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With Na’ima B. Robert

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers, my sisters this evening, I'm here on this live session in order to let you know something amazing. So, the sisters out there, a lot of the times we have something we want to say, we have a story we want to tell. We want to share it with people, we want to share it with perhaps generations to come. We'd like to say things so that others can learn from our experience. We have so much perhaps up for our children or whoever else it may be well, Sister Nyima be Robert and I'm sure we've heard her name she is a well known author, originally from Zimbabwe, mashallah she has done so much of work, she has a challenge for you. She is offering a

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five day course on how to discover the book within you. Because obviously, by you, writing by you putting pen on paper, and expressing what exactly you're going through or what you have gone through or what you'd like to say or the experiences, people should not silence you, they should rather have the opportunity to learn from you. So she is going to join us in a few moments in sha Allah, and she is going to talk about this it is totally free. So there is no excuse to say I didn't know how to put pen on paper. I didn't know how to discover what I had within me. You should write and you should ensure that your story is heard. And at the same time make sure that you've benefited from

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courses like this. And you know it's amazing how Allah Almighty grants so much in terms of goodness, when people are serious about benefiting others. So Masha Allah Tabata kala I think we're going to be

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joined by her in a few moments and here goes

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you know, whenever we have opportunities of this nature, what happens usually is that people don't take these seriously, but here we are with an opportunity mashallah Salam aleikum wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh How are you brother? Do you make very well thank you Masha Allah Tabarrok Allah I just started with a short intro. I don't know if you're caught a bit of it. But I want to know about this beautiful challenge that you have for the sisters. And what is it that you want to achieve by this by sha Allah Insha Allah, Allah Paden, so Bismillah Salam Alaikum everyone, first thing I want to apologize to the brothers. I have to apologize to the brothers because I know

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they they too have stories to tell. They have messages, they have knowledge they want to share. But this opportunity, I'm sorry, Brothers is for the sisters. And what I will be doing if you know you guys know Mashallah. Mufti and I, you know, written a book together to Hamdulillah. I am a writer, and I've had almost 30 books published now. And I help other women to write books. So next week, Inshallah, from the Monday to Friday, 23rd, to the 27th, I'm going to be coaching my sisters for three, and every sister out there who has a story to tell, who has a message to share with the world or has some knowledge, some beneficial knowledge that she wants to spread, and she thinks she may be

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able to put it into a book, Inshallah, I'm going to show her how to do it. So all the sisters from all around the world are invited for this free online challenge, discover the book

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Discover the book So can I ask the first question, what if a sister has a story? And she doesn't know whether or not it's worth, you know, writing or worth putting down on paper? How would she be able to know that? I love that question. And we are going to be actually showing people breaking down how you can know that your story is something worth sharing, but I'll for the people who are on here, mashallah, there's 1000s of people watching. So I want to give them a little bit of benefit now that we're online. The way to know if you have a story to tell whether your story is worth telling, is there's one there's two things firstly, is your story relevant to other people in

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any way? And does it resonate with people in any way? So your story, whatever it is, it's maybe a challenge that you went through. Maybe it's a period of your life where you had certain experiences. Maybe it's a success that you had, maybe it's an adventure you went on, right? Maybe it's your history or your family history, those stories, do they have relevance and resonance for other people? And those people

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Paul mufti, they could be your children and your grandchildren, they could be your local community, you know, it could be your people in your country, it could be people all around the world, as long as your story has relevance, and it resonates with people, and it brings something of here, it brings something of benefits something of either information, or motivation or inspiration, or comfort or solace. Your story, if it resonates with people, it means it makes them feel something. And of course, sorry, just to say the website, again, the to join,

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it's www dot discover the book And they can go to my Instagram page, obviously, and the link is there. And they can just go on in sha Allah, all you need is your email. And all you need is to join us online in sha Allah, and I'll be teaching all of these things, we're going to be looking at helping people get clear on their ideas, helping them to improve their ideas as well, and showing them what's possible, mostly because a lot of people hold themselves back, because they think that's not for me.

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You know, I'm not that Sister, I'm not like that, you know, I'm not like Sister Nyima or like sister so and so I could never do something like that. And I want to show with my sisters that Sis, you can do anything you put your mind to by Allah's permission. And I want to show them the possibilities, what they are capable of, and also the power of sharing your story and sharing your knowledge with the world and the baraka, insha Allah that can come to you, if you do it with the right intention. Yes, you know, when I first read about it, and then you told me about it, something came to my mind that I'm going to share with you now and that is a lot of sisters struggle silently. And a lot of

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them have been through experiences that others could actually not only take a page from, but change their lives by going through the way you navigated through your issues. And one of the things that I was saying that that came to my mind is because of all the struggles that sisters go through, silently, and sometimes they haven't had the opportunity to reach out to others, when they start writing it, that relation of the pen and the paper, actually soothes them and heals them within if it is something that was a problem and an issue. So that is something unique and amazing. Because you know, we all have an urge to tell people our problems sometimes and we tell the wrong people at

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times. And at times, we end up confiding and making matters worse, confiding in the wrong people, but

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you don't have to always write your proper name, you don't always have to, I'm sure you're gonna go through all of that. But you can still say your story because people can benefit and by you relating it to yourself on paper, to start with, you've already, you know, sort of healed and you've come out of it, and you smile at the fact that there was some benefit. Allah made me go through all of this, because he wanted me to reach out to the rest of mankind. Like, you know, the Hadith says the best of men of mankind, those who are most beneficial to the rest, or to the, you know, to the rest of mankind. So Alhamdulillah I would also, I would also like to encourage the sisters to say here is a

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free opportunity to learn about the book within and to be discovered, discovered the book, right. And to be able to learn how to write, to be able to get things done, to be able to be coached, and to move ahead, Inshallah, and who knows, perhaps we can flood the markets with all these beautiful books. And not only about, you know, negatives that you've been through, but the positives and a lot of other subjects, things you've excelled in, it's when you share it with others, you earn a great reward as well. So just a common law fair, my dear sister for joining me today to let the people know it was very, very important that we let people know what exactly this

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was all about. So discover the book And the the course is Monday to Friday, this coming Monday to Friday, and inshallah it's open for all sisters, to join by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala Any closing words you'd like to say?

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Oh, I'm just that don't miss out on this opportunity. You know, when I was first when I before I wrote from my sister's lips. I was alone. I didn't know any writers. Nobody really helped me I had to figure it out by myself. And so now that there are sisters who are helping who are teaching who are training, make take advantage of that. Make the most of that opportunity and join me next

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Sweet because we're going to have an amazing time together in sha Allah. I don't know whether your people can see hear me or see me it looks like my connection is great. But I just want to thank everybody for you know, giving people that advice. And yeah coming and jam with us next week in sha Allah it's going to be an amazing time in their lives me epic, Baraka Luffy CompuCom my sister and I wish you all the best and I pray that all the sisters make use of this and it's a great opportunity to actually connect with everyone does akmola Farah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato