Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2023 Boost #06 – Accidental eating in Ramadan

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during a busy month of Easter, as it can lead to mistakes and regretted actions. They also mention the importance of fasting for health and productivity, and how it can lead to regretted actions. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to fast and avoid becoming infected.
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So in Milan, you have a choice. You can choose to read the color like every Ramadan, but as soon as it comes, the Quran is abandoned, or you can get

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and join the challenge to create a habit at the same time

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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters the month of Mercy something amazing about it is that Allah Almighty is not only merciful with regards to forgiveness and your supplications and the fasting being so awesome and the prayers and so on, but rather his mercy extends to the mistakes that you and I may make. While we are going through the paces in the month of Ramadan. For example, mon NESEA Wahoo Asad Eman Akela O'Shea Reba falutin musoma Who for in nama Adama hula who was a Congo. The Prophet peace be upon him speaks about a person who is eaten during the Ramadan during daytime out of forgetfulness. You live on your own or even if you don't, at some point, you forgot that you were

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fasting, you put water to your mouth, you drank a sip, you had a bit of food, you might have sat and had a whole meal, and then you realize, hey, Emma, I'm supposed to be fasting. It happens, it has happened. It will always happen. These are mistakes. Listen to the wording of the Mercy of Allah, this month of mercy. And this is the beauty of the fast and the forgiveness of Allah. So you know, those sometimes with OCD, obviously, it's a problem. May Allah grant cure to all of us. But sometimes some of these narrations are so helpful that they bring a smile to the face. Listen to what the Prophet sallallaahu Salam says, Min NESEA whoever forgets well who saw him while he he or

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she is fasting, right? Wherever forgets while they're fasting. For Aquila O'Shea. So they ate the person he ate or he drank, referring to she or a group or whoever else it may be a group meaning sometimes they could be a chance that chances are diminished minute there's more than one person. There are smaller but there's a possibility. So if the person eats or drinks for Achalasia, falutin musoma, who they should complete the fast, they should not consider it broken. They should not consider it null and void. Because listen to what the end says. Amazing. Amazing. Obviously, it's forgetfulness, you forgot completely slip of the mind.

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You ate your drink, be it a little or a lot of full meal or just a sip.

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The hadith says for innama, a Bahama hula who was a car because indeed, Allah is the One who fed him or quench his thirst. Allah was the one who decided I want to provide this person with some sustenance, I'm going to make them forget in the going to have meals and then they're going to remember once they're done that a I was fasting.

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Now Subhan Allah, that's the Mercy of Allah, they cannot be something greater than the Mercy of Allah. Allah He it is something worth pondering over. That's why I always say any act of worship as men, we are taught to do our best but human error will happen you will make mistakes I will make mistakes those little blunders have always forgiven an excused by Allah, you've made will do and you did it to the best of your ability move on don't start thinking did did this washed, if that washed it because sometimes it can become a sickness. You can become obsessed with that. You know what you did your best move on a little bit here and there is always forgiven by Allah subhanho wa taala. If

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it is out of human nature, as a human being, I cannot know certain things because I don't have eyes behind my head. And sometimes my memory might fail me. A few other things might happen to me as a human being I might think something is done and it's not really actually done. You know what Allah Almighty knows best? That's what it is. So there are things like this where Allah has just let it be and said, You know what, don't worry.

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You are fasting. You are not supposed to eat from morning to evening. You ate you had a full meal. You You didn't remember you forgot about it. We still will consider that entire fast valid

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Subhanallah look at the prayer. You're supposed to wash yourself with water when you want to cleanse. If there is no water you're allowed to use dust, dust imagine in order to arrive at a level of purity

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squatty mo I can use the dirt and the dust on certain surfaces, right? In order to cleanse myself and I know for a fact that I'm not clean with water. In fact, I know. You know what, that teaches us a lot. It's the Mercy of Allah. Another point of the Mercy of Allah like you said in the past, you're unwell. You're allowed to, you're allowed to fast on another day. And don't even feel bad about it. It's a discount from Allah. You are unwell. You can fast on another day. You have the choice if you are able to fast it fast. If you feel I'm able, but it's going to bother me affect my fast fix my health sorry, because I am unwell. So marry this one as long as you're unwell. You can

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foster another day. When you're traveling. The same rule applies. You can fast on another day. It's fine even if you've missed a few fasts, you know Subhan Allah Hara Bella Alameen thank Allah for His mercy, beautiful month of Ramadan. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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