The Third Sin

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as you heard Allah hola Isla

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Amin was early he was a hobby he edge mine about the total of our hotbar today is the third sin.

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And the third sin in Islam is Xena is what we call an English fornication. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran when levena lie or the owner Allah He ILAHA those who do not worship anyone else, along with Allah or besides Allah so that is shirk. And everyone knows that is the number one sin in Islam. When I applied to Luna and Neff silletti Haram Allah who in love in half, and they do not take the life that Allah has forbidden Yeah, honey, they do not commit murder, except for Just Cause Jani they do not take the soul not murder, they do not take a soul except for Just Cause Yeah, and self defense, soul for a soul, so on and so forth. So that's the second one then killing or

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committing murder specifically

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what is known and they do not commit Zina woman if Alda Lika, yellow thumb and whoever does this shall receive His punishment, you will die off the whole either Bioman Kiama, his punishment will be doubled or multiplied on the Day of Resurrection. So the topic of Xena and why is it important? And why should we do let's call it a refresher hotbar on why Xena is such a big deal for a number of reasons. Number one, as we all know, Zina is rampant in the world. And if you say it's in the Western world, it spreads to the rest of the world. Zina is rampant in the world. It's rampant in America and nobody looks at it as something serious. And whenever something is rampant amongst the

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non Muslims in America assume it to be rampant amongst Muslims especially I'm talking about youth. Yeah, we have this thing where we think that if something affects the non

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Muslim youth it affects the Muslim youth to a lesser degree. There's absolutely no reason to think this way. Yeah, any any teenager, you see, statistically, there's a 90% chance that they regularly watch pornography 90% chance. But when you look at a Muslim teenager, maybe it's 70 Why would it be 70? It's 90%. And there's no reason why the numbers would be lower with Muslim youth. And Allah, I'm trying not to make this a negative Hakuba. But if I told you what's happening with our youth, you would not believe it, you would think I'm talking about non Muslim youth. And how Xena is casual to so many. And some attend the Masjid. I'm not talking about our community, by the way, and I've been

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around, some attend the masjid and they're active in the youth programs, and some of them are known volunteers in the masajid. And they regularly commit Zina.

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And the other reason behind this hotbar is that a week or two ago, Pope Francis the Catholic Pope, he made a statement because some priest was caught committing adultery. So he said, sins of the flesh are not that serious. He said, it's still a sin, but it's not that serious. And he mentioned there are some sins that are more serious, like he said, pride and arrogance, more serious than sins of the flesh. But you see in Islam, it is very serious. It is the third sin, shirk, murder, Xena. But a lot of people don't understand why it's so serious in Islam, and that's what we want to look at in this handbook. And then realistically and truthfully, a lot of people also don't know what

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Xena is. They don't know what Xena is, so many times. And again, I'm not speaking about our community here in Houston. But people will come and tell me or a man will come and say that I committed Zina, and then after investigating it wasn't Xena. So what is the definition of Xena The Scholars say who was Moon lewat Rajul imra attend fi 4g Ha mean lady Nika hen wala Shubha te Nika limo Tao Atiyah Jani, it is a man being intimate with a woman in the private specifically, alright, without don't want to get explicit. But any other kind of let's call it messing around isn't Xena, it's still extremely haram, but it's not Xena.

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So, with no marriage between them, nor any Shubha some kind of doubt that he's married to her man in some mistake in the awkward or thinking the process has been done, what it hasn't been done, but clearly knowing that they're not married, and there's no doubt that they're not married with her consent, because without her consent, it would become something else without her consent. That is zinna. It is the two privates, every other kind of messing around is extremely haram, but it's not zinna Islamically. Many times people come thinking they've committed Zina or admitting that have committed Zina. And that's not the case. So part of the aims of the Sharia, the laws of Islam, they

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came to protect certain things. And they came to protect the family. And they became to protect people's lineage. It's very important that people know their lineage, know their fathers and so on and so forth. And part of protecting the family and part of protecting lineage is to make Zina haram.

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Many people are so used to the idea of Xena that they don't even hate the sin anymore. Yeah, and even those who don't commit it, you watch a sitcom. And the whole episode revolves around two people committing Zina and they're trying to hide it from everyone else. All these romance novels, primarily Xena, how many movies were the main theme circulates around an incident of zinna people now constantly even religious people joke about zinna and the other religious guy just laughs at it. And so what happens at the least, and the weakest of the man is to reject and hate a sin in your heart. So we all know this hadith and the resource alum said Mumbra mean c'mon Quran folio a year

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who Beardy. Whoever Have you sees a monk or a reprehensible act, let him change it with his hand in Lumiose, Tata fabulous and if you can't change it with his hand, then with his tongue speaking out against it even includes writing against it, for lemmya stata for Bill Colby, whether Ilica an awful a man and if he can't then with his heart by first of all, this hadith is not talking about the order. Some people think this is the order that you have to start with the hand. Look, you only start with the hand. If you have that, right. Your father can change a monkey in his home with his hand. And he comes in and he sees his children watching something inappropriate on television. He

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wants to break the television as his television, but you can't come in and break someone else's television foot with the hand where it's applicable. The other thing then with the tongue, you speak against it or you're right out against it. Then the problem said the weakest of the man is at least to reject it. Maybe I'm in such an A

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pressive community that I can't open my mouth. I can't do anything physically. But at least no one can come in here and make me not hate it. I can reject it with my heart. And that's the weakest of Emanuel rejected with the heart. So what do we call laughing at it? Feeling nothing whatsoever and what is weaker than the weakest of EMA? So this is the problem now, we just we're not upset at Xena we're not repulsed by the sin. It is all around this. It's in jokes, it's in movies and songs how many songs are all about Xena

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but we've become used to it. And these people who listen to the songs about Xena they come and argue with me music is Halen and it's okay and in Musharraf in does what for the soul does do anything for the soul was Comfor doesn't do anything for the soul. So then people still say, but what's what's so bad about Xena, you hand it to people behind closed doors, it doesn't affect anyone. Oh, it affects the entire society.

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I have a course in which we deal with the concept of Xena and we spend over an hour citing different studies on the effects of Xena on society, on children on the siblings of those who commit Zina on the parents of those who commit Zina of spouses or those who commit Zina and so on and the males and on the females different effects on society. We're just going to look at a few of them the effects of Zina on society as a whole. The first problem people not knowing who their or whom their father is not knowing their lineage. And even non Muslims recognize the importance of that where they have all these places and shows where you can go and try to find out who the father is and so on and so

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forth. We have what affects society, all the sexually transmitted diseases that are rampant in society. That's a direct result of Zina. We know that Xena statistically Xena leads to more Zina. One study showed that 82% of teenage mothers are themselves the daughters of teenage mothers, and it starts to increase. Other studies show that when a girl commits Zina, her siblings are become become more open to the idea and so on and so forth.

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Studies also show that a son, a boy who was born to a young woman, meaning in her teens, he is three times more likely to serve time in prison, not twice three times more likely to end up in jail. We know in America areas or neighborhoods where there are a lot of illegitimate children born out of wedlock. There's also a higher crime rate in that area. We know that rape is rampant in America. And what is the defense lawyers argument for rape. The victim is quickly accused of consenting Jani, Zina is the excuse for rape now. So he says, Your Honor, it's not rape, it was just Xena can just Xena is not a big deal. Whereas that argument wouldn't fly in an Islamic courtroom. Tell him your

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honor, it wasn't rape, it was only Xena was only gonna play We orphanages. All these are ways society is trying to combat the effects of sexually loose societies in South Korea, they came up with a drop box in the orphanage so that you push the button and the drawer comes out. You put your baby in there and it closes. Surely they're gonna have drive thru and Matata buttons in the car. This is how rampant it is.

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It causes people to devalue intimacy with their spouses later on.

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And it teaches especially the males to look at the opposite sex for nothing but that. And we know this in America, we don't need to give examples of that. And then the other effect of that is that women realize that that's what they're valued for it. So they dress an act to accentuate that.

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And again, I don't think we need many details for that.

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So, and there are many things concerning too, but we'll skip what it does to children will skip what it does. Kumail specifically, what it does to women. One study shows teenage mothers, they face social isolation. Why are we saying teenage mothers because it's out of wedlock. And because of the damage it does to the lives of young people who are not psycho socially mature enough to have children on their own. And then they go and have children. So teenage mothers, they face social isolation, they will have lower levels of education, they'll have higher levels of stress, higher levels of depression, a greater risk of leaving school, or attaining a lower level of education.

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This was specifically was a Canadian study.

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And we have of course, abortion, which is the sin of killing that child which today they call very casually the right to choose and pay attention to this fact here. When you listen to

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debate on television about abortion and abortion. The Pro abortionist will always mention rape cases. And what should we do in the written that's just to pull out people's heartstrings. But the reality is, the abortion clinics, what percentage of the abortions are actually rape case? abortions? It's a very small percentage. And the majority of it is just people what they call having unprotected and then they come. One nurse told me, she used to work at an abortion clinic. She said the same girl would come 16 times to get an abortion. Yeah, but when they have the debate on television, they make it look like it's all about the rape cases. But that's not the case. I mean,

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don't be fooled by this nonsense when they mentioned, what about rape, and therefore we need to have abortion. That's such a small percentage. Such a small percentage, the majority of it is this nonsense. Teenagers coming 10 times 13 times 16 times. And yes, the right the taxpayers have a right to be upset about that. But abortion and abortion clinics that's just a result of society being sexually loose.

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And there are many others many others. There is a Hadith that mentions Zina

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of the eyes and Xena of the tongue and Xena of the mind. And that's referring to the word Xena linguistically which means something that is not righteous or something or the sin of the mind the eyes the sin of the mind, but it's not referring to the mains in that we defined in the beginning, okay.

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But as Allah subhanaw taala made it shirk is the worst then murdering someone and then committing Zina, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he asked him Are you them be our them which of the sins is greatest? And the problem tells him and touch Allah He need done wahala fact that you make an equal to Allah while He is the One who created you for that shirk. cultism I asked them what is next of the worst since Carla? He said and talk to the one that has shattering up on mark that you'd kill your son or meaning your child out of fear that they're going to eat with you and they're going to cost you so that's murder then Book Two Summa is done what next? He said and to Zanni be highly

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litigious, Eric, that you commit Zina with the Haleakala of your neighbor, the hi Lila and anyone that your neighbor is a home for so your neighbor's wife, your neighbor's daughter, your neighbor's Mother, your neighbors aren't if she lives with him, that's of the worst. And that's why the scholar said the worst types of Xena, Xena is not all created equal. They said the worst Xena is with the wife of a Mujahid. And then the second not the second. But that list of worst levels of Zina with the wife of a Mujahid with a relative and the closer the relative the more haram It is then with the neighbor's wife or anyone that the neighbor is a Muharram for and the neighbors sometimes in Islam

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stretches for a couple of houses down this way, this way, this way. And an old man Xena is a greater sin for an old man. And of course in the sacred months and in the sacred places the Xena would become more haram than in other places.

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This is the danger of Xena. This is the harm and this is just a brief of what the harm it does to the community, to the society at large and to individuals. It is something to be taken seriously. And this is just a refresher for us to once again remember that this is a major sin and we should hate it. And the pope can say that it's not a big deal. But Allah subhanaw taala said it is a big deal. And it is something that is very damaging to society. And it is something that is rampant in our communities worldwide amongst the Muslims. And it's something that warrants an important discussion to have with your child when they're of the proper age about the dangers of Xena and the

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dangers of committing fornication when you know the biller. In the second Hado will look at some of the ways of presenting of preventing Xena Akula Colheita was tougher Allah Allah them they will come in Jamal dono festal Pharaoh fairfields Mustafa marine ask Allah Subhana Allah force forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah meanwhile, he was so happy about

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so there are many So Islam didn't just say stay away from Xena don't commit Zina and then just leave it at that but also gave many ways for society to prevent and to combat Xena. Some of them we've kind of abandoned such as early marriages. early marriages, as One wise man once said he said I would rather my daughter

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against divorced 16 times than to commit Zina once. So getting them married early, if that's a possibility, or more specifically, if there is a fear of a young man actually falling into Xena. He should get married as soon as possible, whether or not he finished school or not. There was a case here in America in the east coast. A man said my son came to me and expressed that he's this close to committing Zina. He said, I got it got him married. Immediately, I gave him a section of the house. He lived in it, they were both going to school so he doesn't fall into Xena. But beyond that, if someone is not afraid of, of actually falling into Xena, then yes, it's fine to continue your

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education and to develop and build your career and then get married. And this was the advice of Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah to his students as well to finish their schooling, work and then get married. But if you're afraid that you're going to fall into Xena, you should get married immediately. So getting married early. And as we all know, Allah Subhana Allah says, well, takanobu Zina, he didn't say don't commit Zina. He said, Don't come near Xena. So then the Sharia made all the things that could possibly lead to Xena haram in and of themselves. And we know of this verse, and we know Allah said, Don't approach Xena, but we don't care. Generally, I'm talking about the community as a whole, we

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don't care about these things. And lowering the gaze, it starts with looking first learning to get who remembers to lower their gaze now. And he just people looking left and right, left and right television, in the news. advertisement in the streets, lowering the gaze. This is for men and for single and for married. And married men forget that they have to lower their gaze

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and talking meaning talking to a woman outside of the necessity for work, or for a project or for school outside of that. But we're very relaxed with that. And we see that if you don't talk to a woman that now you're strict, and now you're an extremist, when and extremism the way of an episode Salam is never extreme. It's always the moderate way

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and being alone with a woman. Now there are so many excuses for that being alone with a woman is one of the things that may lead to Xena. So it is haram in and of itself. Another one man told me he said a co worker a classmate came and we studied until three in the morning in my house and she left and he said Allah He nothing happened. And neither of us even thought of anything haram. She said so why is it haram? So he thinks that it's only haram if something bad happens, but if nothing happened, it was Halal Habibi, It's haram, no matter what happens. Yeah. And being alone with a woman is not permissible, whether something happens or not. Because these are from the things that

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can lead to Xena the avenues that lead to Zina touching a woman, not permissible for a man or a woman touching a man and it's not related to them or not. But people are very relaxed with these things. Islam made getting married the easy just as a way of combating Xena. Look how difficult we made getting married now and maybe saw Selim said either Jochum mentor Dona Dena, who were hula hoop is a widow in another generation political. We're Dino Yanni. If someone comes to you wanting to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage, and you're pleased with their religiosity, you're pleased with their their manners, then give them to wet but today bank accounts, what side of the village are you

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from what side of the river in the village which out of all these things and you have to spend this much on the wedding and you have to do this much in that much and jump through hoops? made it difficult, made it difficult? As one Imam said he said Allah hell never make getting married difficult for people because how easy the Haram is, how easy is it to commit sin and America today?

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The easiest thing in the world. So how can the Haram be so easy, and we make the halal so difficult and then not expect people to fall into the Haram will do the villa.

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So this was just a reminder of the seriousness of Zina and perhaps it might prompt some people to have the necessary discussion with their children and to get them to realize how to not normalize this to not be dense, desensitized to something that is such a major sin. And no matter what the Pope says, no matter how people downplay the sins of the flesh, as they call them. It is the number three Yanni stealing is less than Xena. consuming alcohol is less than Xena. And we have people in the Muslim community they would never go to a store and steal something never it is beneath them. But they were very Luxe with other women and very relaxed with Xena are things that lead to Xena

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so that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect

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us and our children and our families from the sin of Xena. We ask Allah zeal to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it, for Lahoma eternal haka hopanoids, Sapna tubba Weidenbach Lila bartholin was up next Inaba, La Jolla dunya kumara Homina. Well, I'm a blogger Illumina whether Elena Rimmel Sirona Allah Houma but if you heard the Illuminati on agoston Yasui robotic where you know my sciatic Murphy had been my roof where you will see on the moon car. Yes Mar da Sala more about IQ and growth in an IRA meanwhile, earlier he was here Jemaine what