During Marriage is Horoscope Matching Permitted in Islam

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Rahul again. Thank you for giving me the chance again. And just another question I had in mind. Doctor night coming from India, you would I suppose you know about when it comes to marriages in India, they do horoscope matching before going ahead with the match. I know that this is strictly forbidden in Islam, but I just want to know, is this categorized as shake or is it just mcru and something that you should try and not to get into? We of course know that fatherly horoscope reading the future and the coonley It's a Hindu culture. Is it Shere Khan? Is it Haram in Islam? Is it only simple haram or sharing? It's mentioned the clients from either chapter five or some 90 about

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fortune telling it's Haram. It is prohibited. It is a big sin in Islam.

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Thank you so much.