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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Nabeel Karim? Allah Allah He was heavy in.

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In Alhamdulillah mucho en esta esta Fierro. Minami La, la haematuria and fusina woman CEO Dr. Molina, Maria de la palma de la familia de la Ahmedabad for kottakkal Allahu taala. Ronnie Majeed.

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Yeah you Hola, Dina,

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of the realities of life and everybody has to come to terms with is that life is a test. And each and every one of us will be tested in different ways.

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But there's a misconception that many of us have. And that misconception is that every test, which

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we commonly throw around this phrase, in number alpha, through the use of

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a verse of the Quran that we must translate as after hardship companies.

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And because of this mistranslation, we have this idea in our mind that after every difficulty, there will definitely be a period of use.

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But the reality is that there are two types of tests that are tested within this world.

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The first are the short term test things that happen, they take a few days, take a few months, it may take a few hours, only the test is over life goes back to normal after difficulty kidneys. But there is another type of test that everybody has to go through. And that is a test that lasts a lifetime.

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And if we go through these types of tests, expecting after our difficulty and ease, that we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. So what I want to focus on today is eight steps for dealing with those kinds of tests that lasts a lifetime. What do I mean by the kinds of tests that lasts a lifetime? Reality is not everybody. Not every test is going to end in our lifetime. If someone is born with a physical condition, that cannot be healed, that test will last a lifetime. If somebody develops a chronic illness, and there's no cure for it, that test is going to last a lifetime. If somebody is widowed, if somebody is often, very often these tests affect you for the rest of your

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So we shouldn't be telling people that whenever you go into real life, there is going to be easy update. There is not always easy update. Now one of the great Sahaba

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who was tortured in Makkah.

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Later on when the Muslims took over Iraq and Syria, he was standing there instantly. And he was thinking about another hobby. And he began to feel sad. And he began to feel sad. He said that's the hobby never got to experience this. He was thinking about boost up even omega booster even omega converted to Islam in Makkah. And he was the person, the first person the prophets lawyers have ever put on a mission to do the same thing to Medina to do Tao. And because of Musab even aware, Medina became an Islamic land, the people that needed Amanita converted to Islam, and the Prophet Solomon was able to migrate to Medina. But then the battle Ohio takes place and was able to mail is Martin.

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And he does not even old enough to cover his entire body. And so 20 or 30 years later, his friend thinks about him and says he never got to experience the ease up to the hardship. He never got to experience the good times. He was he became a Muslim during the most difficult of times. And he was martyred during the most difficult of times. And so this is the reality of life for many people that they will face tests or other each of us in different forms, may face tests that will last a lifetime.

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How do we deal with these kinds of tests? See all the advice we give helps us to get to a short term test. You know, we look for solutions, we hope for the ease to come up with it. But then how do you deal with the long term? Just how do you deal with the news that you have cancer? How do you deal with the news that your father has passed away? How do you deal with the news that you will never be able to see again? How do you deal with these kinds of tests? That's what I wish to answer today. And to deal with this, I put together eight things, eight things that each of us can do when we are tested with something that may last us the rest of our life. Number one, his former number one he

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struggled to get White Houses over and over again the Quran was telling me so many was Salah that we must seek Allah's assistance through Southern and southern

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So number one thing, when the bad news reaches us, of something that is going to affect us for the rest of our lives, or even if it is something that is short term, somebody is going to affect us for a few months or a few years. whatever type of tragedy or calamity it is, our number one

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way of responding to that should be with solver. But what is server? server, again, is something that people misunderstand, you know, sometimes someone is being abused, and people have suffered. But that's not sovereign. And sovereign means if you have a way out, you take me out that's part of sovereign, right. What is Docker mean? there's actually four translations of sovereign all of which apply to different contexts. Several means to accept a large degree, right, someone has to weigh and you see the value in ideology own, and you accept this as the word of Allah, that

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you can cry, you can feel sad, all of that's perfectly fine. That's not against our server means to work hard. You're working towards a goal, no matter how difficult you get to keep working towards that goal. This is Southern, Southern means to control yourself, that the door is open to commit a major sin and you still hold yourself back from committing a major sin, no matter how much you want to do it. That is trouble. We need to understand the problem in its proper context. So in this context, what is server server in this context, the news reaches you that you have an illness or a family member has an illness, or someone has passed away, or something has happened. And things are

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never going to be the same again. You say in the law, what

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you say in the value analogy, and you accept the decree of Allah. And that is step number two, to accept the decree of Allah, we must understand, and we must accept that Allah is in control of everything. Nothing happens in this universe, except for a black man's world. And we must believe that Allah knows what is best for us. And Allah understands what is best for us. And if something happens to us, no matter how tragic It is, in the long run, it may be what is best for us. Maybe not in this world, but maybe in the next world.

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Maybe somebody in this world facing calamity, and maybe they'll never walk again. And they don't see the benefit of this in this world at all. But maybe they struggle with that calamity, would be enough to get him into China. And so it was the best thing for them because it got them into China. And so we have to accept that Allah knows what is best for me. And with that reason, we accept the color of Allah, if someone passes away,

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and this is something we deal with every day, at the moment, if someone passes away, we have to accept that

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we can be sad, we can cry, but our town should not accept that which leads into

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the third way to deal with a lifelong test is to remind ourselves every single day about apphia. To remind ourselves every single day about gender, to remind ourselves every single day that this world is temporary. Whatever test we are going through in this world is temporary. Whether it's the pain of losing a loved one, you remind yourself inshallah, we'll be with you again in January. You think about Africa. If someone has lost their eyesight, inshallah, we'll be able to see in general and the sights of gender identities and insights of this world. If someone is chronically ill remind yourself in gender, division of illness, forget to gender it's over. remind ourselves every single

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day about general about the afterlife about the afterlife. This constant reminder helps us to cope with the difficulties of life. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, it's too much I can't handle it, remind yourself, Jenna awaits us. Jenna is on the other side. And then I will not have this difficulty and they will all be over. So it will be one day. And then the eternity without

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number four is to find things to be grateful for in our lives. You see, when we go into hard time, it's very easy to focus on what's wrong. And very often, we forget that surrounding us and many things that are right. And it goes back to the verse that I mentioned the beginning in a new song. We often miss Chesney, as after difficulty is easy, but by actually means word with difficulties, meaning every single one of us is going through tests. But every single one of us also has things to be grateful for. And, you know, I learned this lesson when a family member who was going through a very difficult test told me that you know, be grateful for this and grateful for and he gave a long

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list of things they are grateful for and this person was very, very happy going through this list. And that person told me that someone from the generation before that

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family had a similar calamity in their life. And that person told them every day, look for the things in your life that you are grateful for, and say,

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that's the only way to live a life that is happening. Because everybody has problems. And if you only focus on our problems, depression will set it. But if we look around at what we can be grateful for, for life itself, for demand for Muslim community, for access to healthy food, for our families, for whatever it is, just find the things that you are grateful for, you will learn to be happy, even with your difficulties. Once there was a story of a man who visited Palestine, and this man was from the USA, and he was shocked to find the children of Palestine happy and enjoying life. And he couldn't understand why because where he comes from. Children are miserable and depressed and in

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counseling. So what's going on you? So he investigated, and he learned that the children of Palestine, look for things to be grateful for. They look for things to their co workers, and to be able to enjoy life even in the calamities. Why is the people growing up in privileged, materialistic backgrounds. Look for things to complain about. They don't think about God, they don't thank God. So they only see the negative in their life, even though we have 1000 times more than those people who are living in poorer countries. And so my reminder to myself in each and every one of us, find things in your life to be grateful for, and then allow for those things every single day, you will

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live a happier life, no matter what is going on, you will still be able to find the moments of happiness through your gratitude towards Allah subhana wa Taala. And remember the promise of Allah, whether in sugar,

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that if you are grateful, I will give you more. So if we are going through a variety of calamities, but we are still grateful for the few good things in our life, in sha Allah, those few good things will increase.

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Number five,

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remember the promise of Allah, the closing verse, una Baqarah, la ukoliko, logging Epson Illa, Allah will never burden a suit beyond its capacity. This verse has meant to have a very strong psychological effect and all of us that when something goes wrong, we must remember, if Allah has tested me with this, I have the capacity to pass the series that Allah has promised not to burden us beyond our capacity. So anything in our lives, that is a test, it's there, because we have within us the capability to pass it, even if you don't realize it, even if we think we can manage it, even if we think it's too much, deep down inside lies the tools to deal with it. And so this verse should

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make us optimistic, it should make us optimistic of the fact that he Allah has put this test in my life in some way within me is the ability to deal with and to pass this test. And so we must remind ourselves whenever we feel overwhelmed by the change of life, that Allah does not test the person beyond their capacity. So we mentioned five things to do whenever we face the difficulties of life, have sovereign, accept the power of Allah, remind ourselves of the era find things to be grateful for, and remind ourselves that Allah does not test us beyond our capabilities. They will not protect us May Allah guide us May Allah help us to get through the tests of life in practice is in every

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area of our lives, to handle nominees at the mercy food whatsoever when Allah mursaleen Welcome to the land

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hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah Allah Ba ba ba ba, ba,

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ba ba was a boy Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Masha.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Coca Cola

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for the

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injuries, Arabic era the attempt to do

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so very beautiful passage at the end of surah budget that we often recite, you know when someone passes away, but it's actually meant for us to reflect on in something I prefer to recite every day. And that is also that in a state of inner peace, return to your Lord in a state in which he is pleased with you and you are pleased with him. So enter amongst my righteous servant you will be you will enter my agenda. This is a prophet of Allah. And if we live our lives in a way that Allah is pleased with us and he's and and we are pleased with him, then we will enter general and that is the sixth thing to do. When you face a trial and difficulty in this world. Focus on your relationship

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with Allah. That is the most important relationship in our lives. Focus on strengthening your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala because only Allah can help us during our

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darkest moments, only Allah can help us through the most difficult of times. Remember the advice of the prophets of Allah while he was set up to his cousin, Eben Abbas. And he's beautiful that the prophet SAW some gains his advice to a child, because this is what we should be teaching our children so they can cope with the test of life. With Abdullah even a batch with about nine or 10 years old, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went for a walk with Him with the one on the capital. And why is he alive in the capital, he tells us to remember a few things. He says, remember Allah, Allah will remember you. Remember, Allah in good times allow will be there for you during

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difficult times, know that if all of creation gathered to harm you, and Allah has not written that for you, it will never be able to harm you. And if all creation tries to benefit you, and Allah has written for some harm to befall you, they will not be suffering.

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The pins are lifted and the pages are giant meaning that others have already written there's many versions of this Hadees which go into more details on the advice of the prophets, like some dodgy like in a bus. But the point of this is, why is he teaching a nine or 10 year old that bad things are going to happen. But if you remember a line good times allow obedia for you to read the backups. And only the only bad things that can ever affect us what's already written. While teaching this to a child, you see we have a a wrong philosophy of parenting in that we want to shout out children from the test of this world. Some people don't want the children even though that debt exists. I

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don't know how that's working out in the current situation. But that's the thing. Some people don't want them to know that this thing is debt. Children have to be prepared to build the resiliency to build your strength to build the capability to deal with the tests of life, you have to prepare them. And we have to prepare ourselves as well as to this advice. Although the profits or loss of gala doctor that even applies for all of us, it's for us and our families. remember Allah in good times Allah will be there for you in difficult times.

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We must focus on our relationship with Allah. How do you focus on your relationship with Allah,

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Allah property, recycle on wood reflection, may do our with sincerity. remember Allah contemplate on the creation of Allah, build that connection or wash my hand with Allah, that Allah was not just be a topic that we talk about in Akita, but in reality in our lives, we must feel the presence of ally in our lives. And we can only do that if we build a strong relationship with Allah. And if you build that relationship with Allah, we can get through any difficulty we can get to any test. Because whatever you are going through, you know Allah is there for you. Like you say for the Tamia, Allahu Allah, when you say that in my opponents put me in prison. It's a long time with Allah.

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This is the kind of relationship which would have Allah that no matter what goes wrong, allies day, and we are with a live life with us. And this is what gets us through our difficulties. Number seven, to cope with the test of life.

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Surround yourself with good company. Surround yourself with people who remind you of surround yourself with people who remind you to focus on the AF era. Surround yourself with people who will teach you positive things, how you posit things, keep you optimistic. Don't be around the materialistic people who will try to make you jealous of what they have the agenda and you do not have. Don't be around people who try to get you away from Allah to tell you there's no point in life. There's no point in being good, life is miserable. Do what you want. You only live once, don't hang around with that kind of crowd. hang around with the people who take you towards

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because your company defines the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that the man follows the religion of his closest friend should be very careful who you choose as your friends. And so each and every one of us should be careful that the closest companions in life are those people who bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in times of difficulty, we can rely on them and they can rely on us. And finally, finally, the main thing to do when you face a trial in life that's going to last the rest of your life is to live your life for the next world to live in this world like a strange order traveler as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised us to do live your life

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like a stranger to travel. What does this mean? This means that you don't attach your heart to this world. You know that every one in everything in this world is going to end including yourself including your loved ones, including your most prized possessions. So your heart should not be attached to that your focus should be on the next one. Your focus should be on building up your good deeds. Your focus should be on doing what you can to please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and connecting this to the first point of sovereign.

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Now why did Allah send us these difficulties? Why did you meet someone who'd been a pious person all their life, and towards the end of their life, they lose their family members, they lose their health, they go to all kinds of difficulties. Why does this happen? Now? Remember, this happened to the profits of the UVA a tsunami the role model in these situations. But why does it happen?

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It happens because Allah wants to forgive us for our sins. Remember that none of us are pious, the true sense of the world. None of us have the capabilities to get to gender based on the merit of our duties. We are by our nature sinners. This is how Allah created us.

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And one of the verses of the Quran, Allah says that he created mankind.

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So if you're not slowly, commentating on this verse, he said, that mankind is so weak that even a pious friendly, beautiful woman walks possible gets to Rosie's place.

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This is just the nature of men, we were created week. The prophets have said if you don't sit and ask Allah for forgiveness, they allow you to replace you with the creation that sins and ask Allah for forgiveness, because a lot of stuff Okay, so how can we get to gender? The prophet SAW Some said that nobody gets to gender because you only enter gender because of the mercy of Allah, which is the mercy of Allah come from it comes from many ways, but one of the ways that we get the mercy of Allah is when we are tested in this life and be so solid with a test. When something happens, that is difficult, and we have struggled with a difficulty. That is how we get the mercy of Allah. And that

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difficulty can be a means of forgiveness for all of our sins, and a means of entrance into gender.

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And so someone may be struggling with a sin. And they may be trying the best to be a good loser, but just something they can't do. They struggling to make up for the struggling to give up the addiction, they struggling to dress in a way that's pleasing to Allah is struggling with one thing, or maybe even a few things. And then COVID hits that person. And he passed away from COVID. Allah accepts them as a martyr. All of that is forgiven. This allows mercy. Allah wants to forgive us. And these trials of life are a means of forgiveness for us. And he is he applies to every single child out into the Hadees, about the hardest childhood a person can face and how patients with their tribe

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and just a person to gender. And the same applies to every other child. If you're patient with that. They mentioned in the police that when a person's child passes away, and this is really the biggest difficulty you can deal with in this world. When a person's child passes away, a lot of stuff the angels How did my servants react? And the angel scene in the activities now the logical indicting Rajan.

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Allah says the dead trees both for the house in gender equality, the house of grace, both for them for house and agenda, equality, the house of grace, this is the reward for suburban calamity.

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It's not easy. It's the hardest thing to deal with in this world. But when the difficulty strikes, and we react with suburb and within that industry wide ideological, and then we find things to be grateful for in life and we still see a hungry laugh for the things we are grateful for in life, then the reward for that is general. And so each and every one of us have tried in our lives. How do we get through these trials with Southern

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Allah, I would hope in Allah mercy. We look at these trials and we say inshallah, this is going to be my means of earning the mercy of Allah, by patient with the sickness they are patient with these debts, event patient, whatever it is, inshallah, that will be a means of forgiveness for myself. And so we move forward, focus on the afterlife focused on lots of Hana data, focus on his pleasure.

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Allah forgive us our sins, but he guides us through the straight part in every matter, being our testers except with that which we are able to handle, and may even need from us those tests that we find it very difficult

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to officer in the sea now. Robin

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Robin da da, da da da da da da da

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da, da da, da da homeopathy. Super handle. Robin is an emergency food

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