Yasir Qadhi – The Branches of Faith – Episode 10 – Belief in Angels

Yasir Qadhi
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salatu salam, ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, He will be here woman. Voila, I'm about. So we were doing the chapters regarding the pillars of Amazon. And we talked about demand in Allah subhana wa Tada. The second pillar of Iman which is unanimously agreed upon is the pillar of Iman in the angels of Allah subhana wa Tada. A believer is not a believer until he or she believes in the melodica. And the concept of melodica is one that comes under what is called the elemental hype. The very first verse in the Quran, Allah talks about a levena You mean una belhaj those who believe in the unseen, so the minute it could the angels are a part of the world of the unseen, we cannot prove them

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scientifically. We cannot measure them. It is something that we must believe in and we are tested by Allah subhana wa tada in disbelief. So all of the knowledge we have of the melodica it comes from our sources, it comes from the Quran and the Sunnah. It is not something that we can derive merely by thinking or contemplating, and from what we know. And of course, this is again, as usual, a summarized lecture from what we know that our Prophet sallallahu I sent him has told us and is found in the Koran, that the melodica are a separate species created by Allah subhanho wa Taala from light our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the mother acre had been created from nor and the

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jinn have been created from now, and mankind has been created from a mixture of clay, so no light is the source of them at our acre, and now fire is the source of the jinn. And we have been created from clay. And we also know from the Quran, the story of Adam, that the angels were created many, many millennia before us, and when Allah azza wa jal announced that we would be created the angels question Allah, which means that they had been here for many, many eons before. We also know that the melodica generally speaking are more powerful than us and they can travel faster than us and they have speciality is that we do not have and of those speciality is they worship a law constantly

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and they never get tired of those speciality is they do not eat, they do not drink, they do not need to sleep, they do not procreate, they do not marry and have children, the same melodica that existed at the creation of Adam and before those same melodica exists right now. The melodica do not procreate and die and then another generation comes, this is unique for us and for the jinn as well. Also, we know that generally speaking, the melodica are a very beautiful creation of Allah, they're very handsome, only the Metallica they're in charge of punishment are terrifying. Otherwise, the default in the melodica is that they are very handsome. And that is why when Jubilee would come to

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this world, and he would show himself as a human being, he would choose the shape of the most handsome Sahabi. And his name was Dr. Al Kelby, the LLB was the most handsome amongst the Sahaba. And whenever God would come, and he would walk the streets of Medina, and other Sahaba would see him they would not see him except as the shape of Dahlia, he would take on the form of the most noble and the most handsome of the Sahaba. Because the menarik are, generally speaking, are known to be handsome and very light giving entities as well. Some of the Sahaba saw the angels in their original forms, because the angels obviously they can take shape because they're created out of light. It is

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narrated that one Sahabi was reading the Koran at a time. And he saw what he called a chandelier of lights, he saw a group of lights just come down and listen to him. And his animals became scared and they began basically moving up and down. So he stopped reciting, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that was the melodica. They came close to listen to your recitation. So this also shows that once in a while, a lot can bless a nonprofit to see an angel. But if a nonprofit sees an angel, he doesn't become a prophet. It is only a specific type of angel Jupiter. Will comes with a specific message that makes a human being a prophet. We also know that the greatest of the angels are

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magnificent and far beyond our imagination. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he saw you believe in his original form only twice and when he saw him he believed

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The entire horizons Juba deal was larger than everything on the horizons. And Allah says in the Quran in surah najem Lakota Rahman iottie Rabi Hill Cobra, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw of the biggest signs of Allah. And this has been interpreted to mean he saw gibreel in his original form, so God is of the mighty assignee of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in one Hadith, our Prophet sallallahu I just sent him said, Allah has allowed me to tell you about those angels that carry his throne Hamlet and Alisha is a category of angels between the lobe of that Angel, the ear lobe, and the neck is the distance of 700 of your years, just between the neck and the ear of

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that angel is the distance of 700 years, which means that that Angel obviously is beyond our human comprehension. And of course of the most important characteristics of the angels. They never disobey Allah, they never disobey, they don't have the capacity to disobey. They are constantly in the laws of obedience. And constantly in a laws worship, you step behind and Layla wonderhowto law you layer two rune, they praise Allah night and day, and they never get tired. You said before una Laila, when now they're saying Subhan, Allah Alhamdulillah they're doing the earth goddess, and they're constantly praising, no eating, no drinking, no sleeping, never getting tired. That is how Allah

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subhanho wa Taala created them. And the melodica are not a species that are cut off from us. They are involved in our lives, they are surrounding us, even though we do not see them. They are around us at all times. And our job as Muslims is to try to get their presence because their presence is mercy. They're coming, His mercy, their demeanor, His mercy, whenever they come, they bring Allah's mercy with them. So there are a hadith that tell us that when we do certain things, the angels come when we do certain things, the angels pray for us. When we do certain things, the angels lowered their wings on us. So we're supposed to study those ahaadeeth we're supposed to implement those

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things, so that we can get the companionship of the angels. And of course, the greatest interaction that angels have with mankind is the interaction that they have with the prophets of Allah unique interaction. That is the interaction called why or inspiration. And we know that the greatest of angels because not all angels are the same. The greatest of angels, which is God has been chosen by Allah to be the primary angel that has come come to every single prophet from Adam to new to Ibrahim to Moosa Teresa to our Prophet Mohammed sossaman. All the prophets in the middle that one Angel consistently came down to teach and preach and to give Allah his way to the prophets and other

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angels interact with all of us. We know that there are angels that write down what we do kerama and Khatibi and Ala Moana Mata followed rocky bonati they are angels that are around us, Muslim and non Muslim, every human being is surrounded by angels that are recording but this is something most Muslims don't know. righteous people are blessed with angels to protect them. righteous people are blessed with angels to protect them. And righteous people are blessed with angels to counteract those swathes of the shape on so when we come close to Allah, Allah subhana wa tada will send an angel down and the purpose and the job of that angel is to counteract the whisperings of shavon we

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know from the tradition that when a human is born, shavon assigns 181 demon one one Jin one shavon is assigned to this person, your job is to misguide this person, what we don't know is that in fact, when we turn to Allah, Allah assigns an angel many of us don't know this is in the Hadith, Allah assigns an angel to counteract the role of that shape on so in fact, we have two entities from the other world, a demon or a general shaitan. And we have an angel as well and the both of them are whispering the one whispers evil thoughts, the other whispers good thoughts and tries to counteract and it is up to us what we act upon on the Day of Judgment, we can neither blame nor criticize the

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jinn or the angel, because all they did was whisper to us in the end, it is up to us to act neither the jinn nor the angel can force It is we who decide to do but Allah azza wa jal reveals or sends down I should say, an angel to try to help us against the shaitaan and in the end of the day, we have that as we know freewill to decide what we want to do, as well we learn that the angels make do out for the believers. Allah says in the Quran that the angels ask Allah to forgive the belief

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And in the Hadith we learn that there are specific good deeds that the angels ask Allah to bless those people who do them. Again, this is not comprehensive, but some of them number one will mention those who give charity of the Prophet system said every day two angels come down and they make a dua to Allah over law. Anyone who gives charity give him more than what he gave, give him back more than what he gave. And the other angel says, Oh, well, anybody who's stingy, deprived more than what he was stingy with. So angels make dua to Allah to bless the one who gives money. Number two angels as well. They ask Allah to bless those who are teaching Islam, those who are spreading Islam, and this

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doesn't just mean giving good buzz and doodles. If you're teaching your children Islam, if you're teaching your children how to pray, if you teach your colleagues anything about Islam, the angels will make dua for you. Number three, those who come to the massage especially in darkness, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the angels make special to offer them so frequenting the massage. Number four praying and soften Oh, well, that the Prophet sallallahu I did send them said that the angels use our lunada soften Oh, well, they ask Allah, Allah, Allah blessings and forgiveness upon the people who pray in the first row. Number five, those who eat suhoor our Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said that the angels ask Allah to bless those who eat through so we must and we should wake up for support and Allah azza wa jal, angels will be making dua for us that Allah makes our fast easy that Allah blesses our fast so the angels make dua for those who make sure number six visiting the sick, the angels ask Allah to bless those who visit the six. Number seven, when we make dua for others, angels make dua for us. So every time we raised our hands for our Muslim brother or sister, and this is one of the easiest ways yet we are still so stingy brothers and sisters, one of the easiest ways to get our daughter responded to is that we make dollars sincerely for other people,

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you want money, raise your hands up and say, Oh Allah, so and so is struggling with money, blessed him with wealth, blessed him with halaal Well, guess what an angel will say, mean? And Oh Allah, may you also be given what you may do out for your sick, you want to be cured. Make dua for your fellow Muslims who are sick sincerely, the more sincere you are for them, the more sincere the angel will be for you. So you want something done, make dua for other people that it is done to them, and then the angel will make the art for you. So what a beautiful world we would live in, if we really wanted good for other people, we will get that same good ourselves. So the angels make up for the one who

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makes drop for his brother and sister. And number eight, I think I'm on the saying the fact you have the Prophet sallallahu I've said them said that whoever says mean, and the angels are mean is the same time as his I mean, after the fact that all of his sins will be forgiven. So when the Imam says the fact you have the angels that are around and listening, they all say I mean, and we are supposed to also say I mean, so we're supposed to coincide with that mean? And number nine, the angels ask a loss, forgiveness for any gathering that has gathered for the sake of knowledge and victory and sila and they surround that gathering as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they stopped

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flying around, and they come and they, they surround that gathering, they flap their wings around that gathering so that Allah Sakina comes and they surround that gathering so that Allah, Allah can be concentrated. So we pray that Allah azza wa jal makes our gatherings every night, a gathering that angels come to so the final point, brothers and sisters is that what is the purpose of all of this to believe in the angels? The purpose is that a number of things, again, much can be said, time is limited. Some of the things that really strikes me about a man and the angels, the angels are so perfect, so holy, so amazing. And what are the things that moves me the most? Can you imagine how

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long they have been worshipping Allah without committing a single sin for millennia, since before Adam until Judgment Day, how long that will be It is beyond our human comprehension. And yet we learn in the Hadith, that when they hear the trumpet blown, and it is the same Angel, it's not the angels great, great, great, great grandson, the same angel that has been worshipping alone non stop for millennia, millions, billions of years beyond even a timeframe when they shall taste death for their one and only time because even the angel shall die. When the trumpet is blown the first time then there'll be resurrected when the Trumpet is blown. The second half of that interim as we know,

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everything dies other than

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that interim. Even the angels die when the angels taste death. What will they say the

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last phrase that will come from their mouths is a phrase that should shock all of us are abana ma ibutton aka hakkari baddeck Subhana carrapateena ma ba na kahakai Bertie, how Blessed are you, Oh Allah, we have not worshipped you the way you are deserving to be worshipped. This is what the angels say, after what they have done. How about me and you? How can we possibly compare? And yet one of the most amazing things, brothers and sisters, one would think, how can we possibly compete with the angels, yet the righteous of the children of Adam, are more blessed in the eyes of Allah than the angels? How do we know this? The story of the creation? When Allah created Adam, what did

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he say to the angels? Bow down in respect Subhana Allah, how bless it is our Lord, who has made us if we are righteous, higher than even the angels, how Blessed are we to have such a lord? How fortunate are we to have such a Lord, he has raised our ranks, even above that of the angels, but with that one condition, and that is that we are of the solid in we are of the righteous, the righteous of the children of Adam, on a higher level than even the angels. And that is why in general, the angels will come and say to us, salaam en la combi Masato for near Morocco but doubt the angels will congratulate us that when we enter agenda, and they will say peace be unto you

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because of what you have done because of the patients you have had. And the final point brothers and sisters related to our month that we are in Djibouti alayhis salaam, and what will make us understand who is Jubilee in this mighty angel, this angel that has seen every single prophet and communicated directly with every prophet that has done what only Allah knows he was there throughout all of human history. And before this mighty angel, the mightiest of all angels, God, whom the Prophet system himself asked, oh god, why don't you visit me more often? He wanted gibreel to come, he wanted you to come and he said to Julian, why don't you visit me more often? And Allah revealed a

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verse that we recite To this day, one mana tena zero Illa b m, the Arabic we're only allowed to come in for love gives us permission, I can't just come and visit you for socialization, Allah has to send me then I will come he wanted to see gibreel more and more and more this mighty angel gibreel no longer comes to this earth. That is it. It is gone. It Oh man. Amen. The foster mother of the Prophet system. When obachan Omar visited her after the death of the processing, she began to cry. And they said Why are you crying, she said, I am crying because Allah zwei has been cut permanently until Judgment Day, no more ye of Allah will come is the end of the story with the death of the

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Prophet system. Yet on one day of the year, this mighty angel comes down to this earth one night of the year, God Himself comes down as a lot as though it just says in the Quran, that all men are equal to war roofie the mighty spirit of gibreel comes on later to other and that is why some of those who haven't had their own when it was the last 10 nights they would stand up in prayer and put on their best clothes and put on perfume when they would be asked why they would say should we not prepare for the night that God Himself is coming down. So God is coming down on these night later the other literally 10 days from now that is the cycle when it begins should we not be excited? We

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are getting one of the mightiest creations of a lot to visit us. One of the ayah Tierra del cobre is coming to our lands is coming to this world should we not be excited so much so Allah makes it a sign of Judgment Day. Allah mentions it and tells us well America to a roofie gibreel himself is coming down should we not be excited at the advent of this noble guest of Allah, the one whom even Rasulullah saw someone to come to us more often and jabeen himself wanted it but he said I can only come when Allah sends me down. Well guess what? Allah will send him down in just a few nights. Let us be excited for that night. Let us make sure we're praying to Allah and that night, let us make

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sure we're into our insula. Because what if you really were to pray for us? What if we're happening to be praying and God and makes do out for us? Where do you think our macom will rise? So make sure we're standing on those 10 nights and make sure that we are praying to Allah on the night that gibreel visits us inshallah, we'll continue our talks tomorrow, set on y de como. rahmatullah wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the topic of belief in angels in this excellent and contemplative talk.

The Shaykh discusses at length the characteristics of angels that sets them apart from mankind and the noble qualities that the angels portray, primarily, endless worship and praise for Allah Almighty SWT. They came into existence eons before us and will remain till the end of time with the only sole purpose – worshiping and obeying Allah.

In spite of having spent millennia in the worship and praise of Allah , the last words of angels when they taste death would be – How we wish we had worshiped and praised you in a more better manner! SubhanAllah!

Citing the story of the creation of prophet Adam AS, Shaykh Yasir expounds on the age old question – is mankind better than angels or is it vice-versa? 

A reflective talk, by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi!


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