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Istiqamah, remaining on the straight path – This talk was given at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center

2017-06-19 – Ramadan 2017


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hamdulillah al Ameen. sallallahu wasallam obata kind of you know Mohammed wala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira mama bad. So welcome back guys for this late night hotter on the topic that we discussed last night if you still remember what we were talking about, we talked about dropping out of the path, dropping out of the path to Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a very dangerous topic, a very dangerous phenomenon. It happens to all people all ages. regardless how strong or weak you'll be, man, it doesn't matter how long you've been on this path or not. So Canada the chance for people to drop out of the path that lists Allah subhanho wa Taala is always there it's always very

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high. So since we talked about the subject someone approached me said okay, now that we understand the dangers of dropping out of the path, but what does it mean to be on the path in the first place? And if you guys remember we talked about guidance and he died and it's considered three categories helped me right now remember what we talked about it last time because remember, we said guidance when we say dinner Serato Mr. Clean, Oh Allah Guide us to the straight path. So there are three kinds of guidance three kinds of Hidayat. What are they remember them? The first one he Daya Illa, Surat, you ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide you to go to the surah. So basically, from outside,

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inside, once you're inside, how many guides are there to what are they

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on the on the straight path, which means you stay you don't go off, you don't drop out. And the third one is worth through. So that you don't stop. You always moving forward. You always moving all the way to the end of that chart, Allah subhanaw taala says, what are the most akima febrero? What are the triggers? For robocopy? command Sevilla? Lots of answers, indeed, very early. This is my Surat, this is the one straight back the last panel data, what then follow it? He said, What are the who don't follow the path all around? Otherwise, you will just go straight? now. So what does it mean to be on the straight path? anyway? This is a question that I was asked yesterday. Can we

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explain that? Can we this understand because Subhana Allah now that we talked about how they're just dropping out of that path is and that is how it comes to guidance that three kinds of categories. I'm not even sure if I have one of these guidance right now. Maybe I'm, maybe I just have one.

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I'm not sure I don't even know about the other two. So a lot of people that wondering, what does it mean to be on the straight path is what they call it allistic karma.

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If you heard the word, karma, which is basically to keep an upright character, to remain steadfast, and remain on the straight path, Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the subject that each and every one of us need to hold themselves about. So what does it exactly mean? In a nutshell, allistic karma can be under can be understood, from a lot of sources, a lot of stories we've seen from people that you sometimes you don't even expect to understand the meaning of karma from them. average people, you don't have to be a great scholar to understand the meaning of karma. In a nutshell, a list of karma is totally believing Allah subhanho wa Taala and then just prove it. That's in a nutshell, that you

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believe in Allah, and then you prove it. What does that mean? And the highest of Abdullah was to Shana tocopheryl, the law of the land and a bit he said, A man came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he said, Kalia Rasulullah. You're sort of Allah colleyville Islam, your colon, and who hadn't badak Tell me something about Islam. They don't have to ask anyone after you. It seems that for him, you know, like in our times, if you go to the online resources, Mashallah, oh my god, there's so much so many videos, so many articles so many Mashallah self proclaimed Gianni dias and shoe and speakers and this and that. And a lot of people get lost in this whole you know, kind of,

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they get lost, they don't know what to do. So this young Sahaba, this man came the prophets, Allah said and probably got a little bit confused.

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He got a little bit confused. Are they allowed to learn about you know, how can I understand my faith? I want to just do the right thing. And that's it. So he asked the professor Salaam Just give me one thing about Islam that I need to hear from you. I don't have to ask and once after you for Karla Salatu. Salam coolamon, to Bella masakan. You see, I believe, you see, I believe, and then he used the word stukken. estado means basically and remain steadfast. But that's the literal meaning of the word is tocom. But the actual meaning of the order stuff is then prove it.

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You say I believe and show me the evidence through your actions. That's the meaning of being most of them. That's the meaning of the minister often most often, let's see are two examples that actually I collected from some of the resources on the meaning of that and they bring these

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stories as an example of a comma, because I'm sure if I told you give me a story about karma about being on a straight path, you're going to give me a lot of these wonderful stories of abandoned and devoted worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it will kill you Rahim Allah, Allah. He has a couple of stories over here. So one of them is a sort of Abdullah honorable hopper the law that Anwar ba when he, he wanted, he was traveling. So he came by

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a young man, a young servant, you could say, and that young servant, he was taking care of some of the sheep and the goats and the pasture. He was by himself, alone, no around him. So I'm the love and armor of the law. And he says, Hey, young man.

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Can we buy one of these lambs or goats from you? He goes,

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No, there is not mine. I'm just I'm just guarding them and just taking care of them for for my for my master? Who goes well, okay. You don't have to tell him. So it's kind of like playing around with him. Not that he wanted to fool around with me. We'll just kind of like teasing him. Or maybe that's being playful with him in that conversation. But the man, the young man took it seriously. Abdullah Namo has told him, You know what? I mean, we'll pay you. I don't have to tell him.

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So he said, You know what? It's not mine. It's for my, my master. Love nama. He says, Okay, fine. Don't you need the money? You can give it to you? It goes, Well, honestly, I do need the money.

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I do need the money, but I still can't give it to you. He said, Why don't you tell him? Just tell him you take the money and you tell him that a wolf came and took it away and or died or something like that? So this young man, he says, you know, if I would say that to my master, I guarantee you he will absolutely believe me. And he knows me very well that he would believe me if I told him the wolf took it away or just died.

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But he says Carla like and he said lacking in Allah

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says What about Allah?

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Just specifying I can fool my Masada. But where is Allah? What am I? What am I going to do what I'm going to hide from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that story will claim Rahim Allah and other Allah that you would use as one of the greatest examples of the meaning of karma.

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Will you have that sense of consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, we have that full understanding of your responsibility to what you have in your hand, and you do the fullness, not to the people that's put to Allah azzawajal is to that level. It is the this is the exact meaning of karma. When you observe that level of consciousness, when it comes to dealing with Allah subhanho wa Taala, whether in public, or by yourself, or anywhere, that is, if you always observe that, that is the meaning of his diploma.

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That's the essence, the meaning of his diploma. The other story that they bring, it's also related to Abdullah bukata. But through his father, it's a very famous story, I'm sure many of us are heard many, many times, when I'm when I'm over hapa was the Holy Father louder and one of his duties at night, he used to go and patrol the city of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam, he wanted to make sure that everything is okay. People are handled, protected, if anyone was, you know, need help or anything and so forth. So one of those nights, he came and he was kind of exhausted and tired. So what he did, he just gotta leave, you know, back to one of these walls and disgusting A lot of it

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before he moves on continues.

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His his it happened to be at a time close to Federer. When a woman and her young daughter, they were preparing their commodity, which is milk, that the the milk from the go to their candles, and they get it ready for the market in the morning. So they could sell it, get some cash and some money for their life and so forth. So the lady, the woman, she tells her daughter, she says, Hey, did you did you make sure to mix the milk with some water? And that is why why would Why would you do that? So the mother, she says, took a theory to make it a little bit more so we can sell more.

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Like hey, listen, people didn't even notice that. Just add more water to the milk. We get more milk. We sell it out and we get more cash.

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So the lady the young lady told her mom, she said, Yeah, Mama, my mother didn't you know that? Many? He forbade us from doing this. She is not allowed. There is a law that is it's against the law. So the mother she told her daughter at that moment, not knowing was outside. She said, Oh my god, I'm your mommy. Like you know what, at this time, how would he even know about it?

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So Pamela, the young lady, she answered her mom, she says Carla in Canada, a mural mini library for a boy amirul mumineen

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If 1,000,001 million, the Emir of the believers, he doesn't know about it, then the Lord of ameerul momineen, he knows everything.

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So Amaro de la Han, he was so pleased with the answer of this young lady, that he marked the house. And in the morning, sometime later during the day, he brings his son, and he goes, he knocks on their door. And he asked actually to propose for this lady for his son

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Subhana Allah, it happened, that they accepted the proposal, and they got married. From that marriage, came a daughter, that daughter became the mother of Omar Abdulaziz, the great halifa, but oma, you're on the line.

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And it's kind of like within the families, the point of the story, once again, it's the understanding and the meaning of allistic karma. What does it really mean to be on the straight path? If we can all get to that level of consciousness, like being on the straight path has nothing to do with people seeing you or not? Has nothing to do? If there's a camera watching or not, has nothing to do? If someone's gonna report this to somebody else besides the loss of 100 or not, it has absolutely nothing to do with that. It has to do with one thing that you know, Allah Subhana does watching and you're responsible? If you say that I believe that you prove it.

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No. So what's the meaning of the word karma itself? They say linguistically, the word is the karma comes from Stockholm as the theme which means to to be straight with no error, we judge basically, there's no it's not crooked. That's what it means. And it's only it's one line that is not crooked. So when they tried to define the meaning of karma, from a religious perspective, and from a charade perspective, it's it's the exact same definition.

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It just one line straight line with no crookedness in it. That's simple as that. It's the exact same definition. And when the Prophet sallahu wa salam told the man about, about the meaning of Islam in itself, this is very simple. Islamic message is so simple. If you say, I believe, then prove it. And if you guys remember, in some of the classes we had before, here in the message, we said that the suicide rasa in particular Allah Subhana, Allah says, in lilla Dena M and why I'm so sorry, I had so for the surah itself, Allah says, will ask us well, by time, in the inside of you hosted that mankind, human beings in a constant state of loss. What does that exactly mean? The moment you were

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born, your years that you were born with an expiration date, right? We all know that. But do we know what makes our expiration date we don't know that. That's in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So every single day, every single hour, every single second is actually it's part of us is being wasted and lost.

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And that's why this is a constant state of loss. Allah says 11am and why am I no solid, except for those who are airmen who have faith in a solid heart, and they practice what they believed? What the last hour will have, and they enjoy and you know, I'll have which is order each other to do that, which is right, what the loss of the server and advise each other to remain patient. Now, the first out of the four thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala saying about those who are not among the losers, he says ill Edina among those who have faith, which means those who say I believe, all right, the second thing he says, I'm so sorry, I had the practice. What does it mean? Like the same amount to

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the last semester, come say, I believe, and then prove it. As simple as that just prove it. So therefore, there's always a huge gap between there's always a gap between what we believe in, which means the knowledge that we have, and the practice of that knowledge. The greater the gap, the weaker we are, the more hypocritical we feel.

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The smaller the gap, the smaller the gap, the stronger we have, we will become as Muslims and believers, which many people they are Okay, so what about the amount of knowledge and I mentioned that last night I said, Listen, it doesn't matter how much knowledge you have. What matters of all this knowledge that you have is what is your mouth? Do you remember?

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How much you practice this knowledge?

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If you only know one little thing, one little thing, and you constantly do that, because you believe in it, then you're successful. Remember, though, the man the bad woman who came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he couldn't even speak well.

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The Sahaba around him, they used to love those outsiders when they come from out of town. And they speak to the prophet SAW someone asking question because they bring wonders with them. So it happened that this man comes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the Sahaba were very excited they saw coming in

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As he was coming to the Prophet salallahu salam, this is our speaking to him. You know, the desert people, they have their own dialect and their own accent. So it's very heavy sometimes to understand them. So So however they were just like trying to figure out what is he talking about? What is he asking about? They were only able to understand the questions from the answer.

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When the prophets are answering him, that's when they feel Oh, so that's what he's asking about. For either BTS, Allah on Islam, we realize he was asked about Islam. Like, it's as simple as that. They couldn't figure out from that action from that dialogue, but still, the professors have understood the man and the man comes to him and he says, Who is Mohammed Abdullah? Which one of us Mohammed Abdullah and the Sahaba Of course they want to the prophet and he came to me says that you the professor says loveawake I'm here listening is it you are you Mohammed Abdullah says that's that that's me said okay. And he said ask him simple question because we received someone from your side

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like an invoice comes to a saying that you have received some sense of revelation coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala, from seventh heaven and so on. Is that true? the premises are aluminum. That's true. I sent him and the man told the truth about me. So the man asked the prophet SAW Selim says Carla as Luca Bella, there are some as I asked, Who, who raised the heavens up the professor's Allah says whoever the grant whoever the earth, the professor's Allah. Now he's testing the prophets Allah Sunnah. Right? So he then he asked me because I asked you by the one who raised the heavens, and level the earth, did Allah send you to us?

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The prophets, Allah says Allah hermana, as well, yes.

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And then the master asked him, this man is saying that we are supposed to pray five times a day. Is that true? And the answer but again, I asked you why the one what is the heavens and level the earth? Did he order you that we do? So under prophets? I said aluminum as well? Yes, indeed. So he did that, or the latter multiple times and the prover was given him the answers and finally when he asked about salah and fasting, and by that and so the basics of Islam, the five pillars of Islam, when the man was done, he was asking the Prophet hell Allah iroha am I responsible to do anything else besides that? The professor said, kill Allah illa Anta Dawa? No, unless you want to give over

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your own.

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The man on his way out he was saying, I swear will La Isla azido Allah had Allah.

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I'm not adding to this. But I'm not taking anything out of this. Like, this is what I'm going to do. The Prophet Salah Salem upon hearing that he says a flower we hear, you know, if it was the truth, you will be successful. So the point of this hadith is this man, what kind of knowledge he has anyway? Did he study also, there is study musta had his study animal Quran, he had no idea what that stuff is.

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But you know one thing, if that's my duty to Allah subhanho wa Taala, I'll be truth, I'll be true to it. I will be true, to my duty to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to this, the Prophet says, if he tells the truth, he will be successful. So I'm asking if you would like to have that path of karma. A lot of people, they go far away trying to search it. They go in journeys, they go out of town, out of state, they go travel around the world trying to find somebody, and they put themselves in the position of salmonella virus rather than looking for the most knowledgeable person on earth, to go and seek knowledge from them, so that they can have that sense of karma sense of righteousness and

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sense of steadfastness that will give them that sense of relief, but will lie, it just probably maybe around the corner from where they live. It's under their nose. It just right there.

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Whatever that you know, that is true about your deen practice. Because if you don't, you're not true to it. And if you're not true to it, you will always have that gap.

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And if you always have that gap, you always feel weak, and you will never feel strong. That's why sometimes you have some of the alarm. Some of the people from the masses, an elderly man or woman, they might have stronger Eman than someone who went to universities.

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And that's why greater lemma from the past. They always say that I asked Allah azza wa jal Yakubu Dhoni that I will die, and Arcadia is in a Sabu that I will die on the Akita of the old woman of Misawa which means that I would have no INI file no philosophical arguments, nothing all these thoughts just as simple as an old lady who believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala in the simple way

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So what kind of knowledge? What knowledge does this woman have? Not much but the practice of that knowledge, the proof she has she had shown based on this, the little knowledge that she had, it's enough for her to keep her on the straight path versus a lot of people worrying so much about how much knowledge I need to gain before I can get to the straight path. I had so many people suppiler young men particularly come to me and they say, can you help me I want to apply to Medina university I want to go Solomon University. My first question for them is always what do you want to do with that degree?

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Because it seems shift acid right from Medina. She has a colleague from Medina and other people, Medina and other universities as her and others and so on. And they thought holla so could be when you if you want to become at that level, then you're going to have to graduate from Medina. I said, Listen, what do you want to do with it?

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So I had so many different answers, obviously but two common answers I usually get. One of them is I would like to do what you guys do. Like I want to show that one day deliver this message to other people and make that one this I said that's awesome. If this is the case, go ahead go for it. But you need to understand there is not much money in it.

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There isn't much money into this. This is something that you do it and you have to do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah guarantee he will take care of you. The money will follow. Not the opposite. The second thing the and the second answer I get from the people is some of these young men they would say well I want to go to Medina because honestly I want to Charlotte Allah study the deen and become a better person and come closer to Lhasa gel. I said if this is your intention going to Medina please stay here.

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You can be a better person you are measured with your own Imam with your own community you can do that and I guarantee you we can be much better than when you go to Medina. Because once again, when it comes to the karma, a lot of people they think that karma is about you know much knowledge that will get you there. There is no doubt having more knowledge gets you to the higher level of Hashem of Allah subhana wa Taala and now Masha Allah, Mohammed Abdullah, those who truly feel Allah subhanho wa Taala the most among the servants of Allah. There's no doubt about it, the more you know of Allah subhanho wa Taala The more you will have that that Harsha that that that conscious fear of

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Allah subhana wa Taala that is filled with awe and reverence and respect to his commands Panama. But if you have that much knowledge, but then there is a huge gap between this and the practice, then you definitely notice there is no guarantee you will be on the straight path. So it's the karma is very crucial. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the lilina Carlota, buena la Tomas Docomo, Tennessee melodica to unlock the hot wallet as well as you will have shareable genetic content to add on this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala says in a Latina car or a boon Allah. So Mr. Como the exact same principle again, indeed And verily those who have said Rob Boone, Allah, Allah as our Lord, film Mr.

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Karma, and then they walked up straight path, which means they have proven that they're genuine and they're authentic to this to this belief, and these statements, Allah says, that unnecessarily human life, Allah subhana wa tada will send the angels descending upon them with mercy and 16 and Rama and says, Allah to half Allah, the angels will tell them, You have no fear, and have no grief, no fear of what are no grief for what did you man novella they say when you say Allah, how often Allah him, Allah whom he has known. So that means there is no fear from the future. And there is no grief for the past. So have worry about nothing from the past. It's all hard assets behind your back. It's

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done. Allah forgives you, and have no fear of what's coming in the future because Allah Subhana will give you a safety web shoe. And then he says on top of all of this good news, have the good news already. That Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you an agenda that you could do to add on you get the paradise that Allah subhanaw taala has promised you. So that's what you get for us to come but still still karma is always about believing in Allah azza wa jal and then proving it.

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These two components, you cannot have one without the other one.

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You can't just say I believe, and you read books, and you take seminars, you take classes and courses and so on. So and all of this becomes more of like like a fluff. It's more like, like an intellectual entertainment. Like also piano I know that stuff. I know that you know that stuff, but how much of that that you know, you're already actually putting into practice.

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And even as I'm speaking to you guys right now, I'm speaking to an each and every one of you and this blessed night of the month of Ramadan. We

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Still, probably, it's so hard. It's so hard to get these these moments and these actual principles through. Because there are so many distractions in our life that we are we know ourselves. We're here for the moment.

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We sit down, we listen. And we just like, wow, that was awesome.

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And you say, what was it about was about 45 minutes.

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What happened is 45 minutes, it was just that feeling that I got

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the feeling or I got there was awesome. I wish that continues forever. I wish those moments and those beautiful, you know, feelings and energy, this continues with me, I wish I would stop pushing and make it happen.

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And it's all again in your hand. Just wishing for this to happen is not going to change anything for you. You're going to have to prove it.

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You say I believe and then you're going to have to prove it. Is it going to be easy? No one says going to be easy. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says that Luckily, lumen herbaria Shaku and few among my servants are those who are truly grateful. The path to Allah subhanho wa Taala is filled with challenges with difficulties with hardships, which is why those who stay and they stay until the end of that throat and that path, they will be rewarded. What is your Ma, Jen? It's not a joke.

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If the path was easy, what's the point of Jen and Johanna,

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there is no point for it. So that straight path is filled with all these hardships and hurdles that you're going to have to overcome. So that when you get there, then for sure you deserve it.

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And if it's going to be open for everybody to be no difference between those who can and those who cannot.

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The other thing about a list of karma.

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Okay, I understand, I have to have that faith. And that knowledge that I earned I'm earning right now every day and every night. I need to put this into practice.

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In the idea of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam mentioned his van on the landline and Cinnabon. magia Carlos de tiempo, wallet. So is the Timo wallet. So what does that mean? The Prophet is given us the command, Hey, stay on the straight path, one out of so and don't count after that. Now, the word don't count the element, they have two meanings for it. It could be, don't count the blessings you'll get out of being on the straight path. And let's see that.

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What lessons Do you get if you become on the straight path? That's strength of a man that sense of authenticity, you feeling so genuine Subhanallah it is extremely, extremely powerful.

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It will give you that sense of subpoena that sense of Sakina, which means that tranquility, that peace and serenity in your heart, a lot of people having everything in this world. And they're lacking this, they don't know what to get from. I met so many people, Subhanallah Muslims and non Muslims. One of the interesting, interesting moments or occasions actually I was, I was invited to go and speak to

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a crowd of one of the college when I was in Chicago. And there it was at the library. So they told me there will be about 150 200 people come and attend the program usually. And Subhanallah the day when I was supposed to come to speak out at a time I moved from Texas to Chicago briefly. So they told me that you know, just to let you know the crowd, there is rowdy, sometimes you can talk to and it's going to be difficult for you to say Wow, what's going on. And Subhanallah when I arrive, the same thing the librarian came to me and introduced himself to me says, you know, like, just you know, thank you very much for coming and appreciate you coming to speak to our crowd, but I just

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want to give you a heads up as to what's going on. Because Well, the people sometimes are impolite and they're rude and this and that. Okay, so don't worry about me. I'm coming from Texas. I have my guns with me.

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But then some hello and I start speaking and we're supposed to be about an MBA, talking about a new Booyah. From an Islamic perspective, what does Prophethood mean? And who are the profits? So I talked for about 45 minutes, 50 minutes, and then I finished.

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Not even one person interrupted the talk.

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Not even one individual, no breath. Everybody was there, just listening.

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And then I thought after I was done, I said to them, any question.

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I look around, everybody, just like, look at each other. No one dared to ask a question. So look at the librarian on the side. And he is looking at me and he goes like this.

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Later on, he tells me after the session, he goes, Listen, I've been doing this for the past 13 years, this never happened before.

00:30:01--> 00:30:17

He said this is the first time ever no speaker ever came to speak that wasn't interrupted this the first time. So maybe they took my gun seriously. But the points of how long after after I finished, I was my wife was Miss pals we had there was a group of

00:30:19--> 00:30:51

individually individuals in the audience, their middle age, you could say they're in their maybe 40s 50s, or a little bit older. And it's a group of men and women together. And it was kind of a curious, I want to know, what do they want? I mean, I wish they can ask me questions. And when I was I was excited to answer the question, but no one was asking the questions. They were talking not seriously throughout the whole speech. But then when we when we finished, I told my wife, let's go. So as we're going, I said, I'm going to go through this crowd. This particular group, maybe they will stop me for a question. SubhanAllah I went through, I said, Thank you guys for coming.

00:30:51--> 00:31:29

Appreciate. I hope you enjoy that presentation. Yeah, thank you. I appreciate your blah, blah, blah, as I was about to leave, then some lady she goes, excuse me, I have a question. I said, Sure. And I came, we stood we start speaking for about 1520 minutes, the group or the group came around was discussing the whole concept. And you could see that she was shivering and start shaking, because suddenly her her belief system was more like it could say kind of like has been shaken for her. She asked the questions. I didn't even volunteer, give her anything that will be actually dangerous to her belief system. But she was asking, she was wondering, and suddenly she started crying. I asked

00:31:29--> 00:31:32

her Ma'am, tell me something. So what are you looking for?

00:31:33--> 00:31:42

What Why are you asking this question? What is it exactly that you're looking for? And this is the point that I want to make for you over here. She said, I just am just looking for peace.

00:31:44--> 00:31:52

I'm looking for peace. That's exactly what she said. And that's the meaning that that's one of the thing that has the karma will provide for you.

00:31:53--> 00:32:25

Peace. Because if you truly become genuine and authentic to what you believe in, if you truly believe that Allah Subhana is one and only and you start acting as such, instead of start thinking about you know, worrying about your job, about your parents, about your spouse, about your leaders about political affiliation, partisanship, this that if you start dividing all your love and all your fears and all your concerns, among all these things, and forgetting about the one and only, of course, you're going to get exhausted,

00:32:26--> 00:33:01

you're going to get extremely exhausted because you're going to spend the rest of your time trying to please everybody, Allah Subhana Allah that I mentioned that in the Quran, it says, Take the example of set of one servants one slave, are they equal insist upon Allah to Allah, that one slave who has Shoraka or motor shaft motorcycle soon motor hospital as well. Which means have Shoraka have masters and each one of them, they have their own desires and their own orders? Is this person's gonna do his job the same way like someone who has only one master?

00:33:02--> 00:33:23

The answer is of course not. When you believe that Allah has one and only and you act in your life accordingly. Definitely, it's going to be actually a life of peace and serenity and tranquility. But if you say yeah, I believe in Allah azza wa jal, and then you submit yourself your worries, your hopes, your dreams are getting to multiple multiple dinner outlets, you're going to get exhausted.

00:33:24--> 00:33:41

So this is the meaning of is to come at gives you that sense of peace and tranquility. Now, of course, there's more but I want to leave some room for questions. The last thing I want to mention and share with you remember when ke Rahmatullah Allah here, Rahim, Allah tada Actually, he said that in regards to the meaning of the karma,

00:33:43--> 00:33:56

and if anyone and that's my recommendation, if anyone truly wants to benefit from the words of anybody on the subject of karma and the subject of a news man like

00:33:57--> 00:34:39

Mr. Louder in his book my data just Salkin. So, the modality is static it is basic like this, the steps are the stairs and ascensions and the degrees the stations have a solid key in the travelers to allows origin. You going from one station to the other four monsters from one station to the other one. And therefore, one of the stations he said Allah subhanho wa Taala is called that is to come obviously. And he was asking he was asking people, how can you reach that level of karma? How would you How would you always keep yourself on the straight path Allah subhanho wa Taala Can you guys guess what could be the number one thing that will keep you on the straight path? The last

00:34:39--> 00:34:41

panel Adana, what would it be?

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

Salah okay.

00:34:49--> 00:34:51

When you say consciously What does it mean exactly?

00:34:54--> 00:34:55

The core

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

self awareness, it's all around that meaning

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

He said, Hey Ross little hotter.

00:35:04--> 00:35:09

What's the meaning of harass about how other guarding your thoughts

00:35:11--> 00:35:20

guarding your thoughts, which means you make sure that nothing crosses your mind. But good

00:35:21--> 00:35:28

because if you always let your thoughts to wander right and left, you will always fall for it.

00:35:29--> 00:35:33

And he says, when it comes to guarding your thoughts,

00:35:34--> 00:35:57

everything usually happens as a passing thought, right? You will be sitting sometimes you know, reading a book or even scrolling your phone or even watching the TV or internet and so on and you have no ill intentions, no bad thoughts, nothing. But suddenly you read something, you want something and a spark comes into my life.

00:35:59--> 00:36:01

Imagine if you let this thought

00:36:02--> 00:36:43

continues to stay there and start developing it becomes what he says the first thing it will claim to have. So the first thing is thought was just a thought pattern in your mind. If you don't say Audible, I'm sure Tajima stop it and just move on to do something more useful and beneficial to you says this sutra suddenly becomes what becomes era from a thought to start now we have an intention to do it like basically, you start having a desire a whim in the heart. And if you don't stop it, it continues to become you know intensified it gets stronger and stronger. This irata becomes azeema

00:36:44--> 00:37:09

when it becomes azeem which means now there is a resolution there's basically a stronger solution to to do that now you will move into basically planning that's what it means. So it's just a thought becomes a desire and then we end the planning phase. So you start now studying there probably in your mind you don't even maybe typing anything or writing anything but at least in your mind, you just simply thinking about options

00:37:10--> 00:37:18

whatever this what this what is they said if you don't stop there, if you don't stop there, it's going to move to what to action.

00:37:20--> 00:37:44

If it goes into action, then obviously this is where the more has a little more has ever comes in. There's what you're gonna put to the account. So he says Rahim, Allah tala, it is always much easier to guard your thoughts before they become what whims of the day of the heart or desires. And it's still easier, it's still easy to sub to stop a desire from becoming what azeema a plan.

00:37:46--> 00:37:53

And it's easier to stop a plan before it goes into execution. Because once it goes into execution, it's out of your control now.

00:37:55--> 00:38:03

Once you start working on saying it, everything's gonna be registered immediately. So he says, God, your thoughts,

00:38:05--> 00:38:34

the most important things that will lead people to the straight path of Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala is to guard your thoughts and he gave 10 points in his book on how you can guard your thoughts. I'm going to show you a few of them quickly. shala Tara here he was number one, and Elmo Jasmine, to have that strong knowledge and animal Jasmine which means the definite knowledge that Allah subhanahu Wata Allah that Allah azza wa jal yet Allah Allah sees these thoughts, Allah knows about this, just like it's not like something

00:38:35--> 00:38:53

completely secretive. No, it's secretive to you probably but not to Alaska. So you'd have to have an Elmo just that that definite knowledge that Allah subhanho wa Taala he knows about what is in your heart, what is in your mind and what is your What are your thoughts on number two says higher okay?

00:38:54--> 00:39:31

That you feel shy from Allah subhanho wa Taala you have that sense of, of shyness. I mean, come on. Today if you if you sit in your office and your that your boss is watching through a camera, you would probably even you know cannot be cautious and everything the way you scratch your head that way even you do whatever that is right. If you're more conscious of these things, how to imagine if you know the last panel that was watching and he knows what's going through your mind. So be careful with that. Number three, he says is la lucciola who and neuromas latoken hotter if he Beatty ledi halakhah Halima refer to Mahabharata. Like soon having that respect, having that respect to Allah

00:39:31--> 00:40:00

subhanho wa Taala to see these thoughts coming into the space which is the heart that he created for His love and His knowledge to know about Allah Xhosa. Allah give you this heart to recognize Allah subhana wa Taala through and to go and listen to him subhanho wa Taala not to go and fill it up with all these things. This is just have that respect Allah xojo number five number four, he says how for caminho anthos Kota man I have that fear that Allah Subhana that Allah azzawajal will he will

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

Drop you will drop you out of disrespect to you. Can you imagine? You know some of the time some of the height of the prophets as I mentioned in a gathering like this last panel that was sent the angels and the ages will report each and every one to Allah subhanaw taala by name you will be mentioned the loss of Hannah data by name. Allah subhanho wa Guney at Kuru calm you remember me Allah remember you? But imagine if Allah subhana wa tada completely now drops you out, completely blocks you. Number five, he says, he thought okay Allah who unto sat in a callback,

00:40:34--> 00:40:36

callback aroma habit.

00:40:37--> 00:40:47

That remember making sure that nothing in your heart, nothing in your heart will live other than the love for Allah subhanho wa Taala keep that in your mind.

00:40:48--> 00:41:11

Always keep in mind that I need the love of Allah subhana wa Taala and Allah for Allah to fill my heart. So do so and make sure that nothing else stays in your heart. Number six is it has yet to enter the volatile oil hot water first Arusha. It says Be careful. This however, these thoughts they might start with a spark. But it becomes

00:41:12--> 00:41:17

a blazing fire that will consume every hire that is left in your heart.

00:41:19--> 00:41:25

A lot of us sometimes when we think of committing a minor sin, we only think of it as a minor sin.

00:41:26--> 00:41:28

And it's not gonna take long.

00:41:29--> 00:41:41

Maybe it's one minute, two minutes, more or less right. But how much of your Eman will stay back after you're done from it? How much the professor says and the hardest lesson is Danny Hernandez they were

00:41:42--> 00:41:52

a believer. When he commits Zina commits fornication, whatever that's committed be committed. The believer wouldn't be doing it in a full state of Eman.

00:41:53--> 00:42:04

And the other height that explains it. The professor Sam says as a man when a person engages in committing a sin and the man departs and gets above you like a cloud.

00:42:06--> 00:42:15

And as the person is still engaged in the sin, that cloud kind of slowly and gradually start disseminating and becomes smaller and smaller.

00:42:16--> 00:42:21

As the person finishes that act, whatever is left to that cloud comes back to you

00:42:24--> 00:43:06

if there's still so much that will rescue they'll handle your recovery calibrate if it wasn't enough be difficult and dangerous. So he's saying over here Be careful that thought might be the might be the cause of everything that is good in your heart to be completely to be gone. Number seven he says and tala Anna tickle hotter women gelatin. Sorry, I love the yellow color. Do you study he says, think of these thoughts like the seed that you throw for the birds to capture them. This is exactly these are the seasons shaitan and he throws these seeds in your mind and your heart to capture you.

00:43:07--> 00:43:47

So every thought even though it's insignificant, you know, because when you throw one when the grain of whatever that is actually on the on the floor, you could even see it on the floor. You could even you could even pay attention to it at all. But that seat can be the one that will capture the bird for you. And that green can be the one the same thing these thoughts that can be the grain that the shaitaan will capture with so be careful with that. Number eight he says and tala Mana tilaka water rhodia latesh temporary aloha water the man with the wind have but you will in Alberta. He says listen, in essence, those thoughts cannot stay together with the thoughts that are related to loving

00:43:47--> 00:43:52

Allah subhanho wa Taala returning back to him in essence, like they will push each other.

00:43:53--> 00:44:10

If you have the thoughts about alas dose, it'll push away everything else. And if you bring the thoughts of the shaitaan it will push the way that away the thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala they can stay together for very long. It's like magnets. Just like we have north and north. They keep repelling each other. They won't stay together.

00:44:11--> 00:44:23

And he said number nine analemma Takahata bahaman bajo de la la la he said this What are these thoughts? is like the oceans

00:44:24--> 00:44:59

you begin with one and just like have no you don't you can't even see the land from that once you get through this. Either. Shaytan is going to keep taking you to what if what if? What if What if and you see no end to it? She's not as clever. They're going to get you somewhere far away from where you start. And the last one he says number 10 the Allah mana tickle hotter. Here waddingham ka Emmanuel Jalen fella tooth Mila Sahiba Elena dama. He says this person know these thoughts

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Nothing but just like the value of the fool,

00:45:04--> 00:45:08

the value of the fool you go there, you think that you have that gold in there?

00:45:10--> 00:45:14

And when you go to that, that valley, what do you find? Nothing.

00:45:16--> 00:45:51

So don't bet so much on these thoughts and get them out of your mind and your heart right away. So you can find the shallow data the meaning of steadfastness, and remaining on the straight path, the last panel with Allah. I asked Allah to make us among those who stay and remain on the straight path along tomorrow. But I mean, we ask you a lot to keep us on the straight path that leads to your uncle al Ameen. Make us among those who listen to the Quranic teachings of the Quran. Make us among those who apply the teachings of the honorable Allah mean, help us a lot to be true to your bill Allah mean true to our faith among those who listen to the speech and follow the best of it. And

00:45:51--> 00:46:25

those who learn and follow the vessel for the learner of Allah mean and the practice where they know you are blind. I mean, we ask Allah to make us among those who have that strong Emanuel manual him, help us overcome these evil thoughts Allah make us among those who always have a clear mind clear heart that does what is your enemy. We ask you a lot to fill our our hearts with a man and the love for this deal in this Islamic Allah mean, we ask a man or a woman this beautiful night and beautiful gathering, that you mentioned us in the game that's better than this setup, but I mean, make us among those who have the pleasure and the company of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

00:46:25--> 00:47:01

sallam, you ALLAH forgive our sins Europa, Allah mean, the major and the minor, the private and the public. That which we know and that we don't know you're blind. I mean, we ask Allah to have mercy and Sarah manual Rahim. Showers with mercy. I mean, fill our heart with subpoena. fill our hearts with tranquility and peace and serenity. Make us among those who have the love for the believers Yoruba, Allah mean, take away from our heart any sense of hypocrisy and a sense of dread to anyone you mean or hate your money or when we ask you a lot to make us among those who will always follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those who will have the company of the

00:47:01--> 00:47:05

Prophet Muhammad Allah Azza Masada hain Solana Buda Mohammed in other areas.

00:47:07--> 00:47:08

And it was question

00:47:09--> 00:47:10


00:47:16--> 00:47:57

So how do I know that the third that's coming to me is from the shaytan or it's my own thought. Now here's the thing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said every human being has to lambda. Lambda is just like saying like there's the thought or the the hint that's coming from the shirt on or comes from a Roman Malema t shirt on it's from the from the shirt on or Rockman comes from the angel that it gives you that beautiful, you know, any suggestions? Basically, how would I know this come from the shirt on or coming from myself? The thing is that the shaytaan as Allah subhanaw taala described in the Quran, he doesn't have much control over you. I want to make this clear to you guys. The

00:47:57--> 00:48:33

schreeten doesn't have that stronghold or control over you. Allah says about him in the conversation he would have with the people in jahannam he would say why maka Li Allah cumin salt on Illa and out to confess touch optimally. Fela Telemundo. Masako says listen, I had no control over you. I only whisper to you, I suggested and you followed me. That's what I did. So the shaytaan doesn't have that. So where are these thoughts coming from the element, they say that shaytan puts the seed and then when a person practice something over and over again becomes habit. And that's where the neffs comes come in.

00:48:34--> 00:48:55

So the neffs is usually starts conversing with you based on the habits that you've been establishing in your life. If someone always did something that all for a very long time, obviously, even have the shelter and are already chained in Ramadan, his own self is acting on momentum.

00:48:57--> 00:49:32

Because it's been running like this for a very long time. You don't have now the push from the Sherpa, but you have the momentum that your nefs has been running on for a very long time. So I would say in this case, there isn't really a way to say this come from the Shetlands come from my enough's. But definitely whatever that's considered a bad thought. Stay away from it. One last thing I want to mention about bad thoughts, a shaytan is clever. He might not come to you, you know blatantly and asking you to do something haram right away. Which is why our last panel within the Quran he when he warns us against the shaitaan. What does he wanted us? How does the law warn us

00:49:32--> 00:49:47

against the shadow? What does he say? While at the table, who to watch shaitan and don't follow the steps of the shutdown. He didn't say don't follow the shutdown. He said don't follow the steps of the shutdown which means what to start with comes one step at a time.

00:49:48--> 00:50:00

So even sometimes in a in a, in a way when you hear a suggestion about something that is righteous, but if it doesn't, you don't feel good about it as a prophet.

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

Stuff difficult check with your heart, one after can now's not worth to even if people give you the answer. Just check your heart if you don't feel good about it, think twice. Maybe the shutdown is actually trying to put that seed of goodness see would follow it with something that might be actually very detrimental afterwards like the what happened to Mrs. salon? He came to them because listen, the only reason Allah Subhana Allah forbid you from eating from this tree, because if you do so you're going to be an angel, or you're going to have an eternal life. And he said, I swear to wakasa mahoma any loco Malema not saying I swear to you, I'm telling you the truth. That's what I

00:50:37--> 00:50:40

shared on this lawn. Now,

00:50:41--> 00:50:41


00:51:54--> 00:51:57

You make better decision when you know what to know more sometimes, right?

00:52:05--> 00:52:41

So, to summarize, the question for those actually watching this as well, is that we mentioned that, you know, sometimes people come to me and they asked me if you want to go to Medina and I tell them listen, if you don't want to become a teacher, and you're just studying because you want to become a better person, I better that you stay home and learn it here instead of traveling all the way out there. So the question is, in essence, so isn't it better that when you learn more, you become a better person as well. And also, you will have you don't have maybe the aspiration to become a teacher, but just become humble and start, you know becoming a better worshiper? I hope so. That is

00:52:41--> 00:52:52

the expectation, of course. But the problem is that the nature of knowledge, as our Alma taught us, and they said, knowledge, if you're going to start seeking knowledge, you're going to have to go all the way through.

00:52:53--> 00:53:05

Otherwise, if you stop somewhere in between, it's very dangerous. How they say knowledge comes in three phases, three phases, phase number one, the first shiver. If you enter the first phase of knowledge, it breeds What?

00:53:06--> 00:53:07


00:53:08--> 00:53:35

arrogance, you become arrogant. How's that? You attend one class, one seminar. You are halfway through your degree Marshall have studied Islamic Studies. Guess what do you become? I'm your money. And Marcia great. I love the oma. You give fatwas on things you don't have no clue off. And I've mentioned that tons of times when you used to be students in Medina, you could tell a freshman from a senior students from the amount how much they talk.

00:53:36--> 00:53:53

senior students, they talk less freshmen they talk like they know everything already. And I don't know why they came to the school. Everything's Paula. And I remember these times, we used to sit around the dinner table as well. And some of the students will be arguing about things like major stuff happening.

00:53:55--> 00:54:03

Because they just want you to join the university. They're very excited, right? And the senior students are sitting there, they're digging into their food and just eating minding their own business.

00:54:04--> 00:54:30

And then when the younger one starts, calling them to join the conversation is just like, Hey, man, what do you say? They would say, Allahu Allah. I don't know. Like, what? Are you graduating this year? And you say, you're a no, he goes, Yeah, I don't know. Honestly, I don't know. How come you don't know you just he says, Listen, guys, there is much more to it than what you're talking about.

00:54:31--> 00:54:44

Like he knows that senior student would know much more, much more about the subject matter than these guys that he would recognize his limit is therefore I say, I really don't know.

00:54:45--> 00:54:59

But those who don't have that much knowledge, they think they do. So they become very arrogant. This is the fear of people getting you know, short and seeking knowledge. They start seeking out and then suddenly they stop and they think

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

They are quite everything and enough that we say it's very dangerous. You have to continue until you get to level two. Level Two, they say Mandela schuberth, Danny, Taiwan, you humble yourself. That's when you realize, oh, wow, I understand. Now, I remember the same thing, like you said it yourself when we're young. We're very passionate about the Sunnah and how people should support this and that and you always go and argue with people just for the sake of arguing. But then when you grow older also and become mature and wiser, spatola. Remember, which is which takes you to level number level three, level three of seeking knowledge. kalamunda, Shibboleth, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, that's

00:55:41--> 00:56:06

when you realize you have absolutely no knowledge yet. Which means this is when you realize all what you've acquired so far, is just a drop in the sea. So they humble themselves truly, to the meaning of it. So I would say, those who don't want to go to seek knowledge to teach people Bismillah Go for it. If you're going to go overseas, so you can study and become a better person, my concern, you will be disappointed.

00:56:07--> 00:56:49

You will go out there and you see everything, the good and the bad, and the ugly, people, they get disappointed. However, I'm not going to stop anyone from taking their chance and go and learn, go and learn. The least you could come back with your experience. I always give people the example would come to seek knowledge and the knowledgeable person from that less knowledgeable person is that knowledgeable people they're like the ocean. You know, when you when you see the, the, when you come to the shore. It's so so loud and so rowdy, right, because when the surf starts, you know, kind of smacking on the on the rocks on the shore. It's very loud. But at the same time, it's very

00:56:49--> 00:56:56

shallow. It's loud, because it's very shallow. When you go deep into the ocean, it is so majestic.

00:56:57--> 00:57:07

Because it's very deep. So it's quiet and serene. And that sense of being quiet and serene, guess what? Sometimes it's extremely scary.

00:57:08--> 00:57:44

And that's what knowledge is you go to Sea Island, he's not even talking. But you just sitting next to him just like you're gonna keep your smile your eyes and your ears. Why? Because out of Hiva. That's the respect for the knowledge. I remember those moments while I would be working with some LMR they're not even talking. They're just walking. We just usually we just freaking out just waiting for any order any word from him just to pay attention to what they're saying. Why? Because we know that these other matters, do they have such a great knowledge? panela. So again, keep continuing seek knowledge, but worry about applying it more than anything else will lie.

00:57:46--> 00:57:47


00:58:04--> 00:58:23

So how do we know that what we're doing is good. The question is how do we know that what we do is good. If we couldn't even tell the shaytan is making these these sounds good to us when they're actually they're not so good. See Allah subhanho wa Taala further refer to this in the plan as well called Helena workable saranam Allah, Allah, Allah.

00:58:25--> 00:58:52

Allah subhana wa Susana, Allah saying, should we tell you about those who are the most ruin those who would be the greatest, they have the greatest loss in the ACA says those people who are doing so much great good deeds, but they're lost, they're wasted, because of course, obviously, they're not going to be accepted. This is where it gets scary, that you're doing so hard. I want to be accepted. So how do I know if I'm doing the right thing or not? This is where knowledge comes in.

00:58:54--> 00:59:33

Because for any good deeds to be accepted, there are two components that we need to observe. Number one, this deed needs to be sincere to Allah subhana wa Taala so the first thing you need really to check is why are you asking yourself the question is why? And then the second question is How? Why is why am I doing this? 4am i doing this because I want people to see on a post a picture on my social media. Am I doing this? Because I really look I'm looking for the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, what is it that I'm looking for? I'm really asking for you. So you ask yourself the question why. The second thing is how, how which means it needs to be done properly. Which means it's not

00:59:33--> 00:59:59

been asked that innovation is not something that Allah subhanho wa Taala will reject for me. The prophets Allah Sam says kulu, amaryllis, la, la hora ne D that is performed in a way not in accordance to the sun, an example of the prophet will be rejected. So I need to know if I'm doing it properly. How do I get these two things? This is where knowledge comes in. I need to learn I need to learn more. So before we do anything that you will consider major, my recommendation go and ask

01:00:00--> 01:00:11

Ask, hopefully you will get the right answer a shallow data that will help you purify your intentions and make your deeds good vanilla Xhosa. And does whatever we do We ask Allah to accept from us.

01:00:13--> 01:00:13


01:00:32--> 01:01:01

So the question is basically we said that it's better for people to practice the little that they know, than trying to learn more, and they will never practice that. But shouldn't people continue when they when they reach a certain level to move up to the next level? Let me just rephrase the question that way. Is it better for people to keep growing? The answer is yes, they should be growing. But my recommendation for people is to start practicing what they already know. Before they can bring more hedges against themselves.

01:01:02--> 01:01:23

Like a lot of people, they will put them to expose themselves to so much knowledge. And if we look into the intentions, it might not be the right intention in the first place, which is why the prophets Allah Sam says in the Harry Potter among the first people to set out to be human not to monkey ama the fire of hell will be will be will be the fuel of the fire fall first among these people, he says, I'm someone who is

01:01:24--> 01:02:03

a great knowledgeable person. Why because he pursued that knowledge for no reason other than just to be told to be said he was a great Adam Walker to clean the property he got his reward the people that said he was so I would say again, with come to seek knowledge, our intention should be pure to last panel Dharma, practice what we know and then grow, I agree, you should continue learning and growing inshallah to Allah. But again, in the right proportions slowly and gradually, people they have different circumstances if someone they believe in southern hamdullah they have the capacity to seek knowledge at a fast track, like going to school or university or even take a program, let's say

01:02:03--> 01:02:25

locally, to study more so they can practice more discipline, I go for it, don't stop, but always remind yourself to practice what you know. They say, had to find a mobile home and find a job all of that knowledge always solicits practice. If it doesn't receive an answer, it will just leave it will just go to school and disappear. Allah

01:02:28--> 01:02:32

Yes. Oh, where I can see by the way. Good, good.

01:02:56--> 01:03:30

So the question basically, if you learn from someone and then at some point in your life, you realize Pamela, the person that you don't learn from, they themselves change their path change their ways, and this and that, so should we continue learning from them or what do we do in this case? Here's the thing when it comes to guidance, guidance in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala knowledge is not an indication of the level of guidance, guidance in the hands of Allah azza wa jal that's the first thing we need to understand. The second thing is we'll come to learn in this this it's as Lama Wallach Rahim Allah Allah says Allah in the Hadith Alma Deen Fernando arducam Imani aka

01:03:30--> 01:03:51

Dino, this knowledge is Dean, it's this is your faith. So you need to make sure that you take your faith from the light source. That's what he said, Mr. lagana. Now, if we take our Deen from a source, then later on that source in itself changed or shifted or deviate, whatever that is. It doesn't matter. We stick to the message, not the messenger.

01:03:52--> 01:04:32

For us, it's all about the message, not the messenger. Look at the example of a warrior of the ultra nwaba. When the man when when the prophet SAW Selim assigned Abu hurayrah to God, the treasure that was put in the masjid, I know this to be distributed among the people the next day, or next few days, basically. So the professor Barrera at some point that night he heard somebody picking up from that, from that pile of stuff. He woke up he grabbed his hand he goes, Well, I had our fun macula rasulillah. I'm gonna get to the prophets of Allah, Allah. What are you doing now? So the man's are pleading to him. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean you know, I'm poor, my kids. I needed this and please

01:04:32--> 01:04:37

let go. We are not going to do it again. So bahara Have mercy on him. He left him.

01:04:39--> 01:04:59

And then the problem he made the profit next day, the professor said, I'm said, Carla Mufasa bukoba hora hora. What happened to the guy who came to me last night? And I was shocked like, Oh, I didn't tell anyone. So how does the progress know about it? He said jasola he said so and so and and I believed him. So the professor Sam said to him, he says Mr. Hussain, he's

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

coming, he's coming back aboard he says so I was waiting for him because I the professor is coming back. He grabbed his hand the second day. And the third day again did the same thing to finally a viruses that said, well I'm that I'm taking the profits of the loss Allah and the manager is limited to something but it's more beneficial to you. If you ever go to bed make sure that you decide Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah who will hire you as a courtesy because this is actually a protection for you from the Shaitan and the jinn. So then, the next day, Oba Herrera, he wanted the Prophet salaallah salam, he said, that's what he told me Rasul Allah, The Prophet said to him, Allah sada pakka wahaca

01:05:39--> 01:05:42

do, he told you the truth, even though he's known to be a liar.

01:05:44--> 01:06:14

And he said that it was a shaitan so the point from this Hadith, that the heart and the higher can come from an unconventional source it's not about the messenger it's about the message we take it and shout out to Allah we make sure that it's good however Of course if you know the source is disputable with a grain of salt which means make sure that you filter this inshallah doll and separate between the message and the messenger with Eliezer melas Potter protect or Dean protect our Allah our shoe our and our our community.

01:06:15--> 01:06:15


01:06:39--> 01:06:40


01:06:43--> 01:07:23

So how to protect your Eman from falling, you know, and falling short and become weaker and weaker. Right? So the question is, how can we guard our demand? That's a whole different talk. That's a whole different halaqa by itself. But in a nutshell, guarding a man is basically is very important because if you remember what I mentioned last night, said you know when it comes to the calamities and fit and and trials, at the moment, a trial falls, people they become heedless of what they know. The only thing that holds them to the straight path is the strength of their email. So the stronger your Eman the handler the better chances you have to remain on the straight path. How can I got my

01:07:23--> 01:08:08

email? Lots of Hanover data said yeah, you alladhina amanu Aminu. cassata Nisa, he says yeah, you are Latina Amira, Amira Bella, so he's telling the believers all you who believed believe. So the remedy is kind of like trying to put in the texture of the ayah says that means just claiming it. claiming it in the heart doesn't mean that you have it. So what is it like if you would like to increase your Eman? You have to understand that a man is an action is not just a noun. So you have to practice the actions of email. So how do I guard might imagine and increase my Eman? Obviously there are two things that we need to worry about a shoe our shoe heart and the Shabbat. A shoe heart

01:08:08--> 01:08:46

is out doubtful matters in terms of faith and Arpita. We need to guard our hearts from falling into the shoe hat doubtful matters about the belief in Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, the prophets of Allah Salam and there's an hour time there's so many things. So many things happening right around the Salam standard because fitna for our Eman in that sense. The second thing is Shahada desires, even though desires might not be directly towards the belief system. But these thoughts you know, causing the man to start causing erosion to the man slowly and gradually. We might not be concerned about our email, it's just a matter of following the desire but slowly and gradually it might get to

01:08:46--> 01:09:24

the core. And that's very crucial. So two things you need to guard yourself from the struggle heart that thing that goes into the heart regarding the subject of faith, and the second day from the Shabbat falling into the Haram and committing sins major or minor. Guard yourself from these two things a shallow data with knowledge and also with practice that which is right and like remembering to Abraham Allah mentioned, I'll hotrod that your thoughts needs to be clear on future shala surgeon mela potential problem in the last panel Tara bless you this evening. Again make this evening shallow data high for all of you. Make sure that they examine shallow making data for yourself in

01:09:24--> 01:09:30

family communities. Particularly manual but I mean, and keep you on the straight path to know him Salaam Alaikum