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Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of ethics and values in Western societies, including the use of sharia and negative comments. They explore the sources of moral code and the social norm of "has" and "has not" labeling people as "has." They emphasize the need for a deeper conversation to determine if one is truly self-constrained and evil. They also discuss the importance of avoiding negative comments and negative comments being "helpful" in relation to "helpful" in relation to "helpful" in relation to negative comments.
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We're doing the streaming he's still finishing his Salah so he's gonna go out because there's a lot of people that watch it online so if you want to pray your sadness feel free go ahead pray your sadness give us a

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few minutes and then we'll start inshallah.

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Hola Hola?

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Hello hola

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All right Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are Beshara li surgery or Siddeley Emery one of the time Melissa Annie Africa who boldly Robina Zina alemannia Karim.

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Today's discussion in sha Allah is going to be on

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the role of ethics and o'clock in the life, in our lives and in our civilizations. So what's the important why do we what, why talk about this in the first place? Does it have anything to do with our lives? Does it have anything to do with our civilizations? The summary of what you're going to find in the western

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societies and Western academia and if you're going to summarize the psychology and have a clock and how they evaluate ethics and morals, it is to false there is a group or there's a school of thought madrasa, if you want to call it a school of thought within the western societies. They say that there is absolutely the o'clock ethics and morals have no role whatsoever ever. In the development of our society societies, it only benefits the person personally.

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So when a person is good, and he is moral than he is civilized, and he has ethics, the benefit of it returns to Him, it doesn't affect the society.

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The society has to be governed by laws and principles. It has nothing to do with the goodness of people.

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The goodness goes back on to you. The second group of people

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and these are the more theist, people who have faith based academia. So they're a theist. They have some form of theology behind it. These theists and these theological schools, they are of the opinion that I take that back no theological schools are the people who have a * to some form of a theology. They are of the opinion that a class only benefits a person in their it benefits them in their era and it has been

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no benefit in dunya.

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I mean, these are real stuff, if you're going to pick up academic academic papers on that they're like, yeah, it is going to benefit you in the hereafter it has no benefit for you in this world, okay? Both are extremely wrong.

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There are two elements, o'clock is either going to benefit you in this dunya, or in your akhira, or it is going to benefit you individually or the society as a Muslim, our theology and our theological existence of this concept is that it is beneficial for the person, it is beneficial for the society, it is beneficial for you in this dunya it is beneficial for you in akhira. And we believe in all four.

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And that's a very important understanding. Why is that?

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The fact either of o'clock, the benefit of ethics and morals and character, the primary benefit is what we say, Oh, look at the Western world, Mashallah. They're so civilized.

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They have so much peace, they're so happy, Finland is the happiest country of the world.

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Okay, we will we say that, right. So, when there is some form of ethics and morals, within a society, ultimately the society is going to be a happy society, it is going to be

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a society that is filled with, with with joy, fruition, prosperity, all those things are going to prosper. Where there is no luck, no team, no values, then that place is going to be literally Zhang Allah. And when we say the word Zhang, Allah, in the absence of a cloud, you're going to have widespread rampant pride, arrogance, people are gonna hold on to grudges. I mean, we live in a time, which is so so scary, we live in a time where people, they will meet you with a very happy face, but then they'll have a completely different face at the end of the day for you.

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Right, so we're living in times where these just jungle law is prevalent. And for some odd reason, if there is no clock in that society, that group of people that congregation, then the absence of that is going to lead us to literally live like animals shall rasa, the herbs, so you know, it's like Barbary, we're barbarians will * this, break this to whatever might is right.

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We're going to do whatever is right, I find him I have power, I'll do whatever I want. Okay.

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So the question then arises?

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And this is the question that, that differentiates Muslim societies with the Western society?

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What is the source of ethics?

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Why are people obeying certain rules and laws and morals in the western society? What is the source of it.

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And the source of that morality or moral code can come from to two angles, it can either come from someone who is outside the construct of this universe.

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I'll give you a more relevant example.

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Most of us have jobs, right? The policies that determine how you're going to live your day to day in your job in your company, whether you work in Apple, or whether you're working in Microsoft, or Siemens or wherever, how you're going to conduct yourself within that company,

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who has written the policy and code for it.

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It's the Board of Directors, the board of directors have absolutely no executive power whatsoever in terms of physically interfering with your day to day life.

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They set the policies and rules, but they cannot get involved in an execution manner. They can't come and start questioning what you're doing, what are you doing what you're doing, they have no execution authority. Similarly, this universe, Allah subhanaw taala is the sustainer and the creator of this universe. And it's a logical argument, I don't have time to go into this, that you cannot have laws of how we're going to conduct with one another written by the people who are part of that process.

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So the Kohanim these ethics and moralities can be written from within the human construct, which are the morals and ethics of the Western societies, or they can be written by Sharia or canon law, which is completely outside and it has no involvement of the human beings in between.

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So it could be from Sharia, we're not talking about Islam, we're talking about shredding. So it could be divine could be something from outside they call it canon law, okay. Or it could be something that is law based, which is within the societies when

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Ever you have law based ethics and morals. They only survive until the law survives. And I gave an example about this last week, when you lose electricity, what happens in downtown? Everybody grows by a break. Because there's no laws, there's no way to capture me. How are you going to capture? There's no cameras? Nothing, you know, there is no So internally, people don't have a regulator to regulate their sin, their o'clock, how they deal with you and how they deal with you. They don't have that internally. So what happens? All * breaks loose. And we see this time and again, in the western societies,

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something explodes and the grid goes down, bam, society, lawlessness becomes all over in the entire societies get filled with that.

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Why is that? And by the way, to represent that

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maybe somebody can remind me, there was a

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I haven't seen it, but I read an article about it, there was a movie about it, where they, they allow you to break all the laws in one day. What is it called?

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purge, purge, purge, right. They talk about this phenomenon that these are civilized societies. And one day they're like, do whatever you want this day.

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So they literally break all they subside the laws, right? And they're talked about this phenomena. They said that literally we're living in societies the article that I was wrong, it was referencing the movie, it said that we're living in times where law breaks Bismillah Mashallah.

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On the other hand, when you have Muslim countries, till this day will Allah He till this day, I left my iPad

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and my backpack in

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a taxi in Medina.

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And I got off it was 12 o'clock, one o'clock at night or something, you know, I was coming from some somewhere and I got late, and it was 1pm or 1am at night.

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This person, he stayed in the lobby, waiting for me to the Fajr

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he waited, he was sending salata Nabi SallAllahu sallam, he was eating his way he stayed there, didn't move his car and he said, If this guy left, went in the hotel from this door, he is going to come out this door for Salah. And when he comes out I will be waiting for him.

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Right because when we enter that lobby, it's like 10 hotels, which hotel you went to he has no idea which hotel but he knew that I would came from here so I'm going to exit from here. And I'd fajr

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I prayed Fajr and he came and he said this was yours.

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This is when the that o'clock and now via its source is from shedding your self regulating that law. That o'clock is self regulated. Because it is driven by the fear of Allah subhanaw taala it is not driven by the fear of Dinda whereas my uncle Danda right there at the back. Where is this done? Knights missing? You have your done that today? Okay, yeah, the the fear of Dunda is good sometimes. Right? But at the end of the day, it's self regulation. And that's why I tell parents

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do not force your kids.

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You should command your kids Shetty, I tells you to command your kids

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tell them but when they become valuable

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when they become valuable.

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Your time for telling them for praying Salah what more or halacha masala, tell them for Salah. You're not required to go and check whether they're praying or not.

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Because they have become responsible.

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Your requirement and my requirement is that we focus on how we can create that self regulation in the child.

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So when you're online, and when you're long gone, and when you're not here, they still pray.

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Because they're not praying for you. They still wear hijab because they're not wearing for you.

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I met someone from within the masjid I was invited at a place and then this was two weeks ago, two or three weeks ago, and I met them over there and I was a bit surprised. So because I know that that family when they come here, they wear hijab in the masjid. But they were not wearing hijab when I met them somewhere. And we're out at barbecue or in some place. So this was two and a half or three weeks ago. So I was I just wanted to strike a conversation and I was like, you know one of the girls that was there and then the brother and we're striking is like so that's very interesting. When you come to the masjid you were I wear it for the Masjid. I said you should never wear it for the

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Masjid. Hijab is not for the Masjid. Hijab is for Allah.

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Job is for Allah Subhana Allah.

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You can wear it for the ROM of the masjid but you won't get the Agile for it. Because the hokum the law

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Ah the canon law is never in any shooting ebook. In any mud hub it is written that you must when you enter the masjid, you must wear hijab.

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Find me one book and I'll change. Find me one Hadith I'll change.

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No, you had no serrania You had Christian woman that would enter Masjid the * and meet Rasulillah Salam, he would never tell them putting on hijab.

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That's not the case we have it. Because why our understanding of deen is is completely off. I saw some posts, some of the brothers posted about like some basic clothes on the WhatsApp. You saw that? Right? They had the faces covered. What's really interesting because if you know,

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you will quickly realize that there is no axilla for a woman's feet to be covered.

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Like all format hubs, including the selfie madhhab, they are unanimous that a woman's feet have to be covered cannot be exposed.

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On the face, there is a graph between the Sahaba whether a woman's face is out or not.

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what needed to be covered where the hair not the face. But Subhan Allah, our understanding of the deen is not at the right place. Coming back to the clock, the way Sharia operates is that it focuses on building a more Gitana the society, the individual, the families from being regulated by outside law and outside pressures, self regulated individuals.

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May Allah grant us that that you know I don't need anybody.

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Because when you have a clock, then when you're alone in the jungle, you still have a clock.

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Right? You still have a flock. That's why one of my chefs used to say that go out and stay for a couple of days, three, four days in the jungle and see what you do as a routine.

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Outside the influence of the people.

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And he would go out sometimes three days into the in the desert.

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And then he would check himself where am I with my o'clock?

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How much issue do I have in my salon? How much thicker do I do after myself? All of these things are barometers of Am I a product of the society and environment or am I truly self regulated from within? And it's a deeper conversation today will we only have time to go into one if

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Allah subhanaw taala says while at the stuffy while our tester will have to well say here that good and evil are not equal.

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Good is absolutely clear, unambiguous, there is no like nobody can come and say oh no, this is like possibly have good. It's either good or it's bad. Allah is that good and evil cannot be equated equally.

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And then Allah says it defy Bill Letty, he doesn't push away and Repel evil with that, which is better.

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This is we have to pause over here because lots of things happening over here. Number one, as a self regulated Muslim individual of a clock, when you hear that someone has done something wrong against You, either in front of you, or behind your back,

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we check ourselves what's my net automatic reaction?

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What's my automatic reaction?

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Right? Somebody messaged me the other day and said, Oh, by the way, we were having a meeting. And there's a person in that meeting, who was you know, you know, who had the phone call on because there was somebody else that also wants to listen into the conversation of this meeting. You should be careful.

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I'm like, its viability here. Awesome. Right. The next time we had the meeting, I said Salam Alikum for those that are not listening to this, that are listening to this conversation, right? We have nothing to hide, right? It's just so interesting. If we turn every person's evil action as a society, and I react to it with another evil, then that is a wrong society and wrong culture that we're trying to develop.

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When I know for a fact that one individual or two individual or this person is excessively spewing hate against somebody.

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Then your job as a Muslim is you come and you kill him with goodness.

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You give him so much goodness, that he's feels ashamed for his bad deeds.

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And he has no choice left but to give up, but rather if we attack and we cause more fit now. There's no benefit to that. So Allah is like it's a bit naughty here has an Allah didn't say here. It's fabulous. He has an

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He has an repel that which is good Allah is like Repel evil with that which is the best

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son. There is good you can be Silent Assassin is you treat that individual so much goodness

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that your left amazed that person's left me he's like you know I'm spewing all this hate against you and why are you so good to me?

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A person came to Aisha Radi Allahu anha in the house with rasool Allah was there and a person came to provinces alone while Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu she was in the house.

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So Rasulullah Selim turned to Aisha Radi Allahu Allah and said

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yah Asha, he is the worst man of his tribe.

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Be careful.

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Then he opens the door and he treats that person even better than Abu Bakr

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I shall have the allowance of fully confused. She comes. He said the Rasul Allah. Kabul might have to * bab. You said before you open the door you said to be as the worst person and now what I do you treat him you're treating him better than my dad.

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Why are you doing that?

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And then he turns to Aisha Radi Allahu Ana, and he says that it bility here.

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If I treat him with what he is, then what's the difference in me?

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Right, there's no difference I have to treat and as as a community as a masjid. Right. I know that there are factions. I'm not dumb. I know that there is some people that don't like this, some people don't like this. Some people we understand that. But if you hear any negativity, kill that negativity with positivity, that's how we will make this much better.

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Somebody comes back this is something happened. Somebody said this. Oh, really. Let's go and talk and kill that person with so much positivity. That negativity has no room left in this place. And anybody who was negative will have two choices ideal they will conform to the positivity or they will leave.

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And that's how we do that. It's our ability here is and then Allah says, What's the net consequence for either lazy by Nick our Boehner who are at our tune? Why when do you have to be so kind and amazing with that other person? When that person that's one individual if you happen to know that there is between you and him i thou a clear animosity?

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Allah is like either under the vena cava Anna Harada Wotton Khurana, who were li Yun Amin, because of this positivity, Allah is like that person he becomes your devoted friend.

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You killed him with so much you give him so much positivity that he had no choice left to become your devoted wali Yun heavin. A warm, devoted friend of yours who will fight for you

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is a beautiful Hadith and Jabara the Allahu Akbar Al Nasser that had an idea this idea was revealed who they love for choose the path of forgiveness. What motivates Earth and command and tell people to do good deeds were added I ninja healing if somebody is being ignorant, just excuse them. Don't talk to them don't like it just stay away from them or do the second article she got low just stay away from them. Ah didn't know.

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Either Nabi SallAllahu Sallam profiterez LM was pretty intrigued with this idea. This is the this is one of the few AHA DCEs where prophets Allah Salam asks Gibreel to explain the ayah to me. So he says yeah, Gibreel Mata we do have the hill ayah What do you mean? Like what's the meaning of the sire?

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Who's asking? Prophet Salah Salem is asking who Jublia SLM that like how do we implement this? What's the wheel of this Iron Mountain? We do have the hill iron.

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So Gibreel Ali salaam, he says.

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Hector as El facade, you realize that I'm going to Allah subhanaw taala so man as he comes back Bacala Mohammed he comes in he says, Oh Mohamed Salah Salem in the Lucha yet model. Allah is commanding you in this ayah and thus for her I'm a man of honor MK to absolutely free your heart and cleanse your heart for for that person who has transgressed you blatantly. I'm mandala muck. What all the man hieromonk and to give

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the one who deprived you when we have to invite somebody for a food. We know we do that hisab we're like, you know, to doubt in this house went out in this this guy has invited me It's okay.

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Skip him. Let's come to these focus right, though the man had Almac to give to the one you start with that one. Start with the one who didn't invite you throughout the human hammock.

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What does little man come back? If somebody is trying to run away from you in relationships, you seek them out and you do try to connect with them. Or hey, where are you going? Come on. Why are you not talking?

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Does Silman?

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We're just in Mankato, UK, for Colin Nabi. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, prophets of salaam then turn to the sahaba. And he said, I don't know Comala Ashrafi allotted dunya will.

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Obviously Sam said do you want to know what is the assured of the most Nobelist o'clock of dunya and akhira? I mean, not in the window here. This is the most Nobelist o'clock in even Akira

00:25:54 --> 00:26:06

dunya and akhira what's the novelist? Allah wa Medaka rasool Allah they said, Yeah, well tell us what is it? Yes, well Allah, on die for I'm mandala MK, forgive

00:26:07 --> 00:26:31

and forgive and completely clean your heart from the one who has transgressed you are totally human how Rama can give to the one who deprives you worthless illumine Kappa and connect with the one who connects with you. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he embarked This is just one idea of the nine ideas that I have just collected.

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The talk about how a flock

00:26:35 --> 00:27:23

throughout the Quran impacts our society. There's just one example of it if this entire Masjid if we have this one character embodied it variability here as any negativity we will kill it with positivity. Any negative comment we will kill it with positive comment. That way, you will have no room for negativity in our conversations May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that Oh 50 Practice Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim dust even Cassia rock era Allahumma attina force and Taqwa was a key her and the high Romans aka untidily, who are Mola higher, but I mean, Allah has in Tibetan, Allah who is in RT but an IRA but I mean Allahumma Asif

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Allah akana Allahumma escena Allah, Allah have mercy and a flock and Abby have left in Quran, Allah who has a Yuna Philip and IVF local Quran, Allah Who myjalah Flock Anna Missler a flock in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Wadena Illa sabula Salaam Yara Bella Alameen wa sallahu wa Tada Haley Hughley here Muhammad Ali, he was like me you're sending him

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exactly like medical morphic for the sisters that are upstairs for the meeting. If you can come down to the masala for the meeting barnacle afek

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