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Learn How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan by overcoming your shortcomings and allowing your worship to transform your personality.

By improving your character, you will get the true fruits of your worship which is becoming a better person. Get your free video series on RAMADAN RELATIONSHIP REPAIR:

Sr. Haleh Banani will give you practical ways to overcome your shortcomings and build a better character by combining her knowledge of psychology and Islam.


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The speaker is discussing the benefits of working on one's character, specifically their relationship with the Prophet sallahu Sallam. They offer a free program called tackling relationship repair, which will help individuals improve their character by working on their actions and emotions. The program will be shared throughout the month and individuals can sign up to receive tools and resources to improve their character.

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Salam aleikum, Ramadan Mubarak. We are also excited we've been counting down and it's finally here from the law. This Ramadan, I want us to focus on overcoming our shortcomings and looking at this period as a bootcamp a bootcamp to really get our character in line to work on those shortcomings to help ourselves in every area of our life. So whether it's being a better spouse, a better parent, a better son or daughter, we can really maximize the benefits. By improving all our relationships. I would love for you to take advantage of a free program that I made called Ramadan relationship repair, you can sign up for it and this will give you the tools on how you can improve your marriage

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during Ramadan. Throughout the month, I will be sharing some tips on how you can improve your character so that we are not just focused on the fast thing in the praying and the reading or on but we are working on ourselves because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the heaviest thing on the scale is going to be our character. So let's work on that. Let's take all of the acts of the bada all our worship to help us be the absolute best we can be. I pray that all of you achieve your goals and soften your hearts and have the best character during this blessed month. So it's like a lot of fish that are legal