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The speakers discuss the importance of combining various names of supporters and allies to achieve their goals, as well as the use of "medicals" to symbolize their presence. They also touch on the transformation of humanity and the importance of breathing and being alive. The conversation shifts to the pandemic and its impact on people, with emphasis on the need for everyone to take time to rest and not become hysterical. The speakers also discuss the importance of time and the "has never been a home" concept, as well as the importance of giving rewards and joining a bundle.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah as either known Amina Muhammad wa ala and he was happy at 932 all my brothers and sisters Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We come to the next session to 13 session of reflecting on the 99 live reflecting on the nine Names of Allah azza wa jal. Now the names of Allah azza wa jal are more than these 99 I want you to know that, that more than these 99 are the names of Allah, these 99 Names of Allah they come in one particular Hadith intermediate, otherwise, I think the scholars have between the poor and and the sooner that recorded more than 200 names, over 200 names of allies have done so many different names Allah has, but because of the uniqueness of having these 99 names in one particular Hadith they've been mentioned. So you can call Allah as well with many other names outside of these Nigerian names

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that have been found in the Quran and Sunnah. And there are there are many for example, Yohanan, Yemen, the name of Hannon and manaan, meaning that the eyes come in various Hadith where Allah azza wa jal he, it means that he, he has Hana meaning that and he has man so so, so mundane Arabic means that he favors so one who actually favors his his servants, and the other one were allies, when his his affectionate towards his his service, very affectionate towards the servants, and he favors His servants. Now, these these these names also mean that a lot of jelly he turns to his servants before they turned to him and he turned to his servants after they turned to him, that is one of the

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meanings that they are they might have given. So besides these names, you can find many other names and we can call allows you as we can through these names. And don't forget, look, all these things that we've got are a means of our closeness to Allah. So whether it's a bad whether it's you know, worship, whether it's Vicar whether it's dry, or whether it's tilava whether it's reciting the Quran, whether it's giving Salah whether it's

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you know, just remembering Allah just sitting down with a grooming ally in Salah whether it's our different forms of ways of calling Allah different, you know, I had different draws from the Quran, the Robin advice from the Quran, whether it's the dogs that are from the props that Allah hurts him or simply as going through the night child names, all of these are many different ways of getting close to Allah. And they all should be combined that the beautiful thing is that if you can combine all of these things, so if you're using the Smart Lighting person or if you're if you're calling Allah for example, if somebody you know, is saying, Yeah, basketball Yeah, basketball, yeah,

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basketball, they want expansion. Okay. Oh yeah. So they want expansion or the one Allah to give them more wealth. Okay. Oh, yeah was apple. One good way of combining with this name is for you to add another couple of things to it and I'm going to give you this advice and this advice will help you a lot a lot inshallah. See the, what we find in many hobbies, even the poor and we find that

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a precedence to get too close getting too close to Alaska. So if you know before you get closer Los Angeles, one thing that is really important is the is is the far first a funeral

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for subdue LA, as the messenger said, that, you know, seek forgiveness from Allah and return back to him. Meaning that when we seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal, it removes the barriers and removes the blockage that we've got between our heart and Allah. That's fascinating. It removes that blockage inside the heart. So we want to not only say it's the farmer, the second thing I'm gonna say to you, is to send Salawat on the pumps or logarithm or some people call it the road, or Salawat, whichever one you want to call it, it's basically sending salutations on the proposal law horizon. So for us, why am I saying these two things? Why? Because it still far is the father of

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seeking forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal, it removes those blockages, like I said, Okay, so it paves the path like it's like, it's like cleaning the pathway ahead of you to get close to a lot of them. And what Salawat does see sending Salawat and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it has a special effect. What this does it look you're sensitive and the Prophet lofland and that's all about all that dude or those salutations. They're collected by the angels, according to a Hadith, and they're taking tourists with lots of Allaha Islam, and then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam will then reply back to us. So we sent a lot of the protocols and replied back and you sent a lot process

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back to us now, what happens is when you

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Since x sent excessive amount of Salawat so I'm saying look, let's say for example, somebody wants expansion in their wealth. So let's say your example or your basketball, your was your Zapier or Zapier, basically or was that combining these advantages, this is just up to you look, it's up to you what name you want to use, but whatever name you find closest to whatever thing you want, you use that name, okay? So this person is called as combined, yada, yada, yada and is calling Allah. At the same time what he's doing is he's saying stuff while at the soul. So let me give you a demonstration. A very good, you know, what you want to do is you want to bring it from the heart. So

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you know,

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how you know for you

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to move in a movie

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leahlani Ravi, so you want to say it in a way that is like, a person who's literally a beggar. One who is broken down. One who is in need, okay. And with that when you say, yeah, it was cool. Yeah, it was cool. Yeah.

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And then, yeah, was your Oh, yeah. So they usually say this. And then you want to say this about them?

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early, he was so you want to send the salatu salam so what's happening is you got you got like a, like a triple effect going on. So one is that you are seeking forgiveness from Allah for your sins to be removed. Okay, that's good as paving the pathway. Second is you're calling Allah Allah Allah you know, yada yada. And the third thing is you're sending excessive Salah was no prophet Alayhi Salaam. So what happens after a while is this that when you send excessive solo ads and the prompts that allow her to sell them, then we're getting obviously we're getting his salons back that's definite. And we're also getting the we're getting the Rama from Allah 1010 messages from Allah.

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Each time we've sent one follow up to one one room personal awesome. And then there comes a point when in the rave in the unseen, okay. The fact that we have seen so much so at an excessive service, I'm a professional Muslim who is the most beloved to Allah azza wa jal.

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The fact that we've done that Allah is going to shower His mercy onto us like no other because there's a combination that Rasulullah sallallahu himself is sending so much Salama, he's sending ceramiche ally sending his rock Manas Can Can you see the combination Yeah, this was last let me say Salaam back to you he said Salaam actually saying Salam back to Salah means peace he's saying Allah salam o or one who is of peace give this person peace that's what a Salah means what he's saying when we said a Salaam Allah, Allah wa salam to the law and the process of it is also saying Salaam back what he was saying is that he's sending a drive for us. He's saying oh one who is the most

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peaceful one send peace to song so at the same time the hell he says that when we send Salawat universal law to them once we get 10 times Allah's mercy Okay, so we're getting showered by His mercy and in between all of that we saying yeah Rosa Rosa one who is you know of a one who who you know who get who provides Yeah, watch her oh one who expands your basket Oh Allah I'm asking you to expand for me my this concern Can you see what you're doing right now? So you're getting rid of your sins you're remove the blockage of your heart Your you making you your heart something that can get close to Allah. At the same time you're asking Allah whichever name might be like yesterday I said

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to Jacobi you maybe you've got a back pain okay? Yeah, Toby you Yeah, Medina, Jaco, Yama, Tino and then you're getting rid of your your sins. And then also you're sending salewa to the Rasul Allah, Allah Islam, and each one is combining again and again, and you're saying it as many times as you can, you know what you're doing, you're making a triple, triple effect. And that's where Allah zoodles you know, those of us acceptance and accepting whatever you want from him is going to open. So I'm going to say to you guys, we got we've gone through about almost two thirds of these names now. By now you must have found a name or something that that really, you know, touches you in terms

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of, that's what I need. Okay? Like, maybe you need, you know, maybe you're hot, hot you need. You need mercy. So, you know, you're a man, you're a home, maybe you need, maybe it might be, look, it might be the fact that you've got your enemies that are really bugging you and bothering you. And then you've got the work. You've got the issue

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You've got the name Yamaha. Oh, yeah. Yeah, violet Valley is another one that you can use. Okay, which has been mentioned for Anna Holly rally is the one who dominates. So yeah, volleyball, yeah, volley, whenever you combine it with all of these things that I've just said just two things, one is the far one is seeking forgiveness. And one is having excessive sort of odd numbers or not, both simultaneously, excessively stubborn or sexy, excessive, sort of an impersonal law system. And both of them with your dry in the middle are gonna make it very powerful. And please try this, try it, you know, it's, it's been, you know, it's one of those things that if you only when you try it, you

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can you can see the effects of it, but you've got to, you've got to carry on, okay, just carry on saying that I'd say from your heart, inshallah Allah will open his doors for you. Okay, so we come to the next set of names. So we've got these names in in a jewel kind of way. So we've got a removed the elmarit low one who begins and starts and originates things, and the one who brings them back to where they were, I'm worried. So I'll move the is that he started and I'm worried is that he's going to bring it back where it was or where it should be. So bring brings it back. So for example, Allah, Allah created us and he gave us a start to our lives. I'm worried for the Day of Judgment, Allah

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azza wa jal is going to bring us or let's just say after that Allah is going to more evening is going to bring us back again. bring us back to life again or bring us back again to being existence. Al Moody, Allah has created the you know Allah who Yep, that will Holocaust tomorrow in the Quran says Allah, Allah starts the creation and then he brings it back again. So what does he mean by start? This start is not a way that there was some elements there and from that Allah started things No, this means when it's if that if that means there was nothing there whatsoever beforehand and allows will make a complete beginning for something for one of his creations complete beginning. So

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you know, all this evolution theory, it kind of you know, makes you feel that okay, from this game, but we do know that from certain elements, certain elements did come and we don't we don't deny evolution totally. But to say that the whole of this existence came from absolutely nothing. That's that's, that's that we can't agree to. And there are many things that Allah starts where there was nothing before it. Okay, that's, that's our belief. We don't have to believe that, you know, things come from a matter that was already there. You know, we believe that if Allah wants to create something out of nothing at all, he can do it. I mean, look at the birth of a salad on a salad

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salad. Okay, no, no, you know, there's no way that baby can be born without Madame robiola. haha you know, without without her without her touching any man, that Allah makes it happen. Okay? Either malice from his creation, from nothing, absolutely nothing. And Allahu Allahu him though he he's the one who originally sings, and he will bring it back again. Now, the next two names give even more clarity,

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which is El Mahi, Alma meat. Allah azza wa jal is the one who gives life and Allah is the one who takes life. Allah gives life a mandala causes death. Okay, so now life is something that we have right now, that live that energy is something that, you know, if only we would wake up to understand that that life that we've got is all connected to Allah. You know, let's just say look, let's just say there was a there was a kite, a kite on a, on a day when it's when it's nice and windy. And the kite has now reached maybe 100 meters or something, or 200 meters in the air, right. So the kites fly pretty high. And you know that there's a person at the bottom, obviously controlling the kite.

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If that kite at the top as it's moving and dancing in the sky. feels that you know what, I can just dance and I can carry on I don't need to be tied down. I don't need a string on my back. That is tying me down. The wish that that string would be cut off or I don't need any of that I can just fly or what happened to that kite. We know straight at the moment you cut the string and there's fast winds up there. That kite is going to fly but it's going to fly to his destruction and it's going to fly victims trees and it's going to get tangled up and that's the end of it flying in a freely in the air as long as he had a string to the to the one who was controlling it. Then the kite was able

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to fly because it has this connection to the one controlling it. Now, as long as

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As we have our minds connected to our Creator, we function very well. The moment you cut this mind from the Creator, and the moment we feel that you know what, I can do everything on my own, I don't need I don't need no creator, the moment that the mind things like that, or the human things like that, well, that's the end of it. Now, our life, our breathing, okay, everything that we've got, it comes from that connection from Allah, meaning that if our last power was in here is like he's more he every moment we living a life is doing. Yeah, he is keeping us alive.

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And there's a moment, but Allah is going to bring that old to an end, because nothing lasts in this world, my friend, think about it. nothing, absolutely nothing will last on this earth or in this is nothing. Okay, right down to your buildings. I mean, think about it, the country that you're in right now, how many civilizations have passed before you how many eras how many centuries, how many million is passed, where there was a complete different set of people with a complete different agenda, idea, culture, civilization, wedding view, whatever it was. And they've been completely replaced by us, these modern human beings that have got these gadgets in their hands and

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electricity, you know, and whatnot on the earth, and they kind of, you know, satellites floating around the earth, and they are there civilizing the Earth right now, I mean, what's it going to take for us to be replaced? Nothing.

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Nothing. Within, let's say, a few 100 years, there could be another group of human beings that have got way more advanced things than what we've got. And we were, we were really the the old people who started things off, right, but they could be way advanced, who knows what they might be. But the point is this, that everything's gonna come to an end, every civilization comes to an end, every part of the of whatever you've known comes in, and houses come to an end, right? You know, furniture comes to an end, one doesn't come to an end, humans come to an end, trees come to an end, animals come to an end, life comes to an end, right? The only thing you've got left is for the moon, and the

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sun, and the actual earth to come to an end. And that is going to be the destruction Allah is going to bring our judgment day. And as I believe, and are all going to come to an end. So what are you fighting for today? What is occupying you so much, that you become so busy, that you haven't got time for a laser, that the one who gives us life, every moment of my breathing my life, I mean, let's let our hearts go out to all those people who have been affected or who are affected with the COVID in the COVID-19. But if you think about it, that breathing becomes the brain of the fact that they find it difficult to breathe, when they're affected with with COVID-19. When they when they

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can't breathe,

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then I'm sure anyone who's listening to this who survived COVID will say to you that you know what breathing becomes the biggest

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gift, or biggest freedom and biggest, biggest comfort that you had, which you never even thought about.

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Think about that breathing that back. It comes as a result of us being alive. And that that for us to be alive. We're connected to Elon Musk, he's the one who gives us life. And any moment allow once that breathing to stop, it stops. It's just it's just a moment of seconds, or maybe split second, and it can stop. So I'll know he gives life and meet, he causes death. And he's going to carry on doing that until a day comes when he will cause death to the sun. Meaning that he'll bring the life of the Sun to the end. He'll bring the life of the entire universe and all his planets and stars and everything I was here around it to an end. And then he brings up right What did you bring up he

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creates the as the sun again. But this time you know this is the day of judgment. But this time it's going to have the heat but no light.

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And it's going to come above people's heads. And the earth that we've got that we see soil he creates a flat piece of earth that has light so the light comes from beneath us on the Day of Judgment washed rotten, horrible. We know the robbia from the light of our laws of God has come to light the Earth and the Sun has no light but it has heat. And on that day in a movie he brings back up again what the humans and the gym.

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That's what he brings back up because he

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He wasn't interested in all the other things that we had this system that we've got where we can earn money, we can do things we can enjoy, we can laugh, all these things are a comfort and a joy that we're going to use for a little while. And that's it after that they're gone. Okay, they are gone, everything come to an end. I mean, I had someone tell me the other day that they had a family member passed away, I said, Look, my friend, you know, you have to understand that your father that passed away,

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he wasn't yours. He was always a loss.

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And Allah borrowed your father to the earth for a short time. And then Allah decided to take back whatever he borrowed, wherever he loaned out, he took him back again. And Allah has given you as a loan to your family members,

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that they can benefit from you and your time, your your children right now. And your wife and your friends and family and whoever is it you are loaned out. And you're going to be taken back by law. So we shouldn't start with this mentality that we are from here. And oh my God, I've lost my father. Oh, my God, my father's gone. My mother go, Oh, my God, I will cry. Yes, we get very emotional. And I'm not saying you can't get emotion. You can't get emotion just don't become hysterical. And don't say anything against the will of a lot. But when we get emotional, remember, and always keep this in mind.

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We're all borrowed. We're all on borrowed time, we're all on will borrow to this earth to one another. We're all loaned out. Who are we? What are we nothing whatsoever. And there comes a time when Allah azza wa jal decides, well, I'm going to take you back. So we're all going back. So we started from the ark era. Okay.

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And we come back to

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we started from the ark era, and we go back to the Acura and that was always our, our, you know, beginning and our end, that was always our beginning and our end, that's where we came where to start from the Acura. So we go back to the after, that's our destination. That's our home. That's where we belong. Okay. So don't you know, don't start off with, you know, it's really harsh on yourself to think that this is my world, this, we've made ourselves so comfortable here. And we've got all these things around us that we kind of feel that this is home. And we don't want to lose this home and goes No, no, this is not home. This is a temporary stop by home is the accurate that's

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where we came from. And that's where we're going back. And that's where we're all going back. Our Father, Adam is Rotherham. He came from Jenna that was his home. That's where he was he he was created and put it straight into Jenna that was his home. And when how where and insulin when she was created, that was her husband that was their home, that was everything they knew, that was the origin that was that was the perfect place for the human being. That's where no wrong can happen. That's where they started. And then they came to this earth boost which was an alien place, which was a place they never wanted to be in which was a place where now suddenly they've got cold,

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they've got hunger, the god you know, too much heat. They've got uncomfortable situations, they've got things that distress them and they've got they've got to give birth to children and so on so forth. All of this happened here.

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And this was a very, very hostile place and very uncomfortable and a place where a lot of discomfort was created. Because Allah azza wa jal he never made this place for the for the for the human beings, he never made this place for the human beings. The place for human beings is Janna. And that's where we go back. That's what we should look for. Look forward to. So I'll, I'll meet and how you'll, uh, you will come to these next two things which is Allah is Ever living on high and I'll pay you Allah is the one that keeps everything you know moving on and keeps sustain. He sustains everything. So not only is Allah ever living when we say ever living he never had a beginning,

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obviously, he doesn't have an end, but he's always existent, always exist. Now. For us this might be quite difficult to understand because our whole mindset goes through time. Time is a creation of a lot. Past is a creation of Allah. Future is the creation of Allah. And all this time moving along is a creation of Allah. Allah doesn't live within time. Allah is independent from time and this time thing is a whole creative

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of Allah. So when for us to understand, oh, you know, what was there before Allah was there before, this all was housed in the shaytan? Because it's actually a question that doesn't even apply to Allah. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal he created that time this was, this was something that he made for us for us to live in, so that we could have this thing, okay, you may live to 60 years or 70 years after that you pop out, you know, somebody else pops into the dunya somebody else goes, somebody else comes. And the whole thing about time that Allah created is for us to be tested. This whole realm of time is for us to be tested. But Allah is beyond that he is independent of all of

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that he doesn't live and has never lived within anything called time. Now when we get out of this time, meaning when we get to the Day of Judgment, obviously time is not going to take any more we are going to be in that eternal kind of life. So when we get there we'll understand what it what it is about Allah being a high everliving you know, never moves along with time and so on will understand that but for now, our belief is Allah is Allah He is existence and he's always been existence and he will always be existent and I'll pay you at the same time while he is there being existing he he not only has has has created what he's created, but he makes all of these different

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all of these different things occur from the heavens and the earth he makes them run so for example, you know the moon for the moon to move that's alpha you at work okay he keeps everything in function that is alpha you to make the sun do what it does to make all the stars orbit what you know as they do to make the night and day be created. All of this is from alpha uma he sustains and he runs all of this he manages all of his he governs all of this he makes it work as it should work. Okay, even in our bodies, I will tell you I'm the one who is the one who keeps everything running after is created now the beautiful thing about these two names are high enough in quite a few generations is

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a growth mindset we identified them as being those names that once you call Allah by these names, then whatever do I you're gonna make Allah will accept it. Either do I behave when when is called by these names that allows the agenda he will accept the draw that you're making? And when you ask Allah for some protection, he will provide you the protection Okay, so this comes from his name's Allah Hi, Allah you so what we want to do is what are called Allah by saying Yeah, hey, yeah, can you hear ya Can you so any door Are you making one of the one of those found in Sahih Muslim. Related to this is your hydrea au Veera hermetic Ester is all one who is ever living or one who is

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sustaining and running everything. Through Your mercy, I am beseeching you for help. Just through your mercy. I'm beseeching Felder for help. pura matica studies. Now this beautiful drop now just just mentioned it again. And again, even if you can't remember the multicast studies, I'm sure you can remember. Yeah. How are you? Yeah, are you you're high volume, okay. Now what you can also do is you can combine between whatever guys, you remember in the first five minutes of this, of this session, what I said to you, about you, you know, saying something like yada, yada, exactly, and then combining with it so far and Salawat. Awesome. Now and again, say yeah, how you up are you

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because it's been identified as names which if you call upon Allah through these names, then your doors will be accepted. Now again, when conditions are there, you know that our heart is attached to Allah that Allah wants to give us those things because sometimes, Allah doesn't want to give us those things. Allah wants to give us something better. Okay? Allah wants to give us reward instead, well, Allah wants to save us from a calamity instead, this is all according to a halogen, Ahmed, you don't have to receive what you ask Allah, Allah can give you something better. It's like, it's like a child, asking parents saying, you know, give me this Give me that. Now the parents have Okay, the

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parents might have given, you know, one sweet and another Street and then the parents don't want to give any more sweets because the child's gonna get spoiled the child's teeth are going to get spoiled the child will end up with a stomach ache. So the parents don't want to give a sweet but the child says he misread give me sweet, sweet, and the parents might give different things that are, you know, sweet, but they're not as same as a sweet that's got a lot of sugar inside them, I give other things order might get in the night, you know,

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respond to the child in a different way. So according to Harrison, Ahmed, either like gives you what you're asking for or he gives you a reward instead, which is still good, or he's going to save us from something or calamity that you know, we, we didn't think of we didn't even know Allah saves us from the calamity whichever way we never lose. So call Allah through these names. Now just before we we

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In this session I'm going to say to Marshall 100. Again, a wonderful massive thanks to all of you who've who've joined either the bundle 313 which was the the first one that we asked him to join whether you've joined that one and you're still collecting the 313 pounds from different individuals in Ramadan that's just your target me unless you all you join this one which is for you to have regular cell phone going out and look guys the last 10 nights is going to be here like in a week's time. Okay, so take the opportunity of, you know, what we say is that we can we can do all these actions but to do an action that is so small and it's so great in reward is is phenomenal. Don't

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just don't miss out. You don't have to give some of that everyday everyone you can just give me just for the last 10 months we don't know which one of these 10 lines are going to be later to cover. So what you can do you can you can go you can register right now with the link that come to this video is on the screen by the way, and what you can do is you can then just just put whatever man you want and you're guaranteed a little further inshallah you can see that whatever money you get is times by 1000 months of giving the same amount which I said to you $1 will be $2.1 million on that one night. Okay now Lazarus bless us and do this right now guys are gonna hate and love this. All of you. My

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dogs are with you. salovaara Kumara from LA he