Double Standards of the International Media

Zakir Naik


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For example,

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if a Muslim woman wears a hijab, she's targeted. On the same hand, we find nuns when they wear a similar type of this, covering the complete body except the face and handle the wrist.

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The people respect them.

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Why? Why the difference?

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If a Muslim keeps a beard,

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it's an indication of a terrorist, the Sikhs, they keep the beard, there's no problem. They wear the turban, there's no problem. And when I went to Canada, the first time in the 90s, the article that the sick he fought for the right that he was a Canadian, he fought for his right that he will not remove his turban in the Canadian Army and even the case. Last month, an article came that the sick he objected in the court of law of Britain, that he will not take out his turban in the college. And, and the one the case, here, we find that the person who keeps a beard,

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people feel that, you know, I don't know, what harm can a beard do. And that happened even in Madras.

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I came along with some of my colleagues. And we came to the hotel yesterday. And my colleagues you know, even they have a beard and the beard or cap. So there was some police's are falling aside questioning

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just because of the beard and the cap. What I'm gonna do it on the fly.

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What harm can a cat do?

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Find if somebody is carrying a gun and you question him, it's fine.

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If somebody is carrying certain things will find suspicion it's fine. Imagine a beard, it can't even harm a fly. And you analyze all the saintly people of most of the religion, their beard, Jesus Christ peace be upon him supposed to be the messenger of Islam, and even considered as a Christian in inverted commas as God he had a beard

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all the sunsense are Do they have a beard?

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All the religious personalities almost all if not all, if you analyze in the religion, if you see on the higher level, they are geared towards the problem in appeared.

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There is no problem at all. So this is the hype of the media.

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It is the hype of the media, it is selectively targeting. So because of this, you find a scenario today that there is a misconception about Islam. And I blame the Muslims also that we aren't actually conveying the message of truth to them. We aren't doing my job.