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grace and mercy of Allah subhana wa tada we will be completing the first third of the punch Allah will be completing 10 just tonight, and a part of today's presentation we recited sort of the Toba.

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One day of work it has to do with your loved one. He was sitting with a group of companions and he asked him as anyone sitting here memorize sutra, tala, so one of the companions, he raised his hand, he said, Yes, I have it memorized. So to say that I've worked with your loved one and said to this person, read it too. So he started reading from the beginning of October, but also a little sweaty, and he kept reading, I, uh, after I after I, uh, until finally he came to the ayah 11. So

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it's been a couple tawnya thing is,

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if your food is off up here, in the llama, when it came to this verse, a blocker Siddiq, I get a lot of wine, he lowered his head and he started crying. He cried so much. He cried so much in the companions ever sitting there, they asked him, okay, why are you crying? He said, I was the socket. And Asahi boohoo. Now, what is I talking about? It refers to the incident where the pockets of a lot of money was spent on was in migration. 53 years of oppression in macoco. And there was no one that was showing love to the poverty level. It was from a common karma, there was pure hate and abuse. He went to five pure hate and abuse as a senior from Sahaba. Were living there. But the purpose of a

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lot of modernity was someone sort of the heart he was sort of wanted to focus on diseases at first he went the first one focus on the Arabian Peninsula. So now the problem is that a lot while he was there was waiting, who will take us in who will take us in and then a group of people who had an open heart and we're loving people who came from Medina, they came for the season of heist, they invited the prophets of Allah, Medina Malala, the companions, we're going to migrate in bunches in small groups. And the problem is that a lot of it was that it was waiting for his turn.

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When permission is granted, the promise of a lot of it was that he starts off the migration and his companion to save the loved one that people have macoco when they find out that the Prophet is migrating, they become so frustrated that they put a bounty on the head of the prophets of Allah while he was anyone that brings him back to Mocambo karma 100 capitals 100 camels was a price that was beyond value in those dates, a value of capital today is valued at $1,000 Plus, that was $100,000 there was nothing that the McCain market sold that was worth $100,000 that was enough for you and your generations to come and obviously the commodity of a camel was so much more The price

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was so much more than you know you had like the like the to dos which was like the donkeys right. Then you have the Fords, which are like horses, then you had the Ferraris that you know the camel these were the highest form of transportation people used to take old off them and and praise them so much. Every young man is in the streets

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of Mocambo karma, every pathway that leads to Medina they're searching everyone, because this is their chance to become a millionaire. All the mothers are sending their kids out all the wives are sending their husbands out saying go out and make us a millionaire, you have a chance if you catch your first

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one, he's with the progress of a lot of money. Now, geographically is south of Medina. If you look at a map, you will realize MCI South Medina is dark. So the migration should be in the direction of North. But as soon as the migration starts abubaker tells the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a messenger of Allah, if we go north, they're going to catch us because we can outrun them. You know, the prophet said a lot while he was telling us how old at this time.

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And his bodyguard is competiting How old is he?

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61 years old. If I was to tell you, there's a 53 year old man on flex from Makoto Medina. And his bodyguard is 51 years old, what would you say that's a fail operation, both are gonna complain my legs hurting, my head's hurting, I need my diabetes injection, I need this, I need that they're gonna be complaining about neck strings. But here he says to the populace, and our listener would love rather than was going north. Let's pull them and let's go south, let's go the opposite direction. So the opposite of our new set of agrees and they go the opposite direction. And when they're going in the opposite direction. What happens is that some of the people that maka, they

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think that they're fooling us, and they're going in opposite direction. So if you're going to follow, I work with a lot more and at some times while walking with a prophet, he would walk way ahead, and sometimes would go way behind and sometimes you'd go extremely to the right and sometimes extremely to the left. And the Prophet would ask him, oh boy, why are you doing this? Why don't you stand next to me. He said, The Messenger of Allah, Allah has given me the responsibility to deliver you to Medina. And if that means to search for the enemy in front of behind, right and left, I will make sure I search for them and if anyone comes towards you, they're going to have to go over me

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before they reach you. I will appreciate

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You know what I would I live alone. And the purpose of a loved one he was seven he prays to God a lot more. So you know, when you think about it, what was it that made the Prophet choose a Baba as his companion, and it wasn't a strength because we all know from the human body, he was a very slim man, he was so thin that his pants could sit on his waist, he would slide down all the time in a very thin waist, see was a slim person. And

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you know, he was an older man, there were younger companions like Adi who are so much younger and he was there that day as well. But the prophet chosen Rebekah, why did he choose abubaker. So this father is a tea there are two things about aboubaker that were very special. The first thing was an absolute and match to love for the purpose of love.

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No one could match them and look at the problems that alone will do. So one of the parts of it was that I was sitting in the gathering. And he said to the companions, there are three things I love very dearly. I love fragrance. I love a pious wife. And the coolness of my eyes is in sala de sala

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de la one was sitting there, he raised his hand, he said, Our messenger of Allah, can I tell you three things. I love the properties that go ahead. He said, I love sitting here looking at your beautiful face. I love working all day and then bringing all of my money home and I love spending all of it on you. And I take pride in saying that my daughter Ayesha is the wife of Muhammad Salah.

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You know, the historians, they say that when the Prophet was born, he was born abortion, no father.

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Then Six years later, he's holding his mother's hand while she passes away. And then two years later, he's next to his grandfather, when he passed away. It's it's all of his family was taken away. You know, in a family, there's a father and mother, they have one child, only, the parents always worried My child is going to be lonely, what have you played with. But here not only was there anybody but the parents themselves weren't there. I mean, which of the lowest father wouldn't want to hold his child's hand and play with him on the playground, if I knew my son was to be a prophet, hypothetically, I would want to be there for the toughest times in his life. So I could

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take the stones of five before they would hit my son. But here allows me to make a sacrifice that your your son is a prophet, but you won't get to see him in the dunya. And Amina has made to make a sacrifice that your son is a prophet, but you won't see him till the age of maturity. And the Grandpa, the one who named him, he says, if he's being told your grandson is gonna be a prophet, but he won't be there to support him and hear the audience that was born without him. But the scholars, they say, we're alone took away family members of the purpose of audio system, he replaced them with this hub.

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And now, it's like a father to the Prophet where he's saying, I want to earn all day and spend my money on you. And he's making statements like a mother would say that a messenger of love. You know, I love sitting here looking at your beautiful face all day. That's something a mother would say to her child. And he's like a brother to the Prophet where you say, and I'm proud to say my daughter is your wife, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad said, allamani the spirits were taken away. But then the Sahaba came into our city for the long run. He's traveling with them during the migration, the enemy is catching up. They're going south now. And this plan can also be busted. So he says, The Messenger

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of Allah, if they keep following us, they're gonna know two pairs of footsteps and they're gonna catch us. So I have a plan. Why don't you jump on jump on my back in one day, the other one is in the market, he was doing some business, and he bought something from us it would have your loved one. When you bought it from him. He says to him, that can you ask your son Bharat to carry this load back home for me. So as it said that I'll tell I'll ask my son to do it. But before I asked him to do it, you have to tell me how you did it in migration. He said how to do what he said today, you can't carry this bag, but just a few years ago, the story is that you carry the profit on your

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shoulders all the way up the cave until fully

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so that your loved one said you want to hear the story. Let me tell you how I went that day. If I said a lot while he was set up, I lifted him on my shoulders. And I carried the practice of law while he was sitting all the way up the mountain today. If you go and you look at the top of the mountain, your neck will hurt. Right? And he's carrying imagine that adrenaline rush, you can get caught any moment. The most tense scene of any action movie you've seen in your life is nothing compared to the scene because this is real. This is not a joke. This is history on the shoulders of a Booker, simply go to your loved one. No one's ever carried in the history of mankind. Such a big

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burden on his shoulders is the profits of a loved one instead. And he has to be a good rock, he has to be a good climber because if he sits what's gonna happen?

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The planet falls, he has to have good stamina, good strength, and he's carrying away the pockets of a loved one instead of when he reaches the top of the mountain who should be tired at the bottom of the profit.

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bucket. Right? His awesome novella, there's a key here before we go in, let me first secure to make sure there's nothing that will harm you. He cleans the cave up. So my opinion of the oma cinderblock coming up. Then he says oh messenger Allah, you must be tired. Why don't you go to sleep? You know, he's the one that should be tired. But

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the purpose of the law instead of sitting on the park line at abubaker sky, and it looks different. The last one is just enjoying those special moments because he's the only one that can make that claim other than the lives of the partners.

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A lot of money was sent him that he spent three days and three nights only him and the profit indicate only him to the profit of the cake. And then after this, you know, Allah subhanaw taala. He mentioned that what happened was that actually the Hadith mentioned that I'll put it afterwards. What happened during this period was the people that karma somehow caught up, and they came right outside the cave. Now the suspense is only increasing, the density is only increasing of what you can see they're climbing the mountain as hard as beating and they're getting closer and closer until the point where they're standing right outside and stay there. If your loved one himself says in a

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narration, I had never been scared in my life. Other than that one moment. That was the one moment that I was really scared. Other than that, other than that moment, I had never been scared of my life. I had never tasted fear. But that moment when they were outside, my heart was thumping. And I was so scared. I said a messenger of a lot, what is going to happen, and there are lots of kind of without intervenes. A loss of how that reveals this is this is Abu Bakar heard that day instead of crying, because it reminded him of the old days, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 12 years ago, what is the

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time yesterday in the home, I feel of it the food. Remember that moment when they were sitting together in the cave, only two of them, and he whispered in his companions here, what's gonna happen to us, we're in trouble. And the pirates have a lot more of a spirit back to him. That doesn't in the llamada. Don't grieve, don't be worried because Allah Subhana Allah is with us today. And this is what we see that a lot one, a very special person, one day a person came to your loved one in

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you are better than

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105 back to this person saying, like in my entire life cannot match to one night in one day. And

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the night that I refer to is the night that he held the prophet in his lap while they were in the cave of folk. He said the day that I referred to is the day the Prophet passed away, and the people were on the verge of leaving Islam. And Abu Bakar gave one of the most powerful speeches that day. And he saved from leaving Islam. One day in one night of Abu Bakar my entire life cannot match. One day I showed you a loved one who was lying with the purpose of the love while he was in. And she asked the Prophet said they were looking into the stars together. And she asked the Messenger of Allah, is there anyone in the world whose deeds match the number of stars in the sky? The Prophet

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said, Yes, there is. I just said Who is it? His response was?

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So then I showed him a little sad. She went quiet. The Prophet asked her I said, weren't you talking anymore? She said, I'm missing a lot. I knew you were gonna say someone's name. But I was hoping that name would be my father, or not Allah. The Prophet said, almost entire life cannot match one night of Abu Bakar. Because the man was someone who was selfless. He's sitting in a cave, and he imagined this just to live, the prophet can see he's allowing the feminine, the venom of the snake flow through his mind. Because he doesn't want the prophet to be disturbed in the sea, and the snake is biting the whales. But you guys know the narration, very common narration. And then the offseason

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puts us alive on his foot. He was a person who loved the progress of a lot of audio instead of so much, right. And his love wasn't only in his heart, it was in his actions. He was just like the Prophet and the actions to one of the parts that a lot of audio said was sitting in a gathering, you know, when he was be claimed without the Prophet button actions were at zero. When the Prophet was sitting in the bathroom, he said, who is fasting from amongst you? who raises his head?

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who visit a stick today? Who isn't? And then

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he said, who follow the burial today who raises an ad blocker? He said, and the Prophet continued to ask the question, every question he asked, the only person that raises him in the gathering was

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to him, it wasn't only an internal feeling, but it was actually actions to he was and this wasn't a day that he knew the Prophet was going to ask. This was just a normal day in his life. He did all of the good deeds, different aspects, different good deeds about them into himself. He was a very special person, you know, I just want to fast forward to the day, seven o'clock Pacific with your loved one actually passed away. When he had taken a bath One morning, and after taking a bath, his hair became very wet. And what is his hair became what it caused him to catch maybe some sort of fever or some sickness. Well, a lot of the scholars they say that it was some kind of illness that

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he got into because of the wetness on his body and the cold weather. And he became ill, and he had been sick for a few days. One morning, he woke up and he asked Aisha, what day is it today? She said, It's Monday. So then he said, Hamdulillah, maybe Allah subhana wa tada will even give me death on the same day might have you've had a step above. And above actually, for your loved one at the age of 63. exactly two years after the Prophet, he passes away on a Monday as well. The scholars will say no one can match the rank of one of the values that have walked in the machine. And in his right hand was in the habit of luck, and his left hand the head with Obama was there. And then when

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they walked into the machine, that was how they were sitting there. They said, We looked at them and we all started smiling because the three of them look

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Like, he looks so beautiful. And the Prophet said, We are things like this in the world and we will be resurrected because somebody adjustment. Allah subhanaw taala give us all the focus and ability to have the love that

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the laws would that allow us to have the image and say that I've looked at the loved one, but must allow us to be truthful and every aspect of our life and also be deserving of the title has to do with data.