Gavin a Christian, Accepts Islam after his 6 Doubts are Cleared

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Okay, good evening, everybody. My name is Calvin, and I'm a concert

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today, come in here, because I have six doubts, which I believe if I get the right answer, I'm ready to convert and accept to miss Islam.

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To start with, or my first question, is that

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how do I know that Islam is the right way to worship?

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And I will follow that question with the second question, which goes like, how do I know that the message I'm conveying is going to God? Okay.

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My third question since Dr. Akia, I've been listening to you before, you've said before, and you've preached that there's no way you can go to heaven without strictly abiding to the commandments that were given to Moses, in the present world, and challenges with the media, with everything that comes along to our life in our present day, how do we abide to this law? And does God forgive you if you repeatedly make mistakes and repent?

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Brother wants to give in two parts? What are six questions? The first three questions brother asked that how do I know?

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In Islam? The worship is correct. It can be understood as how we worship in Islam, is that correct? Or it can mean that is some the correct religion? What do you mean? Do you want to know this is the way you worship in Islam? Is it the right way? Or is Islam the correct religion? Well, first question the brother, he wants to know, how will he come to know that is Islam the correct religion which you should follow?

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And the second part that is similar that how will you come to know that Islam is the truth?

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And the third, that he said, at settlement of my speech, that JSPs be upon him said that if you want to end the Jana, we should keep all the commandments and follow all the laws mentioned Old Testament, how in this age, can we follow all the laws of the Old Testament? I will try and club the first two questions together. That how do you know that Islam is the correct religion? To worship? And how do you know that Islam is the truth?

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Islam comes from the word Salam, which means peace. It is also derived from the Arabic word film, which means to submit your will to God. Islam means peace acquired by submitting a will to Almighty God, and

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for any book to claim that it is a message from God, for any religion to prove that it is from Almighty God, this revelation, this book, this religion should stand the test of time.

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Previously, it was the Age of Miracles. And the Glorious Quran is the miracle of miracles.

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Later on came the age of literature and poetry, Muslim and non Muslim Arabic scholars alike. They claim the Glorious Quran to be the best Arabic literature available on the face of the earth. But today, if a religious book says in a very poetic fashion, the world is flat, will a model man believe, but natural? No, because today is the age of science and technology. So if we put this test of science and technology, to all the religious scripture that we have today, of the different religions of the world, all of them fail the test, except the Quran.

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And I've given a lecture on the topic, Koran and modern science compatible or incompatible time does not permit me to

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give a full lecture in this question answer session.

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But I'd like to mention that Albert Einstein said the famous physicist and the Nobel Prize winner that science without religion is lame. And religion without science is blind. Let me remind you, the Glorious Quran is not a book of science as CIE NC, but it's a book of signs, s, I G and S. And there are more than 6000 signs more than 6000 ions in the Glorious Quran, out of which more than 1000 speak about science.

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Now, if you compare the scientific facts that we have come to know, we find that what science has discovered recently, maybe 50 years back 100 years back 200 years back 400 years back, the Glorious Quran has mentioned 14 years ago. The Quran speaks

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about the creation of the universe in Surah Ambia chapter number 21 Verse number 30 What the scientists discovered recently about the Big Bang, what they discovered 50 years back as mentioned in the Quran 14 years ago.

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We came to know that the earth is spherical in 1577 When Sir Francis Drake seal around the Earth, the Quran says in Surah Nazjatar chapter number 79 was number 30 that we have made the earth X shaped what are the brothers olika the haha referring to the egg of an ostrich and we know they have an ostrich is geo spherical in shape.

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We previously thought that the light of the moon was its own light.

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Recently we came to know 100 years back 200 years back 200 years back that the light of the moon is reflected light not its own light. This is mentioned the Quran 14 years ago in Surah Furqan chap number 25 Verse number 61. So who would have mentioned all these facts in the Quran, which became known recently? Previously, when I was in school, I had learned that the sun revolves but does not rotate about its own axis put on mentioned sorry, um, via Chapter 21, verse number 33, that the third besides revolving, it also rotates about the sexes. Today science has come to know that besides the sun devolving, it even rotates about its axis, which is mentioned the Quran 14 years

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ago. In this way the Quran speaks about botany, about biology, about zoology, about embryology, about genetics, all which we came to know recently in science 50 years back 100 years back 200 years back 500 years back. So if you put this test of science today,

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to all the religious scriptures, the only religious scripture that passes the test is the Glorious Quran.

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Today, science has been advanced so much

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that it knows everything. So I tell the people that if you analyze the Quran, we come to know approximately 80% What the Quran speaks about science, today science has confirmed it is 100% Correct? They may be about 20% which is ambiguous neither right neither wrong. So my logic says when 80% is 100% Correct, the balance 20% inshallah will also be correct. So it is a logical belief. There is not a single verse in the Quran, which has been disproved by scientific fact they may be hypothesis which may not agree with the Quran. But there is not a single verse in the Quran, which is disproved by any scientific fact. So based on this, if you put this test to any scripture, the

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only religion the only scripture that passes this test is Islam and Quran.

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I started the question session by quoting a verse of the Quran from Surah Israa. Chapter number 17 was the medium and we said what was a bottle in the bottle Quran Ahsoka say the Tudors arrived.

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And also parishes, for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish. So if you put this test the only religion that passes the test, the only truthful religion which is not corrupted. That's the reason William Moore said that the only religious scripture he said 200 years back being a critic of Islam, the only religious scripture that has not been altered and has maintained his pure form for 1200 years, it is a rules for run. So based on these facts, the only religion we can think and can understand and can believe it is truthful and correct. It is the Quran. As far as the third question is concerned,

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I had mentioned in my speech, that Jesus has peace be upon him said that you have to follow the Commandments in the Old Testament. I was quoting the verse of the Bible, Gospel of Matthew chapter number five, verse number 17, to 20, where Jesus Christ will be upon him says that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees, in no way shall you enter the kingdom of heaven. So if you have to be a good Christian at the time of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. If you want to enter Paradise, you have to follow all the commandments of the Old Testament, you cannot break a single short article. If you do that, you shall be called leashed in

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the kingdom of heaven. So based on this verse of the Bible of Gospel of Matthew, chapter five, verse 720, you have to follow each and every law of the Old Testament. And your question was very good and very logical. How can we in this age, follow everything of the Old Testament, which is difficult? I agree with you, that the reason Jesus Christ peace be upon him also said in the Gospel of John, chapter number 16, was 12 to 14. He said, I have many things to say to you, but he cannot buy them now. For him in the Spirit of Truth shall come he shall guide you

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All through, he shall not speak of Himself all the dear Shall we speak, He shall glorify me, your Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is prophesizing the coming of the last and final messenger, last and final prophet, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that when he will come, He will guide you into all truth.

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That means Jesus Christ peace be upon him knew that everything what is mentioned in the Bible cannot be followed.

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Later on. Maybe a few centuries later, that there is in he said, that he when the Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide you into also talking about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So at that time, maybe it was possible to follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the Old Testament and the New Testament. But Jesus case peace be upon him said in future when the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him comes, you should follow him. So if you have to be a good Christian today, besides believing in one God, you should also believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Hope that answers the question.

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The other question is coming from a Christian background with a Christian family, how will I adapt or connect to my family if I convert to Islam, and have been to different faiths in a same compound? Without the question, that if I convert to Islam, how will I connect with my family, having two different faiths? Whether you know there's something like the Old Testament and something like the New Testament, even though you are a Christian, you can follow the laws of the Old Testament.

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After the New Testament has come, if there is something like the old testament and new Testament, there's also something like The Last Testament.

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The Glorious Quran is the Last Testament Almighty God.

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And in this Glorious Quran.

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Not a single prophet, which is mentioned in the Bible has been delegated. In Islam, you have to believe in all the prophets that came earlier. And there are no less than 25 prophets, which are mentioned in the Quran, and all of them, except for performances of Salem, and a couple of them. They are mentioned in the Bible.

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So we have to respect all the prophets of Almighty God. And our beloved prophet masala salaam said that Almighty God has sent 124,000 messengers on the face of the earth. So if you become a Muslim,

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you do not have to disrespect any of the prophets mentioned in the Bible. In fact, you will have to tell them I am following 100% What Jesus Christ peace be upon him said, what the other Christians are doing. They may be following 80% maybe 90%, maybe 50% You should tell them that Gospel of John Chapter number 16, verse number 12 to 14 says, I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot buy them now. For heaven, the Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide don't fall through. So I'm following Jesus Christ peace be upon him much better than the other so called Christians. So if you become a Muslim, you will be a better Christian than the Christian themselves.

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Hope that answers the question.

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What's the fifth question?

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I just ran out of questions. Now. my follow up question answered. Yes, it does. Thank you. Are you convinced about the religion of Islam? I'm convinced about the religion of Islam and I'm ready to accept Islam.

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Do you believe that there's one God?

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I'm sorry. Do you believe that there is one God? I believe there is one God, do you believe Jesus Christ peace be upon him is God.

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I believe Jesus Christ was the messenger of God. Shala Do you believe? Do you believe the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the last and final messenger. I believe Prophet Mohammed was the last and final martial brother is anyone is anyone forcing you to accept Islam? I'm ready to accept. If anyone forcing you to accept Islam, nobody's forcing me it's my decision. I made myself out of your freewill out of your own conviction out of my own heart, because forcing anyone into Islam is prohibited in our religion. And it is prohibited even by laws of most of the countries in the world. So do you have a free will inshallah. I'm doing it out of free will. I will say in Arabic and

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inshallah can repeat it.

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I shall do. I shall do Allah. Allah ILAHA Ilaha illa Allah illallah wa I shall do for us shadow Amma anna muhammadan. Mohammed and Abu Abu Barafu for a full

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bear witness.

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I bear witness, I bear witness that that there is

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no God, there is no God but Allah, but Allah and, and Muhammad and Muhammad is his messenger, the messenger am servant of Allah and servant of Allah mashallah you ever go Muslim?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala that He guides you and he helps you, to guide your family to come to the religion of peace. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala to give you the best in this world, as well as in the next life