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On this episode of Hashtag with Saad Tasleem: What makes a prank halal?

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What's up with everybody pulling pranks these days? You're watching hashtag sorry.

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Did you know that pulling pranks and laughing and joking, it's actually a good thing islamically laughing and joking even pranks are a good thing. However islamically there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to make those pranks Helen or make those pranks, pranks that you would actually be rewarded for. First of all, where it's not permissible it's not okay to lie to someone when you're joking with them or even pulling a prank and this something that I said I'm specifically forbade, he said about himself. He said, Yes, I joke with people as well, except I only tell the truth. Second of all, it's not okay to scare people with joking, and pranks, and I know

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what you're thinking. Isn't that all the pranks? Isn't that most of the pranks? It may be but you really have to think about the person who is the victim of the prank. islamically we look at everyone's feelings and everyone's emotions, even the one who is the victim of the prank. So yeah, most people will laugh at the prank and the one pulling the prank may have a great time and everyone's having a great time with a prank. But what about the person who had the prank pulled on them? Islam takes into account their feelings if they didn't like it, if they were scared and annoyed them and even paddle Ah, sometimes somebody will come off as Yeah, I enjoyed that prank.

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Haha, so great, but deep down inside, they're actually very hurt and they were very scared or they were embarrassed by being caught off guard and scared in that way. Also, very important condition is that when it comes to laughing and joking in pranks, that we cannot harm someone. And when I say harm I mean physically. Definitely, that should be obvious, but also emotionally. So if you're hurting somebody's feelings with a prank that makes that prank or that joke, not okay. The whole purpose of joking in pranks in Islam is to make the person who you're joking with feel good. So remember if you're if that person hasn't felt good, if they were hurt, their feelings were hurt.

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We've defeated the whole purpose behind the prank or the joke and Allah knows best. Until next time, inshallah. Tada Mr. Aiko, what I meant to lie or what I can do.