The Story of A Verse #21 – She Complained to Allah

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The speaker discusses a practice where a man would compare his wife to his mother and would say something like the statement of his mother. The practice would be considered eternally binding and would result in a marriage relationship. The speaker also talks about a woman who felt embarrassed by her father's actions and talks about a woman who complain to Allah's the way he spoke to her and is complaining about her father's actions.

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In the previous demmick period of Jamelia, there was a practice in which when a man would swear an oath that he would never be with his wife again, even if it happened in just a moment, they would consider it to be eternally binding that they can never remarry. They can never come back together. One particular form in which this would take place, a man would sometimes compare his wife to his mother. So he would maybe in a moment of anger and arguments, he would say something like you are like, the sight of my mother meaning just like it's held on to for a man to be with his mother. Now it's hard for me to be with my wife. And if you were to utter something like this, and Jay Hillier,

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they would consider it to be eternally binding, he can never go back to her, he can never have a marriage relationship with her ever again. One day, someone knocked at the door of the house of the Prophet sallallahu to send them a woman Her name was holub. In 2000, she knocked on the door and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered, she told the Prophet sallallahu, you sent him that her husband had said this to her, but now her marriage had been ended eternally because her husband said the statement to her and so she said to the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or messenger of Allah, He consumed my youth, I was with him when I was younger. Now I'm older, he consumed my youth,

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I sacrificed my womb for him, I had all of his children. And now that I cannot bear children, he has pronounced the harder over me, he is pronounced this, you know, oath that he declared that I am like his mother. She said, O Messenger of Allah, I'm not complaining to you. Rather, I am complaining to a loss of Hannah Medina. I shall not the Allah who was in the house of the Prophet when this was happening. And the house of the Prophet was small. She was sitting in the corner of the house, but she said both of them were whispering I couldn't hear anything except maybe one word here or one word there. She said. Subhana Allah sapan All glory belongs to the one how perfect is the one who

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could hear them even though I was in the room and couldn't hear them. And he responded with these verses.

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Lawson down this verse and other rulings in verses to come after, which would show that this practice of the heart was wrong, and that husbands should not do it and to instruct husbands to have better treatment to their wives and to provide an avenue for husbands like honus husband, to be able to repent and to reconcile and to reunite with her. This woman felt oppressed. And Allah subhanho data sent down verses to defend her and to protect her rights because this religion does not approve and does not allow for injustice. What is beautiful as well is that this woman, when she was faced with hardships and difficulties, as she's telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about her

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situation. She says to the Prophet, I'm not complaining to you, I'm complaining to a loss of I don't want to either. And when Allah responded in the Quran, he says, but semi Allah God has heard what Odin any tujuh do kaffee zoji ha, what's ash tequila Allah, she's complaining to Allah The one who is complaining to Allah subhanaw taala and we look at the beautiful story of yaku but I didn't send him when his son was taken away from him. What did he say? in that school? bethey was needed a lot. I complain of my grief and my sorrow to Allah subhana wa Tada. How often do we complain to Allah, Allah responded to this woman protected her son down versus speaking about her when she complained

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to a lot. We often complain to everyone, but we don't complain to Allah subhanaw taala either. When was the last time you took some time out, you sat in a corner of your house, some time alone and you complain to a law, you spoke to a law, we're in whatever language you want to and you complain to Allah subhana wa tada about your state. He is the one who hears our complaints. Just like he heard that woman while she's whispering to the Prophet sallallahu after you send them and he's the one who can respond to our complaints subhanho wa Taala well, other people are incapable of helping us in in the way that we truly need help. And so take this time in your life in this month of Ramadan, to

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turn to Allah to speak to a lot and to complain to Allah subhana wa Tada.