Yasir Qadhi – A Message for the Muslims of Canada

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah all praises you to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah, from the evil of our souls, and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides and uncon misguide, and you have what whoever is misguided cannot be guided except with him. I bear witness on I testify that there is no God except Allah Jalla Jalla, who, who, and bear witness and testify that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu either he was setting them is his final prophet, and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows I know that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has commanded you to be conscious of him in the Quran, when he says, you have the taco la haka to

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call to Walter Moto, in LA and to Muslim on mobile, do Muslims in the Battle of hunt up the Battle of the Trench, one of the most difficult times of this era, when the Muslims could not see any hope when they were surrounded by 10,000 people and they barely number 1000, when there was literally in the logistical scheme of things, no hope whatsoever, and they're digging that trench, they came across a massive rock a massive stone that prevented them to dig that trench. They went to the Prophet system said yada, yada, we can't build because of the stone. He's had hand me the axe. He Himself took his job and put it around himself. He jumped into the pit, he took that axe and he

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said, Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and he did with all of his mighty hit that stone, and for the first time it cracked, none of the other Sahaba could make it crack small crack up here and he said Allahu Akbar, with this crack. I have seen with my own eyes, the palaces of the Romans in the Romans in Sham and fellow Slean. They shall be our soon, the Sahaba said Allahu Akbar. Then he raised the axe again. And he hammered it again on the rock, and once again, it cracked even more. He says Allahu Akbar. With this, I have seen the palace of Kisara in Persia, testify on Medina in that it will be ours as well. The Sahaba said Allahu Akbar, and then he hit the rock a third time, and he said,

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Allahu Akbar, I have seen the palaces of the people in the kings of Yemen, they shall be ours as well. And with the third crack, the entire rock collapsed.

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When the Sahaba were at the lowest of the low, the prophet system is speaking at the highest of the high. When the Sahaba they're almost losing hope Allah says in the Quran, whatever Luna Billahi Luna, Allah says in the Quran, were Bella to colluvial Hannah jewel, Allah says, You began thinking weird thoughts, your hearts were in your chests, the prophets Assam gave them hope. And he told them the vision of the future. You're worried about these people? I am telling you, you're gonna conquer Rome and Persia, you're worried about the Hata fan tribe. You're worried about these mishmash of people outside Yemen will be ours. Subhan Allah division, he's thinking of the inspiration he's

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giving the Sahaba in Makkah, a group of Sahaba came complaining to the process looks Allah Allah, Who are you setting them said Ya rasool Allah for how long this persecution for how long this humiliation and he was leaning against the Kaaba, in the shade of the Kaaba. When he surrounded in there saying, This is not fair. This is happening, what not? The Prophet saw some went up, he went forward, and his face visibly changed. And he said, Are you in doubt as to this religion? Do you doubt this faith in religion? Are you worried that we're going to be vanquished? From Allah Hiya, time will come in your own lifetimes, you will see that a lady from one corner of Yemen to the other

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from sun to Hadramaut. She will be traveling alone and download Islam with her sheep and her goats. And she will not be worried about any robber, any highway problem, nothing except the wolf against her sheep. You're worried about safety. And Monica, I'm telling you, the time will come when in the peripheries of the world as you know them, there will be full safety. Once again, that vision. Once again, that confidence, inspiration. Don't just worry about today's problems. The religion is guaranteed. Allah has protected this Deen. It's going to be successful. What will your role be in it? In yet another incident I can go on and on. This is the theater for us full of optimism. And yet

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another incident. They came complaining they came because it's human nature will lie. It's overwhelming. We can't help but feel a sense of tragedy of all we can't help but feel a sense of sadness of exasperation for how long the bombs are going to fall on Huzur for how long people are going to get killed for how long this is going to happen. 75 years

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of tragedy and just that region and the prophets and once again hearing all of this, he told them in Medina when they were being persecuted, he said, in Allah to Allah Zawadi in order for you to my Sharia Bahama arriba Allah unfolded the world for me. And I saw the eastern most region, and I saw the western most region. And I swear by Allah, this religion shall reach the eastern most as it shall reach the western most laid

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out wherever there's night and day, this religion is going to reach that place. And he said this when the Muslims couldn't even imagine beyond Maccha, beyond Medina, and he said, every single city in the world is going to have Muslims. Where are you sitting right now? Are Muslims. And what are the furthest regions of the world from Mecca? Where are you sitting right now, in a land in a doubt in an hour boat, no one could have imagined in 1000 years that a masjid would be packed to capacity with 3000 people parking lot problems and hamdulillah good problem to have Who could have imagined this? And this is the reality across the western world.

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Oh Muslims. My message queue today will be in light of this prophetic message. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inspired us with confidence. He told us to think to the future to be visionaries. To not take the setbacks of today so that we become overwhelmed. We become pessimistic. No, that is not what our faith teaches us. My message to you today is a strong and clear message. Yes. Wallahi. The world is depressing. Yes, well, law he we're facing so many threats and challenges from within and from without Islamophobia is on the rise. Our own Western politicians are using a hatred of Islam to increase their own popularity points. Public policy, national policy in America

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and Canada and England, we the Muslims have become an important issue in politics, no politician will run except that they have to take a stand on Islam and the Muslims. And one of our previous presidents was elected when he said we're gonna ban all Muslims that made him even more popular. We have become a national talking point.

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internation internationally, look around you and see what is happening. Never in human history, has a genocide been documented, as vividly in color, uploading images as they occur. live footage. Never in human history has this occurred. When World War Two happened. And Hitler did what he did. The world said afterwards, we didn't know we had no idea. There were concentration camps. We had no idea 10 million people were being exterminated. By the way that is not fully true. They had Inklings. But that's what they said. what excuse do you have now? When World War Two happiness had never again, will we allow a genocide now we see every single excuse given it is as if humanity has lost its

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humanity. It is as if the world has lost his spiritual culture.

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And live assassinations occur on British television, the video is rolling and they shoot a civilian with a white flag. And you can't even our own presidents and prime ministers cannot even call that unethical and immoral. Assassination squads dressed up as nurses and doctors killing somebody in coma.

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Unbelievable. live footage. And our presidents and prime ministers can't even say that is wrong. Just words. We want to hear from you just words. They can't even say that. Yes, well, law he there's much to be angry about. But you know,

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I'm going to tell you, frankly, and honestly, enough of pointing fingers outwards. Enough of blaming other people. Let's look in the mirror. And I'm sorry if some of the things are going to rattle you. But let's look in the mirror. And let's see, what have I not done that I should be doing? Or what have I done that is actually not helping the cause. And before we point fingers elsewhere, we have a lot to self assess in our own roles and our own complicit pneus in this regard. So much can be said. As usual, time is limited, but I'm going to leave you with some advice and wisdoms based on all of this. First and foremost almost slums. Follow the spirit of the Sierra and be visionary. Think to

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the future. Stop going to the past stop regurgitating past problems. Most of our Muslim movements. Most of our intellectual scholarship is gung ho on going to the past bringing past controversies to modern

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like teaching our children about issues and Messiah that go back 500 1000 years. And that has a role than a place. I'm not dismissing it in totality. But the emphasis has to be on today and the future. The emphasis has to be on what's going to happen tomorrow. Start to being visionary, and stop being people who are historical relics of the past. When was the last time you as an individual or us as a community literally sat down and charted out a course for our children and grandchildren in this land? Have you ever wondered, how will Islam look 50 100 years from now here in Canada and Mississauga? Have you ever planned it out? We have to be visionaries thinking of the future. singly

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communally family wise, individually and as an entire Masjid that entire Ummah, start thinking, what is going to be our community and 50 100 years, and then start planning for that. This is one of the ways we're going to start becoming proactive rather than reactive. The second point, and this is an awkward reality. All Muslims, we are living in a different world a different time, a different place than anything invasion imagined by 1200 years of Islam. In these modern countries, the nation states, the liberal democracies we live in, they come with their challenges, and they come with their positives, pros and cons. There's no question about it. We have to be brave enough bold enough

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to think outside of the box, to be proactive. What does it mean to be a Canadian Muslim, an American Muslim? In my case, what does it mean to be a member of a nation state in which you are guaranteed the freedom of faith, the freedom of religion, and you are a part of the political process? What does it mean? What are the implications? And again, this is just one hot button, but one person, I can't solve all or I can give you opinions about every single thing, but we need to start having this conversation more boldly Wallah he, oh Muslims of this region. Let me be a little bit harsh with you. I traveled the world I have been to over 6065 countries, your country and your city in

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particular, occupies a unique status in the whole Western world. In Toronto, 10% of Toronto is of a Muslim background. Astounding. There is nothing like this in the US of A in your own subdivision of Mississauga, around 15% are Muslim. Unbelievable statistics. And yet,

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where is the political clout of 10% one out of 10 people are saying the Kadima in this entire city, in this Mississauga even more than that, one out of eight, one out of 10 one out of eight, supposedly believes in Allah and His Messenger has us being bombed. This is your country on the top of the list after mine, America, then Canada.

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What is going on that 10% is tacitly not even getting involved, not even being proactive. Oh Muslims of Canada, it's time you claim your identity. There is nothing wrong. As a Muslim to be a member of a nation state. You are whether you like it or not, some of you are still hesitant to say the word Canadian Muslim SubhanAllah. Some people still believe it is haram to live in Davao for whatever these views might be. There is no doubt in Islam anymore. It's gone. Those are the different days. There is no book that I busted empire, there is no hit offer. We need to rethink through and living where we live in America, Canada, England, Australia, the Western liberal democracies that speak

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English. There are so many positives, but there are also some negatives agreed. Yes. And yet I say as somebody who's lived in many countries, the positives outweigh the negatives. That's why I have chosen to live where I live. The positives outweigh the negatives, the positives to be who you are, to be able to express your religious identity to gather freely in this mosque without any government surveillance without any issues here to raise funds for causes around the world to petition to be a part of the process. These are positives you do not have in the majority of Muslim lands and only those who have come from other lands and oh by the way, the only people that talk of hedger hedger,

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hedger are the kids born and raised here that have never lived overseas. They have naive understandings of what it is back home. Only those that have never lived in those lands, daydream about utopias and other lands, the people that have actually lived there and come here, they're not talking about going back because they know that to medical regimes, they know the realities of those governments. They know the filth and the corruption and the negatives over there. So oh, you

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Truth of Canada, embrace this identity, there's nothing wrong. Yes, I'm not saying it's all good will lie, there's negatives. But I'm telling you, the positives outweigh the negatives. And it is our job as Muslims to embrace those positives, it is our job as Muslims to hold on to those positives and try to minimize that negatives. And yes, we're not gonna minimize everything. In the end of the day, it is a living that live society. But given the perks that we have, given the privileges that we have, I am urging you to embrace the potential that you can possibly achieve in this country, not just urging, I wish I could say this, why'd you maybe I could say it is watching.

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Because whether you like it or not, your taxes are being used overseas, whether you like it or not, your country has a national reputation, international reputation, and you as 10% of this country, you can and you should, and you must influence. Now somebody from outside comes along and says, Oh, look, these guys are preaching radical Islam, radical jihad, these guys are preaching. No, I am telling you to be Canadian. I am telling you to be quintessentially a part of the civic engagement to be a part of the democracy you live in. why should other groups influence the government and we as a Muslim community are debating amongst ourselves, It's haram to get involved in politics, how

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foolish, you're saying it's Haram is not only harming people overseas, you're living here paying the taxes, and you're doing nothing to influence those taxes. As I say it is wajib fourth key fire to get involved in the process. If all Muslim countries, if all Muslims across the western countries started getting involved, started changing the narrative, this is our right, there's nothing sinister, there is no hidden agenda. why should other groups get their agenda passed and Congress passed in our government and we are doing nothing in this part of the country? No, you have just as much right? As anybody else in this country to publicize your views to push for them to influence

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politicians. And with utmost respect to those you and scholars that are still living in a different understanding, they say haram bit aquifer, utmost respect, I am telling you just bypass them, overlook them in this regard, and go to other scholars and activists who knows the reality. I understand the controversies back in the day, but they're disconnected from reality, I'm gonna call it blood, we don't have time to split hairs, people are dying, there is a genocide going on. We don't have time to become theoretical and abstract. When the house is burning. You don't discuss the color of the furniture, we have a massive crises taking place. And if the Muslims of the Western

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world all united and understood out of 1.8 billion Muslims, only 1% us less than 10 million only us in America, Canada, Australia, England, only us, we have the potential to change from within. And this is not hidden agenda. I say this publicly and boldly. Why shouldn't I have the right as an American to influence my government and country? Why? What is sinister about this, you guys want to influence them to bomb, I want to influence them to stop that bombing. Simple as that. There is no hidden agenda. We want our countries to be more ethical to be more moral to be more humane. We want our countries to stop funding bombs overseas, we want our countries to take care of our problems.

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What is wrong with this. And if anybody challenges you, anybody comes and says, Oh, you're not preaching Canadian values, you need to stand your ground. What makes you Canadian and not me. Simple as that. I'm also Canadian, you should say I also have citizenship, I also pay taxes, you must fight back from within the system. This is your system as well. And unless and until you claim it. And unless and until you take advantage of it. You're always going to be second class citizens. You have to start thinking as visionaries for your children and grandchildren ahead of you. The third point again, much can be said time is limited. All Muslims

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understand Allah has chosen you

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to be at a unique time in place. I speak to an audience the majority of you yourselves have come from another land and settled in Canada, or else the other generation. Your parents have come and you know exactly where you're coming from. You still speak the language half and half, right? You know what your roots are. But you are a one off generation.

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Your grandchildren will not speak your language. This is just a historical fact. anthropological fact, your grandchildren will barely know Oh, my grandfather came from this village in Syria. I don't know where it was. So you want it you don't want it you know you don't believe this. Go look at the children of the Muslims who came to South America to South Africa to other places. They barely know us somewhere from India. My great great grandfather came that's all they know. Gone is the language Gone is the Gujarati

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In the Hindi gone is all of that ethnically, they know they are from that land. But the culture is very different. Nothing wrong with that. I'm kind of sad, my grandchildren are not going to speak Urdu, Hindi, whatever it might be, but I cannot afford that they lose their religion. I'm sure they're going to lose much of the culture, so be it. I can live with that. But I cannot afford that they lose their religion. And so one of the biggest tasks that we have, listen to me carefully, almost lose what we do in this generation.

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What we do in the next 30 years, is going to dictate the future of Islam for the next 300 years.

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We are laying the foundations, we are charting the course. We are setting up the infrastructure. We have to be bold, we have to be visionary. We have to be brave enough to ask difficult questions, bring the community together, have awkward conversations, what will Islam look like 100 years from now? What will our massage it look like? What type of Islam are going to practice? What will be our role in this country? Our answers, our interactions, our laying the foundation, we are the first domino, you all know this domino motif, wherever the domino goes. The rest follow after that, we are the first domino which direction we choose which vision we have, which foundation we lay based upon

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that the rest is going to come to change. 100 years from now is going to be very, very, very difficult. But right now, we are organic and you were on a clean slate is a clean piece of paper handed to us. There's nothing on there. We are the ones building this Masjid. Some of you are still alive who built this Masjid. We are the ones building the Islamic schools. We're the ones setting the curriculum. We're the ones hiring the Imams, we're the one discussing all these issues, our children are going to inherit and they're going to find this structure already built. And a structure that's already built ossified. A corporation that's been around for 50 years is very

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different to change that a corporation that is brand new one man show right now it's a brand new, we are one the first generation. So I'm asking you to come together as an OMA and to think for your great grandchildren to have you. I'm asking you to unite as one OMA, overcome your political and ethnic divisions, overcome your petty sectarian issues. I've said this for the last 10 years, but especially during Huzur I have become much more blunt and bold. And he shifts any men have any physical and He must like any leader that is obsessed with the past and is worried about categorizing other Muslims will lie they've lost the plot. That's all I can say. They've lost the

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plot. Right now. It is between religious Muslims versus the rest of the world. If you are praying, believing in Allah worshipping, loving the Quran and Sunnah, you're on one side. And on this one side, you're going to fight with each other based upon issues of 1000 years ago, then you have lost the plot and you need to be marginalized and pushed aside and moved on. Say this bluntly now. Now is not the time to bicker and become petty over classical issues of 1000 years ago. We are one OMA Imagine if the Muslims of Canada United imagine of the Muslims of England United London is 10% Muslim, not London, Ontario, London, UK. I think London Ontario is maybe 20% More than you guys I

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think right? What are the most but London UK 10% Muslim. I was shocked to discover I'm going to Oslo next week 10% Muslim and Oslo Who would have imagined Norway 10% Muslim, but apathy in activism bickering amongst themselves. This Masjid is that must look this budget that that Federica Kulu, his men demanded they infer their own ethnically divided politically divided sectarian divided, how foolish we are one group one community, our interests are the same. So this generation needs to stand up, rise up and be brave enough to overthrow the shackles of fundamentalism, the shackles of looking towards the past. It is our survival and the survival of the rest of the world at stake here

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we can and we must influence our countries in a positive manner. There's nothing unethical. There's no hidden agenda. This is what it means to be a part of a democracy, embrace that power and potential. And I'm not saying it's not going to come with some negatives there will be but that's where we have a conversation. That's where we come together. Don't demonize a person who disagrees. Don't just dismiss them. The potential for positive change far outweighs the negative that comes with it. And this is what the zero teaches us. Brothers and sisters much can be said time is always limited. But I conclude with what I began. The zero teaches us to be visionaries. The zero teaches

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us to look to the future. The zero teaches us to be optimistic to have hope. That's what the zero

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teaches us so let's learn from the Sierra and let us take that spirit and let us apply it to our times and places to think of the future of Islam in this region may Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you with him through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan, as scholars forgiveness, you as well asking for his liver for the Rahman.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique here is when we praise and it is His blessings that we seek. He hears the prayer of the oppressed, and he answers the door of the week, as to what follows are Muslims. There's no doubt that Gaza has been a very painful tragedy for all of us to witness. But we believe as Muslims, that in every tragedy and pain, there's also positives that come out. And it doesn't justify the pain. It doesn't. It doesn't exonerate the volume of those that have killed all these people. But we should always look at the positive. And if you look at the positive, so many positives have come from this negative side of

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them. Number one, for the first time in 75 years, the entire globe is now discussing the reality of the Palestinian situation. Never before have people come out and said, Well, okay, what are we going to do after the war, what's going to happen to 5 million Palestinians what's going to happen to Lhasa as a whole where half of it has been destroyed. For the first time politicians and leaders around the world are making this into a actual issue and crises that needs to be solved, not just a bandaid that needs to be put on. And that is a massive positive. Number two, one of the biggest positives that have come out is Alhamdulillah, the Eman of the people of Gaza, the dignity, the the

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beauty of their faith, it has become a role model exemplary reality for the rest of the world to see. I don't know about Canada, but in America, across America, people are embracing Islam I myself have done more than 15 shahada this in the last few months because of because every community I go to, and people are coming and saying, Oh, we saw the people of Gaza. We saw this and that we read this research. We're embracing Islam in my own Masjid a dozen people I was in Chicago the other day three people were there. Just because of Amazon. They're seeing it. They've done research on Islam. Well, Allah He it is mind boggling. The people that are being persecuted have become the best draft

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in the world. The people that are being bombed the people that are in shackled and chained up, it is as if they are free, and they are liberating those of us that are in shackles and chains over here Subhan Allah, Allah has blessed them and given them that is. So yes, indeed, that is a positive, and then another positive. And again, much can be said, but time is limited. So we'll stop here, another positive Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, one of the biggest positives of Gaza that I am seeing

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the Muslim community around the world has now become galvanized our youth college level and even younger than them, they're feeling a sense of activism, I need to do something I can't just sit by and let this genocide occur, especially when they understand our countries and especially my own country of America is the number one culprit in this regard. How can you be a US citizen and not get involved? It's my taxes. And you and Canada are not innocent as well, and England and Australia. So it's our country, our youth understand this. So they're getting a sense of activism, a sense of nobility, I need to do something, and that is inspiring them to be better Muslims, inspiring them to

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study to be more ethical and moral to live a life that is more than just enough seen up, see. So the people of Hassan Philistines, and Allah Allah has indeed tested them, but he's also bless them with so much agenda. They're getting the agenda of an entire revolution taking place across the Muslim world, a revolution of activism, a real sidewalk, a real activism coming forth because of what we're seeing here. And there are so many other positives as well. So brothers and sisters, indeed, it is depressing. Indeed, there are negatives, but we say the positives at the individual level are going to outweigh and every one of us needs to be inspired by what is happening to be better to be more

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noble to become activist every one of us needs to in our own personal lives come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. Make dua for our brothers and sisters there, raise public awareness about the situation become activists on social media become activist in the political landscape of the world that we live in. And in the process, even if we don't see the liberation of Azusa, we will be a part of that tidal wave we will be a part of that change and on the Day of Judgement, Allah will bless us for our efforts, not on the result. We don't need to see the result. Allah will bless it based upon our effort. So you do you and you do as much as you can, and you do the best that you can. And if

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you do that, then you have won

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on and you shall be victorious. No brothers and sisters, Allah has promised victory to the righteous Khattab Allahu Allah ugly Ben nocd This is the rule of Allah, I have decreed that me and my prophets are going to win Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us in the Quran, you really do another youth Fionnula why we have Why him Well yeah, but Allahu Allah and you Tinman when I will look at your capital, the light of Allah shall never be extinguished. The light of Islam shall never go Don't you might go down, I might go down, Islam will never become extinguished. So our job is to carry that torch. Our job is to protect the religion of Islam, Allah will take care of it. If we will do our

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job. Allah azza wa jal has promised to do his job so Muslims do what you can be inspired, live courageous lives. Be visionary, take your impetus from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu I think he was setting him and I say to you in sha Allah, who to Allah, the future is indeed bright and the future is indeed optimistic and we are a game changing generation we shall bring about a positive change in sha Allah Who to Allah without to make dua to Allah say amen to these doors Allah Manila and for aminu Allah Allah Azza wa helenium ism and in Africa, whether Hammond Illa for Raja whether they needed local data whether Medina election data while I see Ron Illa yourself Allama fildena

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What is one in the loneliness of Hakuna bit Iman what does he really live in Amman Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Houma Isaiah Islam our Muslim in Allahumma Isaiah Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma Israel is number one Muslim in Allah Muhammad Aradhana aura that Islam was deemed to be super fragile Lupin FC which outed me Rafita will be here for you Yeah, Aziz about Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Ramadan better be Hibben FC within be likely to say within that you have more than imagine he wouldn't say for call Azim according Idema in law homodimer could we also use the Nebby Yeah, you are letting ammonoosuc do it he was selling with a steamer almost certainly was selling

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him about equal and either because we recall Mohamed whether it was like vegetarian or by the law in the law to either yeah with Adley what you're searching for it either way and manufacture. I will tell you what, you already know Kamala consider karoun Old Corolla had the Medcom wash crew who Yes it did. What did they call it? What it must

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be start here. Doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed

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Sunday, what

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feels cool. Ruby to me.

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Jenny dasa, down to

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me down

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