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I don't want to study and move on to stuff.

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When I will do bIllahi min shallowly and fusina women sejati Medina, me the Lova la Medina who I mean usually in Fahad era, why should you Allah in Allahu Allahu la sharika Why should you know Mohammed Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu already you are early he was r&b he listened limit the Sleeman Kathira Johan livina toquilla. Ducati Walter Mouton in low to musli Moon Yohannes otaku Roberto Milady Hara hakomi Nursing Wahida Makala caminhadas own Jaha with them in humare German cathedral when he says

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what up hola hola the desert and whenever he will not harm in Allah Kana Alikum Rafi Eva your lady in Amman top Allah guru Poland city the local mama let them know back home will mean you're there in la hora Sudha who forgot the funds are frozen Alima and my brother for inositol Hadith he tabula heeta IRA well you don't hit the head you Muhammad in Sunday Allah Who are they he was in them, or Sharon Omoni Mahathir to her.

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We're collaborating bada bada that's it for now.

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The final verse of Salah to Rome ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives us a very important principle and instruction. This verse is made up of two parts. The first part is a command from Allah azza wa jal in the way that the believers should think in the way that they should behave and act. And the second part of the verse is a prohibition. It is something that you shouldn't do. It is the opposite of the way that you should think and behave and act. Lots of 100 Thailand structs our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then by extension, the Muslims me and you and he says Subhana wa Tada fosterville In our Abdullah hack, while you're stuck a friend Nikhil Levine Allah, European

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loss of Hano Tada says, Be patient For indeed, the Promise of Allah azza wa jal is true. And do not be discouraged by those who lack certainty. The first portion of this verse, it is how the believer should think and behave. And in the second portion of the verse, we're told that we shouldn't be like those who have a lack of sincerity. When a person is going through difficulty and challenge and trial. It is very easy to allow Shavonne to overcome him to be overcome by a sense of despondency and despair. There are people who see as we are seeing now and it's been some three months since the events of Gaza started. The difficulty that the oppression that those people are facing the many,

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many deaths that they have introduced, had to endure the destruction that we see on a mass scale and we ask Allah azza wa jal on this day, this blessed day of fighting that Allah subhanaw taala brings relief to them, that Allah azza wa jal protects them and their families and their land and their wealth and their property. When you see something like this, there are two types of people in the way that they respond. Those who lack certainty in the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala. Either because they have no Eman or because the Eman is weak. And so they are people who become depressed people who are overcome by despondency not only in themselves because they feel a sense of

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hopelessness, which is natural, but also amongst the community and amongst other people. They look everyone around them and the Muslims in general. And they say that this is our state, and this is our affair. And if that spurred them into some positive action, then maybe perhaps you could say that there's some benefit in it. But it only increases and it snowballs into that effect, then it only becomes worse and worse for everybody around them. You see no hope wherever you look, you see no relief wherever you look. And that is not the mindset of the Muslim. That is the mindset for those people who lack certainty and the Promise of Allah azza wa jal. They don't have true Eman in

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the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Because for those people who do, they know that the words of Allah azza wa jal are true. They know that when the when Allah azza wa jal makes a promise the promise must come to pass. They know that what Allah azza wa jal has legislated will take place and it will happen and there is nothing that can stop it from taking place. Those people they don't allow despondency to overcome them. They don't lack certainty in the promises of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. The first group of people that don't have that same level of certainty the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described them in a hadith the hadith of Ebola Radi Allahu and Sahih Muslim and he

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says that Allah Allah He was telling me that Paula Raju Hallett and NAS for who Allah Quran, if someone says about the people that they are destroyed, then he is the most destroyed from amongst them. Because that's how the believer looks at other people. It's not the way that the believers should think when it comes to those types of issues, but rather the believers should be the one who has certainty in the promises of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. certainty what Allah azza wa jal has told us in the Quran, what is prophets on Allah where it was sent and promised us in

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The Sunnah certainty in what Allah azza wa jal tells us will take place in this dunya and in the archaea, and why wouldn't you have certainty? If you believe in Allah subhanaw taala that Allah is your Lord, that Allah is the Creator, that Allah is the providing the sustainer that Allah controls everything in the heavens in the earth that he is the master of the universe, that what Allah azza wa jal says and promises must come to pass what Allah decrees must happen, but he may happen at a time and a place of Allah's choosing by his wisdom and by His knowledge Subhana wa Tada. But if you have that certainty in your Lord and your Creator, then why would you doubt the promises of Allah

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azza wa jal? Why would you doubt the words of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, and if you believed in the akhira and you believe in human piano, and you believe in the judgment and the reckoning that will take place on that day, you believe in paradise and hellfire, then why would you that the words of Allah subhanaw taala why wouldn't you have certainty? Why wouldn't you have a strength of Eman that even in the most difficult of situations when no one else is any hope? You have hope in Allah subhana wa Tada when people just see calamity all around them the strength of your Eman and your to call in Allah azza wa jal and your your kin in Allah subhanaw taala makes you such that you see

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Allah azza wa jal is mercy even when other people don't. That is the way that the prophets of Allah were or even salatu salam, Ibrahim Ali Salam, when is thrown in the fire. He knows the certainty of Allah azza wa jal is promise. And so Allah subhanaw taala saves him from the punishment of the fire that his people threw him in Musashi Sena and when he sees before him to see, and behind him, the armies of Pharaoh and the people around him who don't forget are people who have accepted Musa as a prophet and a messenger. People who are upon his religion. They say enameled raccoon, we've been caught. He's caught up to us via la tele in the merrier be serene? He said, No, never. For my Lord

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is with me and He will guide me the prophets of Allah wa he was sent them in Abu Bakar when they when the cave of Hira and Abu Bakr said O Messenger of Allah, one of those people only has to look down towards his feet and he will see the opening of the cave, the mouth of the key witness within it, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded Ladson in Allah humma Anna, don't despair for Allah azza wa jal is with us. When no one else sees hope, they see hope. When no one else sees any exit or any solution. They know that Allah azza wa jal promises true. And that is what Yaqeen brings. And that is why the Hadith and the Muslim the Redeemer Muhammad, the hadith of Abu Bakr,

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Radi Allahu Allah and the Prophet told us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you should ask for your PIN, said Allah, Allah Pina will

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ask Allah for your opinion and certainty has Allah azza wa jal for safety, because you're creating uncertainty is one of the greatest acts of worship, one of the greatest actions of the heart that you can have, when you have truly akin in Allah subhanaw taala. In the words of Allah, in the promises of Allah in the city of Allah, it doesn't mean that it's just a verbal utterance that you say not words that are empty, but it has translated into your deeds and in your action, in the way that you behave in the way that you think in your character in your worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala many of us claim to have your thing. But when it comes to practice and action, we're the

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furthest people away from reading the Quran, the furthest people away from doing good deeds, the furthest people away from fulfilling the obligations that Allah placed upon us the furthest people away from having good character and manners and dealings. None of us here sitting here, no matter who you are, or your situation, did you undergo the types of trials and challenges that our Prophet went through some Allah wherever he was sending, he went through so many calamities, but give me just one example. Just one instance in his lifetime. So Allah already was sending him when he then didn't uphold the Sharia of Allah, when he didn't fulfill the obligations of Allah, when his manners

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the way that he spoke the way that he dunked with people the way that he behaved, was anything below what is expected of a believer, even the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even his expression, even the way that he would address people in the names that he would use to call them, they would have the greatest example of character from him said Allah or he will send them because that is what your clean means. Your clean means that you don't just have the words so you don't just make the claim. But it seems in your abandoned scene in your worship it scene in the way that you behave. It's seen in the dealings that you have, not only with the people that are closest to you,

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but more importantly, even those people that are far away from you, even the enemies of the prophets of Allah, wherever you will send him attested to his good character. They attested to his truthfulness, his honesty and his integrity, we see the oppression that some Muslims are going under. We think that that's an excuse then to oppress others in return. That's how we behave. We think that that strength, we think that that's the 18th But that's not the European that the prophets of Allah where it was in them displayed. How can your certainty and Allah azza wa jal make you a worse Muslim? A worse believer, take you further away from Allah Subhan

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doTERRA and then you call it your team. And that is why we have those ahaadeeth that show to us that if you have to your team, Allah azza wa jal will bless you in this life in the next and Allah will give you the greatest reward but in the SEMA Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reluctant that those are Hadith should be spread amongst many people because most people they understand misunderstand those a hadith. They don't understand them in the correct context, like the Hadith of the Allah, one Sahih Muslim, when Abu Huraira came upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in an enclosed garden, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave double Herrera, his

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sandals and he said, take my sandals, the sandals are as a sign that whoever you see knows that you came from me the words that you speak on my words, and whoever you meet outside of this garden, then tell them that if they see the shahada, La ilaha illa Allah will stay open and be called boo for the shoe will be agenda and they have European in their hearts in that statement. Then give them the glad tidings of gender

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urolift The Garden? The first person that he comes across is Rama, rebuttal. hottub Radi Allahu Allah. And he says, Oh, I'm gonna have the glad tidings of the messenger of allah sallallahu Allah, He will send him that whoever says now Ilaha illa Allah with European, European certainty in the heart, then they will have gender almohadas and he punched up or punished him so hard that he fell down and he began to cry. And he said, Oh Herrera, go back for me. You came. So you came to the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, He will send them in tears and Almaraz behind him. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ovaherero What happened? He said, O Messenger of Allah. I did, as

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you instructed, said, as you told me to say, and this is our more responded,

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why did you do this? Or more? What's your reason? He said, O Messenger of Allah. Did you commend him to say this? He said, Yes. He said, O Messenger of Allah don't do so. Because if you do so the people will become lazy. The people will become dependent upon this. The people won't do anything because they will take their headline, but they will forget the condition that you placed upon them. The headline saying that ilaha illallah that's what most of us take from the Hadith, and it is true. Whoever says Naira, Allah dies upon that will go into Jannah but there are numerous Hadith that also say that if you sin, you don't fulfill your obligations you can return on even if you have the aid,

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Allah azza wa jal may choose to punish you. And people forget that part. They don't have that level of European because your teens want the you wouldn't do the haram to the best of your ability. And even if you find into the Haram, you will turn to Allah azza wa jal and make Toba European means that your character, your dealings, your words, your steam, everything is in accordance to what Allah azza wa jal is pleased with what is missing just on Allah who already you will send him instructed. That's the thing that people forget. And so the prophets on Allah while he was sending when he heard this from Rama, he said in that case, don't tell anyone. The Prophet sins are green

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with this. And this is the generation of the companions or model isn't isn't saying this about me and you and other people of our time. He's seeing this in the generation of the companions, or the Allah one woman Jemaine similar to this is the hadith of wild. Radi Allahu Han, when he called upon wild three times and what had responded yes so messenger of Allah Allah Beco Sadiq I am here responding on Messenger of Allah three times he called him and then he said to Imam Abdullah shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah when the Abu Rasulo

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saw different mean call be in La Habra, Allahu Allah, you can now no one makes the shahada of La Isla illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah with sincerity from their heart, except that Allah will make the fire haram upon them.

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And then he said, while or messenger of Allah should not give this club tiding to the people should not tell the people that this is what you said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam No, even your tiki room, because if you do so, the people will rely only upon this hadith, they will forget the many of the verses and the many other Hadith, whereas the believer takes all of that into context to take it all together.

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And the Hadith says that while only anointed this hadith at the time of his death, because he feared sin upon himself for withholding knowledge if he did it, he's a hadith shows the importance of certainty and what he means. It's not just the claim, but when you have the level of certainty, then Allah azza wa jal makes things easy for you. Allah subhanaw taala will bring to you relief will bring to ease even when others are going through difficulty you will see the hope that Allah azza wa jal gives to the believers, you will see the signs of good and we have a great deal of good within our communities. The fact that this mystery is follow the fact that people come and pray the fact

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that people are reciting the Quran, learning the knowledge the fact that our youngsters are learning the Quran and memorizing it. The fact that people given sadaqa in great amounts these are signs of good signs of hope from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So the

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Do you wish to be someone who's positive? Knowing that the Promise of Allah azza wa jal is true, certainly in the commands of Allah azza wa jal in what Allah subhanaw taala has promised, and as a result you should act accordingly. To that which Allah azza wa jal has legislated that which is Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us gives us that level of your pain and the level of trust in Him and in His words and in His promises BarakAllahu li Walakum from karate was sunnah wonderful New York Mafia he remember I had to take my Apollo Cody ha That was stuffing Allah honey welcome. What did you America Muslim including the mid for stuff euro

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in the whole world?

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah bada he was a woman where there was a limit to Sleeman Kathira Amma bad

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in the Hadith alumina Amato the Allahu undead is collected in the gym I remember telling me the Rahima who lota either, but I'm gonna say that the Prophet said Allahu Allah, He will send him already have a gathering of people, except that at the conclusion of that gathering, he would end by saying these donors the supplications these words and it is a dryer that you will be familiar with because it is a dryer that is often made by the imam in Ramadan. In the winter plan is dua It is a common law that is recited in that, but even Rama mentions it as a country in this context that the Prophet Salam wouldn't just make it in Salah. But he would often end his gatherings, his meetings,

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his lessons with this dua, and from that, and it's a long dua, but from it is His Words of Allah wherever you send them Allahumma Singla naman Cu*ic Mata who will be here but you Nana will be in MRC attic when we are Atacama tubal you're gonna be genetic. Wamena Latini Mata who will be here Elena Masai but dunya used to say son Allahu Allah, He will senemo Allah grant to us in a fear of you in a taco and of piety in of Russia, in the fear of yo Allah, that it will become a barricade between us and your punishment between the fire and want to see enough of your obedience that will allow us to enter into gender and cuantas enough your kin and certainty that it will make the trials

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and the challenges of the dunya easy for us to bear. This is what the prophets of Allah while he was sending Mr MC to harmful and he shows you one of the greatest benefits of having the type of your pin the level of your pin that is not only your pin in the heart but your pin then in the actions European in the way that you behave and your dealings and your character, the certainty and the Promise of Allah subhana wa Tada that no matter what anyone throws your way, whatever challenge difficulty you see whether it's something to do with you personally, or there's something that affects people are large, there will be something which for you, you will know how to traverse that

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trial that challenge the difficulty because of your your kin in the loss of Hannah Montana and that is what the Prophet used to say so Allah What are you seeing him as mentioned the Hadith in the tin, Amelie, we're gonna Allah Whoa. And Tomoko inaudible Java, when you make dua, have you clean, that Allah azza wa jal will respond. That's your team. That level of European is so great that everything else becomes easier. And that is why as I began this quote, but today that verse in Surah, two room the final verse, Allah azza wa jal gave this instruction to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the Muslims were going through difficulty, the companions were facing one challenge, after

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another challenge, they would overcome one trial and another one would come. And that was the whole lifetime, in the lifetime of the prophets on Allah wherever he was, send him. So Allah Azza within instructed us be patient, knowing that the Promise of Allah azza wa jal is true. And the people who lacked that certainty, don't be discouraged by them. If you lack certainty, then you need to study more of the Quran, you will act certainty, you need to study more of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you need to learn more about your Tawheed and the names of Allah and its attributes you need to learn about a piano and what will happen on Yom Kippur Yama and in the

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hereafter. You need to learn and find acts of worship that will strengthen you your team, because when you have that level of European, it is from the greatest blessings and gifts that Allah azza wa jal can bestow upon any person that's Allah subhanaw taala that he grants us that level of your pin that Allah azza wa jal on this day, which is the blessed day of Friday. Allah subhanaw taala grants us Taqwa that will keep us safe from his punishment and obedience that will allow us to introduce Jana and your team uncertainty that will make easy for us to trials of the dunya whereas Allah azza wa jal that you bring brings relief to all of those who are oppressed in this world and that Allah

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azza wa jal protects them and their lives and their property and their wealth and we all ask Allah azza wa jal that he showers His mercy and forgiveness and blessings upon us, because from the greatest blessings of Allah azza wa jal is that you enjoy safety when other people don't. And that Allah azza wa jal blesses you with the level of comfort when other people are going through hardship.

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That is from the greatest blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. So we ask Allah azza wa jal that he allows us to praise Him and thank Him in the way that he deserves subhanaw taala for the many blessings that He is bestowed upon us, and that he relieves the suffering of those who are suffering. So Allah Azza wa keeps a steadfast upon this religion, that it gives us life upon Islam and death upon Eman and that Allah azza wa jal resurrects us in the highest levels of Genoa with the people of Jana Subhanallah because you'll see phone was around when Adam was sent in from the villa Europa