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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "unstable state" in Ghana, where people are struggling to achieve their dreams and achieve peace within their families and community. They argue that this is a part of their teachings, and that it should not create chaos. The speaker also mentions their experience with eating too much ice cream and tries a new type of coffee.
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Salam aleikum. This is the first session of unplugged on our journey to Ghana. I'm actually in Dubai at the moment I've just enjoyed some lovely ice cream mashallah here.

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And it's amazing, a little bit left. Mashallah. So I'll be joining Shan while Ibrahim and Dr. Muhammad Salah and in sha Allah, among others, we are going to Ghana going to be in Accra, we have the peace and unity convention.

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And then we want to go to Kumasi, which is another area in

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Ghana. The idea is actually to empower people. You know, we have so many people struggling struggling across the globe, and so many different types of things. And sometimes they become hopeless, they pray, they call out to Allah and so on. But

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some people don't realize that, you know,

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it's part of the planet, that we will go through dips,

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challenges, so many other things we shouldn't give up. So the idea of the peace and unity is a few things. Number one is

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inner peace, out to peace, peace within oneself, peace within the family, peace within the community of peace in the nation, and then on Earth, humanity.

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And the term unity is not uniformity. The idea is to learn to tolerate and respect others. That's all. And I know that on Earth at the moment, there are some ideas that people have that might be ridiculous, but end of the day, we talk about it, we we may challenge it respectfully, we may disagree with it respectfully as well. But it should not create chaos, in the sense that violence and pitting each other, killing each other. That is wrong. That is absolutely unacceptable. So the idea of this peace and unity is to be able to promote the true teachings of the deen of Allah.

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And to be able to

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bring people together even with differences that we may have.

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And learn to appreciate

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why we need to build on Earth and not destroy why we need to be positive and not negative and so on. So that's the piece in Unity. Here's the ice cream Mashallah.

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Really good ice cream. I know before they had different brands, this one here is absolutely amazing. The brothers brought me some tea. Zakka lucky. That's water. Thank you so much my beloved brother.

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Shook on I really appreciate it. Sure.

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Can I ask one favor? Okay, it's fine. It's fine. I have sugar. No, no, no. Okay, you put it. Thank you.

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So that's the water that we have. I think it's easy and water.

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This brother because a lot of the people recognize me and so on. He was offering to make me some tea. So he asked me what type of tea do you want? I said, put some milk in it. And here it goes. It's a bit of a crock. It's looking amazing. Looking interesting. I only have one sugar in my tea. And I think soon I'd like to cut that sugar to become a sweeter and sweeter Inshallah, don't you think? But

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that's, besides the point. The truth of the truth of the matter is, you know, when you're traveling on a journey, it's not a good idea to eat too much. Especially on a plane and even when you're when you're in transit. Some people eat a lot.

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It's not healthy. I think for me with altitude, I'd rather have a belly that's relatively empty. rather drink a little bit more, keep yourself hydrated.

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You know,

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stretch often and inshallah in that way succeed like an ice cream Mashallah. Little bit less than here.

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Amazing. Must be thinking ice cream and tea.

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Well, I'm gonna wait.

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I don't like very hot tea, but I like it as it's cooling as it's cooling.

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So I pray that the journey goes well and I'll get back to you with more.

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