2 Amazing Lessons From The Story Of Prophet Sulaiman A.S.

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The story of Superman at Instagram is a story that is filled with unique things.

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And I just want to stop at two things within the story.

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And that is that today man hurry. CERAM was a man who had been given very strong powers, had been given a very large kingdom, he was a leader, unlike any other. In fact, he was considered at the time, the greatest king, the greatest sovereign within the world. So this was a very unique man.

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And what made his story even more unique is that in addition to this power, he had also been given the ability to communicate with other than human beings, but really not month, a couple years, we've been given the capability to be able to speak to birds, so he would speak to birds, he would understand animals, he would understand insects and bugs. This was Solomon Ericeira. And this was a gift from Allah azza wa jal to him.

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And so in his kingdom, he would have people that would report to him

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from every group of beings

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that he had been given authority over.

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So he would have human beings coming to him, he would have birds coming to him, and they would all have to report about what that group is doing.

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And likewise,

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Allah would allow him to be able to understand the end, as well, as we know in the story, in which city man at least Saddam is with all of his armies, from the jinn from the INS from the blade from the birds, and he's walking and as he's walking, and what the birds would do with a man in his army, would be that when it's really hot outside, you're looking for an umbrella, right? Or you're looking for some shade. So Allah subhanaw taala would make these birds be the shade for city man and his army. They would literally go above Saudi man and they would open up their wings. And they would give him the shade that he needed otherwise people would take from umbrellas. This was the power of

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the kingdom, the sovereignty, the army of Solomon, palestra.

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And now, one day, as he's walking with his army, suddenly, he comes across a group of ants.

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And these ants are going to be completely obliterated, squished destroyed

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completely, if the entire army walks all over them, right? Because ants, obviously if you walk over them, a lot of ants, some ants actually live beyond that as well. But a lot of ants will end up dying from this walk. Now, of course, an ant might be able to live through one step on top of it, but let's say one step and a third one and a fourth one, and animals and people and different types of shoes, and maybe people without truth, there's no there's not much chance that these ants will get this arrive.

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So Allah says Hector, either ATO Allah didn't know until they finally got to a valley of ants. Ha, let's name Latin, there was one act that spoke up one and there's all these ants and one and speaks up. Now, if you think about it, that itself is a very unique reality and and speaking, and all of these ants being able to hear that ant as well, because the frequency that some animals insects and bugs speaking is different than the frequency within which we hear as well. So that's why this ant is speaking you might not be able to hear but they're able to communicate with one another one and it speaks to all of the other ants and it says yeah, uh, you know, me, oh, assembly, OH group of the

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X or the Holo Messiah kina Kamala Khan Sulaiman or Juno to go and enter into your dwellings and your homes.

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Why? Because if you don't go and all this armies walking and all of these people are walking, what's going to happen? So a man and his army is going to completely squash everyone, right? All of these ants will get squished, obliterated destroyed because of all of these people walking on top of them.

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Think about the fact that Allah or Buddha is that he will Judah, in his divine speech is quoting an accent.

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That's because when you have something to say, that is really coming from your heart.

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Allah will allow the mention of that to continue on for generations. Allah will allow the echo of that to continue to echo across the planet. Allah will allow the impact of that to be felt for centuries. Ibrahim alayhi salam, he was told by Allah was then financier Bill Hajj, go and call the people for Hajj. There's no one in Mecca. He made the call for Hajj. People continue to go to Mecca till today in heaps in large numbers. Right, making Hutch because Ibrahim Ali Salam, he sincerely responded to Allah azza wa jal, this nominee, it spoke to the other numbers. This Nambla, this and this bug, it spoke to all of the other bugs there. But it did so with integrity with sincerity, and

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it really felt it. It really meant it. They all heard it. Allah made them hear it. Allah recorded the speech of this end.

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And that's because when it's coming from your heart, it's worthy to Allah azza wa jal, no matter how insignificant you are in size, in power in strength, if it's really from the heart, it will be felt, and it'll be felt so for generations. Another thing you can learn from this And subhanAllah is that this end

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is so careful and so keen on ensuring that everybody else also gets saved. How often is it that you have the opportunity, I have the opportunity to benefit others, to help others to direct others. But we choose not to do that. Because all we're worried about is benefiting ourselves. We are selfish beings, this ant was not a selfish being. Allah wants you to be selfless like this. And Allah wants you to be a member of society that takes initiative. Nobody told this act, this is your job. Nobody said that. It got up and it did what it had to do. It got up and started speaking to the people. I'll give you one example a couple of weeks ago, I was giving a hotspot at another Masjid. That's

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one of the reasons why I was missing here for the past few weeks.

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And one of the brothers he was volunteering for for con project in other places. And randomly he appeared to be at that masjid, he didn't know that for con is going to be at that masjid, and SubhanAllah. I walked away and I was doing my thing. And I see this gentleman who volunteers in other places, he saw the opportunity, he took the lead. And he started volunteering without being asked as well. And personally, I felt Subhanallah this guy he saw the need without being asked without being demanded, without someone telling him and sending him a text message. Without knowing what he asked to do. He took that opportunity and it's an opportunity for goodness and took that

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lead. So we all have to learn from this and to take the lead, take the lead, you have an opportunity to do good at school do that good. You have an opportunity to do good in your homes do that good. You see an opportunity on the street to help the needy do that. Nobody has to tell you when spoon feed you and direct you. That is leadership. This act was a leader. Some people they spend their whole lives reading about leadership. But when it comes time to lead, they don't lead because leadership is not in reading about how you become a good leader. Leadership isn't seeing that there's a problem that needs to be solved. And you just take the lead over the course of history,

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leaders have never been made. They just happen. It's just a phenomenon that takes place. There is a need some people see that need and they just stand up to that challenge and make it happen. So this is the thing that you learn from this

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another episode within the story of Solomon is the episode of the hood hood the bird

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this bird

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was a bird that was to report to Solomon Ali Salam about what the Bird Kingdom would do. Because every kingdom would have someone reporting to Solomon and so when this when when it came time for the bird to report, the bird was in there what they felt by that place. So in a man he started to search for this bird, where is it all Amalia, Earl who dude, I'm gonna mean Aloha even. He said, Why is it that I can't see the hood? Or the hood is not even here? Right? Is it not present today?

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So now it's time for him to come and give that message

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For MK ethically elevate now this Saudi man, he waited for just a little bit of time. And just a little while later the whole dude

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appears before Sunday man Ali Salaam and it says to Solomon and he said I'm the pilot, a health, a health, a health to be Merlin to help you. I have encompassed and gathered knowledge that you don't have, oh Suleyman. Just try to understand what this will do the same, what this bird is saying. I also lay man have knowledge of things that you don't have knowledge of.

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This is a king, he's a SAR sovereign. The bird is supposed to be reporting to Solomon Ali Salam. And when it comes to Solomon, it says, I have knowledge of things that you don't have knowledge of I have gathered information that you have not been privy to.

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And that shows you that Solomon, despite the fact that he was such a great king, in terms of power, in terms of sovereignty in terms of Dominion, he was at the same time, a very merciful King, because no person who is a citizen of a tyrannical state would ever dare say such a thing to a king. Right? How would you dare go to a king who you know, happens to be radical? And you tell them man, you don't know. I know.

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This is a bird speaking. And he does that to Solomon, honey, Sarah.

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And then it says immediately, what's that specific knowledge that it has gained? That's when a man doesn't have to come and serve in the never anything, and I am coming to you from Sheba from the land of Yemen. And I'm bringing you news that you don't have and it's very, very certain news. What was that news? I will make it summarized. That news was that this bird had traveled from Palestine because Philly man Elisa dam was in Palestine. It traveled from Palestine all the way till Yemen 1000 More than 1000 kilometers. And in that distance, it must have seen hundreds of things. But this bird it noticed one specific thing that was worthy of mention.

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Most likely this bird had gotten news of the fact that this is happening in another place. So it went to check and what was that? That was that in Chiba there is a queen and she has a people that are all worshiping other than Allah that are all making sujood to the sun, they are prostrating to other than Allah azza wa jal.

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So it came back to Solomon to bring this news to him. That there is a group of people, they are worshipping other than Allah in the land of Allah azza wa jal. And so they need to be guided by you Sulaiman. They need to be directed by you. You need to show your leadership to these people and teach them that they need to worship Allah and none but Allah azza wa jal, so it comes back to Sunni man and it tells them all of this. So the man verifies the news as well. And it says he has his own way of verifying. But I want to just stop at this hood. This is a bird This is not a human being. This bird is keen on ensuring that everyone worships Allah but not anyone but Allah. This bird is so

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interested this is bird is so motivated that it took initiative to find an opportunity to call to Allah azza wa jal

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because when you want hate for this world, you're not going to wait for the opportunity to come to you you will create that opportunity, you will find that opportunity you will go out and opportunities in this world are endless. You cannot always sit around on the sidelines and wait for the opportunity to come knocking on your door just as you go outside to earn your risk to learn your whatever you learn to, to earn that sustenance. Similarly, if you want to do good within this world, you have to go out and look for the opportunities to do that good. This bird did just that it took the initiative. So we have this Nambla. We have this and that showed leadership and it took

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initiative. And we have a bird that showed leadership and it took an initiative as well. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us he literally said bad Rubin Amelie. He said,

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Go and do good actions before a certain group of things. Meaning is telling you to take initiative get up and do something he wants you to do. What only a man who go and do. Allah is always talking telling you to do. So we have to do get up move and halacha to Baraka, as a poet says, and this was the first thing that I said in this message when I came here

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Literally I walked into the masjid. And she she saw me from a distance and he said, You look familiar. Can you give us a talk? This was exactly what happened. I don't even know if he knew my name, but I think maybe he'd seen me somewhere on YouTube or something like that. I don't know. But this was the first thing that I said in the semester a year ago when I came here, and that was the lines of poetry. I remember Shafi where he said that

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in Neeraj a to ruku Dilma, you see to who, in Sahaabah, Ilam Yejide, La Miel, Toby Washam, Sula, work off at filfil, Kedah emitted lamella Hannah swimming, Aurobindo Minaj. Me that I saw that water, when it flows, it ends up purifying but as soon itself, but as soon as it becomes still water, it becomes dirty. There's algae that grows within it. There are bugs that come around it go on a lake that is still

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going to lake that still you see all sorts of bugs and insects and all these things that are sitting on top of the water and have died on top of the water or floating on top of the water inside the water. There's filth and algae, nobody wants to touch that water. But when the water begins to full flow, what happens? It becomes pure water. So you have to get up and move. Imam Shafi is saying if you want to purify yourself, take action take initiative, if you stay in one place, then people as he says, if the sun was to stay in one station for the whole time what would happen is people will get bored of the sun. That's why Allah has made disciples so that there's a sun and the moon you

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don't always get bored of the sun or the moon that way. And this is why you have to move you have to move like this Nambla, UTC the opportunity to lead your people benefit them, save them do it. You see the opportunity like the hood, to call to Allah. This is what we're literally seeking out a Dawa opportunity. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a trophy up to lead in righteousness. Allah hum Amin