Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 209B Tafsir Al-Rum 33-38

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of "fit minor" is discussed, including how it can be used to remove a difficulty and the insincere and unsincere actions of the Prophet's son. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the consequences of negative actions and finding Allah's face in every deed. They also discuss the importance of giving charity and personal fulfillment, as well as finding Allah's face in every deed.
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I am number 33 What either and when Messiah it touched a NASA the people run adversity harm thou they call upon the home their Lord Mooney Bina Ed ones turning in repentance to him so much then either when other go home he makes them taste, Minho farm himself Ramadan a mercy either then furry con a group men home from them be rock be him with their Lord, you Shree Kuhn the associate partners over here

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we are being taught that many people, they live their lives blinded by Shrek. But then what happens? calamities difficulties problems in life, they purify the fitrah they lift the veils that have covered the fitrah of people. So what happens when a person who is in difficulty, he turns to who he turns to Allah, while just the day before he wasn't even thinking about Allah, why? Because everything was good, right? But then now when he's in difficulty, and he realizes that nothing is helping him, then the fitrah wakes up, the Fifth Brother was covered, what happens to it, it is exposed it comes to surface and as it comes to surface, it makes the person repent to Allah turn

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back to Allah seek Allah's aid.

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Alright, so over here again, this is a proof that people have been created upon fitrah What is the proof that in difficulty people turn to God?

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And especially people don't just turn to God, any deity they turn to who? Which God?

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The One who created them, the one who owns everything, isn't it? So what either Messiah NASA Bull Run, when we're touches people, though adversity, any kind of damage, detriment, deprivation, distress, any kind of difficulty when it touches people. What is their reaction, the hour of boom, they call upon their Lord, how asking Him for help, not just that they call upon him money Bina la he, when he been once turning in repentance, he lay to him, meaning they start doing Toba. They start remembering their sins. Right? When they're in difficulty, they start saying I'm sorry, Allah. Oh my Lord, forgive me. Right? They don't just ask Allah for help. They ask Allah for forgiveness.

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Why are they asking for forgiveness? Because they know they've been doing a lot of wrong things towards Allah Subhan Allah they have been disobeying Allah. So when he been to LA he, and many times they turn to Allah, involuntarily even meaning they don't consciously think yes, I should do Toba to Allah. No, it just comes out of their mouths. I'm so sorry. It comes out of their mouths, or stuff it Allah comes out of their mouths, oh my god. Why? Why do these words come out? Because it's in the fifth ah, turn back to your Lord.

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So over here, what we are being taught is that in good times, we rarely turn back to Allah. But in bad times, in our times, yes, we turn back to Allah. But then what happens the sincere is distinguished from the insincere one. The sincere person, what will he do? He will remain firm on his Toba. Right and the insincere one, what's going to happen to him? That some may either allow Kehoe Minho Ramadan, when Allah will make them taste a mercy from himself. Notice over here, men who, and right over here the Mercy refers to relief, that both that difficulty being removed, right? And it comes from home that relief comes from who Allah alone. Really, that help comes from who

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Allah alone and a person realizes that, that it is only Allah who saved me. It is only Allah who took me out of that hardship, who took me out of that difficulty. But what happens either for the coming home a group of people below him usually call with their Lord, they associate partners. What kind of ship do they do? The Chinook is referring to the minor ship which is thanking someone else instead of Allah subhanaw taala attributing the blessing to someone other than

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Allah, the giver of Rama was who Allah alone men who it came from him alone, but they thankful they thank someone else.

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Like in a hadith we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one morning, it had rained the night before and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Do you know what your Lord has said? And they said, Allah and His Messenger know best. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah has said that in the morning, some of my servants remained as true believers, and some became otherwise being their belief is corrupted. He who said that it rained with the blessing and mercy of Allah is the One who believes in Allah. And he who said that it rained because of such and such star, then he's a disbeliever and Allah and a believer in the star.

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There's a hadith inbody. So what we learned from this hadith is that when we receive a blessing and a blessing could be in two ways. One is that we receive a favor and the other is that a difficulty is removed. At that time, what is it that we say? What are our words, who do we ascribe it to? Who do we ascribe it to Allah that Allah is the One who gave it to us? Or do we forget Allah and we remember everything and everyone else.

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This is ingratitude. Right? And it's a form of schicke.

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So over here, the reality of people is mentioned, Lea cfuw. So that they deny meaning as a result, what are people doing? They are doing Cowfish laic for through lamb over here is off dark Eve of October, meaning of consequence, as a result of this, what are they doing? They are denying Bhima attina home of that which we gave them, Allah gave them that relief, Allah took that difficulty away, Allah bless them with the child or with health or with success in their exams, right, or with the driver's license or whatever it was, and what happens. They deny it, they show in gratitude for it, how they will thank everybody except for Allah subhanaw taala they will give credit to

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themselves but they will not give credit to Allah subhanaw taala Leah for aubema, Tina home, they are denying what we have given them Fatoumata rule, so it's a threat over here, enjoy ourselves, meaning Go ahead, enjoy yourself for some time for some fatahna Moon soon you will know meaning you will know the consequence of this ingratitude, you will know the consequence of this ingratitude in this world and also in the hereafter.

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The thing is that ease and difficulty, all right, blessings, and being deprived of blessings, right? Adversity, or, you know, having blessings or being free of adversity, both our tests.

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Right? We think that somebody is only at the time of suffering, it is only at the time of adversity. But southern is also required on receiving a blessing.

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Right, that when we receive a blessing, we need to do something over there also. And what is that sub of that we have to remember who that blessing came from? And we have to thank him and we have to remember him. It doesn't mean that we don't acknowledge the means, of course we acknowledge the means but in the acknowledgement of the means don't forget the actual giver.

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Right? So you know, in a hadith we learned that about the believer, right? That a believer is you know, his affairs are all good, wonderful, amazing. Why? Because whenever something good happens, he is grateful and that is good for him. And when something bad happens he is patient and that is good for him. One of the son of he said that Bulleen abit burgeois E for Savarna we were tested with adversity and we were very patient. What was the patient's over there? We turned to Allah we did this the fall we accepted it. All right. And then bully now Bissell ra e FF alumnus rubbish. We were tested with good times but we weren't patient over there. What was the impatience in good times not

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turning to Allah subhanaw taala Allah says um or and Zelina We have sent down or lay him on them. So Timon and authority meeting on what basis? Are they forgetting us are the associating partners with us? Do they have some proof for that? Do they have some some fun and authority and evidence for that? And that so Tom fall so it Yetta Colombo, it speaks Bheema of that which can oh they were be with him you should be Kuhn, they associate.

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Meaning have We given them some authority for shink? So that authority, it tells them to associate such

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In such with Allah yet the kala Morbi doesn't mean literally it speaks, but that it instructs them It tells them, you know, like you said, this book speaks about me not literally speaking about truth It discusses you it talks about you. Right. So the message of this ayah is that Allah subhanaw taala has not revealed any proof, any evidence for Schick, there is nothing in this universe that tells people to associate partners with Allah tells in the sense that it tells them that that that that is the right thing to do. Yes, there are many liars out there. Right, but there is no Soufan what is built on proof authority evidence, has nothing like that telling people to associate partners with

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Allah. What either and when either Kona we make to taste a NASA the people Ramadan, a mercy, fatty who will be her, they rejoice because of it. When we give people a mercy, what do they do? For extremely happy? Like, really think about it?

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You know, children, it's amazing. It's the best example. Right? That you show them. Any goodie, any treat, and you look at the happiness, the delight on their face. All right, all of a sudden, I love you. And you're the best. You're my friend. Right? My best friend, isn't it? You see children of all ages doing this? The moment they received some favor from you. Instantly, you become their best buddy. Right? Funny who behind but there are many adults who are also like this, that as long as they're receiving goodies from Allah, they're happy. For very happy, they think they're very lucky. And over here father is referring to, you know, this exaltation of arrogance, that being happy with

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pride. Like the Oh yeah, I'm the best and the best I have this hence, I'm the best funny who be overly joyed. All right, what in and if to sleep at home, it reaches them say to an end evil, something harmful, something that they don't like something that upsets them.

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And it could be something as small as you know, you look at a wrapper and you think, okay, there's chocolate inside. And when you pick it up, you realize that it's empty. Right? So that upset you? What happened when you first looked at the wrapper, chocolate on the table, so happy. And as soon as you approach it, and you touch it and you realize it's empty. There goes your mood. You're so angry. Alright, so here on any side here, it reaches them and that's a oh, by the way, Allah says be my ultimate ID him it's because of what their own hands have sent forth, meaning it's because of their own sins.

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They brought it upon themselves, but what is their reaction when they're afflicted by something bad either homie Yuchen, attune either all of a sudden whom they Yeah, can attune they despair, from on top of all this to become disheartened to have no hope left, meaning they become so sad. It is as though they have never experienced anything good. They become so sad. It is as if they have nothing good left in life.

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This is how they react. Both are trials, right? How Santa is a trial. Rama is a trial. And Ceja is also a trial. Both are tests. But majority of mankind majority of people fail in these tests. Because typically, the reaction is overly joyous or overly saddened by what by material gain or by material loss. material gain, makes majority of people overly joyous, so happy, extremely happy.

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And material loss makes many people overly sad, overly upset, overly angry.

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I was listening to this machine the other day, in the machine there was mentioned that some keys went missing and it was like a global calamity. Right? Really, this is our state something small goes wrong. And it turns into a global tragedy in our house over something petty, really something small. It's not a big deal, but we turn it into such a big deal.

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So over the joiners are overly saddened by material gain by material loss. Why Why would a person react like that? Because all that matters to him is this dunya so if he gets it, he's happy if he loses it, he's angry. What does this show that what is really important to a person? What is it that he's truly pursuing? If he's really pursuing Allah's pleasure than he would be patient, he would be grateful right, but if a person is pursuing dunya that is his ultimate goal. Then of course, there will be a global tragedy because of not finding your

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He's on time, right? Because your favorite cup broke, because you found that chocolate bar wrapper empty. Right? It's going to make a person very, very upset.

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So this is the reaction of who people who don't have Allah subhanaw taala as their goal, people who have dunya as their goal. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam differentiated the believers, a believer is different. His case is good, no matter what happens, he is grateful in good times. He's patient in difficult times. And another thing we learned this ayah is that difficulties are because of what our own sins, hardships in life when things go wrong. Many times it's because of our own fault. Our own mistake, you know, for example, we could complain about the fact that people don't have respect for our time. Well, the fact is that we don't have respect for our time, which is why

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people don't have respect for our time.

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Right? So when people make you waste your time it's because they've seen you doing that they know that you don't value your own time so they're gonna make you waste your time also, so don't get upset with them get upset with yourself into the shooter I authority Allah says Wilma Asaba comin mostly button Febi Marcus, Id calm way our foreign cathedra whatever strikes you of disaster it is because of what your own hands have earned, and He pardons much. Allah says LLM Euro Have they not seen an Allah that it is indeed Allah? Yep super Visca Yep. Soto he extends a risk of the provision li Mei Usha for whomever he wills way uploaded. And he restricts Do they not see Do they not know?

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Have they not realized? That this is completely in Allah's hands? Allah is the One who gives and Allah is the One who restricts why are they getting so happy? Why are they getting so upset? Right? Why is it that all of a sudden their mood you know, they have such extreme mood swings from extremely happy to extremely down, extremely loving to extremely angry this up and down constantly What is it show that a person has not recognized as Lord, because if he had recognized his Lord, he would be patient and he would be grateful because he knows that nothing happens without Allah's permission. In Nephi, Valley color I at least call me you may know and indeed in that, Assuredly

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signs for people who believe so those who truly believe in Allah, they're able to remain patient and grateful even if things change. So Allah says it, so you give

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T again, this is a command and earlier we were given a command Hakim, you should establish your face, right? Turning towards who Allah OVER HERE AT T if you're turning to Allah, then you must give give to who then CORBA the possessor of nearness meaning the relative Volkova is who the relative so give to the relative what who is right. Who are relatives, by the way.

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Who are our relatives? Quarterback, Cobra is from Cobra nearness Corrib one who's close to you near to you because of what because of blood or marriage Okay, bla bla, so, who are our relatives, who start from parents, okay, then who? Siblings then who expand the circle? Right? Like for example grandparents, uncles, aunts, for people who are married you know their spouse and relatives through them children, right. So Atti del agua haka who give to the relative his right while miskeen and also to the needy, wilderness Seville and also to the traveler, give them their rights. When

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When, when should we give these people their rights?

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Whenever they have a write up on us,

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because depending on the relationship depending on the situation rights could be different, right? They could be different. So whatever their rights are, whatever they deserve from us, we have to give them when whenever they are deserving of it.

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Okay, meaning it doesn't depend on us our mood, our financial condition and our you know, the state of our heart our happiness or our sadness. No, it depends on if they deserve a right from us than we must give them. Okay. Because generally what do we do? When is it that we will smile at our parents when everything's good? Right when mom made the breakfast that you wanted,

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When is it that we smile at our children?

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Our daughters, when they'll do the dishes, when they'll tidy out?

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Alright, it's as if when others will do us a favor, then we say, yeah, now I'll give you your right. What does Allah teach us? Should it depend on circumstances? No, it shouldn't depend on circumstances. It should depend on the fact that someone is deserving of a right from you. So give them their right.

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This is the way of who those who are seeking Allah's face their legal Hiren that is better. Lila Dina, for those who you read on our holla they intend the face of Allah, their goal, their ultimate goal is to seek Allah's face because they have turned their face towards Allah. They're seeking Allah's face in return. What Hola eeka homomorphic li Hoon, and those are the ones who are successful.

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So what does this ayah teach us that rise above your circumstances, rise above the situations that you may be in rise above the good times and the bad times? Whatever is your duty towards the relatives, the needy, the traveler, give them their rights whenever they are due.

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And this person can only do if he has directed his face to Allah, if He is seeking Allah's face. You see, many people give charity, many times we give charity, but when giving charity, when being good to others, whether it is financially or otherwise, what should be our intention, what should be our ultimate goal, what do we learn in this ayah it should be to seek Allah's face. In a hadith we learn that the Prophet saw the laws and told Sardo the law on who that it is better for you to leave your inheritors wealthy, rather than to leave them poor, begging people for their sustenance. And whatever you spend for Allah sake, you will get reward for it. Even the morsel of food which you put

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in your wife's mouth, any thing you spend seeking Allah's face through it seeking Allah's pleasure through it, you will be rewarded for it, even the food that you bring to your family, right.

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Because sometimes we think that when we are fulfilling our obligations towards our family, we are wasting our time.

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Whether we're doing them a favor, or that we're wasting our money, we're not wasting our money, when you go grocery shopping,

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okay, and you buy food and you bring it home, it's not a waste of money, unless you are wasting that food, you're buying more than you need. Right? You're doing this off, that's a different story.

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Because this hadith teaches us that even your obligations when you're fulfilling your obligations, because for a man isn't obligatory to spend on his wife, to provide her with food, it's necessary for him, right. So for Ativan orba, who give the heck of the relative give the hook of the needy, fulfill your obligations, but seeking Whoo, seeking what seeking Allah, His pleasure, his approval, and then your spending will also be a reward for you. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the best sadaqa is the one given to the relative, who for some hidden enmity for you keeps away from you.

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Did you hear the Hadith?

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The best sadaqa is which one given to that relative who, for some hidden enmity keeps a distance from you. Meaning you don't know why they're upset with you why they don't talk to you why they're not cool with you. There's something wrong and they'll never say it. You have no idea.

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Right? Maybe they're jealous, maybe they're angry about something, a low on what the problem is. But they're being all awkward with you. They're avoiding you. They don't call you for months, they don't care about you. They're having these parties and events and they don't invite you, it's as if you're not even related to them. But when you will give them something that is the best for them. Why? Because you cannot give them

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you cannot give them unless you're giving for the sake of Allah.

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You understand? Because when we give anything to anybody, there's some expectation in return, right? A smile, you know, a word of gratitude, or maybe a gift in return. You understand something that we expect from them.

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But when you're giving to someone who avoids you, what do you expect from them in return?

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What do you expect from them? Nothing. You know, they're not even going to turn around and thank you. Right? They're not going to send you a thank you note they probably will not even a canal

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knowledge that you've given them something,

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but this is the best sadaqa because you're doing it for who for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you're doing it while you are fulfilling your obligation, your duty, why? Because Allah has given you that duty, Allah has put that obligation on you. And also think about we should be grateful that Allah subhanaw taala has made us the giving one. You see, there are two types of people, those who give and those who receive.

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Who are you? Who am I? Who do you want to be the giving one or the receiving one, the upper hand is better than the lower hand. In Hadees. We learned that did Edo the low iron who he said that we were sitting with the Prophet salallahu Salam when he looked at the full moon, the full moon and he said, you will see your Lord in the hereafter. As you see this moon having no difficulty in seeing it. You know, this is ultimate success.

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Our success depends on what attaining Allah's pleasure that Allah is happy with us. Allah is pleased with us and those whom Allah is pleased with Allah who will give them the privilege of seeing him of seeing his face, love that and nobody illogic right.

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This is the privilege that will be given to people whom Allah is pleased with module we omit even now Willa, Isla or be her now little into little piano higher 22 some faces that they will be radiant looking at their Lord.

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So how is it that a person can be given this privilege to see Allah's face when he will do good in this life seeking what seeking Allah's pleasure seeking Allah's face? And this is what we are being taught in this iron Valley go higher on Lilla Dena Uriona what Hola. That is better for those who are seeking Allah's face. Now which deeds can we perform? seeking Allah's face? Which deeds?

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seeking Allah's pleasure? Which deeds? Can we perform? Yes.

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Okay, good.

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Everything, every single deed should be performed, seeking whose pleasure, Allah's pleasure. You see, when you're doing anything? Do you have some picture in your mind some image in your mind? Something in your mind? Let me give you an example. You're writing your exam and you're doing it really nicely. Okay? You're so happy that you're answering every question properly. Hold space keeps showing up in your head, who they are teacher, either an angry face or a serious face or her smiling face. You know what I mean? Right? You're cleaning something at home and you're like, how mom's gonna come? She'll be so happy, right? My husband's gonna come He'll be so happy. You're thinking of

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those who will be pleased because of what you're doing. Right? But what do we learn here that whatever we are doing, our ultimate goal should be whose pleasure Allah's pleasure. Now, I'm not saying start imagining Allah's face no way. This is not what I'm telling you here, that when you're doing something, remind yourself leverage. Hilah leverage Hilah because when you do something, leverage Allah, then what happens when your mom comes in, she doesn't even notice that you cleaned. It doesn't make you angry.

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You understand? You write your exam, you do so well. You get like 29 on 30 and there is no star. There is no BarakAllahu freaking fear in Mickey or anything like that. Then you're not upset with your group in charge.

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You understand? You're cool with it. Why? Because you did what you did, seeking who?

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Exactly. It helps you reduce your expectations from people. And the thing is that when you reduce your expectations from people then you can keep working.

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Then you can rise above your circumstances and you can do what you have to do. Because Allah put that responsibility on you. All right. So every deed must be done for Allah the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Allah accepts only that deed which is purely for his pleasure, and the objective is to seek His face only. In another Hadith return the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, worship Allah as though you see him and if you don't see him, then he sees you. And another Hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said a dunya MeLuna Maroun mafia Illa Mabou Tullia B wudhu law. The dunya is cursed. Everything in it is cursed curse meaning it's attached with problems

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isn't it? Every

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thing has its problems, doesn't it?

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Tell me which thing in your life is problem free switch thing there's nothing you know even your fancy glasses. They have problems, isn't it? Your fancy car could have problems, food that you eat, you're enjoying it but then later on you have problems. Alright so Marina Murphy her. Everything in this world has problems except for what? Except for that which is done seeking Allah's face. That deed has some worth when it comes to Salah. In a hadith we learn indeed the Muslim servant performs prayer desiring by it only Allah's face and sins fall off from him, just as leaves fall off from a dry tree.

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Do you see trees these days? How are they empty, barren? Just like that. A Muslim becomes, you know, clean up sins. Why? Because he performed Salah seeking Allah's face when it comes to fasting also, we learn fasting for Allah's face in order to seek Allah's pleasure. The person who fast seeking Allah's face and complete set like that meaning completed on that intention, then he shall enter Ghana, when it comes to seeking knowledge also, for Allah's face in a hadith and Buddhahood mandala Lama Illman Nima EWB dollarbie. What Hola. seeking knowledge by which Allah's face is sought, meaning ultimately you want Allah to be happy, spending giving money, and total baccarat to 70 to

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one I don't feel gonna elaborate the law or what he learned. You don't spend except that you seek Allah's face. When it comes to the remembering Allah in total CalFire 28 The other owner of Bahang belladati Will our chi UD Dona, watch her who they remember ALLAH, morning and evening seeking Allah's face when it comes to sub patients over difficulty, that also for the sake of Allah Surah rod i A 22 Allah says well Lilina savara with the law or what he wrote became those who are patients seeking the face of their Lord when it comes to fulfilling obligations. What is mentioned in this if it they'll Cobra haka, who will miskeen webinars Seville

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when it comes to feeding others in total insan i&i Allah says in nama notary Macomb language

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learner Edom, income Jazza and wala Shu Cora, we feed you only for the face of Allah. We don't want any reward any gratitude from you, and in general, everything else for who for Allah, Intro to Lail i A 2011 de la wedge heel A B Hill are Allah

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but only seeking the face of his Lord the most Hi such deeds, they are blessed by Allah. They are rewarded by Allah.

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May Allah has panel data allow us to perform everything we do, seeking only His pleasure. His face and may Allah subhanaw taala honor us all with the privilege of seeing his face presentation or either Miss

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Mooney been Ely

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morning Tony Dina

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way up on the

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me you know go for it.

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me. Then he can

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