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Adnan Rajeh
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Medina rather early he was so happy as you may know, but so far we've talked

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about his patients how to heal salatu salam helped me he

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talked about his generosity. There, let me hear that your site was

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talked about his humbleness to although he said Allah His body, His asceticism is digging out of your soil to Islam

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and slavery he is perseverance grits and Jihad Allah your salatu salam today, a little bit of a change of

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pace in terms of what I'm talking about. I want to talk about Musa he said Allah, Allah, He knew seldom his humor, his sense of humor. And he saw to us

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this is an aspect I feel or a side of his character that that goes unnoticed quite often, it's because it's not one of the common traits that the Arab will see to be valuable. And I have certain traits and characteristics that they seem to be very important. And they point them out. And that's usually how whenever you speak of him out of your salatu salam, you take those categories, I thought, I've always sought to be valuable and important. And definitely sense of humor was not one of the traits that Otto cared for at all.

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But it's a side of him that he sought to assert that I think it's really important, because he definitely took himself look himself very lightly, he sought to thrive. And it was very, it had a very good sense of humor, very unique one for someone who was in his position out of his salatu salam who spoke to Gibreel

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was receiving receiving revelation who had seen aspects of Jahannam that no one else saw. I didn't know salatu salam, I think for him to have that was actually very, a very, very important aspect of who he was.

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Allah, cool and nasty personnel you speak to people always choose the best thing to say whenever you're speaking to them. And the only time you know humor is frowned upon. Yeah. to the environment. Yeah, you're Latina. Emmanuella is her almond milk, almond ice, hakuna, higher minimum. Don't mark people don't don't mistreat them. Don't make fun of them. Don't put them down or condescend towards them when joking. And he would say I like your salatu salam, how do you think dealing with your way you don't have the money you had these will OMA for you because you're the HCA home where you don't know who's

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warning to those who speak and they lie with the intention of making people laugh. And this is referring to telling people something about someone

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claiming that it actually happened just to make them laugh. When you tell a story that you are explaining to them that's a made up story. This is just a fable, you tell them a story. That's not what he's talking about it you're salatu salam, the Sahaba and the time you're in and the scholars of the OMA have done this where you tell this story is not real. It's just for the camera and there's maybe something funny in it, or something to smile at. But it's it's when you tell people something about someone and you're claiming that they actually did it too. But the goal is to make them laugh. That's what's held on and beat you know, if you live long and you've been in social

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gatherings, you know that this happens more often than it should.

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And the other aspect just to kind of kind of be thorough is is not making everything a joke because not everything is Alia started Something's definitely someone who took like seriously and knew how to to take things seriously. He taught people to do that. And that's what he will say, Yeah, but hurry up till about haga in a Go throttle by Hickey to me to help don't laugh too much of a hotel because you laugh too much, then your heart dies and you can't you stop feeling things and you don't have the compassion or the empathy or the ability to actually take any given situation appropriately. So that's like a little bit of a disclaimer in terms of his I think it's

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what he used to point out and that was that needed to be observed when we talk about humor. I'm not gonna hide in the Hadith narrated by did with the whole model 82 I hadn't thought of assuming middle Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I never saw anyone who smiled more often. Then the Prophet Allah usato. So another rewire ma are you to who in Wakanda metabo Simonelli. You saw it was I never saw him except he had a big smile on his face and he saw to Yahweh Yahweh Buddha would

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imagine and job your job but he says you have not given Abdullah Allah Maha Giovanni rasool Allah He said, Allah Allah, Allah Mundo Islam to whatever the heck, you never you never actually I never had to wait to see him out of your Salah twisted. I mean, you never put a barrier between the two of us and so I accepted Islam. And he never saw me except he was laughing at it. He had a big smile on his face. It is awesome. And he was giggling wherever he saw me. So Allah Hardy is

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an example of that the only outside of the Exactly. Before I give you the examples of him out of here. Salatu Salam, I think I think the two narrations of an omelet are important. I mean, Omar was a very, very just he was just born a serious person. You can't blame him his father was horrible called pub. So he kind of grew up with no choice and he just had that about him where he was just the you know, some people just rigged like old men, no matter how they could be 10 And he was one of those people a beloved I'm gonna was definitely wasn't gonna go

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People and he was a teacher of many tabulating are the Allahu Anhu is a big teacher. But he was always serious to the point where he was, you know, they would ask him this question in two separate narrations are completely unrelated to one another that he would get asked this question. The same question. And the reason he got asked it because it's because how he was just as characteristic they would ask him yeah, you have no more halka and I was horrible. Rasulullah his was your one. Yeah, but I go to him I did the Sahaba laugh, like because this is this is the degree of how serious he is that the people were learning from them, or wondering if like the Sahaba ever, you know, laughed if

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that was something acceptable. So he would notice that are the Allahu Anhu and you'd notice that he's being a little bit too that's just his character it's how he is but but I can just wondering, can we who now we have one well can Attabad hula difficile but clearly they used to laugh and laugh and they used to throw you know the green piece of the Baltic on each other like they will be eating a plate and then Yanni for whatever reason is obeyed would see side and slam him with with questionable data and then they would hit it back and either update or hey, yeah, I lost sadati Hey allergy heard the farmer to do or you know bamboo to do or you know, when they hear Hey, Allah

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salah, it's time for Salah was how you allergy it's time for jihad. They stand up their eyes in their heads. They flip. That's it. That's it. They're totally focused on it. They go from the other narration, Carla can Hakuna what I can email and will feel cooler will be him oven will be knowledgeable. They would laugh but the man in their hearts was larger than Moses, the Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah is trying to sell them in the Hadith.

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So this is the is actually a really easy topic to talk about, like, you'll be surprised how easy it is. Honestly, I have to choose what I want to talk because a lot of the Hadith are going to be used for other aspects of his characteristic. And I've already talked giving you giving you two examples. For example, he talks about his humbleness out of his salatu salam. I gave you two examples of his humor. When the man was standing there in fear. He told him I'm just a son of a lady who used to Eve eat beef jerky and Mecca is funny. That's something that you don't say who says that and who comes up to somebody and tells him that his mother used to take meat and put it in the sun and eat it and

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he's the son of that lady used to do that. No one does that. But he but he did it out of your slaughterhouse and not just to calm the man down but also he took himself lightly when he fell off the donkey Alia salatu salam found herself laughing It's because he had a really good sense of humor of himself and what was happening around him. So there's so much of it in the in the car that I was literally I was very confused last night. What am I going to talk about today? That's not going to sound repetitive or is it just too much it's going to take me forever to go through through them. But yeah, he was sitting with saying that you know, the Allahu Anhu This is an CLT and his house is

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you know how to be he was there eating tomorrow. It had went and works throughout the day and he brought like a big thing of tomorrow. And he put it between the prophet Ali Hassan himself and they're eating and as they're eating tomorrow they're chatting Ali, instead of putting the pit of the of the data in front of him He's like, he's flicking it over into the into the Prophet Alejo saw this little group of or pile of pits, so they're eating and at the end after eating the tumbler after a while saving the Nebbiolo solid in front of him this is a big pile of pits and it has nothing in front of him. So it was just doing doing it waiting and then at the end of your color

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yellow suit Allah cola the thermal you ate all that oh, these days you ate it. And if another study he looks down he sees it he gets it he gets the idea Bacala entirely occulta who be busy he and you ate it with the date with the bits mashallah you're you're slowing the pizza.

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You will see saying that I might have been yesterday the hadith is in trouble Ronnie, and I'm mildest is had something wrong with his eye. He had like a pinkeye look of the one had pinkeye and this is during a fun duck. When they were digging the trench. People were very hungry, very tired. So he's sitting there and there's there's some narration maybe when they're building the message. At the beginning, we don't we don't know for sure. But he's sitting on Allah who I know. And he's eating a date. And he has like, one of his eyes isn't working. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam walks by him and he says, Jamar Kulu Tamra was the only compliment you're eating you're eating a

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tomato and there's your pinkeye as if they have anything to do with each other like you have nothing to do with each other everyone knows but he's just joking out here so I just said I'm as if they say and you give me the date it's not good for you. You have something wrong with your eye out ups do this all the time. By the way, if anyone's eating they will always try and take whatever is in your hand for themselves. It's just it's just something they can just pass time honestly for a lot of it doesn't even doesn't they're not even hungry just for the fun of it, but they might have been yesterday chlorella. docshell So don't be afraid. In nama Kulu who Allah Shakti Salim I'm getting

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her on the right on the side that doesn't have the pink either on the on the right side of the Allahu Anhu Allah, the prophets of Allah highly assign yourself a

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lady would come up to him and you'll say the Hadith also intimidating lady will come to me say you understood Allah

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will Jana when I when I entered genuine de Paola Salah was in law school janitor I use old people do not enter Jana. But that habit who the lady

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walked away crying but I don't know how you to come back in methods Kulina hush button husband your Android you'll be young and you'll be beautiful. So

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it was saying it just

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to explain something i Man was come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam you so you're still alone. Melanie I want I want Melanie means give me something to ride on this journey I need something to ride. The Fila NACME Luca Isla wala Dnata will will carry you on the on the son of Unaka on the baby of God Almighty and finally what I do not I what do I want from the Son of God I had? Well he'll tell you dude Ebola Ebola in the Norco and what do we what camels give birth to besides other camels like he's playing with words he said when not committing the son of a chi Campbell. So the person listening to understood that it was going to be an idea a baby thing for the rock it is every in

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every camel is a son of a she camel so this is just you just saying it for the person to kind of for a moment there's to be taken back for a second that Allah is like you said it was a joke with him.

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What am I favorite the Hadith are in the collection of Abuja, Isla Isha. And this just shows you a little bit of a dynamic of his house Ali Hassan was so he was in the house of Sodom and Gomorrah, Sodom was the first lady he married after Khadija died. That was like many years after he passed away. So it was 85 years old when she got married to the Prophet audio. So I was um, he was the first ultimately in Islam. She was the first lady to lose her husband for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala as the prophet It is thought to us, I'm married her and she became a woman with medium. She was an elderly lady, so she didn't even even the night that she has with the prophet Ali. So she

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didn't want she told me just give it a shot. I don't I don't need it. Like she's an elderly lady. But the broader audience also I saw some would commonly spend time in her house and chat with her and talk with her. He was a lovely person. And I showed her the low I know we always bring food over, she had a good relationship so they can sell those older as old as her grandmother so they had a good relationship. So the proper audio solid time is in the house of soda and I usually comes with that I shall we because zero will be heavier. The narrations differ on actual wording and it's basically a type of food where they put wheat and little pieces of meat and they cook it for a while

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so she brought the food over a call at Cooley so nice to hear you have some cooler soda loaded I don't want it you know how the elderly ladies are I don't want to eat this and she's and she's like, Colleen you're going to eat and she says no and the private audience I'm sitting there watching them Bacara coolin oh look the sun nebbia jerky and you're going to eat I'm gonna smear on your face though so just saying no and then I it takes a little bit of it and she smears the face of of soda really low I know but for the heck of it so he left to McCauley soda. Doctor scene no is now you have to do

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any that doesn't hold Isha. And then. So that takes a little bit of the study and she smears the face of Asia with Allah Allah, Allah He can never use that Allah Allah he was ill and will the heck no matter how and they were all laughing. So Allah it was like this. And obviously he's not

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you know, they're not wasted wasteful of food. But yeah, his his his view of things out of his mouth was it was just of that nature was someone who will looked at things in a very simple manner and he took himself and took the life around him in a very when you look at the actual

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the seriousness of the life that they were all living at that time. You see how the amount of deaths that would occur via the poverty the daily difficulties and to find them out of your salatu salam in this type of with this type of mentality and someone who not only found was it you know found time to joke with people and to tell a joke and say something funny but also to observe things around him either you saw there was me to see humor in them or you saw to us I think I think there's something definitely very valuable in seeing them

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so if you're able to you know we'll be asked to huddle in Ms. Aha Gina is is joking around and something that we should stay away from Aparna Bell who Asuna to Mr. Hubba Lehmann Can you see New Who were your bamboo female that he actually said it's actually a sunnah for those who know how to do it. And know where where to put it like know how to actually joke and when to joke and what to say when when they're joking.

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Around the Hadith, even manager intermediate will say Ya rasool Allah in Nikka to de buena you seem to joke with us Allah Subhana Allah Now I'm in need whether it will come with a poodle. AKA I joke with you. I never say anything. I never lie to someone also, however, like I might have been humble. This gentleman was a joker. Gentleman loved his stories. We have maybe five or six stories for him in the Sunnah. All of them are just based on shenanigans. So no a man would go and he would want to gift the Prophet alayhi salatu salam something. So if you tell somebody

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he was selling honey here

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There's someone who wants to buy this agency will take the honey and he would go and knock on the door of the profit out of your salatu salam ala Rasulillah yeah and I said here's your some honey as if he's saying it's a gift to the brother it is he didn't say the word but he makes it seem like that the regatta Yes, I was gonna make dua for him and thanks him and he takes the honey and then the guy who owns the honey five minutes later comes and knocks on the door of the Prophet SAW to assign a call man to read called a feminine last caller said Man What do you mean I was gifted this from put on? And then you can see why am I standing over there laughing

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you would pay the person. The Alavi who owns the honey called no Emma and you eat it together. First time it was a bunch of his friends. And they told me they were hungry. So he told him this. You know this camel is owned by a Bedouin it doesn't need it slaughter it and we can eat and he kept on it. They kept on telling him slaughter edge if you want to eat either he has many camels he owns like a flock of camels. After convincing him he finally slaughtered the camel on the eighth and then the guy came looking for the camel didn't have any money. So he runs away. He runs to hide so the prophet The RRB goes to the Prophet alayhi salaatu Ravalli assaulter comes in and says what happens

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is when he know a man slaughtered the camel whereas not even the people who told him the people in his friends that he is hiding so he goes out he's on the lookout he finds him hiding like in a chicken coop.

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Because the month of January, man come out what did you do for a Latina De Luca la Humann Moroni with the people who told you where I am or the people who told me to slaughter the camera. But if I can maybe ally yourself garima Arabi the prophet is a lot and he paid the Arabi for his trouble. There's another slide and he was still able to sway but in my mind were two people who I knew they this is what they did they just they just pulled pranks on each other. So on the way this is definitely this is not a man getting pranked so so I booked on the way Yeah, and they would stop for arrested it's noon. And they're all sleeping so so able to get up before nine Monday and then he

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would walk a little bit you go and he would tell you would see a group of people and say by though I want to sell you a slave of mine. I'll send you I'll sell you a slave. He's over there. I'm busy. I need to leave so you can take him if you want him but the problem is, is my slave is very he's very rude. He's very vocal he never shuts up. He'll tell you that I'm not a slave. We don't listen to him and I do take you take him up based on what I explained to you or leave it so he said no, no, we'll take so he would cash in the money and he would leave and then the people would go over to New England and turn yellow your hours and he was like no I'm a free man. So yeah, he told us he would

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say this guy come on with us. So they would take him actually been incarcerated would take him and then the group with him would go to the Prophet audio source to say hello sir Allah so He was sold no Amen. And it's not for sale. It is just that we send people out people after them. They pay give them back their money and bring back the payment. The other half would never use it Allah harneys lm and coulees Alec, he would laugh at all these things. And he would he understood. He had a sense of humor for this type of stuff. Even something like this. That is very weird. You still would find the humor in the story in the Muslim within within macdaddy

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timezone. Or the Allahu Anhu. And my dad was one of those Sahaba he was poor. He lived in he was a part of idle sofa for a long time. And one day he was hungry and he and two of his friends. They run into the buff, adios autosound Here I was alone. I was starving. By that time, don't come with me. And he had three goats out of here. So three female goats Akkad every night. Come here.

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Milk these goats. And then we'll all drink like a little bit of milk. We'll do this every night.

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That's it. All right, perfect. So that's what they did. They would milk the goats. And then they would have four or five cups of milk. And each one would eat so there's three of them with four cups. So each one would drink a cup and there'll be a cup for the Prophet Allah usato sound left for him to drink later on that night. That would happen every night. The Prophet Elisa will be busy with the onslaught. It would come to the masjid you pray to Allah and you drink the milk may do a little bit here and then go home every night every night. One night. They were so hungry. That's not good. Yeah, he tells the story that he was i They each one drank their cup of milk and there was when they

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left the Prophet Allah usados Emmons cup of milk

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and he's lying there in shape on comes to him. And Stephane starts to negotiate with allies with the onslaught They probably already gave him Asha or something he'd right you probably ate something already. He probably doesn't even need this milk. You're starving. So he kept in snuggles you know it is it starts with a simple idea that it keeps on kind of spiraling out of control and staying there staring at this cup of milk. After maybe 510 minutes of staring at a cup of milk in the shade and doing his job. He finally decided yeah, he doesn't need it Alia So Sammy took the cup of milk and he drank a couple of Amanda JioFi and lo and the moment I entered my stomach I was like in

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complete remorse and regret that how what am I did what did i What did I just do? I just drank his cup.

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Now it's going to so he's lying there with a with a little bit of a sheet on top of his head and he's looking to see because the Prophet Allah Islam comes every night same time almost walks through the same door and then drinks and so this time he's coming out of useless I mean and he you can see him

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I mean he's like He kind of looks he looks he sees the cup empty

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called Allah OMA and I was like that's it I'm dead

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you're gonna make drugs gonna kill me right where I am but Allah whom I'm an Obama Anna was Stephen sockliner Oh ALLAH great Yanni feed those who feed us and quench the thirst of those who crunch hours. And then he goes leaves on iOS AutoSum so the player jumps up, he looks for

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a knife and he goes and he and he takes a big

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container and he goes back to the to the goats, and in his mind he wanted to slaughter one of them and cook it. You'll see in a moment why. But he goes in he finds that they're, they're filled full of milk. So he milks all three of them, until he fills the container full of them are not counting up from Ireland. Well Hamilton and Yamla Olga and there was never ever any thought in the house of the Prophet Allah your size and they could ever feel like maybe a quarter of this container because this large container he filled the whole thing. Then he took it to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said he knocks on the door. The prophet Ali is awesome opens up

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the moment he opens the door and he also does at the moment he opens the door that is standing there with his with a cup of milk but before he even gives it to him. The prophet Isaiah Satyam season Carla mokdad Schriften Halle, Halle, burka Leila. Did you drink your milk this tonight? Yeah, yeah. I've got a whole year Rasul Allah here, but I should have been a cult leader but I just want to know that you do. Did you drink your milk tonight? Yeah, yeah, my dad. Rasool Allah. So he took it to another SLM and he drank. He drank the cup, and then there was still another one but the whole year Rasul Allah drink so he drank and then he filled it a third time for the whole year rasool Allah so

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He drank it he took it a fourth time Kleiner showed me I do it I'm good I don't anymore but if Allah had to laugh and he fell back on his back laughing according to do so I'm so article one of your another one of your shenanigans. What did you do? Part of Apple Store it here too, so I told them exactly what happened. What the heck? And maybe it started to laugh, but I thought hey, why don't you wake up the to

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the to your two friends Bacala either Sherpa and watch him to Uber Lee machete Berman and a lot of fun if you're drinking and I don't care if anyone on Earth drinks again. And in my dad's mind, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said Allahu Allah, when Obama was steaming sockliner O Allah feed the one who feeds us and quench the thirst of someone who quenches my thirst. So in his mind, I'm going to get the measure of that dua right now. He went he went to slaughter one of this year and cook it so that he would get the dog specifically even if it meant that he slaughtered something not his he's gonna be held accountable for it, but he wanted to get the job and the fact that he found the

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milk and gave the profit it so somebody drank until he was full Carlos he got the job so I was laughing I got the Euro do that you may use it Allah Ali. Berlioz lobue Salam, I can literally go on and on for as long as I like. Okay, this is the last one you'd enjoy your salatu salam Yeah, I need the host of Isha and he would find her playing with dolls. Yes, she had she had dolls like act or mannequins of of living things. And amongst the dolls, you will see a horse that had wings and the Hadith of the slide. And he would ask her yeah Isha Karastan Luciana and a horse with with wings. What is this? A thought that yellow suit Allah I limiter and maybe Allah He Sulaiman gonna enter who

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they don't know that Solomon Allah's King and Prophet the king had FOLLOW US law who's gonna you know, hunt for God. It's kinda he had a horseman with wings at night. Um, yes, he did about a canopy Alejo salatu salam had never asked you to whom you could see. So no edge of their teeth in the mouth or are named, but no budget of the teeth at the back the molars, but he would laugh. And you could see the the molars in his in his mouth it he laughed in the Hadith where he would tell people the story of one of the amongst those who would leave Jahannam last you would you tell these stories, so he's telling a story of one of the people who leave Jahannam where Allah subhanaw taala you know, do

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Ali he say to him, Allah, Allah is counting his bad deeds at Wanda Raju and who you're lacking the person who's standing there thinks that he's going to be fully punished for all his sins.

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And as Allah subhanaw taala was doing that he would tell him in me that

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determine how you did repent in your life, but in Niger ioun pull McKenna Cooley say 18 has Hassan I'm going to make it for every see that you haven't gonna flip it into a hacer la sala allows you to your pool, your OB Amyl together la Hoonah in the man starts to say Allah Allah I know I sinned on on that morning I don't see it here did I think they missed this sin? There's a sin that I did in the morning that I did. That is not documented here. There's just since I did that night also I don't see here. Why is it not here since it's being flipped Yanni, but failed to happen to be your Salalah Heidi who seldom had to do when he would laugh as he told us

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Did until you could see his molars that this man is now asking to, you know, there's more sins that weren't done here that as long as they're going to be flipped over, and that says humor on it was a really important part of who he was to during his life. And, and it did. And you know, in the midst of war in the midst of famine in the midst of poverty and hunger, and daily difficulties and the loss of people that they loved, I think it's really important to be able to take yourself lightly and to take the world around you as such, and to be able to smile about things and laugh and, and find something enjoyable, very important trait to have, it's easy for us to have Hamdulillah, Allah

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subhanaw taala has given us many lives that are that have some degree of simplicity to them, and we have all that we need. But for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to be able to do that, I think I think you have to take that in context of someone who grew up without a father and his mother died, he buried his mother when he was six, and he lost his grandfather and then he lost his uncle and then he lost his wife. And then he lost three of his of his male children and all three of his of his male daughters and lost three of his cousins and four of his uncles and his aunt and his and his adopted son. If you count there's more than eight of 18 Direct deaths in his life, Allah usados on

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to people who are very close to him.

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Put that in context. When I talk about him having a sense of humor and being able to smile all the time. On the other side. I mean, come up with a funny thing to say to someone and make them feel better, but that's the part of his character it has sold to somebody I thought was worthy of sharing with you. Inshallah, Jamar is at 230. Today he goes, ham decoder will have you will come follow alayhi salam ala Holly, are you serious? Michael you hungry Shinola? Illa. illa Anta stowford Go to belicoso Allahu wa salam ala Muhammad. He is a frequent traveler.

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