Omar Suleiman – The Beginning And The End – EP 47 The Logic of Shaytan

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the pride and arrogance of the Bible, including the use of shamans and shayons to assert themselves and deny their claims. They stress the importance of using logic over revelation and avoiding the idea of false union. The speaker uses their own logic to convince their audience to use it, but the audience is warned that their logic is faulty. The use of clay is used to destroy things, but anyone who uses logic over revelation is going to ruin their own creation. The importance of showing differentiation in human beings and the use of shavon for fraud is discussed.
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So the prophets lie Selim, he actually described to us several different manifestations of pride and arrogance. kibito is the worst of them. And that's the one shavon kibin is to make yourself bigger than you actually are. Right and I believe we established that earlier in our conversation anyway. Now when you talk about kibin, which is the greatest form of pride, the profit slice of them said that it falls into one of two categories. And this now this qubit if you have any of it, you cannot enter Paradise. So just a shaytaan was expelled for this qubit the profits license that if you had an atom's worth of it, you would not enter into paradise. And he said, so the law he was some that

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includes two categories. One of them is lumped to nurse and the other one is bottle help. Gum to nurse means to be judgmental towards people. Okay. And last panelist, Allah is the only one that has that right to judge a person. Okay, so, Rahim Allah, Allah says that these two categories have come to us, which is to belittle people, that only belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. And the second one bottle hack, which is to deny the truth or denied divine legislation. You know, these are two things that belong only to a loss of hundreds Allah, which are the rights to judge and to legislate, only Allah subhanaw taala can do that. So in essence, you interfere with the command of Allah subhana wa,

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tada, you try to put yourself in a divine position when you do either of those two things. shaitan, of course, did both. Okay. He belittled out of the money, his Salaam, he even belittled the angels. All right, he denied divine legislation, but total Hulk and the denial of beliefs, the way that shavon denied. Divine legislation is very interesting, actually. Because shavon used his logic over the divine revelation. And that, you know, that's something that's very dangerous, because a lot of us fall into that these days. All right, you know, we see something in the Koran, we see something in the son of the Prophet slicin, then we see an established consensus for 1400 years in Islamic

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scholarship, and we say, oh, but we have another interpretation. That's actually denying the legislation altogether. That's denying the truth altogether. You're not allowed to do that. The Sunnah is the interpretation of the Koran. And in the absence of the Sunday, you look for consensus, and so on, so forth, because you are not allowed to use your logic to go, you know, to do away with the revelation because the revelation comes from one who has infinite logic that we have no access to. Okay? So when we use our opposite, when we use our logic over revelation, that doesn't mean understanding the context of Revelation and so on so forth. Right? At least didn't ask Allah

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subhanaw taala for an explanation. It's when you actually deny legislation, you deny revelation, because you think that you figured it out. Now, obviously, when you know the logic of shavon was that look, I'm better than him, because you created me from fire and you created him from dirt. And the scholars say that shavon was the first one to use Piazza infested, he was the first one to use false analogy, okay. Now obviously for one we established in our religion, that your external being has nothing to do with who you are in the sight of Allah Subhana metalla in economics and the law he at a loss pantai said the best of you in the sight of Allah, in the sight of God is the one who has

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the most piety and the prophets licenses a taqwa. hoonah piety is in the heart. What that means is as the prophets license that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will not look at your honor. Sorry, Kamala Sadiq Khan, las panatela won't look at your you know your bodies, he won't look at your images, but Allah subhanaw taala will look at your hearts. So that which deems a person superior in the first place is not to be found in our external being. So that's the first faulting you know, the first fault and Satan's logic. The second thing now, and this is actually really profound. Any moment Okay, Rahim Allah to Allah, He says that his logic was actually wrong. Okay, which is he

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argued that fire was better than clay. And now I am writing an entire book. And this is just our legacy of scholarship, he actually goes and writes an entire book about why clay is better than fire. So he starts to go through all of these different reasons, things that you would never even imagine he starts to go through how clay can bear nutrients, how it's mixed with beneficial things, and the purity of clay and so on, so forth. But, you know, you know, it's holding natural substances and nutrients, so on and so forth. But the main thing that he says, which is very beautiful, he says that clay is used to build while fire is used to destroy panela. The original purpose of Adam and

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his Salaam, why he sent to this earth why human beings are sent to this earth is what is their model to build and clay is used to build and things that are likely are used to build, whereas fire can't build anything fire only destroys. So clay is actually superior to fire so patola so

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The idea here, number one, is that most likely you only deceive yourself. When you use logic over revelation, you're going to only ruin yourself. And again, that doesn't mean understanding the context of revelation which, which shows us that our faith is indeed an intellectual one. And that the revelation coincides with coincides with logic, you know, almost all the time. But the second thing is that his logic was also faulty. And you know, we also see that the prophets lie Selim, he said about fire, that Allah alone is the one that punishes with fire, no one else is allowed to punish with fire fire is the most destructive substance, Allah Subhana Allah has has prohibited us

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to punish with fire, even in the case of execution. Or in the case, you know, Where, where, where it becomes legal to take someone's life, the death penalty, or whatever it may be, fire is a punishment that's reserved only for a loss of Hannah Montana. So you know, we can never take that into our own hands, and a loss of how to what to add has given us in our creation, in our being a superior creation. Now. Now, just to summarize that entire discussion, though, what does that mean that the jinn, you know, don't have a chance that genda does that mean that we as human beings are better than the jinn? Not really, because we already established the basic principle that you know, that

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our external beings don't matter. Okay? So the jinn also would enter into genda and they'd have their morality, they'd have their stations and so on, so forth, and there might be a religious jinn that's more religious than you that would attain a higher level agenda and you're being a human being and created from this is not going to benefit you in any way whatsoever. The point is to show again, what distinguishes you what elevates you is your internal being not your external being which will do you absolutely no good. And even in that regard, shavon was wrong. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please

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