bainer sera sera Badal kufri will Eman the war between Cofer disbelief and Eman that is one meaning of fitna trials and tribulations. The Quran also mentions

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Well, I mean, has he been so in utero in your

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womb leg afternoon? While awkward fraternal Latina mean probably him for a novela Dino Sadako Allah Allah Manuel Kathy been the beginning in 29 chapter Quran SoTL uncovered. The people perceive to think they're going to be left alone. They make the statement we believe and they will not be tested. They will not be trialed. Indeed we did test and try the people that came before them. So that Allah, Allah May highlight those were the truthful individuals and those who are the liars. Obviously for some of us, we may be thinking this doesn't concern me, the trials and tribulations that take place around the Muslim globe at the moment, or what will happen towards the end of time.

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I just want to live today. I want to live today's life and enjoy whatever I can at the moment. And that is the second meaning of an fitna, which concerns the rest of a large portion of our Muslim community and youth. The other meaningful fitna is temptations, his shadow word, his desires to fall into various trials and tribulations temptation that we're surrounded by. We are surrounded by many temptations that we find many of the Muslim youth, unfortunately begin to fall into those temptations, and is falling into temptations is a sign of a shallow individual, that somebody is individuals or think that they are men in falling into these evil practices and actions. A real man

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a real individual is one who controls and overrides the emotions and the desires and doesn't fall into these fit. And these temptation these desires. temptation and desires is an integral part of non Muslims. If you go and say to them, this is heroin. This is impermissible. This is sinful. They take it as a part of their life. They don't take going out Friday night as hard on drinking alcohol is heroin, taking drugs as heroin, it's part of their life. It's part of their creed. That's the way that they live their lives. The sad fact is that some of us Muslims are trying to enforce this is how our life should be as well. The Quran mentions about those disbelievers that these individuals

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yeah Allah Managua here, Amina piety dunya wahama harati, whom have followed these people only know the external factors of this world. In terms of development, construction, technology, that's the only thing is the Quran is praising them. The disbelievers are excellent about these things. Welcome here

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The home of the Lord as for the Hereafter, they are heedless. They're shallow, have no soul have no belief. So one side the Koran praises them. On the other side the Quran defames and these individuals are totally lost. Indeed the Quran mentions about these individuals. These individuals have become an an have become like cattle like beast. Balham abon Ola echo Humala hafi load. These people are worse than cattle worse than a cow, a camel a beast, but who

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are answers these people are far astray misguided individuals. Hola, como la filou these are heedless individuals have no understanding of what this life is all about. Another passage the Quran mentions their home. Yeah, kulu Jolla tomato leaves these people to eat and drink. These are derogatory words inside the Koran. Because to eat and drink is the way of animals in animals. They eat and drink the plants and leave them alone to eat and drink. And eventually time will come upon them for so far. Yeah. They know what the ending is going to be that much the facade, the corruption, the fitna that we face upon the moment upon this earth, Quran mentions that this fitness

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maharal facade will burn we will buy her Bhima cassava a Dinesh, Leo, the lady Emmylou Lala, whom your jerwood corruption appears upon the land and the oceans, because what man sends forth with his own hands, you may taste the fruits of your action, the life that you live, taste the fruit, maybe you may begin to return back to LA spandana those are the signs that a lot of other places there. Now the passage of Quran Allah mentions our own unknown afternoon of equilibrium in Mahabharata and Omar Ratan Somalia to buena Voila. homea corrode? Don't you see that we test you once or twice in a year, you may repent and you may return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So life upon this world for a

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believer for Muslim is different from the way these individuals live their life. And we don't want to spend too much time discussing these individuals and what they do. We want to see what's happened to many of our own individuals, that a type of life that they live in, trying to aspire to become like those individuals, to imitate them to be like them in a heartbeat that we find mentorship behavior comin for who are men home, wherever imitates a people eventually becomes like those individuals. The Quran mentions, what are Taku can Latina sola for Anselm and foster home, Ola ECAM will first your code. Lester was horrible. It was horrible. Jana jannetty, whom will fit his own.

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Don't become like those individuals who forget Allah Subhana Allah, you forget Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will forget you, those people of Paradise, and not like the people of the Hellfire as Habu jannetty people of Paradise whom will fit his own will always be successful. And that's the whole title a theme about there ain't no ghetto in paradise. Because many of us think that we may return back to a better life. If you live a wretched life upon this earth. You've destroyed this earth yourself. You live in a ghetto mentality, you created that ghetto environment amongst yourselves. And then you think that when somehow when you come back to paradise, you're going to have a better

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life given to you. Allah Subhana Allah is not unjust to any individual. But if you will live a life of disrespecting a lot panda Allah, turning away from the life of a lawsuit founder of serving panda Allah, then Allah, Allah will just turn you away. That's the Quran mentioned from an IRA and decree for in Allahu marisha Tonka. Wanna shuru Yama, Yama, the

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color of the Lima hotshot Tanya Baku basura. Whoever turns away from my remembrance, remembering Allah Subhana Allah upon this earth, we will raise that individual in a state of blindness, or a dilemma has shocked me. Oh my Lord, why have you made me blind today? What could come to basura and the ability to visualize and to see because upon this dunya the sign was shown to you, but you turn away from them work out their little yo matanza, and thus today you'll be forgotten by Allah Subhana Allah and as some of us Muslims, we want to play games with Allah Subhana Allah, we want to follow a certain pattern way of life. And then we think what a coup numinbah de Colman Salim in such a use of

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the 12 chapters of Quran that we find that the brothers the use of a salon, they decided to either throw him in the whale or before they tried to kill him. And they said, after we do this even action, what the cool woman Barney Coleman Sala hain, then afterwards we become good pious individuals. You know, this methodology, the Quran, how many young Muslims thing exactly the same 1000s of years ago, the brothers use have said we'll do heroin.

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We've tried to harm our own brother, and we'll come back and become a good Muslim. Exactly what happens on road today. Many Muslims say, I'll just leave this life. And somewhere along the line, I'll come back to Allah Subhana Allah, I'll become a better individual. You know how much the percentage of those people ever come back to Allah subhanaw taala is a very minimal amount. That aspiration for many of us never comes true, never comes true. Because we live we've been drifting away So far away from Allah Subhana Allah. And then we think that maybe for some special reason, that we could be just forgiven for whatever we done upon this earth, that this practice these evil

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practices around us, these are symbols of non Muslims. These are these symbols, this is their way of life, stay culture stay believe, we should not begin to think that we can be exactly like them. And as you find that those disbelievers they want you to be like them for Toku server that you be identical to them, that you they want us to imitate them to begin to copy them that you find inside of Syria, that when certain things are made haram ohana upon this Muslim Omar it's not based upon your own feelings and your own tastes and your own desires. The Quran mentions Polestar will habito play one of our Gabba castrato hobbies

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oh you believe of individuals polyester will habito say impure substances and pure substances cannot be the same one job that aka certain hobbies. Even though impure substances may startle you, they may begin to dazzle a person that there is a high life there is a good life. There is wealth out there. There's property out there, trafficking of drugs, there may be 10 K to be in a weak trap to heroin, cocaine, whatever it may be. It's a good lifestyle that a person can benefit from it. But the Quran says quite clearly, wallow give Akaka throttle hobbies a real Muslim a real individual sees strength through crystal clear that all it is is nothing by design to snatch my Eman way to

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take me away from the path and nothing to show you that we find the *ty is based upon five basic elementary principles whenever we make something and make something haram weigh it up according to this Islam came handle everybody while actually what Dini while many oneness and Islam came to preserve your intellect it came to preserve your your body, your soul, your deen your wealth and your honor your dignity. Anytime Islam says this is something haram go and study it. What do drugs do to a person? There is no benefit to your mind. To your body, to your soul, to your deen to your wealth. There is no benefit. People may think there's some benefit even though for unmentioned Yes,

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aluna can in some very well may still fulfill him if moon Kabir woman, a thoroughly nurse, wife, mahama mahoma. Berman.

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People ask you about, about gambling about alcohol, but common intoxicants about drugs that ask you about this. Say in them there is some benefit, but they sin outweighs the benefit. What is the benefit that we see that people think there's a benefit for them? indulging inside these haram substances. Look at most of these individuals, what happens to their life, how they begin to destroy their own life, destroy everything around them, you freeborn Abu Dhabi ad him, they destroy their homes, with their own hands. That's what they do destroy their own homes with their own hands by these substances, that these fitten these trials and tribulations that you find these temptations

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have been so much into such many of our Muslim youth, that they feel is a part of their life, that if I have not been indulged inside these haram substances, then there's something wrong with me. It is not the normal way of life for Muslims to indulge inside those evil practices. And as we find that this, the culture begins to take place in this ghetto mentality that begins to take place, that people believe that their life is based upon three things they say that any revenge, revenue and respect these are the three R's that revolve around in your community, at the moment that you find. That's all that life revolves around revenge, or to gain any their revenue or to gain their respect.

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And what we say to these individuals, is rest, rip, and rip your fruits inside the grave inside the hereafter. That's what's going to be given to you that if you think that we are living this drug lifestyle, or this gangster lifestyle that you find or the ghetto lifestyle that people begin to aspire to these individuals. And when those individuals who don't know what takes place around us inside that community, were able to take it all the way back to East London, or back to South London, whether it be all the way going back to the Kray twins in the 60s the Richardson's inside South London, all the way to what people in our community

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To begin to spy for in this community, are they looking at the burger bar boys are looking at the Johnsons. That's what many of the young boys Muslim youth look up to them. Or you find whatever the redheads that you find inside this area, or the Birmingham, Muslim, Birmingham Panthers, that you find movements around here be the essence of many of these movements. They were created to protect their identity, their culture. But then they spilled over and began to harm one another few times, killings that begin to take place, harming one another, just recently that we find just for looking at a person, this is pure janelia, pure ignorance, he looked at me in such a manner, he's causing

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offence to me. So this person needs to be taken out the community. You know, not even animals don't behave in that manner. Even animals have a code of silence and conduct you walk past the jungle, you walk by you let them walk by freely, we become worse than animals. He walked into my area that we have postcode wars that you find walked into your turf. So these people need to be taught a lesson is that what how Muslim we should behave is that the way that we should conduct ourselves is that as shallow as life has become, then on top of that, we begin to harm one another. And other Muslim innocent Muslims get hurt, or get beaten up, or get tortured, or get kidnapped. All if it based

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largely upon the drug trade that we find that many Muslims are exploiting this trade, involved in pimping of women, prostitution, this is a respectable industry, you're respectable individually inside your community that you think people should look up to you. Why do you think people should look up to you, if that's the lifestyle that you live, and you think there should be some element of respect that should be given to you, those individuals who live that lifestyle, there's going to be an even ending for them, just the promise of Allah Subhana Allah, the way that you carry on sustaining yourself and taking care of yourself, it would only be a matter of time, as you say

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before time catches up to you. When time does catch up to you, there will be no escape. There's many individuals who've been sent for many, many years, for journeys into prison that you find for the for them, they believe that I wasn't involved inside this. But for many of the years, the conductance of an even manner, and just they happen to be that one day, that last kind of destined and this is the time, you need to take these individuals to return back to Allah Subhana Allah. These fit them that we find these trials and tribulations as we mentioned, amongst the first fitna that we find it should will cover the drinking of alcohol. How many young Muslims will get legless

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on a Friday night, on a Saturday, on a Sunday, and even metal off of it any day, and a state of intoxication in a state of drunkenness. This is not our way of life, that we should get drunk. We need alcohol or we need something to elucidate ourselves or to wash our worries away. It costs US government billions of pounds. The biggest terrorist threat inside this country is alcohol abuse. Nearly every other crime committed in this country is based upon alcohol. That's the reality. So you think that the use of alcohol will hallucinate myself will give me aspiration will give me strength, give me ability or show that I'm a manhood? Then you've clearly misunderstood what life is all

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about. Because the Quran mentions that is a purpose in life of a symptom, a number of haluk nakoma Bertha one nakum Elena tojiro further on the loan molecule, how do you think we just create you to stick to vanity, there's no purpose, you just somehow seem to live upon this earth do whatever you want to do. And that's the end of life does not have the Quran documents what life is, there is a purpose for individual to be upon this life. Either you will gain from that purpose or you will become a wretched individual upon following the incorrect purpose upon this life. So this use of karma that we find inside the Quran document in many many places while I mentioned quite explicitly

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inside certain man, the fifth chapter versus 1991 Yeah, you're Latina enamel camera, well may suitable unsolvable Islam, read some enamel shape on first and Ebola and welcome to flat road in NEMA. You read a shape on when you are by Nakamura de Beauvoir feel hungry what makes it well, you should document the green one is similar for Anton monta Hoon Are you believe in the drinking of alcohol in the gambling in the throwing of divine arrows, sacrificing the altars the stones, is a filthy handiwork of the devil. fudge Tony Bula Allah come to flaperon stay away from it that you may become successful any individual indeed shaytan only wants to create animosity and hatred amongst

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yourselves and within yourselves why the use of alcohol and gambling and take you away from the dhikr of Allah. take you away from remembering Allah and take you away from the establishment of a Salah Will you not abstain? So how many Muslims unfortunately young Muslim, they take this evil substance. They feel it's a part of their life. They feel it's their culture. When it hooligans, we don't have

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abuse that should exist amongst us. But unfortunately, that's what's taking place, sometimes openly inside our society, the people, they have no shame that you find a Hadith, you have no shame, do whatever you want to do. And this is a great big fitna that we're facing, that sin is no longer siran is no longer hidden that people say don't talk about these things. And answer allanon you find it the same in our communities out in the open, when he was saying outside of the roads, not people will come and start trafficking drugs in the open. There is no more shame. No Quran mentioned in alladhina you're a boon and she and furniture to fill that in Aminu, llamada.

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Hara, those people will love to spread illicit behavior, bad behavior amongst the believers. For them, they will be an evil punishment inside this world. And likewise, inside the euro. That's the promise of Allah Subhana Allah, that those individual wants to spread wise, we're not here to talk about a personal bad problem. Many of us can have a bad problem, addiction through childhood or whatever it may be. We pray to Allah to bring those people out of the hardship. But those individuals who think that they don't test them out on road, that they think they can bypass the law or anything, they can stay away from whatever it may be, there's no one out there can tell me. You

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know, some of them they think they are above the law. Yes, you may be above the law, but you're never going to be above the law of Allah Subhana Allah remember that inside your life, you'll never be above that law. You may think you're smart criminal, you may be organized, you may change your SIM card you may change your ride, you may use code name, you may use drop off plenty my new phone boxes, whatever it may be, that you use all forms of technology and different places you have dropouts, whatever it may be, whatever may exist in the modern world today. But remember one thing, you won't escape the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah, Masha caminada Salah satin illawarra bedroom, what

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a hum certain Illa wasa this home. When Adam in Delhi Kabbalah aksar illa Who am I wrong in America and in a bedroom Bhima Amina Yama, Yama, they may not be a secret secret consultation, they may be free of you sitting together doing something How long are speaking How long? Know that the fourth is Allah Subhana Allah, what are some certain Illa was this a home, not five of you. And the 60 is a Muslim ban of the Allah. not less than that. Not more than that, a lots of panda eyes watching over you. And then he will inform you about all of the actions that you've done upon this earth. So there's no escaping from last time they're either in the law law you can fill out the water

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fisherman who will lead you so we will convene our hammock, a fisher subarna who were to Allah in the law,

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without the will of his summer, nothing goes hidden. Nothing goes hidden from Allah from Deanna, whether on the earth or in the heavens, nothing will ever go hidden from Allah Subhana Allah. So you may hide everything from the people around you. You may fool your parents you may fool us you may fool the Imam, you may fool the feds the five or whatever it may be, fool everyone. Deep down inside your heart. You've already fooled yourself. That's the Quran. It begins by mentioning that you heard the rune Allah will Latina Manu,

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una Illa and fusuma Maja Sharon sepuluh be Maradona khazamula, Morocco, these people try to deceive Allah Subhana Allah and those who believe they only deceive their own cells. And they can even recognize they're deceiving their own souls. They don't perceive it. In the heart is a sickness. And the last 100 has increased that sickness inside their hearts. This only substances is a sickness. That's the point of Shadow Work, this will redeem I mentioned is two types of diseases. They should have his doubts inside your belief. You don't know what to believe in. And there's shadow work and life of lust and desire. This was destroyed his Muslim oma, you take the Muslim woman a globe is

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either we don't know what to believe in. We have rampant incorrect beliefs. We worship graves worship saints, we worship righteous people. We do all types of any fabulous things that we do all corrupt beliefs. The other side that we find we live a life of temptations and desires. That's all that concerns us. As long as I can enjoy my life, live life to the fullest. You're all young ones, do whatever you can do. And at some later stage that will become good individuals. That is what many of us must have been programmed with. That's what many of the Muslim youth that's all that they program with. That's all about this life. Just enjoying yourself up on this slide. And then we'll

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see about the around it comes to the arcade. That's what you find. When some of these people get caught with their guns and their weapons that you find what do they say in a five year bird a five year jail sentence, aka holiday is a holiday because at least some offload were short while I still control my empire. Everything takes place. These days. You get everything inside prisons except for what? Except for women. Apart from that, you name it. People get tapped people get ticked. People get in money collected from outside to get everything trapped outside and even you find that Tad's even poop on people's heads from inside prison cells that takes so and so out. So you know why why

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some banged up

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In prison writing my sentence, no one could attribute to me. So when so pull the trigger. Because you know why I'm writing a sentence. I'm already guilty in prison. And that's what the world is existing around us at the moment. That that's what the type of atmosphere that these people are living, that they believe that this type of life will give us the success that we want. They don't seem to understand that this life is just a downhill tunnel to continue to destroy their life, time and time again, till avenge you find nothing of these individual life will be left. That leads into the second fifth that we find that's surrounding a community that won't be touched upon the use of

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drugs is become such common practice at the moment that more people smoke drugs than Benson hedges among marijuana, weed skunk, spliff, reefer joint, whatever you want to call it, weed, people smoke more of that in a smoke mentioned hedges is become common practice. People come up to musicians you will want to

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relax yourself a bit. Relax your mind.

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Put yourself in focus in what you want to do.

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That's what life has become people don't even have shame anymore. People walking around with suits inside there is that's what it is walking around thinking they're bad man. And I've said it many times before you ain't no Jamaican yadi you ain't no Jamaican. You're just not your culture. That's not your life.

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And as you find even this concept of the five year sentence, you know why is many the Jamaican yardies there's no DNA substance for them. They try them black on black Crime Squad that you find a metropolitan police is difficult to catch a Jamaican yadi because there's no evidence so he can shoot many men. When he gets caught and they take his fingerprints, then they can begin to link him up. Other than that, if I made him come over as a hitman, take many men out and fly back straight away. Because even in Kingston, there is no record of them. This corruption will link Kingston as well, not just in Buxton, remember there is corruption everywhere. That's the reality. So many these

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people think I ride my five years for getting caught with a piece, I ride my sentence, and I'll come back on road.

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I'll come back on road. Because you know why another reason that I give is when I'm gonna go down, I'm gonna get gunned down anyway. So what's five years of my life was five years of my life of going down, when I know when I come back on road, that man is going to be down. So may as well take the five years come out and enjoy whatever I can in my life.

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That's what many of these individuals that's what their life has become as a reality of their life. Live by the gun die by the gun. That's the reality of them. That's what they believe just the perception is that they sleep with a gun, they walk with a gun, they drink with a gun, they even go to the toilet with a gun. Because that's what they're worried about. Because somebody may base the door down even the toilet and pump them bullets in it in the state and walk away from them. That's the reality, you know, person is a dog's death. A no man's death. If that's what you think that you think your big, bad and bold, top 10 bullets everywhere, and you think there's gonna be respect

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inside your life. That's what some of our Muslim youth they think, don't they? They have a monkey with a piece, then you know, I'm a bad boy.

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In the most you can't even probably put Papa bully anyway. But even though some of the individuals The reality is that some of the Asian boys, that the drug crime has led them to supersede even many of the black individuals we documented that many Asian drug pushers inside this community are making the black boys push the drugs for them when many many years ago, the Asian boys the peddlers the foot soldiers with traffic for them. Today's become such a lucrative industry that you find because of our connections back home in Pakistan. And if one is done in the heroin trade that we find, it's very easy for us to make those connections to bring it over in mangoes, bring it over in fish, bring

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it over and whatever it may be, and bring it over. So in salt import export business, ain't no fool remember, that. Ain't no food, it doesn't you think you are great big Empire. And you ain't done a day's work in your life. And you're trying to tell me that I'm an honest individual.

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Definitely trying to tell the community it won't take too long. Give us 1015 minutes. And we'll tell you who the big peddlers are. That won't take that long. And that's why you find it the five oh, they don't want to pay attention as well because the way they see it, let them battle it out amongst themselves. Let them keep it out in their own community. Because they know that even at times themselves, they may come into that area. That's what they feel scared that will come into the area we may get shot as well. It's happened many times. How many innocent individuals, the two figures that got shot, innocent individual shot, now they've got women for them, shooting people setting up

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people. That's the reality. How many innocent individuals walking by they get shot, waste of life. Firstly, you shouldn't be out on the streets anyway. After nine o'clock you shouldn't be out on the street. Come to the mercy of pratyusha there's no need for you to hang out on the blocks and on the streets. When people said we're just catching with them. We're moving about with them. How many

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Individually just coaching within when your babies in nappies wish to pick them up next may become the big dope peddlers just by moving about sitting with them. How many young individuals how many young individuals never knew what drugs were inside your life. But moving about the wrong type of individuals, you fall into that trap. And that's the second fitna that we find the trafficking of these evil substances. 40 million pound heroin connection that we find inside this country, linked back to what the Muslim community in trafficking of drugs, that's something was to begin to think about the why we become a people who encouraging other individuals to come to Tara, while we

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becoming other individuals who are encouraging a Muslim brothers and sisters out there on the street, to take these substances, or even serve in the substance to these individuals.

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This get ghetto mentality, won't get you what you think inside paradise, there's going to be no ghetto in Paradise, there's going to be nothing but the Bronx inside the grave for those individuals, unfortunately, that's going to be the reality that they may be aspiring to just because I have a Muslim name. And post inside my books were mainly the massages, you do this, you stop preying upon them. When somebody young individuals, they die, just to send a lesson out to these people, you should stop preying upon them suddenly, and so I hope you can go and find someone else to prey upon them. So that will become a message to the community that the moment somebody dies,

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people tried to cover up, he was a good lad. He was dead. He just happened to be there. He was a wrong place. He wasn't really doing much. It wasn't really a bad guy.

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this that and the other day he finds up in too long inside our community. The message needs to go out and people die in the trafficking the substances and taking the substances that needed to be sent out a message that we're not going to offer your funeral go and find someone else to pray your funeral that goes out to the community that you know, it's Muslim imams out there, we no longer preying upon us. That's something dangerous. They don't seek forgiveness for us. They don't ask you to learn how to do forgive us. We're not saying these people won't be forgiven. That's what loves panda Allah. But externally, it is a bad ending was classified. Initially, as soon hotma. a bad

00:32:06--> 00:32:49

ending. If a person dies in that manner, taking substances, the way that you die, is the way that you will be resurrected. If a man dies, smoking drugs, person be resurrected in the day, his state of intoxication, person dies, committing fornication committing adultery, will be resurrected that day exposed in front of every single individual. So just like you don't want to expose upon this earth, in a sense that many Muslims may fall into. You don't want to be exposed. Inside the day you expose in front of every single individual, and even more so exposed about la Subhana Allah, that Allah, Allah subhanaw taala soon have a look upon this earth is to show as we began with the

00:32:49--> 00:33:32

science, these individuals that on this earth, there will be no success. There will be difficulties, there will be obstacles, there will be hardship upon those individuals who turn away more and more from Alex panadapter. And as you find the judgment, every single one of us will be asked any four or five different questions, amongst those prime questions that we find will be about our time. How did we spend our time upon this earth? How do we spend our young days one shabby female half now, when us a young individual? What did you do with your life? Not when you became an old man, when you get an age of 5060 that's a sign of maturity, that's normal person that aged automatically go and

00:33:32--> 00:34:11

perform, I'd start praying etc. Come to the masjid make Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, you know, that's no big deal. Nothing is something big or something great. That's no big deal. That's normal for man to do at that age, because they know that one foot in the grave. That's what he called maturity. Allah kinda says that when you're a young individual. What did you do at that age? What did you do at that time, the prime of your life? Did you waste your life away? Did you squander your life away? And likewise, about your wealth? How did you gain your wealth? And how did you spend your wealth summaries individuals live their lavish lifestyles, when they spend their money on their

00:34:11--> 00:34:54

family, on the people around them, whoever it may be haram wealth around well spent on their own children, on their own wife, on their own mothers, on their own father, on the people around them around wealth, not allowed inside Islam. Whatever is haram is not supposed to be spent for good cause and to say that the the end justifies the means. I do all these bad things. But you know, as long as at the end, I do something good that will justify whatever done throughout my life. That's not the son of Allah Subhana Allah, that at the end, you could just justify yourself, turn a new leaf, create your empire and build a front whatever it may be your clothes showroom, or your travel

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

agents or whatever it may be. You have at the front to show the people you know, I've set that down and living an honest life was the foundation

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

In the property industry was the foundation of whatever you gain inside your life. So that doesn't justify what some of these people may think that they are doing. Likewise, we find those individuals we find about the youth, about their time, about their age, and the whole of their life. What do they do throughout their life? How many of us Muslims know what it means to be Muslim today? most Muslims and for young individuals don't have a clue what Islam is. They come into the masjid woke up in the masjid walk in, like sheep will get like sheep go out there carry on doing whatever they want to do inside their life is partially maybe the message given to them in a salata turn and in fact,

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

Shay will mukha the prayer takes you away from unfactual fashion means does it mean even? It means lewdness, promiscuity, sexual misconduct, wickedness, that's been manual for a while. It's just what the prayer does. It takes you away from this type of behavior takes you away from mukha if you understand the real meaning of the prayer takes you away from all these evil practices, and what Muslims even know how to pray, you know, some of the Muslims, they don't never pray in their life. They only what they preyed upon. This is happening some Muslim youth, unfortunately, they are only preyed upon inside their life. And not to sound so harsh. And we mentioned that a person doesn't

00:36:18--> 00:36:21

pray is classified as a disbeliever.

00:36:22--> 00:36:43

You know, you could carry out many other different actions inside your life. You could just be a sinful individual. But if you abandon the prayer, that's the fine line that you find if you go to Afghanistan at the moment, internet smoke heroin, but when it comes to time for Salah you know what they do? They put their their pots down whatever it may be, and what do they do? They read the Salah.

00:36:44--> 00:37:12

People say look at them hypocrites. They know hypocrites. That's a sin that they have in their life. That's a weakness they have inside their life. But they know they've had give up the prayer. I'm going to become what disbeliever Our problem is, I do one sin, why should I come to the machine? Why should I bother to come to the machine? America go and do another sin, going to another sin and maybe just leave that life? How many young boys start with that life? Start by firstly thinking getting involved with other women.

00:37:14--> 00:37:20

That's what some boys they say, look, check. I don't drink. I don't take none of this. We just like galavanting What's wrong with that?

00:37:22--> 00:37:46

That's what I like what's wrong with that? I guarantee you when you search for galantine you're going to get involved in those things anyway, you start drinking, you start taking drugs, you start doing all the wrong things to get to the end objective. Because you know, not to disrespect women in any manner. But you know that the woman is a devil in disguise. That's what the Christian teachings teach us.

00:37:47--> 00:37:55

So many how many men have given up their faith for the sake of a woman? How many men have given up their faith for the sake of a woman?

00:37:56--> 00:38:05

I'm your Venus. I'm the burning desire, isn't it? That burning desire is what the fire off of hell

00:38:07--> 00:38:09

in Rome will attract isn't it Bananarama isn't?

00:38:14--> 00:38:15

Isn't it?

00:38:16--> 00:38:30

heaven must be missing what was heaven must be missing? An angel. Pure poofer How can heaven be missing an angel who's the angel referring to? The Alice in it? She's an angel walk upon the earth. She's dropped out from heaven. She's dead.

00:38:32--> 00:38:57

That's what this music industry is. That's why in our study, what we studied is pure pornography. That's what is pure pornography. That's what the Muslim youth are watching these rap records these tunes this industry and look up that no one and they treat their women like trash. No one they treat their women like trash. These people they treat their women like trash. They're worried about us putting them in a bowl kind of vein.

00:38:58--> 00:39:18

What do you do to your women, you call that respect, putting a woman a dog chain and making a lap up milk and wrap in front of her face. You call that respect for a woman? no clothes on dancing around you. You call that respect for a woman? Now no respect for no woman and then you're trying to tell us that we're backward individuals

00:39:19--> 00:39:22

or you find that these Muslims individuals well knocking at their teeth.

00:39:25--> 00:39:37

Indeed, Allah has created human being an incentive fee as Anita Queen, create University universe structure. Why not cut your teeth and put diamond teeth there? Look at me Mr. $10,000.

00:39:39--> 00:39:53

I'll put an earring inside your ear forget about your ears now. You don't see us growing up that's a sign of homosexuality wearing an earring. Now pierced your nose isn't it pays to eyebrow. pierced your belly isn't it? That you think your man

00:39:54--> 00:39:56

casing your nose? pierced nose?

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

What kind of fashion trend is that?

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Muslim youth wise tattooing their bodies as well.

00:40:04--> 00:40:13

tattooing their names across their body. shame upon your curse, wretched individual, even as some sign of respect to put your name on your body.

00:40:14--> 00:40:18

Put symbols on your body selfie pictures images on day.

00:40:19--> 00:40:21

Two, do you think you are Tupac?

00:40:22--> 00:40:35

Is that what you think you are? Or maybe you Mike Tyson, you can see what Mike Tyson's done to his face hasn't even in his face. Even his face plays a tattoo with May Allah guide him keeping steadfast on the right path not shown in respect of the Muslim brothers.

00:40:36--> 00:40:43

But as long as you've learned from genelia. But that's what some of our people want to imitate. They want to follow that.

00:40:44--> 00:40:53

They want to crystallize in that they want to live the life of the ghetto, and be brought up in the ghetto. And you know what, just die in the ghetto.

00:40:54--> 00:41:29

That's what many of these individual life would become. So don't aspire to be like those individuals, to never ever aspire to be like those individuals. Because there is no aspiration for you to look up to those individuals. And being the person I want to be inside my life. So imagine all those, those groups that we find around us that we surrounded by the Lynx crew, the Lynx gang are the, as I mentioned, the what is it the Muslim Pakistani gang or whatever Paki Panthers, or whatever it is that exists around the red heads, these aspiration B sixes that you find as well, or cash for money, whatever it is,

00:41:31--> 00:41:55

that people want to be like those individuals that we need to create our own framework. We need to create our own network, we need to create our own Tony Montana, we need to create our own Sony. We need to create our own godfather that we need to create. The Muslims come around that individual and become the sophisticated, sophisticated criminals moving around.

00:41:56--> 00:41:59

Go and study the history of all those individuals.

00:42:00--> 00:42:25

That's not a lie for us. It's just a make believe world is a pretentious world. Woman hired to dunya ilimitado is a world of deception. A great big deception. You think you're real men. That's what these Muslims they can be real men, then real men don't fall into those traps. Real men don't follow a life of that of a shallow life. Real men quickly bring themselves out in that life.

00:42:26--> 00:43:06

And become those individuals were about to run and servants of Allah Subhana Allah serving a lot pounder Allah, they don't come out on road for revenge of a revenue or for respect. That's never what a Muslim comes out for. The Revenge of a Muslim is for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, the revenue for Muslim is lillahi Subhana Allah, the respect is for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah is a to one era so Lee will marry well akindele Muna, Sakina, Allah Allah moon, respect belongs to lots of Allah, and then the message and then to the believers. But most of the hypocrites don't understand this. And likewise, that we find a conclusion that it concerns us, that many

00:43:06--> 00:43:39

individual think out, why is he talking to us about this? Why don't you just go back to the machine, sit there and do some Vicar or whatever it may be, leave us on roll to do whatever we want to do. You know, it was my way, If I had my way, but possibly could lead him to more dangerous, I'd like to go back on rhodium that never existed, Rob, go back on road and create my own truth and take these people out one by one. But because it leads to more harm and more violence, because somebody individually, they don't have the right senses, or take it to a different dimension. And that's the only reason why many times people have said that we should go back and go back and bust all these

00:43:39--> 00:43:41

people out, take them all out one by one.

00:43:42--> 00:43:55

That's the only solution personally that may exist for these people, is to make these people move away from our communities and go somewhere else. And that may be a solution, that if we begin to visualize, even become active motion, now, these people should be told to move along.

00:43:56--> 00:44:33

But the sad fact is that many of us will look up to these individuals, we respect these individuals. And thus it becomes difficult, there is no respect to be given to these individuals, just to be crystal clear inside our hearts and inside our mind. And likewise, if these people they drown, we drown the effects of the actions of these people is going to fall upon whom, upon your own children, it will only be a matter of time, give it 10 years, give it 15 years, the same problems that we're facing today will begin to spill upon our own children, then we're going to turn around and say if only we done something before. And that's it means that we have to work as a community to remove

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

these people remove their practices and tell me they want to practice is actually to go to another location go and find another ghetto. They don't get to get to here, and there'll be no ghetto inside the paradise as well. The last time that it was all a tofik inability to stay away from these haram actions, evil Life Life of corruption and make us die in a state of submission and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and raised us upon that akula probably heard us talk for lollywood What do you mean Muslim enough? istockphoto will go

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

Rahim subhanak mubychem they should learn to start Furukawa tabula