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The history of Islam is discussed, including the discovery of Islam and the use of the symbol "the nuts" to teach Muslims. The importance of trust in Islam is emphasized, along with the use of symbols to signal the presence of angels and non Muslims. The importance of belief in the end of the day of judgment and the beginning of the day of judgment is emphasized, along with the use of the goddamn eye to find the right person and find the right person for oneself.

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independent. I do want to say you don't want to stop if you don't want to reinforce you know sejati AnnaLena Mayor de la Vela more than one minute live Hello had yellow eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash. Medina Abdullah. So Johanna Deena amla tiempo la Hapa to hottie what are the Mouton Illa? Anta Muslim on? Yeah Johan so takoda Bakuman that they follow Falcone? Nuptse Wahida. will follow up I mean as I would you have a bathroom in homodiegetic 01 is what

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Aluna be he will not have another hurricane Alikum rocky but yeah, you have a denominator hula hula hula felden sadita US Letter from Allah 4 million Filipinos Uber come from a OPI la Rasulullah HuFa the fires of housing Azima Am I back? Of course we are in a hadith of Gibreel. In which the prophets Allah when he was asked

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about an email when he asked about what email he says unto me in a villa, he will melodica to who to be what also the William al Assad will fire the fire he was shot. So this was what the prophet Salam answered in the Hadith. Of course, it's a Muslim, and of course, it's also part of the collection before the Hadith of the Imam.

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Imam I know we and Allah Subhana Allah. You mentioned that the different types of jobs that the prophets have, of course, but amongst the jobs

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also, that are even more prevalent are the angels the job of the angels, and of course you mentioned that Gibreel and he Salam, he is the one that's in charge of why and Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, mankind I do want to Gibreel in who knows Allah Allah polycarbonate, Nila. Whosoever is an enemy of Gibreel fit known as Allah Allah Kabhi Kabhi nila, but surely he revealed it to your heart by the will of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala may gave the job of Revelation. He the head, the person the angel that's in charge of Revelation is Gibreel. And the the Jews of course the Jews, they believed in God, they believed in the angels also that they said, no, no. Gibreel de

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Ville is our enemy.

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Jibreel is our enemy. Our friend is mica aid.

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So they differentiate it between the angels and that's why Allah subhana wa says mankind I do what they do every year in the enemy of mankind. I do want to Gibreel fight Noonas Zawada COVID covered. And Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned that whoever is the enemy of God, and

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indeed he is, of course an enemy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and just like the prophets and messengers of Allah, you believe in all of them that were revealed, because the Jews, they believed in some and they reject some and with the angels, they also did the same. And so ALLAH SubhanA, Allah revealed

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through Gibreel, the books of Allah subhanaw taala, and the only book all the other books before when they will reveal, they reveal to their own the people, as in in one do for I mean, in other words, the whole book was revealed. So the book of Prophet Musa and some torah was revealed in Allah, which are these the tablets that reveal given to Prophet Musa alayhis salam physically

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to be read. And so the other books also were also given by Allah Subhana Allah when he revealed the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed it in stages. So what does it mean that ALLAH SubhanA revealed for example, the Quran and in in latest, right, we said

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in Hamza nahi, Little India will revealed it on latest. So what does that mean then? If Allah revealed it later, but that means the whole thing was revealed, yes, but it was revealed, all of it was revealed, but it was revealed, sent down to the lower heavens, and later to the pilot and from the lower heavens, it came down in intervals. In other words, it came down according to the different situations and circumstances why, to make it easier for the people to memorize and this is one of the things one of the ease that Allah gave to this OMA, Allah Subhana Allah I prefer this OMA even in the method of Revelation. The poor

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It was not revealed all at once. But it was revealed in the ground and gradually, in a period of 23 years, and a period of 23 years, it was revealed. So, it's easier to remember why, because it was revealed during certain circumstances to also teach the Muslims in teaches OMA lessons. So the Quran and the Sierra and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu ARTIK are together, because the Quran was revealed during different situations and how why is it? Why is it we really like that? Because it's, it makes it easier for us also, you know, when the big things happen, right? When major events happen, you remember it very well. You remember it very well. There are some things some people who

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like in sports, right? They like sports, if their team wins, like, let's say their team wins the World Cup. They know exactly what they were doing on that day and where they were. Right? If something happens, like, you know, some major event, war, something in your family, like the birth of your children, and so forth, what day where were you? Do you remember that any random day? Do you remember? Like, if I told you last year, January 14, do you remember what happened? But if I were to ask you on September 11, is where were you when that happened? Do you remember it? You remember where you were? What you were doing?

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You remember, everybody remembers what happened? Why? Because it's connected to an event. So anytime the verses of the verses are connected to all of these events, and they will reveal they're a part of these events. And that's why I asked you about any anything that happened to date. For example, you remember that date very well, when it's a major date. You don't forget it. And so when these verses were revealed, in certain distance, different circumstances, it was a mercy to this old man as mercy to the prophets of Allah as into the Companions into us. And so even the method of Revelation, in which Allah subhanaw taala revealed, is a method that in and of itself is also a

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miracle. And so last Subhana Allah mentions of course Neza levy hero, I mean, politically takuna middle moody, really sad in Arabi movie in Allah subhanho wa Taala says, It came down be a rural I mean a Rohan I mean, the the trustworthy al Amin is trustworthy. The trustworthy soul with Jupiter who is Gibreel Allah Palumbi. Kalitta Khun, Amina Moon Lillian, so that you can be amongst those who can give warning be recited in Arabi and mobian and so, Prophet. So,

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the angel Jibreel of course is in charge of we mentioned a revelation the angel

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mica is in charge of a pattern and that is of course,

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you know, rain and and wind and the growth and so forth. And we mentioned also Israel field is a field is in charge of blowing the horn and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, okay if I'm How can I feel comfortable with so he will pardon but in the end the one who has the the trumping by the by the stop karma karma will Hannah Geppetto and indeed, he has already held that the trumpet, what does the trumpet look like? Allahu Allah, and he is already he's already lowered his his jab Ha, his forehead already down, when he's ready to blow, and whatever I use and Allah and also he's waiting for when he is told to do so. And so, the companions are they heard this, they said, gave an

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Akula Yasunaga. So but what do we say? What do we say? Like if this is the situation anytime he can blow it, what do we say? Whoo husband Allahu anamod will kill. While Allah Allah he will say husband, Allah, Allah, it's enough Allah is enough for us. When yet men will kill and what a

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what is? What a wonderful

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trust, some wonder, the one who you put your trust in? How great is the one you put your trust and while Allah heatable Kozma and upon Allah who put our trust in and so Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned when you feel happy so and when the trumpet is blown for facades by Memphis Emirati women fell off, and everybody will just

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Sarika means where they will be. They'll faint or they will just go down, falling down. They will just fall

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To the ground, all of that which is in the heavens, and the earth, and the heavens and the earth and then Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah Masha Allah except for those whom Allah Subhana Allah wills so menoufia huffy o Ra, and then it will blow in again for either home the young rune they will be, they will come out, standing looking around, right, so with the blowing of the horn also comes, comes up again. Right and so the blowing of the horn of course, if he's blowing the horn, that who is

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who is who's left

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because everyone dies.

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And then Allah subhana takes us so also and also the one who is in charge of taking the soul of course we mentioned is, is medical mode, that's the angel molecule mode is the angel of death. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions him only as the prophet so long as some does not mention him by name. Well Yet Allah Falco Malakal motility will killer become so May Allah be controlled your rune will yet have alpha come say it is the one who takes your soul away and makes you die is the angel of death, Allah they will kill or become the one who has given the responsibility over you. And then and responsibility over The Taking of the soul of course, from that you will become total Geron and

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then you will return to your Lord and Allah Subhana Allah Allah also mentioned, Hector Elijah had a common mouth there Welford who Rousseau, Luna, and then Hatta era Jaya had Akuma and then when death comes to you, they will refer to Rousseau Luna, the one who takes the soul and cause you to die is our messenger. Who is it? Who is it the these are the, the the angels will Humla you factory tune and they never write, they never fail. In other words, they you know, when you when you do something, you tell something to do somebody, you tell you tell someone to do something, sometimes they're able to accomplish it. Or they were they might not be at the competition with the angels. If

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they're ordered to do something, they're also given the power to do so. They always accomplish, what Allah subhanaw taala tells them to do. And of course, there are many angels. And this one, this is one, this is another benefit of believing the angels and the angels. There are many angels that that they themselves, they protect the believers. They protect the believers. They protect the believers. And when the believers are sleeping, they protect the believers when the believers are awake. They protect the believers in all circumstances. Allah subhanaw taala

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says so well MIPCOM man esaral Allah, woman Jaha Robbie. It's the same whether a person keeps to himself what he says, Woman, Jehovah, he or whoever proclaims that openly. Well, men who are most stuff and believe, and also those who try to hide and secretly at nighttime was hard. It wouldn't be too hard or one who goes out in the open in the daytime Lahoma Aktiva two men membrane ad women hold up. There are more active ads. These are the ones who follow you. And then these are the angels who are with you. In front of you and behind you. Yeah Faloona, whom in amarilla. They will protect him from the affair of Allah subhanaw taala wherever it happens, a lot of hand if Allah sends angels to

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protect by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. Those who remember Allah, those who make the kid, Allah sent angels, how do you get these angels? You know there? How do you get the angels by remembering Allah by reciting out courtesy before you go to sleep? By going out when remembering Allah saying the DUA Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you with whom Aktiva two min benei a day Hillman Halevi Yafa Luna home in amarilla. Alamo attiva to mean Allah whom will melodica Allah Activa those who follow up they Machiavellianism follow up? Those who follow up on you from Allah subhanho wa Taala they are the angels yeah for doing the human baleia human philosophy for either

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God or Allah hater, Allah, hello and who they protect you. But then when Allah decree something that seems to happen to a server, then they leave them alone.

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So what happens? They're always protecting you. Unless Allah Subhana Allah says, no, no, this is the time that you let it go. Let him go. So there are there there might be certain times that you might get into an accident, the angels like oh, no, they don't know what's decreed. By default. They protect and then there will come a time when they were about to protect you. The law says no, no, this is the time for him die. And this is the timeframe this is this has been

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decreed for him. Otherwise, they're like they're always there. Were Optiva to him benei a de human holiday. So Subhanallah to believe in that also, you put your trust. And how many times have you been in a car? So how many times? Have we been in a car? Then you said Subhanallah that was this cos I was this close. And I was this close. And sometimes you're like, how did I turn my steering wheel back so quickly? And he was the angels who helped, you know, maybe the angels went to the other car and slow down the other way. How many times? Like there's so many times so many things. I remember just coming here. The last time it was snowing. I was driving up this road here, behind the

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interval. I was driving, driving, driving. And all of a sudden, I hear I hear sound I hear.

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And I have no idea what it is. I thought it was something wrong with my car. And then I'm I all of a sudden I see a big tree fell right behind me about maybe three feet away from hitting my car.

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And because I could hear that, I can hear the tree crashing already. They were here just a few you know, just last time it wouldn't last time it snowed over here Subhanallah

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like the tree, and I didn't know what happened until I looked back. And then they came back to check again. And they were clearing the tree. Already. It was like it was maybe three feet away from my car. Right when I passed it, it went down. I said Subhan Allah like so there are times in which you say well, this definitely you know the angels we don't see them. But Allah subhanaw taala sends them to protect his servants. And of course,

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given also of course we said there are angels that are in the grave. As the Prophet saw a lot as I mentioned about mancha their names are monka and Nick here from a Hadith from Abu Huraira. He said either to the Royal Navy to our Paula

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L oh god, I had to come. I tell him Malecon as well done. As Rapana you call only Medina al monka will offer

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Nicaea when a person is buried

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when when one of you berries.

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There are two angels at that whole Malecon. There are two angels to dark black. And they're like dark to the to the point where you feel as though Ponton bluish type bluish dark, you call the Idema. So this is of course this this color. This is very, very scary. You can't even look the profit somebody just mentioned. That's why then as the record, like these are two angels that are black and blue. Why is it black and blue? But you know,

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you don't you beat somebody up

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when you beat somebody up and they have what is their I turned to black and what else what color is it actually? You beat him till he's black and blue. That's what you say, right?

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You beat somebody until he's black and blue.

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Because that is the color of punishment.

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Black and Blue. When you get beat up you turn black and blue.

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These are the two angels and they come and it's scary. It's scary. Even the color is as scary as possible.

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The scariest It's not red.

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It's not red, black and blue. That's the scary color.

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You call it the idea monka will run at Nicaea for you for your colon and then they will say of course McEntee the whole he has a logic What did you use to say about this man? And of course they're shown the prophets of Allah Azza Kulu mechanical for your whole mechanic who who are Abdullahi rasuluh. So those who are believers they used to they'll say whatever they used to say in this life, that he is a servant of Allah, that the Prophet Muhammad's Allah is a servant of Allah and His messenger. And I had to Allah Allahu, Allahu Allah, Muhammad Abdul who would have sold. I testify. So the believer was at testify there is no deity worthy of worship, except Allah and

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Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. Now, how are the non Muslims supposed to know this?

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Right? How are how are the numbers I'm supposed to know this. Note that the prophets of Allah because every person who is buried will be asked about the Messenger of Allah Allah violators of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu herself. Why? Because everyone

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in this world,

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the Prophet Solomon said lair sama Oviya, who do you well Anna surani.

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So Mala you may be in the cannabis habit now. Nobody hears about the profit center

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A lot of us are in this life.

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Nobody hears about him, and doesn't believe in him, except that he'll be amongst the Jews or Christian, except that he'll be amongst the people to hellfire. That means it has reached them. But they didn't believe in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the message of the Prophet similar reached them. So on the day on in the grave, they will be asked, What did you use to say concerning this person? And of course, those who will say, those who believers, they will say, what they're supposed to say that he's a prophet of. He's a Prophet, Messenger of Allah and the servant. And those who do not know, they say, ah,

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Lana de nada de la Audrey, I don't know, I just followed whatever people said, I just did what people said, I just follow them, whatever. They said, I did whatever they said. I said, in other words, he would just fall in the crowd everyone was saying, so that's what makes it well, Fox told me that, that the Muslims were this and that, that Islam was this and that I was following them. I was just following the people everyone's had. Everyone used to say that about Islam, what the Muslims about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And so, that's why they're asked because when the message reached him, did they listen and did they follow? And of course, there are angels that are in charge of the guard. They guard the doors of Paradise, and and to hellfire. Allah Subhana Allah says, we'll see Palatina tekota Bahama Illa Jannetty zoom aura Zoomerang what was he collecting the takoda bomb? Il Jannette is umara and Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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bring the believers who used to fear the Lord to Jana, they will be brought to Jana in groups had to either jail or food he had Ebola will call Allah whom has an heir to her. And so the the gatekeepers of Jana, they will say, Salam and Allah complete with him for the Hulu Holiday Inn. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be upon your labor to play button.

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In other words, you know, Baba means be happy, please. It's like, you know, like when you say somebody when when when you're eating, right? Yeah, like, enjoy. Enjoy your food. What did they say bon appetit, right? Like, enjoy your place. This is your stay. Enjoy your stay here. Enjoy your stay here. This is a play button. By the Hulu intimate. Harley Dean. You don't want people welcome you like you go to a fancy restaurant.

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Excuse me, Mr. So and so. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Like enjoy your stay here because this is forever for you. And the Muslims. That will be the first day in which there will be no more hardships and no difficulties afterwards. And the angels are the ones who are welcoming the believers. The angels are there to welcome the believers and the opposite, of course, is the others in the angel. What is the aim the name of the angel? And which you hear all the time?

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The gatekeeper of Jannah which is named

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red one. What is that? Well, we hear

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Ridwan Jana red one is correct. That's what's this what people say people mentioned that his name is sort of one, but there are a lot of there's nothing amongst the Hadith. That's a high that's authentic. That mentions that his name is sort of one and in the and the, the, the name that's mentioned in the Quran. And the Sunnah, is of course

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is husband, he has an agenda has an agenda. Right? So this is the one who the gatekeeper, that's the name and there's no specific name that we know of, that has come to us

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from a hadith. That's, that's okay. And they are, there are some Hadith

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you know, there are some Hadith, but the Hadith that mentions, of course, that his name is Ridwan, and these Hadith are they have

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weaknesses and in other words, major weaknesses and, and so what do we say? We just say the weak Hadith. And so we stick with the name

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that's mentioned

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in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And of course,

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there are so many angels, right the angels also that give glad tidings. Allah Subhana Allah has these angels they give glad tidings to the believers. You know when

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non Muslims, right non Muslims when they are indeed people in this world, when they go places, there are always people who follow them. People who greet them, people who take care of them. But we don't realize that the believer Allah subhanho wa Taala gives each believer, a Muslim, better than any other, any other non Muslims. So those people who you know have on social media, they have all those followers, don't worry, we got many more followers.

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I believe one who loves Allah subhana, WA whom Allah loves. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the whole of the whole of those in the heavens in the earth, right? All the angels, know him by name.

00:25:49--> 00:25:53

They know you by name, because Gibreel is ordered to announce.

00:25:54--> 00:26:24

Say that Allah Who loves so and so also all of you love him also. And they will be accepted for him on Earth. So Subhan Allah, all the angels, remembers how many angels every there is not a single area on the face of this earth between between here and the heavens and earth, an area for span for finger, an area that much except there's an angel prostrating making sujood Oracle, and they all know you by name.

00:26:26--> 00:26:32

They all know you by name. And the believers, those who teach not only the angels,

00:26:33--> 00:26:35

the fish in the ocean know You,

00:26:36--> 00:26:38

the ants, they know you

00:26:39--> 00:26:46

that are crawling on the ground, we might not know. But Allah Subhana Allah, Allah makes you very famous. And so you want followers.

00:26:48--> 00:27:26

You want likes on social media, and the love of Allah Subhana Allah, and you have more than anyone can even imagine. One that anyone can even imagine. So knowing this, gives a Muslim makes the Muslim happy. Like you don't look for approval of other people, you don't look for your likes, on your posts, in social media, or accept on your friends, you know, other people and so forth. In society, you're worried about your relationship between you and Allah, right, and you and the creation of Allah in terms of being good to them, having good manners and being kind and being nice, being nice to them.

00:27:28--> 00:27:43

And, of course, there are angels that blow the, you know, the soul into the, into the womb, and this, who puts puts the soul into the womb, and that's when a person becomes a man.

00:27:45--> 00:27:59

Whether that person is going to be rich or poor, or whatever it is this that he has, everything will be written in that time. Allah subhana, Allah also has angels, that do that. And also, there are angels, of the,

00:28:00--> 00:28:25

the angels of the mountains also. So anything that can happen, ALLAH SubhanA makes something happen, that the angels will happen also, they will call in the angels are there. So there are angels of the mountain. And then angels, of course, that carry the option of Allah subhanho wa taala. And so there are many angels. But one thing to know about the angel is Allah says, Die Soon Allah Hannah amerihome

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they do not disobey Allah in what in that which Allah has ordered him to do, and they do that which they have been ordered to do. In other words, they have no choice except to obey Allah subhanaw taala that with humanity, we have a choice between obedience and disobedience. And that's why when we become obedient, our status will be higher than the angels. And if we're disobedient to Allah, then our status becomes worse. Then the animals worse than the animals even. And so there are many Hadith also in sha Allah, you know the, about some of the angels. And also, as I mentioned, we're going to speak about also the books of Allah subhana wa Tada. What, what kind of belief we have

00:29:11--> 00:29:38

concerning the books of Allah, and the information that they have there in? Well, we believe that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the books, the different books to the other prophets and messengers and what before? And what's the difference between a prophet and messenger? Some people say that a messenger is someone who has a book, and a prophet is one who doesn't. This is what some people mentioned, but that's also Allah Subhana Allah knows best but the stronger opinion is not that

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it's not that they have a book or not have a book, right? The difference is, A prophet is sent to a people who believed in him already. So the first prophet is who

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Prophet Adam Allah He set up because Prophet Adam Alayhis Salam

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all the history

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All the people who has children, his progeny, his children in terms of during his lifetime, there are Muslims. There are Muslims, he doesn't have to call them to Islam. He doesn't have to call into the belief in Allah. They all believe in Allah. So those who are sent to those who already who believe in them already, and they don't object to his message, they are called prophets Nebby and the one who is sent to people who rejected them. And they're non Muslims. They are Rasul. And that's why the first messenger is who, who is a winner rasool

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Allah, He said, Why? Because that's the first time that people started coming here, that first time when people started communicating, so ALLAH SubhanA sent all of these books. But the final book is the book of Allah subhanaw taala, the Quran, Al Quran And Kareem. And so this book, as I mentioned, was revealed and Leila to powder in Ramadan, in the month of Ramadan. And this was revealed to the lower heavens and from then from there, it gradually revealed in a span of 23 years.

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So what does that mean? That means

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try to memorize the Quran, you don't have to be in a hurry. Some people just want to memorize the whole of the Quran quickly,

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quickly, without really putting it to practice without really memorizing it well, but try to memorize it and try to learn the verses. Try to put it into practice. Take it little by little, take a little by little be consistent every day, or every day a verse or two. But when you learn a verse, make sure you learn it well and learn the rulings in relation to that also, that's why the Companions, they used to be 10 Verse at a time 10 verses, then they would move on to the next 10 And they would not go on to the next 10 until they knew the junctions in junction then halal and haram. And they knew the meanings and so forth. So memorize it, well recite it correctly, and memorize it

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because when you recite it correctly the Quran when you recite it correctly, who are you with?

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You are with the noble Angels, noble scribes,

00:32:08--> 00:32:19

the earlier with the noble Angels in terms of your position and status. So inshallah we're going to end it tonight Inshallah, tomorrow, next week, we'll continue again with

00:32:21--> 00:33:00

with the books of Allah subhanaw taala, and the A and the prophets and messengers of Allah subhanaw taala what it what it means to believe in Allah. And so remember we are in the hadith of Gibreel, still still and took me to villa with spoke about the belief in Allah. When Mala Hickety were called to be heroes holy, and then we're going to speak about what yo Medaka and then we'll put that in here shortly. So there are many things, all of these every single one of this is very, these are very, very important. These are very, very important, believe in Allah, and then believe in the angels and then the prophets. Why did angels first because through the angels, the revelation comes

00:33:00--> 00:33:31

through, can they come with the book, the book goes to the prophets and messengers of Allah. And of course after that, we believe in the end the day of judgment, so we'll be speaking about all of these aspects what it means to believe in Allah to be the angels, the books, the prophets, the Day of Judgment, Yamanaka and other also very, very important brother. So we will be speaking about all of that inshallah every Sunday in sha Allah. So again, we'll ended right here so the hammock Allah who will be handing cash