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A beautiful talk on Sayyidina Umar RadiAllahu Anhu


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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah mia mursaleen Maulana Muhammad while early he was hardly he women in Serbia home their son in law to Medina about

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their respective brothers elders, bola microm salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Can I request the brothers unless they are post 50 or they have a back problem to come slightly forward,

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but has come slightly forward. It's one of the etiquettes of

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The life of a true believer

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is that he spends his every moment of his life in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That means he spends his every year,

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every month, week, day, hour, minute and second in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because the true believer understands that in one moment elapses without the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if he was to spend whatever is in the dunya to retrieve that one moment, it will never come back. And this is why every morning the day calls out to man and as a Yagna, Adam, and how can God what Allah Malika Shaheed Tony miniver in Isla de la yom Okayama, it says, Oh son of man,

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I am a new creation, and I am upon your actions a witness, so derive benefit from me because I will not return until the day of judgment. And when the day returns on the Day of Judgment, either it will give a witness for you or give a witness against you, one of two things, either for you or against you. And this is why the product is a lie. They were seldom said when the believers enter into gender, they will only have remorse over one thing. And that is those moments which elapsed without the remembrance of Allah Subhana law, nothing else would they have remorse upon besides those moments which elapsed without the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the reality is,

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that if a person spends every single moment of his life in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala, even then he cannot repay the basic favors Allah subhanho wa Taala Pani am Hakeem is related in Mr. Duck, that there was a man who lived in an island had he worship Allah subhanho wa Taala for 600 years

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600 years he unflinchingly worship Allah subhanho, wa Taala. And the duar was that when Allah takes him away from this dunya, Allah takes him away in the state of frustration.

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And it happens though, that when he passed away, he died in the state of frustration. And when he came in front of Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah said, Take my servant into gentleness who by Rama, and his man said, Allah, through your Rama through my worship, I worship q for 600 years. And a lot of Do you want to intergender through your worship? He said, Yes, Allah. Allah subhanaw taala commanded the angel to bring a scale, and places 600 years of worship in one fight, and just the favor of his eyesight Indian sight.

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Recently they did a survey in Switzerland.

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And how much would it cost to duplicate a one human if

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they came to the conclusion that it would cost $48 million, it will be the size of a horse, and they still would not have the mobility of a human eye. So they place his 600 years of worship in one side of the scale, and just the favor of his eyes in the other. And the side in which his favorite eyesight was was heavier than his 600 years of worship. And then a last minute Allah said, Take him throw him into the janome. And when the angels are dragging him into the fire of jahannam, is that our law and committee agenda through your ma?

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and allows avanzada call him and he said, Oh, my man, was at the time that I bought you into existence and you did not exist? Is it Indeed Allah and Allah that I did that through my is that did I not bring for you? Clean water from salty water? Is it indeed My Lord, Allah said, I did that through my Rama. So did I not allow you to worship me for 600 years? Is it indeed My Lord, Allah said, I did that to my Rama, Allah, did I not allow the angels to extract your roof while you were in the state of frustration is that indeed My Lord. Allah said I did that through my roster, now enter into gender.

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Now enter into gentleman's room IRA.

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But the reality is that there are very few people

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who spent their entire life in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The reality is, that we'd be lucky if we spent 60 minutes a day in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is a reality.

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There is a person who spent 600 years and Allah enter them into gender through Islam.

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And how much time do we take out for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today I want to speak about a person who did spend his every moment in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It was well known about this person before he embraced Islam that there was more likely could have his donkey embracing Islam than him.

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This is what the Sahaba would say. There's more likelihood of his donkey embracing Islam than him. But this shows that guidance is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala that whoever Allah decrees guidance for if the entirety of humanity unite on his misguidance they will never be able to misguidance

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never Will they be able to miss guide him. And similarly, if the entirety of humanity unite upon the guidance of a person and Allah is not decreed guidance for him, he will dwell in the darkness of prefer for the rest of his life.

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This man was no other than ameerul momineen amo la hora de Allahu

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and it is the final moments of the life of Omar I'm not a fan of the Allah And with that I want to speak about today.

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The famous Derby he say the Masai Rahmatullah Allah mentions that upon occasion we will returning from Mina to Makkah. And when we reach the outskirts of Makkah, Omar of Nakata, hora de Alon who wanted to rest and he took some sand and he made a pillar out of it. This was the man who was the leader of the superpower of his day. But what was the pillow? It was sand. And before he lay down, he made it Why is it Aloma India's aliqua Shahada Tisa bielek Well, notifii validator sulak so Allah I asked you for martyrdom in your path and death in the city of the province of the law, and have started the Alon ha the daughter of Omar, the Alon who was listening to this one she found it

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strange that if you want martyrdom, you go into battlefield. You go into jihad, you want martyrdom and you want in the city of the Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam, but how Allah subhanaw taala accepted the Duomo mocha power of the Allahu

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the incident leading up to the martyrdom Omar macabre the alarm who was that in Medina, there was a Zoroastrian sleep, a Persian play worshiper, and he was a slave of the famous RB or the lion who believe in the Chava.

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Apollo was a very skilled carpenter and what he would do he would work and He will give a portion of his wealth to his master. Upon occasion, he came to the land and he complained that the amount that he had to give to his master was excessive

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amount of the land Who said I will speak to Madeira and I will get back to you. And Amara Lila. Lila and he came to the conclusion that the amount that he had to give to his maths there wasn't excessive. And when I came back, Amara de la who informed him of his decision and who became enraged, and he said Omar is your justice for everybody in the dunya besides me, and then he would go around Medina and he was a killer omoto Cup the Omar has eaten my liver. Upon occasion Amara the Allahu was walking by. And he saw a bola

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and addressing Abu Omar Abdullah, who said,

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I hear that you make great windmills make me a windmill. And I said sarcastically said, Omar, I will make you a windmill that the dunya will speak about.

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I will make you a windmill and the dunya will speak about and he went on his way. And Omar on the line returned to his companions and he said Do you know what he's alluding to? is alluding to the fact that he will try to kill and the companion said amirul momineen. If that's the case, then let's deal with him now.

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Let's deal with him. And listen to the words

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of the Allahu he said preemptive action cannot be taken on the basis of suspicion.

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preemptive action cannot be taken on the basis of suspicion.

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This was a calf who was going around Medina and saying that Omar has eaten his liver. And at that time,

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the man who was the leader of the superpower of his time, there defeated the Romans and the Persians. But common sense of justice would allow him to take pre emptive action.

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Really in the justice of the law today is a great lesson for those who regard themselves as civilized.

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Those who initiate wars on the back or preemptive action, who look at people indefinitely because they may do this or they may do that.

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To look at people on a faraway Island and leave them in legal limbo like Guantanamo Bay, because they may be a threat to national security, who really stoop to new levels of injustices like locking up a 13 year old child

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Guantanamo Bay. Do you recently remember this incident about this girl who ran away with American soldier shavon Pennington. She was a 13 year old girl. And they didn't blame her because she was young. She's wonderful. She was innocent. And no blame was leveled against her. That Hey, you can look away a 13 year old child on a faraway Island in a cage and you can still regard yourself as civilized. If you want to see justice. You look into the life of

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the lion, that is deep insight, allow them to ascertain from the words that he would try to kill him. But his sense of justice they're not allowed to take pre emptive action.

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The day

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to pass the wait.

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Lay mentioned that between me and there's only one person meeting that was in the second stuff in front of me was a bus. And then it was Pavarotti.

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And he mentioned that Amara de Landa cavies, straighten this booth. And he said the Allahu Akbar and he began the Salah, and I was hiding in the mela

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is it residing in me Rob. So in those days, the machines weren't huge structures. They were small, they were dark. The ceiling of machinery is a Muslim barely exceeded the heads of those who prayed within it. And there was no fancy carpet. And the walls were made out to unbaked clay but the men which emanated from the massages were baked.

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And today you have these huge structures. But the men which emanate from these massages are the lights on me and you stop there the pillows that we sleep on.

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And I will not know I had bought a knife to a knife and he dipped in poison.

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When Omar Ali Allahu began his recitation abou jumped out and he stabbed ameerul momineen a number of times over the line Who was he was falling to the floor he managed to hold the handle of the man in the oath and he dragged him upon the masala they've been stirred the number of times, but he's still concerned about the salon of the believers and then ran out and he was stabbed as a hobby stabbed 13 Sahaba out of which seven passed away until finally he was overpowered. And they threw a cloak over him and when he knew Game Over, he slit his own throat.

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Mr. Ravi Allahu recited two very short suitors and then they tend to ameerul momineen and the first thing the alarm who said he said he said a bootleg near Boston find out who had stabbed him and a boom live near Basra the Allied who came back and he informed me Romania was abou lower there Zoroastrians slave. And even in this state ameerul momineen he became elated. He became happy, he became happy and he said Alhamdulilah de Almeida de la de la jolla a

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little hum de la Hilary La, la, la, la, la ilaha illa Allah Alhamdulillah Hilary lamb

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you ha Joon, even La Ilaha, Illallah, Yama, Yama, he became happy and he said oh Praise be to Allah that He did not make despoil upon the hand of a person who even did one says that in his life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is it all praise be to Allah who did not make my desk vote upon the hands of a person who recited the color La ilaha illa Allah praise me to allow did not make my life on on the hands of a person who will come on the day of gamma and will argue with me with a gala La ilaha illAllah. Because really, it was inconceivable for these people that a Muslim will take the life of another Muslim because they understood the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when he was doing around the Kaaba, and he turned to the Kaaba and dressing the Kaaba. He said, Indeed, you are honorable in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala that know that the life of a believer is more honorable than you are. And they understood the words of the prophets, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah live in Muslim in the destruction of the entire dunya is lighter in the eyes of Allah Spano, tala, then the murder of one believer, the murder of one believer, I asked you what would you say about the person whose intention it was to destroy the Kaaba, you would say he's a degenerate, you would say he's the scum of the earth. The verb is the last of them saying that the murder of one believer the blood of one believer is more precious than the gap. And now you see the norm that a Muslim will take the life of another Muslim. We complain that globally that taken our lives that you look for one taken and we would be taking them you don't have to go far You don't have to go global.

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You don't have to go national you can go local, where one gangster will pop up another gangster. One Muslim will pop up another Muslim because he wants to be the baddest drug dealer in town because he wants to have the greatest street cred in town and he will kill his Muslim brother.

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Because he deluded by this dunya I often wonder, what will these people do on the day of judgment when they stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And the wife will come and she will say, this is the man who left me a widow. I also wonder what will they do on the Day of Judgment, when the child will come in, he will say, Oh Allah, this is the man who left me an orphan. And the time of the robber is a lost alum, there was as a hobby, he was in the battlefield, and he was about to strike the enemy. And when he saw that the zombie was about to strike him, he flew down his alma de la ilaha illAllah. And the zombies still stuck him and when they came back to the province,

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and they told him, what had happened, the purpose of the law liaison became so enraged is that what will you do on the Day of Judgment, when this person will come with a kalama La ilaha illallah

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wa sallam repeated again and again and again. And this RB mentioned that when I saw the angle, the robot is allowed

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to save his neck, and the voice became more angry, and he

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said, the police check to see what was in his heart.

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They use it open his chest to see what was in his heart. And then their agents. It is mentioned that this hobby will no other than Osama bin Laden on the land, the Beloved of the Prophet. And as an Arabian mentioned, that is the hobby stage when I saw the anger of the Romans, Allah Salaam, I wish that I hadn't embraced Islam until that day.

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This was a council who was in a battlefield. And it's a possibility that the society that kalama La ilaha illAllah to save his neck, and look at the response of the province of la sala because this is the value of a life of a believer.

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And now you see Muslims puppet of other Muslims. Why? Because they want shriek with because they want to be the baddest drug dealers in town. What will people do on the day of judgment when they stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala?

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What will people respond to a loss bond Allah when the person whose life they have taken stands in front of them?

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What will these people do? And the reality is many youngsters are very impressed by these drug dealers. You know, you drive a 50,000 pound car, you have a thick wallet, and you don't have to work a day in your life.

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And they see these people and they become envious, easy way out. But let me tell you, Allah deprives these people of any bank and they lie, but this is a reality. I've spoken to these people, they have no Baraka in their life. And the reason for that is that they always watching their own back. Why? Because Allah makes their life a misery like they make other people's lives a misery.

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Right? They make other innocent people lives a misery.

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I've ever seen a woman whose husbands are junk, and he comes home and he batters his wife, black and blue. Don't you think Allah tala is the Christ, that you think this affects the drug dealer? Have you ever seen the child who's literally bought up an orphan? Because his father druggie, and he has no time for a child? That you think a lot is the loss of childhood? That you think this affects the drug dealer? Have you ever seen parents who bring up their child with all the love and affection in this dunya and they have lost the aspiration for that child and he becomes a crackhead. And the same child who seem to be the coolest of his parents eyes still beat his own parents, don't you think a

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lot here's the pain and the anguish which emanates from their heart. Don't you know that between the drop of a Muslim person Allah subhanaw taala days know his job. Allah hated directly.

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How many people live? Do these people make a misery? And how many youngsters suck up to these guys? Make them their role models? Let me tell you, these people are not men. These people are bloodsuckers of innocent people because they are number one, and they don't give a jack about anybody else. And this is a reality. They don't care. They don't care at this point people's homes as long as they drive them because they are they're sick wallets. And these are not men. Let me define for you what a real man is. Not through my word but the word of the promise of Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah Allah was speaking to the Sahaba of the Allahu, and he said, Who is the strongest

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amongst you? And they said it's him who can overpower him is him who can overpower him? You know like we say it's him.

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You know who pumps the most iron? It's him who does it do it him who the gun man. You don't take other people's life without a flinch. And then they regard himself bad. The problem is Allah Salam said, No, it's not them.

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Is that person that when he's angry, he can control his anger. This is a real man, because it's easier to punch out somebody likes them to forgive a pass.

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This is a real man. And they will understand that if you are one impressed by these people, that drug deal is accepted that you are a weak person, a real man

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He showed his nuts because he understands that on the Day of Judgment he will stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whatever action he has done in this dunya he will have to answer for the Los Banos Ah, that is a real man.

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A man who can control his anger when he's angry.

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Amaro the alarm who, what would happen that he would become conscious and then he would become unconscious?