I want to do Dawah like Shaikh Ahmed Deedat. Which Verses of the Bible are Compulsory for a Daee

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The next question is, from Ruth one Bashir

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from Punjab, Pakistan. Sir, I want to get into missionary work like shake Mr. deedat to give power to the Christians of Pakistan. Please guide me How can I study the Bible? Which points are verses of the Bible a compulsory for a day to read and memorize whether Islam from Pakistan has asked a question that he wants to become like shake Emma dad, man like grant mercy to him, man like I'm sure those and he wants to do Dawa to the Christians of Pakistan. The best I would recommend to you is that you should read the booklets written by Mr. Dunn.

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And he has written about 15 to 20 booklets that have been compiled into volumes, the choice Volume One and choice Volume Two all put together there are approximately 15 to 20 booklets. So if you read these booklets, if you memorize them, it will be very helpful for you to go to the questions. There are various video cassettes available of MIT that you can go on the internet, you can go on the YouTube you will find them available, officially released by them somewhere close to 80 to 90 videos. You can watch them you can memorize them, it will be really helpful for you.

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Besides shaders, books and video cassettes, you can even go on my website, Zack and nine.com which has a separate section called as international our training program.

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When you go to the international our training program, there is a section only on Christianity.

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If you open that section and read, you will find the common question asked by Christians regarding Islam

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10 common questions how the Christians tried to prove the divinity of Jesus caffeine be upon him and so on and so forth. The various questions and answers are given regarding which was of the Bible should you memorize for doing Dawa with the Christian, the separate section in which is mentioned verses of the Bible.

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And we have given first, maybe 1520 verses of the Bible then the next 1520 verse of the Bible may be a couple of 100 verses. If you memorize the few 100 verses from the Bible, you will also be able to debate the Pope.

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Then we have given maybe 25 verse of the Quran to memorize the next 25 the next 25 maybe a couple of 100 verses of the Quran. If you know this couple of 100 verses of the Quran and memorize a couple of 100 verses of the Bible, inshallah you can even debate with the Pope.

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And if you read the complete section on Christianity, and memorize it, and you can even see my video cassettes one of the good video cassettes is similarities between Islam and Christianity. There's also a debate of mine with Dr. William Campbell. The Quran in the Bible in the light of science, a debate of mine with Pastor rockin Dean on walls Christ really crucified peace be upon him. So if you see these videos and see these debates inshallah that will be very helpful for you to do Dawa with the Christian of Pakistan.