Does vomiting invalidate the fast

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In the case of a person who vomits intentionally or unintentionally is the ruling the same regarding whether or not it invalidates the past, as far as vomiting is concerned, our beloved prophet Mr. Lawson said it's sad, which appears in three MIDI in the book of fasting Hadith number 320. A Beloved Prophet said that anyone who vomits involuntarily then you should not make up for the fast but the person who vomit voluntarily vomits deliberately, then he has to make up for the fast and the same repeated in tsunami without more than number two, in the book of fasting. How did number 2374 our beloved Prophet said that anyone who vomits suddenly that means involuntary suddenly, then

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he should not atone for it. That means, the fast is valid, if you don't make up for it, but anyone who wants it deliberately, then he should atone for it. That means you have to make up for that fast later. So, if someone vomits, unintentionally, the fast

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is not invalidated, he can complete the fast but someone will deliberately like putting a finger in his throat and vomiting or pressing a stomach and vomiting or purposely smelling something, which is very nasty and continue doing that then he vomits or he looks at something which is undesirable. And it keeps on looking at continuous and then vomits. So all these come under the Act of deliberately vomiting. If you want to deliberately then you have to make up for the past. If it's unintentionally but if the woman comes to your mouth and then you again for it that will bring the past to the woman comes out involuntary. Let the woman come out. Don't suppress it. Then the fastener broken. But if

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it comes and then you follow the woman back into your stomach, that will break the fast. Yes, if you again follow the woman which has come on, the woman comes out let the woman come out in voluntary that will not be the first