Zakir Naik – If Someone is Already having the Good Qualities

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of guidance from Allah's perspective to guide students who have Taqwa. The guidance is not just for students who have a desire to obey instructions from the teacher, but for students who have the desire to pass exams. The guidance is not just for students who have a desire to strive in their path, but for students who have the yearning to pass exams.
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Any sisters have any questions? Assalamu alaikum brother, welcome.

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Brother this question is concerning with a few is the beginning verses of Surah Al Baqarah.

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A person who became a Murthy presented this ayat, and he created a doubt I mean he asked her doubt concerning those ayat. He said that Allah Subhan Allah is saying and initial verses of Surah Baqarah that these people will get hedaya or guidance from Allah subhanaw taala, those who have Taqwa, those who spend out of their wealth, and all those qualities. So his question was a person who is already having taqwa and already doing all this, why, where does he require hedaya guidance. So if Allah is going to guide someone who already has, what's the great deal? Because that's the question.

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She said that one Muslim who can move that he poses question again is the Quran or she and that person poses a question on Rebekah studying few verses. We say that Allah guides, those who have Taqwa. So the question is that what is the use of guiding those who have Taqwa

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reduces those who don't have that? Why should be guided?

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Already when example a simple example to answer this question, that in a class A teacher teaches the student, she but natural teaches all the students same, have you my lecture, but she says that those who follow my instructions will pass the examination.

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The teacher teaches the same to all the students 100 student, she teaches the same thing. But those who follow the teacher or those who have the yearning, or the desire to obey the teacher, they obey the teacher instruction. And they study hard and they pass the examination through the teacher says that those who have the desire to obey me, will get guidance from a lecture and pass the examination. So you come into this teacher who avoids the use of those who have the desire to listen to you passing the examination. Those who don't have the desire should pass to the teachers, okay, fine, that those who don't have the desire to pass I will pass them. So it is illogical. This is

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examinations. Allah says in the Quran in surah Mulk chapter number 16 Verse number two, Allah is the collateral mortal Hatta. It is Allah who has created a life to test which of us good indeed, this life the test for the hereafter. Allah subhana wa Taala has bought us human beings in this world as a test for the hereafter, and we are undergoing a test. And Allah says in the Quran, that if he wanted, you could have made each and every human being a Muslim, very easy for him. If he wanted, he could have made each and every human being a Muslim and all only Jana but then where is the test? That category is already there, the angels, the angel is a category of creation of Allah subhanaw

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taala who never disobey Allah subhanaw taala whatever Allah says they obey. So what will be the difference between the angels in us the difference between the human beings and the angel is that the angels don't have a free will of their own. Whatever Allah says there'll be the human meaning the jinn, we have a free will we can either obey Allah or we can disobey Allah, after a free will is given to us. If you obey Allah subhanaw taala and follow His commandments, we become higher than the angels, but after the fee will have given and if you don't obey Allah subhanaw taala we become the pattern of the Satan. So this life is a test for the hereafter what Allah says that all those who

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have Taqwa Allah will guide them. Allah says in several verses, including Surah, and Caboose, chapter number 29 was number 69, that all those who strive in my way, I will open up the pathways. So if someone objects that Allah has opened up the pathways for those who strive in His way, it is illogical, he should open up the pathways for those who don't strive

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to for example, if I'm doing a medical examination, and if I'm teaching the medical students, those who don't follow the textbook, they will pass. So these doctors when they come out, they will not treat the patient they will kill the patients.

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And Allah says in surah, Lebanon, chapter three, verse 160, that if Allah helps you, no one can overcome you. If Allah forsakes you who is dead, then who can help you so let the believers put their trust in Allah subhanaw taala what the Quran says that if you have faith in Allah, Allah is bound to help you and you're bound to be successful. If you're not successful, it is not allowed to be blamed. It is your to be blamed. Allah promises that the fisherman is where he opened up your pathway. If your pathways have not been opened, don't name Allah you have to blame yourself. Allah nowadays Allah, Allah is just so if we analyze read the Quran, Allah is giving us guidance, he

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forgets the mistakes, many mistakes human beings make. He forgives us. But at the same time he says that all those who strive in His way, all those who have Taqwa, all those who have the yearning to sacrifice, Allah will surely help you and guide you, those who disobey Allah subhanaw taala. So only thing we should have as Taqwa is the faith in Allah subhanaw taala. To strive in this way, and inshallah we'll be successful in this world and dakara prognostication system

Mentioned in the Beginning of Surah Al Baqarah …

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