Haifaa Younis – The Role of the Ummah in a Rapidly Changing World #2

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the roles of Islam in the world, including the first role of a woman in Miami, the second role of a woman in New York, and the third role of a woman in a culture. They emphasize the importance of following rules and following rules to achieve success in Islam. The speakers also emphasize the importance of worship, reciting the Bible, staying busy, and not letting things happen in a way that is causing distraction. The distraction caused by distraction in a business setting is also discussed, along with the importance of remembering someone and not just highlighting them.
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I'm Hasib toma and that Hello Jana.

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That's what Allah said. Again in Alia Imran Do you think you'll enter Jin?

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Well in Miami la he muda he didn't even come or saw green. You think you will enter Jana and Allah will not know who really struggled for his sake and those who practice patient.

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So the role? Yes, for sure.

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The first role I have to work hard on and stay persistent is on me.

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Don't change and I'm going to keep saying this. And look at the woman of Azusa.

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You know what's really

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shocked me. And you all of you agree with me 46 days.

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We have seen footage and footage and footage. Have you seen a single woman not addressed? Stomach Lee? Correct.

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Not a single woman

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with all this bombing on their head with all this fear

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with the loss of life.

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They didn't change. Steadfast.

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That's the role.

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Because the more I am, and you are especially my sisters,

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mothers, you are steadfast, your children will be steadfast and the coming generations will be steadfast.

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So Toba little horrible. Do you want to be a stranger? And the answer is yes, your Allah I for sure. I want to be a stranger. This hadith is actually in narrated by Imam Muslim.

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My role here

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and this is something may be new for many of you.

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If I asked you and I want to hear it, Chawla I can. Why did Allah created us?

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What is the role? What does he want from me? Can anyone answer than

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to worship him? I know you're gonna say that. Right? You're right.

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Not 100%

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Wilma halacha. Jinnah will insert il Alia boo that's the verse and Surah to that yet at the end Allah said I did not create you all of us but to worship me that's how it is translated. Yeah balloon

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what is a bada? What is worship?

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I'm taking you very basics because we need to think and once we think

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we will think deeply

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and when we go deep, will change.

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If we take it superficial, that's how it's been done. That's how my parents did it. We will not change what is a bad

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is it that's it? The only thing Allah wants from me is fast to pray and go to Hajj if I can, will pays a car if I am eligible? And I say a shadow Allah Edina Allah, is that it? Wear my hijab, lower my gaze don't drink alcohol. Is that it?

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Is that it? Yes or no?

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I want to hear it.

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I want to hear it. So what is it?

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You all answered me? See how I pulled you.

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You all answered me, Allah created me and you us to worship Him. And I'm saying what is worship?

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Learn this. And he's going to change your life when I learned it years ago, changed my life.

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Because I learned from this. I knew everybody young and old. You can be the Muslim Allah Who wants you to be you can be the the believer and the worshiper, Allah Who wants you to be without a lot of changes.

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Yes, listen to this.

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A bad actor for ship and Imam Ibn Taymiyyah defined it beautifully. He said the following Kulu Myoho Allahu Allah, everything in anything that Allah loves, and is pleased with pay attention to this. Everything that Allah loves, and pleased with Minella Afari will acquire actions and sayings. Internal avoid Albertina, obvious and internal. What does this mean?

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act of worship is not only the five Archon of Islam, the five pillars of Islam and it's not

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The Six Pillars of iman, that's minimum,

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you are here.

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You are here,

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sitting with the intention of learning and becoming a better Muslim. That's an act of worship.

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You are sitting, and somebody just came in, and the chair next to you is empty, you moved without that person asking you, you moved, you felt that person need a seat, you moved, you made her or his life easy. That's an act of worship. Because that's something Allah loves.

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And Allah has pleased with, and it's an external, this act of worship.

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Somebody comes sit next to you.

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And that person, again, I'm giving examples from today from here.

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That person who sat next to you was annoying you

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doing things that is bothering you?

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Internally, you want to say something.

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But you kept your practice patient. And you turn to Allah says, You Allah, please make this person helped me to learn. That's an act of worship.

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You go out in the streets, and you drive by the speed limit.

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And you're going to say speed limit? Yes. That's an act of worship.

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Speed limit? Yes. Because you're following the rules of the country.

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And following the rules, is something pleasing to Allah, as long as the rules is pleasing to Allah.

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That's all acts of worship.

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You didn't do anything extra. As your daily life, you ate plate, they put food

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and you're not very hungry. And you put the food? And then you say, I'm done. Then you say, no, no, no.

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Allah does not love those who waste in the Hola, yo, hey, Boone was trephine. He doesn't love those who are wasteful. Therefore,

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I'm going to keep eating, or I'm going to take it with me. Either I'm going to take it home, or I'm going to give it to somebody. That's an act of worship, the bottle of water, I've seen a lot of bottles here.

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You drank and so big one half is left.

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And most of us will leave,

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you're going to come back and you're going to pick all these bottles of water doesn't matter who did it. I'm going to take the reward.

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And I'm going to go out, it's a hot country, and I'm going to give it to every plant outside. And I'm going to make sure this bottle is going to go for recycle. That's an act of worship.

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What role we have

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and how many roles we're not doing.

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So how, how I'm gonna change the narrative by changing me one, and paying attention to every detail. And every opportunity Allah put it in front of me to worship him.

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I hope this is clear for everybody. Yes or no? Alhamdulillah. So then last question.

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Why we're not doing it?

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While we are not. Now I can.

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At least the faces I can see from here. You're saying? Well, this is easy. Why did I think of it? What is the big deal?

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You know, what?

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At least two issues.

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Number one,

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and correct me if I'm wrong. I would love to learn from you.

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Number one, we're too busy.

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And I'm sure Nigeria is like any other parts of the world. Busy?

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Or in the Islamic terminology. We are all feeling when heedless.

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True or false?

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I want to hear it.

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And what's often

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the person who's heedless. What does that mean?

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Simple things.

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Most of us, if not all of us. And I am number one. I am not going to say I am not. We think we're living here forever.

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We don't think if I asked you are you going to die? Yes. But we act like we are living here forever. True or False? Give you an example. And I'm going to give the example from Nigeria

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If you live in Lagos

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that's where you were born. That's where your family that's what your work, everything is there and they just send you for three weeks to Abuja for work or visit a family. What do you build the house in Abuja?

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Yes or no?

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Why not?

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You're gonna say to me if I do it, are you out of your mind? What are you going to do with it? You're leaving it

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is not your home

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is not your abode.

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And what is this life?

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Woman here to dunya Illa Mata on Oh, Allah said this Surah Al Hadid, the iron what is this all life, but the amusement of deception?

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how long we're gonna live here.

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How long

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100 200 And then

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we had HEDIS

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we focus on our daily life.

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I woke up, what got what am I going to have for breakfast? What is for lunch? The kids are going to school, work, family vacation, all these things Halon

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but so huge distraction.

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Allah said also an ally Emraan Zhu Yi Nellie Nancy, who Boucher Hawaii. It has become beautified became beautified to pupil the love of Shaohua desires and Allah put them one after the other.

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Mina Nisa, a woman will have been in children while cannot really move on Tara, the heaps in Adobe Wolfeboro collecting gold and silver while hadal musoma certain kinds of horses, which has a certain marks white marks, which is very expensive. While Hayden was a woman he will and Amie will hurt an arm is business while hearth is business that time was as good certain business now it's a certain business. Daddy come a towel hated dunya This is the amusement of this life.

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Then you all gonna say well, yeah,

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of course I love my children. Of course I love my career. Of course I love my house. What is wrong with my business? Right? Yes. See what Allah says right away after, in fact so you know Omar, when this verse was revealed was revealed in Medina and says your Allah Now finally we got the dunya now you're telling me this dunya is all an metta honours deception.

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See what Allah said afterward? Who want to be come behind him and Daddy, come? Do you want me to tell you something better than all this? The car, the jewelry, the children, the home, the vacation, the dreams we all want to have? And we dream off.

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I want to be complicated and methodical. Can I tell you

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I see what he said. Jen natten Latina taka Winder OBEY HIM to those who have Taqwa of Allah. Allah conscious Allah is in their daily life Allah is in their plan Allah in their to do list what am I gonna get your OB Jana to integrity mactac TL and our

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gardens Jannat or rivers flow under okay. But that's not it. And especially in this verse.

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What as well June Mata Hara

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and spouses that are pure for both genders.

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Now remember what we love from dunya and he said this is nothing man or woman or children or wealth or business that's nothing I'm going to give you a way better Jannat but add to it purified or pure spouses and then

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nothing material What are you one Amin Allah

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and when Allah is pleased with me and you, what will he give me? A car?

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A jewelry, a ring, a job? A status?

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Well when we do at a step DeLuna lady who were at dinner Bill lady who hailed as Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah. Do you replace the one that is much better with the one that is low as now?

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The reason you and me are not doing our role. We can by the way, everybody

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Every one young and old, that role of changing the narrative we can because Allah will not have asked me to do it. If he knows I can't. But the reason I'm not doing it is not because I don't know. Very few of us don't know. It's we are distracted. We are in a state of heedlessness, we are immersed in this dunya. This needs to change. As he said Ali, who salatu salam, x zero min decree had him in let that or had me let that. Remember the destroyer of joy. He didn't call it here. He called it destroyer of joy. And they said what is the destroyer of joy? He said, death.

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Death. If you want to stay focused, and own your journey in this life, and you keep telling yourself, he puts you on this earth for a reason. He didn't put you on this earth, you and me and all of us to have fun, and eat and drink and have children and collect?

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There is way bigger role for you and me. And that is to serve him subpoena.

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And the last thing I want to end up here, what should I do?

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What change what actions I'll do from today to change

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to change me personally. So I can get you into the role that Allah wants me to be and then change the narrative. If I didn't change Believe me, nothing is going to change.

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Very simple things. Number one,

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be a law conscious.

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Remember him and I'm not talking about the vicar circles. I'm talking about in every step in your life. Send Notification to yourself with court of law. Remember him

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like when you came in here. When you entered this, everybody here and you came to please him?

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Did you say to yourself, your Allah, talk to him personal, your Allah make me benefit from this. Make this conference, a changing moment in my life.

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Then you are with Allah.

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Then you are with Allah, you're a person who remember him. Teach yourself before you teach anybody before you enjoying good and prevent evil. To remember him constantly. The Dean of Islam is a dean that he he pushes us to remember him and reward the US for remembering Him. What a generous Allah who have, say, Bismillah before you eat, I'll reward you. Say you 100 Allah after you finish and I'll reward you. But remember Allah

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and ask Allah to remind you of him.

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When a rosary salatu salam looked at Satanism wide.

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What are the new Java the famous Sahabi companion and he said Yamaha will lie in new

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Yamaha I love you.

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He said that to him.

00:18:32 --> 00:18:33

What did he advise him

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for cool dubara kula sada make sure you say after every Salah this Doha, memorize this Doha

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Allahumma inni Allah the cricket or shoe cricket

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or house near a bed attic, your Allah helped me

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Arasu Roswell a Salatu was Salam teaching saving them wild which basically teaching you and me to say this, your Allah helped me meaning I can do it alone. I can do it

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in me, helped me to remember you the cricket or shoe cricket, be grateful to Allah while hosting a bad attic to worship you in the best way. Remember what we talked about worship but in the best way?

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ask Allah to make you that servant He wants you to be ask Allah to make you the changing factor are the key. As he said alayhi salatu salam Kuno Malfatti they'll hire be the keys of goodness of changing

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one remember Allah to extremely important specially this day and age. who is or who are your companies? Who do you spend time with?

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Whether physically or virtually. Who do you find

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at all, who do you say like?

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Pay attention to this. Make sure those who are surround you surround yourself with physically and virtually are those people who will bring you closer to Allah, who will make you remember him who will make you get better and become a better human being. There is so many other things to say. But if you took what Allah subhanaw taala made me speak and shared with you, believe me, if Allah allows and we will meet again, you will be a much better OMA with Nila to Zack Mala who Hydra spanic Allahumma will be handy a shadow Allah

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Hirokawa to booty SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad while early he was hobby test him and cathedra authority bill

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we can do better than

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Allah. Akbar wants to see a big dose of block Karen so our mother our system for that beautiful presentation. So for those of you does join us you listen to a keynote address delivered by Dr. Haifa Yunus. She spoke to us about the role of the Ummah in a rapidly changing world our role and if you missed everything that she said today, one thing you should take home is you know shine the light on yourself. Be retrospective, look inwards, look at yourself. You are the first challenge towards this achieving

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wealth family

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