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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and importance of the Prophet's visit to a tree, which was found in the same room as a hotbar. The segment also touches on the Herds of the OMA's desire for spiritual access and the Herds of the OMA's desire for spiritual access. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding the trunk and being mindful of the Prophet's visitation.
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The Lord Bellarmine SallAllahu wasallam Baraka, Nabina Muhammad, and while it was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira from Ahmedabad so tonight we have a very special Hadith it's actually it's a miracle from the miracles of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that can only be understood through the way and through the credibility and reliability of the source is Harris Hadith number 1831. And the other side of Han Imamura him Allah Tala call one jab Raja loved Ron Murdock call kenergy The on Yahoo, la Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yanni for Hotbird jabber said that there was a trunk of a date palm tree upon which the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam used to recline while delivering the

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hotbar. Like imagine the member didn't have a member so the Prophet saw some would stand in his position while he finished Salah and he leans on that trunk, and he would deliver his talk like he puts his hand on it for support and he delivers his talk like say like a podium, basically. Something like a podium. That's how we used to sell Allah Salah Farah Mahmoud Al member semi analogic Mr. Sultan Pasha had another interview SallAllahu wasallam for what I added who Allah He for second, he said when the pulpit was placed in the masjid, the pulpit was built for the Prophet Salah Salem and put in the masjid. We heard that trunk crying out like a pregnant Sheikh Mo and

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Allah's messenger came down from the pulpit and put his hand on the trunk, and it became quiet.

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And there was another narration, but for them maca AND ELMO Joomla bad and abuse Allah azza wa jal member fossa had a necrotic and October and had credit and 10 shock. None of them ERATION says that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam one day when he came out for the hotbar and he passed by that trunk and went straight to the member to the pulpit, then

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that that palm tree or that your trunk starts crying, so like basically like wailing and crying out loud until it was almost almost split, like almost falling apart. We'll feed via sabe started crying like a baby had had an interview. So if another interview had Takada for Rama, the Prophet came down and hug that trunk, and it came and became quiet. It was kind of hard to Stockard Beckett Alhama cannot test moment dikkat in the narration for Buhari, it starts crying for missing the Dhikr that was delivered right next to it, which means the Baroque of the Prophet Salah Salem and the baraka of the dhikr. First of all these stories, these stories are dependent on what on the reliability and

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the authenticity of the narration itself. And we will look into this hadith It was mentioned that Buhari mentions a Muslim, now the narration and many different other Sunan. So in terms of reliability, it's absolutely reliable, absolutely authentic.

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And if you believe that this is authentic, then definitely we believe in the story as it was narrated, reported to us, no doubt, no doubt. Now how this happened, that's when you believe in miracles.

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And Allah Subhana Allah has given every prophet and every messenger miracles by which there are people who believe in their message. We've seen Musa alayhis salam as we were reciting surah Taha sadhana SHA, Allah has given miracles such as splitting the sea and transferring a staff into becoming a snake. His hand is dark skin, his arm, when he puts in his pocket, he takes it out and becomes bright. All these are miracles from Allah subhanho Musa alayhis, Salam HRSA. And the same thing he used to make from clay an animal, he blows into it as a flying bird.

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And he called the dead to come out alive and he came out alive. Those miracles that ALLAH SubhanA gave him and the professors and was also given was given miracles, some of the miracles of the Prophet Salah Salem, were exclusive or his time such as this one. And some other miracles are of course, obviously we'll see until the Day of Judgment, like what is your ma the Quran, the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala until now the challenge in the Quran still stands. Allah challenge the people bring the produce me something like this, produce 10 sewers produce one surah. And until this day, no one were able to make that the challenge still stands. And the challenge is true. So this is

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one of these stories that we believe because of Prophet Salah Salem, he had that encounter with this with this object. And the Sahaba were witnessing that they've heard it they've seen it and they report that to us. So what's the story of this story is that when the Prophet saw seven began given his hook bus in the masjid, there was no need for a pulpit because the number of the people was relatively you know, reasonable. So he would stand on the same level on the ground and he delivered the hook but the only thing that they gave him this trunk they made this trunk for him as a as a as a podium. So he was given the hot brother SallAllahu wasallam when the number of people grow in

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Medina and the masjid mashallah became full and the Prophet says needed to deliver his voice farther away, so you could also see that people and people can see him

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So, one answer the carpenter came to the Professor Sam Collier, Rasulillah. Can I make you something, I want to make you something that you use to so you can stand high on the ground and people can see you can see the people. And the professor said I'm agreed to it. So he made him.

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He made him actually a pulpit with three steps. Step one, step two, step three, where you could stand and give the hug. And it was placed in the exact same place where that podium or that trunk used to used to be. So when the Prophet saw seven, that first Juma as he was passing by that trunk, and he went to the member, that trunk starts crying.

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How? I don't know.

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But I know the story is true. And the Sahaba they heard it, and they saw it. So the Prophet Salah ceremony came down, and he come down that that object, and he he hugged it. Now there were some reports are similar, he probably heard them. I don't know, if you read about this report on stories. It says that the prophet has a conversation with that thing with an object by asking what's okay? And it's the promise of give that trunk an option? says, Would you like me that I keep you back again, put you in a place and then eventually stay here on Earth? And then you perish after I'm gone? Or do you want to have eternity so you'll be basically we placed in Jana and he will go into a

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tree and the believers will will be benefited from you. So the people heard the Prophet saw Sam says, Okay, I'll see you and gentlemen, which was a choice what? Jen write that story. According to the realm I've heard it, it's actually is not true. That part of the story is extra is not from the origin story that happened at time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So the Prophet saw someone down to come down, obviously, because of myths, the higher Undertaker, now what happened to that trunk?

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Some Halima, they say,

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was mentioned in the care of the Prophet saw some order that the trunk to be placed near as the Murghab where he would lead it salah, Salah Salem, later on, the Prophet saw some given order to bury it. So it was buried somewhere anonymously. But you don't know where exactly was buried. There was another narration that says that actually no, it stays there. Until obey Rhodiola when there was when they expand in the masjid, and the time of Ramadan Osman afterwards obeyed on the Allah Juan, he took it, took it to his house, it stayed with it in his house until it's that decay and falling apart, and just kind of like, disappear. Eventually, that story is also weak. The stronger opinion

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is that actually it was buried somewhere and that was it. It was gone for us. Now some of us might say, can we start working on excavation, look for it somewhere. Please don't do that.

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There is no benefit from from getting to find it or do anything about it, just leave it colors. And this will be that that's the whole purpose of the story. Shallot. Allah Subhanallah when I was reading in the Shudehill Hadith from the dilemma of Hadith, almost everybody was saying something interesting. They're comparing humans to these inanimate objects.

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Because look, an inanimate object dead object, such as a trunk of a tree, was crying for missing the higher Mesolithic from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And what about the human means?

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Don't you guys know that they could for Ramadan?

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Don't you miss the the constant recitation of the Quran in the masjid for for long hours? Don't you miss the beautiful gathering with talking about the meaning of patience and gratitude and And subhanAllah how to improve your quality, the life quality with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Don't you miss these things? If you don't miss them, then that trunk actually probably have craved more than us. So Hannah, that's what they were saying. Al Hassan Rahim Allah Tala every time he was reporting that story. He would cry. And he would say Subhan Allah will lie that trunk has so much more than than us. There's so much credit a trunk better than us. Because that that that object Mr. Dicker Mr

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Decker that he would hear and would pronounce the prophets are about to lie was that Mrs. M. Allah subhana wa Taala plan the love for the good of Allah Now Raja Bella Alameen to make it a lifestyle for us in this dunya and Watford in the aquarium, Allahu Allah. And the question is

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so the question is, hearing about the story that Barbara Alon, he heard that people would frequent the visitation of a trunk a tree trunk, and and then eventually went there to cut the chapter off. Was that the same one? The answer is no. What the report about the story of Omar Abdullah Juan is Allah who shows up today at the road one

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shows out of the way our third one you know, when Allah Subhan Allah says Allah, Allah Dino by own Architektur Shahdara that Allah is pleased with

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Those who gave you the pledge under the tree. So that tree is somewhere closer to Mica.

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And because of the IR some people they were just kind of like excited about that place. So they go they visit the place. So when the news spread and honorable kappa he heard the news that people are getting there just to kind of like marvel at the side of that tree. And remember, the Prophet SAW ceremonial Sahaba under that tree and Allah Subhanallah mentioned that tree and the Quran and so on. So what did he do?

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He took it off.

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Why? Because it was afraid that that's what happened to the people of know how the salah will happen to the Ummah, the first generation will be just marveling at the tree and the beautiful side. few generations they were going to start worshipping the tree

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right, since we brought that issue of the tree, I want to just make a comment because I've seen it actually online and unfortunately unfortunately, educated Muslims and learned and some of them are students of knowledge have fell into that trap unfortunate these kind of things like now they say there is a tree in Jordan, three in Jordan, and that is the tree when the Prophet sallallahu sallam was was going on his trip to Mecca Medina to a sham what he met the the raw, the monk, the hearer he was under that tree when the problem was resting and their enjoy their martial law they made a big scene out of this they have it handled level with nice fancy fence around it and so many mashallah

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you know about the tree and and then inviting everybody to come and visit.

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I mean, come on. And then you have much awesome educated with big mm has a big beard standing in front of a camera saying about how the professors and came here and sat down. And then on the last, there's so much product industry? Are you kidding me? How old is that Rihanna?

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How was that tree and when when the when this happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he wasn't even a messenger yet.

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And he was still young, and the people then eventually they wouldn't be pay attention to it. So you're telling me after maybe 3040 years, probably people are looking for that. And they found out that oh, that's one of the problems of the Mustang. And it's survived until this day.

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This is how unfortunate our OMA has become we looking for any kind of, you know, items,

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relics, to hold on to, and just give us an easy access to have the blessing and feel religious and feel spiritual. Without any effort on us.

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That's not going to make us spiritual.

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What's gonna make us spiritual? Do you work hard? In your town of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you worship Allah azza wa jal with your heart, not just with your body and with your eyes and with your hands and with your ears. So you worship Allah subhanaw taala that's what's good to spiritual i that will get you closer to Allah azza wa jal Aloha. So when you go to Georgia numbers at the tree

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so the question is about the Topkapi Museum and Turkey Istanbul. How many of you went visited that Topkapi Museum, mashallah, first time I visited that was actually in the 1997.

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And I didn't know what was in there, really, I knew that it was the history of the Ottoman Empire, but they had a whole section on the seer of the Prophet Salah Salem, and the MBR. So the first thing you will see there, when you get in there, you see the sort of credibility lead and the solid element of your toilet, and the bow and arrows of Sauron of your costs. And I was just so amazed and impressed. Sahabas material just like whoa, I really thought I truly believed it was true at the beginning. But then I started moving for it, you know, further in, you see the shirt of a person and the dress of Fatima. Okay, they moved in a little bit, and then you have some of the items of profit

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selasa like you said, the, the Imam of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the head of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but and then out of all of the thing that amazed me the most I'm just like, like how on earth did they even discover that stuff? A footprint of the prophets of Allah was a footprint like how did you discover that how did preserve that all disease anywhere?

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And then if that wasn't enough you wanted to make it just like Wonder what's going on in the world. Then as you go and around you see the stuff of Musa salah

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I will I was a step of Musa was on display I'm just like whoa, sever Musa Masha Allah. And then I thought there's not going to get more absurd the idea you move a little bit more and you find actually I think it was it was a turbine of Ibrahim alayhis salam and then and then a pouch bag of other militia.

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Long was down the only missing thing was up that I said I'm done.

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unfortunately, and as much as we will

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Of course you know our our history. We love Al Hamdulillah are prophets and Ambia and the Sahaba della Tirana, but we cannot really we cannot deceive the people, the average person, the layman into the deen luring them into the deen with these kind of things. Our deen is much more valuable than items that we just kind of make the simple person said oh my god, the prophet man. Our love for the prophets are not because of his footstep edema, not because of his beard not because of his clothes is because of who he was. He was the link between us and the divine Subhana wa Tada that's our love for the prophets of Allah sentiment for that we value regardless if we ever touched his actually his

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shirt or not. But if anything truly is attribute to the Prophet saw some and it's authentic, I will seek baraka from it. I will go and seek our government but even to me Rahim Allah Tala he said look, we are the home of is not we are the OMA of Hadith Anna and dada dada. Chain of narrators are reliable people that take you this take the story all the way back to the Prophet SAW Allah salah. He said if the Hadith required such an A valuable line of reliable narrators to authenticate it, are you going to now just take any of these items just at face value because someone told me that the shirt of Fatima that's a shirt or a sword Eliza Surya that looks cool. We come to this will load

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data now. But by the way, can you go and visit the

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museum and watch this scene and take pictures? Bismillah go for it. And Isabella, can we get the microphone to the sisters because they have questions? Just go ahead. Do you know why the Trump said again?

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The question is why the trunk was buried by the purpose I'm all for the trunk to be buried. Is it possible in order that to avoid any kind of misuse of it like what people could do with this to the tree like in Jordan and battle one possibly hola hola. But most of the most of it is because they have

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different arrangement that happened. And then eventually they had to get rid of it. Allah

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says any question you're good.

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If there's a tradition that the tree trunk, Mr. zikr of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and disagree with Allah, is there a tradition that even massage It's Miss Ziggler of Allah, in terms of the Messiah will miss the deck of Allah? Because at some point, it's not used anymore. Well, I mean, that was an exclusive miracle to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam definitely do these massages, Mr. dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala let's say for example, during COVID when there was no other and there was no football there was no lecture there was no there's well these massages missed the decree of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, where a mention Elissa bahagi

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hamdulillah a lot of qualities behind there is nothing in this creation. But does this work to Allah subhanaw taala but you don't understand there has to be so I believe all these inanimate objects, they're submissive to Allah subhanho wa taala. So there's a form of decay that happens in their own ways, Allah Allah, but do we hear it? Do you understand it? No. So would they miss the ticket? Probably. But they're not gonna cry like that trunk cry. Do you know the time of the prophets Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Spano, Colombo, 100 A Shadowland. Us to Africa to break Sarah Marie de la vaca