Is giving Zakaat Restricted to Ramadhaan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a policy called Z Insurance that is only applicable during the year. The policy is designed to save money for rich people and is very safe. The policy is flexible and can be paid in a few months.
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Yes whether

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Zakat is should it be given only during Ramadan? Or can it be given throughout the year is any specific period that we ask the question that can zakat begin a time of the year or should be doing only number one, the basic rule is that any rich person was more than than a sub level more than 85 grams of gold a saving for more than one year, then if that saving remains with that person for one lunar year, then the car is immediately applicable. So, moment you have that saving of more than the nisab level more than 85 grams of gold if it's for more than one year, if you save it whether the saving starts in January December or April moment it with you for a period of more than one year,

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then zakah is applicable and it can be given any time of the year. But for convenience, it will be difficult if I start calculating this money I have with me know in January I had one lakh rupees in February or one and a half lakh rupees, then 50,000 add in March, then again in April at two lakh rupees, so, it's difficult. So, convenience, what we do that we take any point of the year, and most of the Muslims they prefer Amnon bigger being holy month, but you can get any time at the time of Ramadan. And the first offer I'm going to decide on the fifth of Ramadan or 10th of Ramadan to take a point in the calendar year it should be lunar calendar, it can be December or January because that

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becomes the solar calendar which 11 days mu so there will be paying zakat lesson 33 years Philippines I've got one less so take any one point of time. And since we don't follow lunar calendar Arabic You don't know very well, most of the people take any one data from that and at that time, whatever money you have, you give the other net when you do this policy, you remember you are actually maybe giving a little bit more than what is actually meant to be given because if you have a saving more than one lunar year then as applicable. Now once you calculate suppose the first of Ramadan, so, if you have support now 10 lakh rupee saving, so up on that next Ramadan you have an

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electrical saving, so, you know what happens, it can be possible that you may be paying a little bit more zakat, but you can pay less

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you can pay less because maybe when in this month of Ramadan you're 10 lakh rupees, next first of Ramadan you have 20 lakh rupees saving, but actually may be fine like in one month before, so on that five legs are actually not applicable.

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So, when you take one fixed time of the year, it's a very safe thing. Now, whatever money I have, at one particular time of the year, it is very safe, that you are at least paying the minimums and you may be paying a little bit more music for savings two lakh rupees that comes to fight on peace, if you have to live or share for only like 50,000 rupees, so actually maybe two lakh rupees came just one month before. So the cards are applicable at that time, it's applicable maybe after 11 months, so you may be paying a little bit more but you can't pay less. So, this is a very safe system. So normally people they prefer Amnon, but then Nothing as such, but once you decide, suppose you take

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the cutting of point as of now and then suppose rich people have one grow to grow property. So to go property means they have to pay about five lakh rupees. So what people normally do, they can even spelled out like they know approximately like MasterCard, for the next year, this coming year will be approximately five to six. So every month that they got 50,000 You can do you can base other demands. You can even pay two years in advance. And there's a hadith of the Sabbath. He paid extra zakat. He said that yeah, so can I pay for groceries again. So you can even pay for one year in advance. Because to take out five like immediately in one month may be difficult. So people even can

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say that approximate demands that come to five to six lives every month, that type of if we would have one piece and the final calculation is done at the cutoff date. Most of the non Arabs prefer the cutoff date being in Amazon because it's easy to calculate, but there's no such rule as you should be in Amazon. But if you have one particular date, you can be sure that you aren't paying zakat less you may be paying a little bit more but not less. So that is the reason people prefer giving charity in the month of Ramadan because to get massages if they do that there's no problem. But there's no rule aside that the crowd should begin in the month of Ramadan. But if one is over

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you can delay the second suppose if you're calculating for the full month of Ramadan, if you calculate the first of Ramadan, whatever is due should pay immediately. You can calculator on if you have paid advance, no problem.

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Then the balance you can pay immediately. So if we say wants to calculate then immediately within a

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few days or a couple of weeks, you can't delay too long. Okay, fine. I'll give it after a few months. That's wrong.

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So that's the question