What does Allah Want from Me

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yeah you have Latina Armineh This is to everybody young and not very young brothers and sisters in turn Sorolla young soul calm, where you with a bit Akadama calm if you give victory to Allah, Allah who will give you victory and he will keep you steadfast

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and when you read this you say I you us will give Allah victory. What does that mean?

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The real believer, those who obey Allah categorically and and obey your Rasul Allah salatu salam, thus what he wants from you and me.

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I do this on daily basis. I don't do it and today Masha Allah to Baraka Allah look at the masjid

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and I'm sure if the people of Gaza will see this. They will be so good. Is this people who feel for them? But is this Masjid in Fedor the number? These are the numbers

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in tonsil Allah Yan saath kaam

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is my relationship and your relationship with the Quran the same way in Ramadan?

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No. And I don't want to take too much of the time. But I'm gonna end up with a hadith of Rasul Allah salatu salam, some of you may know it, and he predicted this.

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This is actually one of his miracles Ali salatu salam, he predicted the future. And this is Hadith actually, in Abu Dawood, narrated by Taliban said that the DA Ali Khan will woman come out at the DA UCLA to Allah Casa nations, we attack you

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pay attention to this, this is the word of Myra Sulan yours, nations will attack you. The same way when the hands more than one person. The hands all jump on a plate.

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One, William Xang Allah La who means Sadovaya do we can Mahabharata calm and Allah will strip the honor and the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies. They don't care about us. And you feel this through.

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And then they looked at him and says your Roswaal Allah, Allah ha one of them says, Why?

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Why are we fewer numbers? That's how they thought. Few and they will be more. That's how they lived. And he said no. color

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to the corner Nona Kathy. You will be plenty 1.4 or 5 billion Muslims in this earth.

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Will our kinako count without sale? You will be like the scum. The scum poured the fall of the ocean.

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And he said a sobre como el Wuhan. This is the painful one. And I want everyone myself number one. When you go home today. Ask yourself this. And if the answer is yes, how will I change it?

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He said Asaba como Juan, you became weak. One is when the person human being gets older age everything is weak. And then he explained it is not about age.

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Hubbard dunya ACARA tournament. Your love this dunya

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he predicted it Subhanallah Imagine if he is now with us. Probably he will say I told you.

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I told you.

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You will love dunya and you hate to die is not you hate to die. You don't even want to think about it, let alone prepare for it.