I Purchased a House on Home Loan which was Interest Based. How can I rectify it

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The next question said of tawheed from India, presently living in Sydney, she asks, few years back we made a huge mistake of buying a house on loan which we will have to pay for next year. My heart is changed and I am a different person now, as far as following Islam is concerned. But this was not the case when I took the home loan kindly advise What should I do now?

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the glorious for an insert of Baccarat chap number two was number 278 and 279 Yeah, a U haul lady in Armand de la her weather room bhakri Amina Reba in quantum need for inlanta phylo then will be harrowby mina la hora soli that all you who believe fear Allah and give up your demands on rebar if you are believers, for if you do not do so be prepared that Allah and His messenger will wage a war against you

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Riba it is a major sin. And according to Mr. mazahub, he writes in his book, a kebab, if that is the major sins, and he mentions Riba and he lists it as the major sin. This is the gravity of the sin of Riba. And the lowest category of Riba is as if you are doing sinner with your mother.

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This is how great and grievious this sin is, we need to abstain from it.

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Now, as you have asked the question that you have taken this home loan, now your life has changed, I would request you that you take a loan from an Islamic bank and repay this loan, the home loan that you've taken repaid first, and then slowly pay back to the Islamic bank should verify that the Islamic bank is on the guidelines of Sharia, and it does not have Reba then slowly you repeat to this Islamic bank. So this is the first thing that you can do.

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The second thing that you can do is and anyone who's taken a loan from a conventional bank, that involves an interest what he can do is that he can pay it formed as a cost money,

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if the person is poor, because one category is the debtors.

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So, this is the solution. And after this, you should ask for sincere repentance from Allah subhanaw taala. In fact moment you realize what you have done is wrong, you should ask sincere repentance from Allah subhana wa Taala.

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And you should make a resolution that you will not do it again. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Glorious Quran into the hood, Chapter 11 was 214 in AlHassan ad you the hibbeler see ad for good deeds, they take away evil deeds.

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The more good deeds you do, the more it will eradicate your evil deeds. Try to do as many good deeds as possible, it will eradicate your evil deeds.

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for repentance there are basically four criteria. The first is that you ask sincere repentance from Allah subhanaw taala. The second is you stop doing that act. The third is that if you can repay it, you repay it. For example, if you've robbed something, you return to that person. And the fourth category is that you make a strong resolution that you will not do it again.

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So if you are sincere repentance from Allah subhanaw taala involved in doing good deeds, righteous deeds, inshallah Allah subhanaw taala. He will forgive you