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In our present age, we have several examples.

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Their example object when boss,

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mela mercy on him

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He has more means he was blind, yet he was a scholar. Even though he was blind, he was one of the best callers of his time.

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I gave you the example of shake Emma did that standard pass, challenge the stalwarts of Christianity.

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You have another example,

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though not great, but unique.

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That's in myself.

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My example it says

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Do I don't consider myself great, but is unique. Those who know my childhood they know that I was a spy mirror.

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If you would have asked me what is my name, my name is IKEA. That was me. I was a stimulus since childhood.

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Being inspired by Shama the dog.

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While I was doing my medical studies, I could have dreamed of becoming the best doctor in the world, but I could not have dreamed of even speaking to 25 people that was me that night.

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I could have dreamt of becoming the best doctor in the world best surgeon. But I could not have dreamt in my wildest dream. You know in your dream you can dream anything, but I could not have dreamt of speaking in front of 25 people.

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Along the way, Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala with his help, being inspired by Shama deedat.

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Now this servant of Allah, humble mashallah speaks in audiences of 10s of 1000s hundreds of 1000 Mashallah, you can see the audience there more than 100,000.

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My meaning, being inspired by shake Emadi that

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when we started a foundation Islamic foundation, it was not to become a speaker, it was to make a place to make speakers.

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You can't be a king become a kingmaker. I could not become a speaker. So I started organization to make speakers.

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Allah was planning, the first speaker got cold feet, I was forced to go on the stage. And I realized that while I'm doing Dawa with a non Muslim that don't summer

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when I speak with the Muslim last time, when I speak with a non Muslim that oldtimer when I'm on the stage.

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Normally people stammer on the stage, around the Illa, Allah subhanaw taala. When I went on the stage, I didn't stammer he has his way.

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He made me from a doctor of a body to a doctor of a soul.

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And check it dad, you know, asked him, uncle

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in 1987. I met him the first time. You know, I was his driver Shuffle was to take him because I could spend more time with him. And until Why are you so aggressive? Don't be son. I'm not aggressive. I'm militant.

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Militant. You can fight the devil with two ways. holy water of fire. I chose the fire.

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That was his reply.

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And when I started my dava I used in material but I was very soft, very soft, very kind. No results.

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In the medical ecologist with our then I became militant, more militant than shake the DA and one law what results I got my Muslim friends to run away, I was left alone with a non Muslims.

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The results I got after being militant.

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Then martial Allah gave me Daya. Coming on the stage, I became soft. I became so soft. That when the questioners abused me as to smile, so shake did that.

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Then he gave me the title. First, he gave me an deedat plus, then when you saw me, son, they're abusing you. They're cursing you and you're smiling. Then he gave me the title. That son, what took me 40 years to achieve. You have achieved it in four years.

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And humbling.

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You know, if you know my history, and background, I was a person who always wanted something best. I could never compromise for number two, best

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in childhood. Remember, best electronics.

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Now, I have converted my desire to have best things in the way of Allah subhanaw taala.

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I want to have the best of camera.

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Best of equipment, state of the art equipment, only to spread the message of Allah. I want to have the best conference. And that's why we have this conference.

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It was the desire after seeing Grammy Awards and

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Oscar awards objective haram

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But as to why their science and technology

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we said why can't we do the same for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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the purpose is different. The purpose is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to show to the world that we Muslims also Alhamdulillah all these things

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not that without this we can't do Dawa.

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But we want to show that even we want the best for the way of Allah smile if we want the best office for ourselves

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you know, we want best office in a house. Italian marble

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aberdein marble in my office in Islamic Research Foundation, there's more than marble in my house

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by the place where people come to learn about Allah.

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I want to give them the best

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at that time, when the 1990s Italian marble in India Muslim office unheard of We started small with

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only 20 to 25 square meter was my office 25 square meters office.

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One employee

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now mashallah Allah's grace, we have more than 400 employees mashallah

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the largest Tao organization, masha Allah, Allah has helped.

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And in school days, I was very good in debating very good what was the purpose just to win the debate. Now I changed my purpose.

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Trying to spend the Dean didn't hack got more results

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I used to sleep

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only five or six are medical college now sleep only three for sake of Allah

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I always had the philosophy of doing something unique

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or best in the world one of the two

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mashallah started a unique channel Peace TV on comparative religion, Allah made it the most popular channel in the world, more than 100 million viewers Mashallah.

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After a couple of years, we launched a new channel, PhD view last conference, we announced Inshallah, in June or July, we will launch a new channel Peace TV will do and Allah made it possible this year on 19th of June, we launched a new channel PhD, we will do

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Inshallah, in this conference,

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the last day of the conference, Inshallah, Inshallah, if Allah wills I would like to announce we will be launching a third channel PSTV Bangla

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Bangla language

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mashallah a few 100 million people speak Bangla language

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is the requirement. My desire is to have Islamic channel in all the languages

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but as for Inshallah, after I'm done Inshallah, next year 2010 Insha, Allah if Allah wills, if Allah helps

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with Allah XLV will launch the third channel Peace TV Bangla inshallah

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rue the desire

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that besides channel

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have a place where people are trained for the purpose of life. And we started our school, Islamic International School purpose is

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to be the last man out Allah. But why pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala realize Allah insha Allah will give you the hereafter and even in this world

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with the same desire

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I started the school saying Inshallah, every student of the school and Islamic International School we have more than 400 in Bombay and about 250 in Chennai, Inshallah, all of them

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inshallah all of them will get 100 times better

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teaching and surrounding then what Zack thank God

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it is up to Allah.

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Whether it creates xakanaxa Multiple, but our desire is give them a base, give them a foundation, where they can have 100 times better

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Training Foundation atmosphere than what they can but in the hands of Allah whether you mix or not. And just to give you an example of my son phoric knife

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you know my son

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mashallah told us

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peach leaf fresh today

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I don't matter forget the language.

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I said I will teach math in Arabic inshallah look officer

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and all the students of our school we taught mashallah

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my son when the school started mashallah he got the best sports boy trophy. Not once, not twice, not three times, not four time for five consecutive years.

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It made me happy

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it made me happy, you know, because we used to think you know, when I was in school when I was in school I used to admire coming out first getting gold medals that was my goal, you know, youngster though coming out first in 100 meter dash in school

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and never got any medal

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winner each college mashallah, I discovered that I was a long distance runner.

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And I got a gold medal in the Medical College

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in 10 kilometers. But then I realized gold medal useless.

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From far it looks good. The gold medal 10 kilometers people

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nothing great.

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Now, the inspired metric Mr. De Da ah, this is a man

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and my focus change.

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And that's how mashallah he told me that son

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I've done research and study in Christianity and Islam. You study other religions. Christianity is like everything on a platter. Check the that did the job so well. Everything on a platter, it's a cakewalk. If you didn't check the book, you can even debate the Pope.

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So then I studied Hinduism, Sikhism then ism science, other subjects and mashallah as to admire the crowd that chick did that. The largest audience here dressed in Birmingham, 2000 people,

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Allah subhanaw taala

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mashallah, he opened up the pathways with his help, mashallah, my son

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then became halfway through Quran at the age of 13, unique style. One year, five days a week unique. People said that he was crazy. One hour every day, five days a week, nine months a year impossible. Most of the students in our school within two and a half to four years they completed heads.

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And one amongst them was my son.

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Then my son got black belt in Taekwondo.

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But what really pleased me was when he started giving lectures in public

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at the age of eight small lectures, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 50,000 people 100,000 people before my talks.

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The first time I gave a lecture, public lecture was the age of 2728. People who don't know what a young person 28 years used to feel 28 year old JD does 6070 28 years used to feed happy, my son, the first long public lecture of more than one hour 15 minutes with 119 quotations 56 from the Quran 52 from the Bible and 11 a hadith with Arabic at the age of only 14 Half made

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that leads me

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mashallah, one hour, 15 minutes 119 quotations without any notes

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and this year mashallah, again he gave a lecture

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just last week, last Sunday, he gave a lecture this Sunday again he gave a lecture first misconstrue on Islam concept of God. Inshallah, inshallah I pray to Allah subhanho wa taala, that me accept his efforts

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and always tell, I tell my son,

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that Allah has given me the means, but see to it that make your requirements small, make a requirement less. Why tomorrow you may not have this luxury.

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Your aim is to do Dawa, as Allah says in the Quran in surah Forcella, chapter 41 Verse number 33 woman as a Nucala mamaan Doyle alayhi wa Salam wa ala indelible and Muslimeen who is better in speech than one who invited to the way of the Lord works righteousness and say that I'm a Muslim. Why I say I remember when I married my wife, I told her, I'm a doctor. I can promise you only 4000 rupees a month.

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4000 rupees is less than $100 I can only promise you 4000 rupees a month if you want to marry me marry me.

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And Mashallah.

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She was a teacher in the college earning much more than what I promised her, but she also wanted to die.

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Mashallah, so tell my son, make your requirements less so that if you're used to sleeping on the floor, if you're used to taking all the troubles, if you have to sacrifice and yet continue

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You're dour, it's easy if you're used to luxury, and if the luxury is taken away from you,

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it will prevent you from continuing as I mashallah

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a sin to it that my son has slept on the floor. He has been in service the hotels, clean the person when he's young, he should be able to take the struggle of life.

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Don't give him a silver spoon in the mouth, which will be difficult for him to achieve the purpose of Allah subhanaw taala