Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan With The Quran – Day 14

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The Surah contains five parts, including struggles to attain Phone Law, obtaining kn Crédit, being calm, and not let temper take over. The importance of being happy and not sad is emphasized, along with the need for pride and humility to achieve success in Islam. A personal story about Jesus's call for people to be happy and not sad is also discussed. The holy spirit's weight and the need for pride and humility are also emphasized.
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The last part of this surah is probably the most beautiful one of the most beautiful places in the entire Koran describing the relationship between us and Allah, that will happen on the Day of Resurrection, but actually can begin to happen even now, they can begin to happen even now. And this is one of the most intimate, beautiful places in the Koran. Notice where we are. And I'll explain this at the end in terms of the sequence of the surah it's really divided into five parts. But the first part was about a human being struggling to come close to Allah, by the ritual of what you remember, the ritual of Hajj. And then the middle part was a person who's knifes has not attained

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tranquility, they're turbulent. They're all over the place. They're indulging themselves, they haven't found a light yet. And then the fifth part of the sutra, one, three and five. The fifth part of the sutra, once again is actually those who have attained that tranquility. The first one was attempt to attain that tranquility in this world by by the ritual of Hajj and the last one is actually having attained that tranquility when we meet with Allah. So they've succeeded in attaining that tranquility. May Allah make us all mean a new Fujimoto? Yeah, to Hanif Sumatra, in Oh, literally Ally's addressing it and addressing it in the most dignified way honored, I would add the

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word honored because I yet to her is us, not young enough, send multiple enough because the if the if the monado was there by itself, that's something else yet to her is actually an extension, and the extension is done to actually honor it even more to call its attention even more. You know, when a law speaks, everybody listens on Judgement Day, and the how they say it can be to get the attention, but allow goes out of his way to get the attention of this. Even though he doesn't have to do that. Like he doesn't say yeah, you have Masha, little genuine ends, he says yeah, Mashallah Geneva a gathering of human beings and genuine human beings on judgment day. But here he says, Yeah,

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he had to have nerves and multiple inner meaning he dignifies the nerves and especially calls it this this person, this individual, and then he says about him as my inner. Let me explain what they say it's the tranquil soul. That's how they translate this, right? I don't like the word soul here. We'll say person for now. This tranquil person, this will be a deep conversation, I hope I can wrap it up within 20 minutes. It's a difficult one, but inshallah, if you pay attention, you'll get a lot out of it. But before we go to that, I want to explain the word multiple in a very beautiful, powerful word in the Quran. In our in

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our Intifada, Murphy shall differ, I will is still something that is meant to arise or move something that is actually supposed to be disturbed when you go out of your way to calm it down. You know, like, for example, example, when a child is hyperventilating,

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you know, and then you do something to calm the child down. Then you've given Tama, Nina to the child, you've calmed them down, or if water or the milk was rising, and you turn the stove off and it calmed down. That was stomach Nina, something that was that was meant to arise meant to erupt, and it was settled down. Allah describes the knifes as something that wants to erupt all the time. It has temptations, desires, urges, hungers, appetites, that are constantly waiting to erupt. And when it came before Allah, and it's submitted itself to Allah, Allah gave all of those urges a calm and he settled them down, and he gave him control. Yet to have enough solid water my inner a person

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who was able to remain calm and keep themselves under control, not let their temper take hold of them, or their greed take hold of them or they're less take hold of them. This is the enough signal in other law honors and addresses at the end. How are we going to attain that knifes inshallah, we'll talk about that today. How do you attain that notice that becomes at ease that is not constantly worried about itself that isn't so consumed. But for now, listen to this lg relora bt

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returned back to your hub. Come back to Europe, LG a lot of Viki our journey in humanity began when a lot created us. And when we were created a lot asked us a question allow us to be allowed to become Am I not your Rob? And we said of course you are. And then our souls were taken and put inside of our mothers. And then from there, Allah Tomas abelia. Sarah made the way open for us to come out of our moms. We live this life and our knifes went through all kinds of things. And at the end of it all alesse goes back to where it all began, come back, come back to Europe, if God a lot of beaky and you know we've left everything else behind now, you don't get to take your home with

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you. You don't take your money with you your clothes with you. You don't get to take anything with you. It's just you and a lot that's it. That's all there is is you and Allah and when he calls you What if you leave things behind you worry about the things you left behind. Right I miss you know, when when our kids travel, they say sometimes we miss home, right? And they come home and like I miss I missed this toy, or I missed this or I missed that. We don't want to leave the things behind. We leave

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Loved ones behind, we leave the family behind, we leave homes behind. But when Allah azzawajal calls, Allah says come to your Rob, Rob Eaton. Completely content. You're in a state that you're in. This is the heart of the nerves, content happy. No dissatisfaction, no disturbance whatsoever raw data, meaning you're happy that you come back to Allah, and there's no greater joy that you've experienced. So to najem says this so beautifully will lie on our team as one of the most remarkable things I've ever read about Allah meeting with Allah. He says, Well, I know who

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we are neither because monta. tagawa to the final end is when you go back to Allah, to rob, and when you do, he's the one who makes you laugh. And he's the one who makes you cry. When we meet with Allah, the joy of it will make us laugh. And at the same time, the overwhelming feeling of it will make us cry. Well, I know who else

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this is the this is the power of the meeting with Elias Xhosa. Here he says lovely attend completely content, then he adds because you know, just because you're happy with Allah doesn't mean Allah is happy with you. So he adds Maria. Maria has two meanings, not one more via means there is contentment directed towards you, meaning allies happy with you. The angels are happy with you. Those who love Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is happy with you, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is happy to meet with you out of love, your father is happy to meet with you. And we are meeting with, you know, you're in the company of a body that's coming. So there you go. And you see everybody's so happy

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with you. You know, we love being in the company of those that are content with us. And it's very disturbing and depressing to be in the company of those who despise us, who hate us, who look down upon us who are not happy with us, etc, etc. Unless as Maria but first and foremost, your love himself is happy with you. You know, to give you a psychological impression of these IOD and the emotional impression of these IOD. Sometimes you vive for the acknowledgement of your father. Sometimes some people have a harsh father, no matter what they do father's not proud, no matter how good they got 100 users. I used to get 200

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like you can't be can't be happy. No matter what you do. You got a job as a manager. But at that age, I was a CEO, like you know is never happy with whatever you accomplish. But when that one day, your father comes to you and says I'm proud of you, son. He didn't give you money. He didn't give you a hug. He didn't give you any he didn't give you the inheritance, nothing. He just said I'm proud of you. And you're sitting there bawling like a baby are 39 years old, you're bawling like a baby because your father acknowledged you. There's some people in this in this life whose acknowledgement means everything. It means everything. That's a terrible example I shouldn't be

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giving it but it's in my head and I have to get it out of my system. So I used to watch a lot of Simpsons when I was younger, I suffered a lot I leave. And you know,

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Mr. Burns, his his secretary is always dying for acknowledgment, he's just dying for acknowledgment. Good job, Smithers. And he's like, you know, like, cuz he never gets acknowledgement. But I give you the silly example for a reason. You have finally, Allah who we didn't know if he's happy with us or not. We didn't know what he thinks of us. We made lots of mistakes, we disappointed him plenty. And now he's calling. And as he's calling you towards himself.

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You're really happy that he's calling, but you still don't know his judgment on you. You're happy with him? But is he happy with you, in Monrovia, he tells you that he's happy with you too. And that couldn't make you any happier.

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The second meaning of Nadia is actually to be made happy. It's the passive form to be given joy. And actually both of those things work together. The fact that Allah acknowledges that he's pleased with you could not get there's no greater joy that you could have enjoyed arrabiata Maria and that that you're you're heading towards Allah and you're you're completely allowed the he says further holy, if anybody come on, come on, you enter into the company of my slaves. Come I want to introduce you to them. These are my bad, you know, and now you get to get introduced to those that Allah loves those also who got called By Allah, and those will have the Muslims they'll have the prophets, their

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great followers people we read about we're gonna sit there crying next to Musa alayhis salaam. I read I recited about you. I read about you. We're gonna sit next to those who lost on the lahardee USADA. We're gonna drink from the held for the holy fear a body enter into the company of my slaves, be in the midst of my slaves. And look, this is the highest place you can be in gender.

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And look at the term used. A bad is the lowest term found for any title a human being can hold. Human beings you can have any job or any role, no role or no job you will ever have is lower than what sleeve.

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sleeve is the lowest, it goes

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Nothing goes lower than safe. Okay? And yet what Allah azza wa jal does, is when you are slaves of Allah, this lowest term in the world, there is no higher title. There is no higher title than slave of Allah. fatherhood, if you just become my slave, give up your pride, give up your ego, give up your your, your greed, give all of it up, just become my slave. Humble yourself completely and submit yourself completely and see what ranks Allah raises you to. This is why you notice in the Quran, every time Allah mentions the elevation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Like when he met with him, and when he elevated him, every time he never uses the word Rasool he always uses

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the word out Subhana Allah the Astra Brd for OHA Illa Abbe de Maha, the highest place you can reach the highest mahkamah human being can reach out, even for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we are proud to be I don't people sometimes telling me, you know, slave is not a good term, you should use servant instead. No, I like slave. It's more humiliating. It's it has less dignity in it. And we want to bring no dignity before Allah, you want to bring complete an absolute humiliation before Allah that I'm I'm very happy with the term. It is problematic of a term only because we think of it as slavery to other human beings. To Allah, there is no greater honor. And the reason

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the other reason I don't like service or servant is because service is associated with time and place and job description. If you're serving your company, and you're an accountant, you're not expected to mop the floor. That's not part of the service you provide. And services certain hours, at certain hours, you're a servant, other times you're off. When is the slave a slave? Always and what is the slave job description, anything the Master says, that's us and Allah, we're not servants, the servants is less, we're slaves, and we're honored to be slaves. He says for the holy spirit body. Then he says, What Holy jannetty look at the sequence, I want you to appreciate the

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sequence that's happened here. The first thing he said was, you are pleased with who Allah come towards Allah Himself. The first introduction is to ally himself. That's the greatest gift in the era, the company of Allah and the meeting with Allah and knowing ally is happy with you and you're happy with Allah, that's the greatest gift. The second greatest gift is you get to meet the others who have been who preceded you, and others who've also been made happy by allies origin, philosophy, everybody. And then the third item is what the Holy jannetty entered my agenda. The garden, the palace, the rivers, the spouses, the trees, the drinks, the meat, you know, the all of that stuff.

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third item. The first item was Allah that He saves. And then and only then do these things mean anything. This is a large way of teaching us something. You can have the greatest wealth in the world. You can have rivers and gardens, you can have artificial waterfalls in your backyard. You can have palaces, you can have, you know, a beautiful spouse or great car or you can have all the luxuries that Koran talks about in general. You can get some version of it here. You can get it but it allows companies and their and the company of the righteous isn't there. None of that means anything. None of that's not Jana. That is not Jana for the whole eternity, then what holy Jonathan,

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enter my agenda.

Surah Al-Fajr – Part 2

The last four ayat of Surah Al-Fajr are arguably some of the most beautiful in the entire Quran. In this talk Ustadh Nouman explains the meaning of the “tranquil” spirit that Allah has honored and has asked to return to Him on the Day of Resurrection. This section is also connected with the surah’s opening ayat through its reference to Hajj. That cleansed soul which left everything behind for the sake of Allah, is now in His company, reaping the fruits of an obedient heart that has submitted itself entirely to its creator.

2017-06-09 – Ramadan 2017

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