Why do we need a Religion?

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Insha Allah will now go to the mic on the left hand side for the brothers. Go ahead with your question, brother

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Assalamualaikum My name is Rajesh and I'm from it profession. My question is why our religion for a piece? why our religion? Yeah. Why do we need a religion? Like Islam? you're preaching Islam brothers a very good question that why do you need a religion like Islam or any other religion? Rather, if you understand what is the meaning of religion, religion, according to also dictionary means a belief in a superhuman controlling power, a personal God, or gods that deserve worship.

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In Islam, the Arabic word used is Dean, Dean, and Islam means a way of life. So you asked me the question that why do you require a way of life?

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And why do you require to understand, as Oxford Dictionary says, religion means believing in God? So why do you have to understand God? The reason is that brother,

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normally when you get a machine, if you get a machine, maybe a complicated machine,

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along with the instruction manual, I'm asking the question, why do you require the instruction manual?

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My brother to understand to understand because you don't know the machine. If you allow me to call the human being the machine,

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you'd have to agree it is the most complicated machine on the face of the earth. So don't you think this requires an instruction manual?

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The last and final instruction manual for the human being.

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It is a Glorious Quran.

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Like how you have

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the instruction manual written by the producer of the equipment, or the manufacturer or the inventor, our manufacturer, our producer, our creators, Almighty God, so he knows what is best for the human being. So based on this, Almighty God has given the rules and regulations. For example, when you buy a DVD player, it tells you if you want to play the DVD, insert the DVD, press the play button. If you want to fast forward press the F button. If you want to skip press the skip button if you want to stop press the stop button. Don't drop it from behind it will get damaged. Don't immersive notate will get spoiled. Then the instruction manual. Similarly Allah subhana wa Taala in

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the last and final instruction married the Glorious Quran has written the do's and don'ts for the human being. And Almighty God has only sent one religion. Allah says clearly in the Quran in surah, Al in branch chapter three verse 19. in Medina in the loyal Islam, the only religion acceptable in the fight of Almighty God is Islam. But by the passage of time, whenever Almighty God sent an instruction manual, the manual in passage of time it changed.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala knew that the human being may not be able to grasp the complete message of the Quran as is mentioned the Bible in the Gospel of john chapter 16, verse number 12, to 14 Jesus Guys, please be a part of many things referred to you, but you cannot bear them now. For him in the spirit of futurecom, he shall guide don't also Allah Subhana Allah knows that 1400 years ago, at this time, now the human beings can grasp the last and final message. So Islam came in its complete form 1400 years ago, and the last and final revelation is the Quran. All the previous revelations, the basic method was the same, believing in one God worshipping the true God who does

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not have any image doesn't have any idol. You have to prostate, the basic method was the same. But because

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there will be changes in the scriptures Almighty God revealed the last and final Revelation the Quran. And Allah says in the Quran in surah, Chapter 15 verse number nine, that I have revealed the Quran and I will get from corruption. Now because this is the last in final revelation, Allah takes it upon himself, that he will guard it from any corruption so that there is in today, all the human beings in the world should follow the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And last and final message the Glorious Quran, all the scripture that came before Finn, they were time bound, they were meant only for a particular group of people. They were not meant for the whole

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of humanity. And the message was supposed to be followed, till the new message came.

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Allah didn't require to preserve that message.

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When the last and final revelation was revealed, and since no other revelation is going to come, Allah takes it upon himself to preserve it. And it's not only meant for the Muslims or the Arabs, it's meant for the whole of humanity irrespective

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They're staying in Dubai, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, America, UK, Canada. All the human being in the world should follow the last and final revelation. And the last and final messenger prophet moments will be a fun