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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing and hiding the truth of Allah's the message of the Day of Resurrection. The speaker explains that withholding knowledge can lead to negative consequences and that sharing the knowledge is a way to increase one's the closer to Allah's
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So now

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I'm the learner but Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was a major animal

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on Sunday for him Allah to Allah if he gets up every other Sunday and if you've ever felt the need to alumina Pty limited Allah

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yeah he matured if and no he says in his book and Tata REALLA Sana Hain and the chapter of the virtue of knowledge, learning and teaching it for the sake of Allah and being ready to totally Allah Allahu Anhu all also Eliza Allah and Allah Salam, mon Sol ala annemann Fatima who will Jima Yeoman Pei Amity Billy German Minnaar in Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he was asked about knowledge of religion and conceals, it will be bridle with the bridle of fire on the Day of Resurrection. And this is reported by Buddha wood and a section of knowledge and Ramadan is Muslim double Ronnie and is covered in this can be

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obliterated on the lawn in areas this hadith in the process elements interesting

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that is near read about who

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was Abu Huraira on the line who was from the top five of those that collected it from the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And he didn't he's definitely not an individual that would withhold the knowledge because we receive knowledge of his acquiring of Hadith of the prophets of Allah and he was selling them so he would spread it to his students etc and until he reaches us so he said monsoon Allah and inland and Fatima who whoever is asked about knowledge and conceals it now when he's talking about and and he's talking about in a shorter eat, he's talking about in of the deen for ketema, who and they can seal it. So the concealing is something that the person would conceal

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the knowledge for their own benefit. They do not want to relate the knowledge to the people because that can either be against them or it can be to their disadvantage. So they hide the knowledge or they just do not want to display the knowledge for a reason that is majeure or reason that is not befitting the intention behind hiding the knowledge is that which is not preferable, and it's not from the edip of the student of knowledge or the chef.

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So the promise of Salam said all Jima Yamanaka, Yama, TBD, German Minnaar, know that they will be brighter with the brighter a fire on the Day of Resurrection. Because when the individual is withholding the knowledge, this is the knowledge that will increase them with their knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada and gives them the opportunity to come closer to him. So make no mistake, when the more knowledge you have of Allah, the more opportunity you have to come closer to him. Yes, there is an element of us as human beings with our fitrah to come closer to Allah because we naturally have that inclination. But when it comes to certain times, that is preferable to make dua

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for example. And you don't you don't tell this individual that hadith of the prophet Elijah was telling them because between you and him is enmity, or you withhold the knowledge of inheritance, for example, or relative dies, and you don't tell them how much they earn, you told your total how much you're supposed to get. But then you don't tell your fellow relatives you don't tell your two sisters or whoever, because you want to withhold that knowledge from them so you can get more money. This is where withholding that knowledge is that which you will be held accountable for and you will be punished by it because you have withheld a person of their right and make no mistake, the right

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of the Muslim or the civilian is to obtain knowledge are to receive knowledge, just as the right of the children is to receive knowledge from their parents, etc. So the rights of the civilians in a community is to receive knowledge from the person of knowledge in their locality. This is why it is 40 fire, to have people it is a communal obligation, to have people have knowledge in their locality, a communal obligation, just as it is perfectly fine to have a masjid and a particular location in the community. It is folk key fire everyone is it's upon every single individual or collectively, to have a place of worship and to have a person of knowledge that will teach them

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about worship. So this is primarily speaking about the one that conceals the knowledge and has bad intentions behind it and withholds it from a person because the knowledge of the deen is the most noble of knowledge.

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Now if it's knowledge that you are withholding for particular benefit, and you have knowledge of the situation, that you are withholding it for. So when the prophets of Allah and it was salam was on his deathbed and he told my them in general

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that the that the people of Tawheed would be those that are in Jannah. And the promise a lot more other than Jeb has asked him he said If Allah Oba Shiro, Nas shall not congratulate the people, he said led to Bashir at home for yet

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Qilu do not sin, that type of glad tidings to them for they will get lazy. And this is very interesting that just because people know that I am a Muslim, and I have this belief, it will enter me into gender. If you fully truthfully believe in the first pillar of Islam, Inshallah, you will enter Jannah with doing the actions to the best of your ability, let's say that you entered agenda, but he told my item in Jabin do not congratulate them on this for they will get lazy. So, this particular situation, if it is a person of knowledge, that is withholding certain information from a particular person, and he or she knows it is 51 to 100% more beneficial for them not to know that at

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that time, then there is a level of permissibility and leniency in that but the general aspect is that we we give the knowledge to the best of our ability and we do not withhold it with an evil intention or a bad intention. Because we don't want that person to benefit. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that when learning the knowledge of this religion, it is that which increases us with our closest to Allah and giving the knowledge and telling people about the knowledge is that which is also a way of increasing our closest to Allah by helping others get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah was Central America would have been the Muhammad want to add he was

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