Zakir Naik – Dawah to an Atheist in a Non-Muslim Society

Zakir Naik
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Similarly, if you're living in non Muslim society,

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where you have Hindus,

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you can come to come in terms as far as their scriptures concerned, and our scriptures concern

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for let me put this, it's the same

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thing with juice is the same technique. So this is as far as one category of non Muslim is concerned, those who are religious.

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In today's world, especially the Western world,

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do people claim

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to be Christians, very few actually practicing Christians.

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They're more impressed

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with science and technology. And most of them, practically, the atheist did not believe in God.

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So how would you doubt to them?

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If I meet an atheist, and if he tells me that there is no God, the first thing I'll do is I will congratulate him.

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You will wonder why is Zakaria congratulating atheists The reason I will congratulate atheist is because most of the non Muslims they are non Muslims, because of the parents.

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Most of the human beings, they follow the parents blindly. He's a Christian, with a father as a Christian, his father's Hindu, many Muslims are Muslim because the father a Muslim, this atheist is thinking

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his parents may be religious, but it's thinking he doesn't agree

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in the gods with the parents worship.

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So he says there's no God. And the reason I congratulate atheist is because he has said the first part of the Islamic Shahada La Ilaha there is no god so half my job is done.

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The only thing I have to do is in Lala which I shall do inshallah,

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see the atheist as I told you silymarin chapter three verse 64. is the master key for dava tala Villa calm within Saba embedded avena Come, come to common terms as we ascend you. There are many Muslims have asked me that what is the commonality between the atheist and the Muslim? I said the first part of the Islamic Delilah, there is no God

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because half my job is done to another non Muslim who believes in a God first has to prove to him that the God is worshipping is wrong.

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And then I have to talk to him about Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, half my job is done. He has already said Lyla, there is no God, only they have to do in the law, which I shall do inshallah. Now, most of these atheists, as I told you, they have become atheists because they believe in science and technology, which they feel is so advanced, and they become atheist. And after Gong lighted him, I asked him a question

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that suppose there is an equipment, there is an object, which no one in the world has ever seen, no human being has seen if it is bought in front of you. And if the question is asked that, who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this equipment of this object? If I asked this question to an atheist,

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that an object or an equipment which no human being has ever seen in this world,

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if it's bought in front of the atheist, and if he's asked the question, that who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this equipment? What reply Can he give you?

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What reply Can he give you

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manufacturer, some may say creator, some may say manufacturer, some as a producer, some will say inventor, whatever they say it will be somewhat similar, just keep it at the back of the mind. Either they will tell you a creator, a manufacturer, a producer, an inventor, it will be somewhat similar or maker, keep it back of the mind and continue asking the next question that how did this universe come into existence? Today it is to tell you that we have come to know that initially, our whole universe was one primary nebula. Later on, there was a secondary separation of Big Bang, which gave rise to galaxies, the stars, the planets, the sun, and the earth on which we live.

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This they call as the Big Bang.

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If you ask the question, right? Yes. When did you come to know about this big bang? He will tell you 30 years back 40 years back, we came to know how the universe came into existence, the Big Bang? You asked him the question, what you're talking about the Big Bang is already mentioned the Quran 1400 years ago, instead of ambia chapter number 21 was limited to our la mirada, Xena, kafu do not unbeliever

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See anathema watever are the contradictions of the heavens and the earth were joined together and we closed them asunder. What you're talking about the Big Bang is already mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago, who could have mentioned this in the Quran 14 years ago? The atheist may say, maybe it's a fluke, don't

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have to ask him the next question. That what is the shape of this earth on which we live?

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So he will tell you that previously, the human beings they believe that the Earth was flat. It was in 15 177. It's a Francis Drake, he sailed around the earth that he proved that the Earth was spherical.

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We asked him the question, the Quran mentions

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the spherical shape of the earth 1400 years ago, in Surah nazjatar chapter number 79 was the motto of Allah says, what are the bad does olika Haha, and thereafter, we have made the earth x shaped.

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The earth we live in, is not completely around like a ball. It is geometrically shaped, it is flattened from the poles and the egg that is referred in the Quran. The ha ha. One of its meanings is an expanse. One of the meanings is an egg. It specifically refers to the egg of an ostrich. And if you analyze the shape of the egg of an ostrich that too is geo spherical in shape. Imagine the Quran speaks about the geo spherical shape of the earth 1400 years ago, you asked the question to the atheist that you could have mentioned this in the Quran. So he will tell you maybe your prophet masala son was intelligent man. Don't argue continue asking the next question that the light of the

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moon is its own light are reflected light. So he will tell you previously we thought that the light of the moon was its own light. Recently we have come to know that the light of the moon is not its own light but it is the reflected light of the sun.

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Yesterday in science means 40 years back 50 years back 100 years back. Quran mentions 1400 years ago, in Surah Furqan chapter number 25 was number 61. That desert is He who has made the constellations in the skies and plays there in Sun having a light of its own and Moon having borrowed light having reflected light, who could have mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago that the light of the moon was not its own light, but it was a reflected light by it was borrowed light. Again, they just may say maybe a prophet masala Salam was a very intelligent person. Don't argue with him continue.

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When I was in school, I passed my school in 1982.

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I had learned that the sun was stationary, it did not rotate about its own axis.

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Is that what I mentioned? I said no, this is what I learned in school. I learned in school that the sun was stationary, it did not rotate about its own axis. But the Quran mentions in Surah ambia chapter number 21 was the mortality who Alessi helical l one Hara it is allow us created the day and the night where Shams overcomer the sun and the moon golden spoon, each one traveling in an orbit with its own motion. The Arabic word Yes, Boone describes the motion of a moving body. And it says that the sun besides revolving, it even rotates about its own axis. And today's science tells us with help of an equipment, we can have the image of the sun on the table top and the sun has got

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black spots, and it takes approximately 25 days for these blackspots to complete one rotation indicating that the sun takes 25 days to complete one rotation. Who could have mentioned this what I learned in school

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23 years back.

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Now the science says it is wrong.

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And the Quran as mentioned this 1400 years ago who could have mentioned this in the Quran. They just may give a long pause. Don't wait for the reply. You can keep on continuing today. scientists tell us that our universe is expanding. The same message is given the Quran 1400 years ago

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in solitary area. Chapter number 51 was number 47 that we have created the vastness of space the expanding universe

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