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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam right, I shouldn't feel unbeatable mousseline Mohammed or some of my some of our highly alright it was Samuel Salam this even Catherine because my brothers and sisters, this is a thought share that to respond to this article The Myth of Sisyphus

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I am of course familiar with this myth and the argument, you see the two or three things I want to say, first of all,

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speaking from it from the Islamic perspective, we have to see things in the context of the revelation now, cameras is speaking, without the benefit of the revelation without the benefit of the Quran.

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We know Allah subhanaw taala exists, we worship Him, we worship only Him, we know that He sent down His Word, and that this word is the Quran. And so we take our guidance from that.

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So now here he's saying that he's talking about really the whole point of human existence,

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seeking meaning and so on and so forth.

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The thing to ask, or other thing, which I tell myself is very simple, which is that I do not need to seek meaning because my meaning has been defined for me. Allah subhanaw taala defined our meaning, the meaning of our existence, in two ways. He defined it in terms of our, the meaning of our existence as individuals. And he developed he defined the meaning of our existence, as in as a collective group, which is the Muslim community, the OMA

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in terms of individuals, Allah subhanaw taala defined our meaning, where he said what Allah told Jenna well inside Dalia will insert Azaria and that's why they tell us that we have not created the humans and the jinn for anything other than our worship. So there is the meaning. Why, why do we exist to worship Allah subhanaw taala? Why did Allah create us to worship him? This is a great honor that Allah subhanaw taala gave us why he gave to us he knows when we meet him Inshallah, those who are interested to ask and ask.

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Right now, I cannot tell you, nobody can tell you why Allah did that. But Hamdulillah, Allah subhanaw taala could have created us to clean toilets, he could have created us to just dig holes in the ground, and he could have created us to,

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you know, to do any kind of thing, but he didn't. He created us to do the most honorable, the most the highest action that somebody can do, which is worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. Just to give you us

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an example of this, even in religions, which have caste systems,

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all the way back. I mean, if you go all the way back to the Egyptian and the Greek civilizations, you go to the Romans, you come to the Hindus, the highest class and the highest caste,

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as always, and always been the priests, those who worship God. And Allah subhanaw taala gave this to every human being not just to the Muslims, so much of our culture within our INSA in Lebanon inside, I lived in Knoxville Valhalla to Gina musli, Mina, and let's say Walmart, I look to ginawa Dhindsa Illa Diablo, Allah said that I have not created the jinn and the human beings for anything other than my worship. So those who understand this, those who believe in the Quran, those who believe that this is the word of Allah, of course we don't seek, we don't need to seek for meaning because we know what the meaning is. You don't you don't seek for and search for things that you have

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already. And we have the meaning a meaning of my existence is to worship Allah subhanaw taala worship in its broadest sense, in the broadest sense of worship, includes the actual physical worship, worship rituals, like salah, and, and the cod and, and fasting and has an aura and so on. It also includes as worship, in a broad sense, obedience to Allah subhanaw taala because this the act, the act of worship, the ritual of worship salah, which is

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exemplified and the iconic point of that is the such that were we not just bow before Allah as in Rico, but we actually put our head on the ground for it on the ground before Allah subhanaw taala and action which is haram to anyone other than Allah.

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This embodies the

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highest form of obedience, where you completely and totally submit everything to Allah subhanaw taala. And you are buying in that position of prostration, where you are saying, I have no defense against you, I completely and totally trust you, I do not need to fear for myself before you. So I submit myself totally and completely to you, with love and with gratitude and with obedience. Now, this is what Sarah tells us. And this is what is translated into every action and every decision and every

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word and speech of the Muslim.

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So this is the reason why we exist. So it's a very simple, this is there is a there is confusion, because people do not accept

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the revelation, they do not accept Allah subhanaw taala so they are confused. How do you unconfused them? How do you give them clarity by telling them that God told you Allah? Allah told you why He created you? Why are you worried? Why are you running around?

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Like a headless chicken?

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Confused, there's no reason to be confused. The matter has been very clearly,

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you know, clearly mentioned and, and delineated and defined for you. Now that's the personal individual reason for us to exist on the face of the earth. So therefore,

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and then there's the collectivities and the collective reason is Allah that I said could do Clara Amati Aqua digitally NASA Morona Bill Murphy, what Unharness Anil Moon curry were to me no Nabila, Allah said, You are the best people, you are the best of of human beings are the best community extracted for the benefit of all mankind. Linda's for everybody. And what do you do? You enjoy and good, you forbid evil and you have faith in Allah subhanho wa taala. So, this is our collective reason for existence. So, we have individual purpose, and we have a collective purpose. Now, the individual purpose I mentioned already, collective purpose is a translation of the individual

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purpose, which is three things, number one,

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to or rather, an overarching thing, which is to benefit all of humanity and by, by inference, and by extension, benefit, all creation, it's not just humanity, benefit animals, birds, insects, the environment, the water, the air, the forests, everything. So Muslims were created and less than you are the best people not be allies, not even saying are the best people because you worship me know, Allah is saying you are the best people, because you have been created for the best purpose and the best purpose is to benefit everything that exists. So the first, so therefore, in this context, in the collective reason,

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the biggest reason is because Allah subhanaw taala created us to benefit all of humankind and or of every kind, number one, number two, how is this benefit to be done? And Allah subhanaw taala specified that he said, Mr. Bill Morrow when I hear ill monka Allah said you enjoy and good and you forbid evil, what is the meaning of enjoying good JOY What is not only to say halal or haram, and join God is to support, to propagate, to help, to stand for to fight for justice, to fight for to stand for to help to propagate everything which is good, right? It is not restricted only to haram and Allah is not restricted only. The thing is the beauty of the Islamic sharia is that it

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encompasses everything which is good. So everything which is good, setting up creating a school for example, fantastic, go ahead, digging wells, for example, building hospitals, roads and bridges, and you name it everything which is good. Talking about and, and and empowering and enjoying morality, right to people to be moral, and ethical and have values and ethics and morals. Do understand that a net value or net worth not add value, net worth of a human being is not expressed in dollars, but in character. This is all enjoining good. Similarly, forbidding evil, is to forbid is to stop all forms of evil. All racism is evil. All violence is evil. All hunger is evil, everything everything enjoin

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good and forbid evil. So now with and then you have faith in Allah, why do you do all this? Why do you do and joining good and forbidding evil because

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Are you afraid that Allah subhanaw taala? What does that mean? It means that you remember and you understand that one day you will die and you will stand before Allah subhanho wa taala. And you will be questioned about this, the purpose of your existence was to worship Allah, did you worship Allah or not? The purpose of your existence was to benefit everyone, did you benefit everyone or not? Right? So you may have two kinds of people, one these who worshipped Allah subhanaw taala may not be the greatest quality of worship, but they did it, you have other people who did not do it at all, you similarly you might have people who,

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who benefited humor and who did not benefit humanity, but who also did not harm humanity, who did not benefit the world, but they also did not harm the world. They just existed in the and they died. Or you might have people who we see a lot nowadays, may Allah forgive us, especially in our leadership positions, people who are toxic people who are actually harmful. So you have both situations now, and they will answer so when you say we're human, and Abdullah Abdullah, it means we accept that this is a day will come when nobody will escape, you will not be standing there in the International Court of Justice, you will be standing before Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lo, and

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we are you and me and every all anyone who lived will answer on this on this basis. So therefore the collective purpose is to enjoy and good and join everything which is good and forbade everything, which is evil. Now, which brings us to the other questions here, which this person is asking, he said, but But ask yourself, what is the meaning of a stubbed toe what lesson is important by a spill a drink or a set of misplaced keys? Why is there such a thing as a hangnail and so on is over? Now it is very easy to answer. The purpose of all of this is to help us to use our brains

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is to ask a very simple question, which is, what can I learn from this? Right? What can I learn from this? Now? My father has to do this under any situation in life, whatever happened, he would ask me, So what did you learn? And this is something which is ingrained in me and I look at I look at everything right, I hang a bird feeder, I say what do I learn from this? And it has usually benefited me throughout my life. It's not that not that I always have an answer. But I always have this question. And more than most people I'm sure I have answers to things that for example, what is the lesson imparted by a spill drink? It happened to me, I was teaching I had gotten to, to a place

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to one of my clients reach of course, I was sitting there with my laptop, I had a cup of coffee. Next to me on my right on the table, hot cocoa coffee, which I just picked up from the from the table there. And I was

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I was going through my slides when somebody walked in knocked against my table and spilled that coffee on to my keyboard of my laptop and there was a flash and that was the end of the laptop. Right? So what did I learn from this? I learned that liquids and laptops do not go together. Now if you think that learning is not important, believe me it is very important. Because I had to replace that laptop. That is the that is how important that learning is imparted by a spilled drink. I might say Well, no, everybody loves that. Maybe you do. So it's good. hamdulillah so this is the lesson What lesson did you learn from the spirit? I learned the lesson that keeping liquids next to laptops

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is a very bad idea is a very expensive choice that you are making. Or what do you learn from a set of misplaced keys? You learn from a set of misplaced keys what

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until is to say always, Gearhart, Ischia JLT, everything has its place. So put everything in its place. This is beautiful. I mean, the whole point of, of having a brain is to use it. And this is a beautiful, you know, opportunity. But for every single thing, no matter how trivial it might seem, we ask this question and we say what Viola, which brings us again to the

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the last one of the questions, which is a very common question that is asked all the time. So he says the whole is the whole issue of, you know, suffering and so on. And why are there wars? And he didn't say, well, but I'm sure he means that, you know, why is this? Why there's so much of suffering, and so on and so forth. This is the easiest question in the world to answer. All of this is because we then have an opportunity to do something about it. Whenever anytime somebody says if there is a God, why is this why doesn't he do something? I always tell them. I said he did something he created you. Right, he created you. So if you say

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Why is there a, there is a God? Why is it happening? It's happening because Allah subhanaw taala wants to give you a chance to change that, to make it better

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to why is there? Why is there suffering so that I can use my money? I can use my influence to remove that suffering? Why is there see, for example, why why is this happening in Gaza? It is here is an opportunity for the International Court of Justice to actually give an order, which will promote justice, which will, which will establish justice, now whether to do it or not, is a different issue. So let's see what happens. So the whole point is that Allah subhanaw taala, created this world, He's created us in this world with a very clear purpose, this whole issue of saying I'm seeking my purpose is nonsense, because there's no need to seek it is very clear. Now, of course,

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you deny, and this is what these people do. I mean, not you and me. But these people, they deny the revelation, they deny Allah subhanaw taala. And that's up to them. If you if you if you want to shut your eyes, on a bright heart, and, you know, bright day, or you shut your eyes, and then you fall into a hole, and you say, Well, you know, what is the whole point of this life? And you know, why? Why is that hole? And you know, how come I couldn't see it, you couldn't see it, because if you had your eyes shut, the sun was shining very clearly. You couldn't see the hole if you had your eyes open. Unless we're gonna give you the eyes, you insisted on shutting them, and you insisted on

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falling into the hole. And then you blame God for it. I mean, this is complete nonsense. That is what people are doing. So the My point is that Hamdulillah we are not among those people. So as far as we are concerned, Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala created this word for a purpose. He told us what the purpose is, he empowered us, He gave us brains gave us intelligence, he gave us resources. He gave us money, he gave us power to give us authority. And on top of that, he gave us a

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book, his GitHub, the Quran Al Karim, and he gave us the most beautiful of teachers to teach that book, Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasulillah Salam.

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It's, it's for us to learn and to implement.

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Right? I mean, the problem with these people is that because they don't believe this, they know then they go on, they just go sort of go around in circles. And they write articles and they talk about all this and they feel very clever, I guess. But if you look at

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if you look at this in the true context of what human learning is, Revelation is as much human learning as anything else. It's actually far better, far more and far better because it's directly from Windows Rotella.

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But the point I'm saying is that this is what Allah has given us. And so therefore, if we are

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going to, if we are going to accept the revelation, then there is no confusion. There is no issue of of saying that there is absurdity of existence. Existence is the most purposeful thing that sorry to mix my

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metaphors here.

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Existence is the is the most powerful, purposeful thing that exists. So there is live life makes eminent sense, not life doesn't make sense. Life makes eminent sense, provided you open your eyes and you look at life through the lens of the One who created that life. And that is the Quran, Quran and Sunnah. I hope I have answered this question. Sorry, it was a long answer. But I thought let me just you know, cover all the points in it. Some Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah and he was a member