Are all Hadith in Kutub Al Sittah Saheeh- Criteria for Hadith to be Saheeh. Classification of Hadith

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The risk question

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a deal barelli Uttar Pradesh, India, if every Hadith

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in Bukhari authentic If yes, then can it be compared to the Quran? a similar question asked by schodack, Qatari London, UK are all the Hadith in Theosophy

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a similar question by Solomon can Birmingham, UK what are the criteria that make a D? Are all the Sahih Hadith of the same level? Why is a Bukhari for special

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so the three questions I've clumped together talking about, say Buhari, and the criteria that we had the FE and what makes Buhari special regarding the first question that are all the Hadith in Bukhari authentic

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and can be compared to the Quran? Yes. All the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari authentic there are 7563 Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and all of them authentic, can be compared to the Quran. The Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran it verbatim the word of Allah subhanaw taala which was revealed to our beloved prophet masala Salaam, to Archangel Gabriel. Then the scribes, the Sabbath, they wrote down and Prophet Musa wa sallam checked it up personally, he asked them to recite it, he checked it in there was a mistake, he corrected it. And Prophet peace be upon him is to rehearse it with Archangel Gabriel, every I'm done. And the last one before he died, he reached it twice. So

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that means the Quran is 100% the word of Allah subhanaw taala. verbatim, revealed to Prophet Musa al Salaam, the prophet dictator, the Sahaba, they wrote it down the contract it is divided with Archangel Gabriel. So Quran is verbatim word to word without a different feeling of a letter, the word of Allah.

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As far as a bar is concerned, it is the most authentic book amongst all the books of the highest level.

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But the

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other thing of the Prophet and his actions, some of these are verbatim words, but the others are meaning life. They are not verbatim, the word of the Prophet, and they were hurt by the Sabbath, Sabbath memorized it, then the turbine turbine and the chain of narrators. So it is not of that

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last Quran is the highest level, it is the verbatim Word of God. The Hadith are the things of the Prophet if we believe in it, we have to follow it. But natural Quran is number one, then comes the Sai Hadith in Sahih. Hadith, the highest is cibo Hari and Juma amongst the elephant novel jamaah scholars among the Sunni scholars that after the book of Allah after the Quran, the next inauthenticity the next to be followed. If say, Buhari, there's no doubt about it. The second most important book of Islam, the disabled party nominee The second question are all the Hadid in fifth authentic

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CS eta is actually a misnomer. She has it that means six. So, he it should be

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it is six books of Hadith. So, cuckoo, Sita is the right terminology for six months of added CSAT is a misnomer, CF tummy fix authentic books, the right terminology splittable Sita, six books have a deep and this quotable Sita they say Bukhari say Muslim Sona without

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tirmidhi. So non si and imager these six books the scholars they say that if you read the six books of Hadith, you will come to know most of the rulings in Islam, but the Hadith in all the six books are not 100% authentic, the only books in which all that authentic and fake as a binary number one then if a Muslim, the remaining four books, so no doubt. So Timothy, so nice. I have done my job in this for books, most of the studies that say he but not all 100% so the six books the scholars say if you read and you read the Quran, you will come to know most of the ruling in Islam. Most of it not 100% but most of it

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this small group of scholars say that instead of Nehemiah there should be a Mamata Malik

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so that another small group of scholars say the six books should contain

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Besides, say Buhari, say Muslim Sona without so nice, I don't know tirmidhi it should contain Mr. Motta Malik.

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That's a small group. But we agreed that six books are there. If you want to join in Mamata Malik it becomes seven. But most of the scholars say that they've been images included in this. So all of these books only the first to say Muslim and say Bukhari all authentic, the remaining for majority authentic but not all. There is a great scholar of the recent time about this. That's enough for the money, what he did, he has divided the last four books of Cordoba Seta into say, and five heroes

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and he differentiated the books of the last four books. So no doubt, as a foreigner no doubt is a phenomenal a doubt. Then he took the next book, so nice, I say so nice, I say soon. undecide. Then the next book soon Timothy Safin, tirmidhi definitely been, they took the last book of Nehemiah save Nehemiah, the fifth remodel. So this is Eliza he. So if you read this little slice of money, then you can come to know all this I did in the last four books. Of course, he's done a great work. So, this is how you can differentiate come to some question that what are the criteria for it to be so he and

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what is so special about say Buhari and what are the categorizations of audit

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as far as classification and categorization of this is concerned, it is called as masala Hadith that is the science of Hadith.

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The machines have classified into various different categories the three most important gasification I'll tell you there are many classifications. One is based on who is the original Narrator

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And according to Abner Salah, he has classified deep into who is the originator. And number one, the highest Hadith he could see. It goes up to Allah subhanaw taala. If it says that vamos de la Sallam said that Allah smart Allah said, it goes up to a lie, it starts with the narrator goes till Saba goes to the profit and profits that Allah said, that becomes the security the highest category number two is the morpho Hadith, the Hadith, which reaches morpheme is reached it reaches to Prophet masala, a generator then it fed the Saba name to the prophet or masala sunset. So that becomes Murphy. The third category is mocha which top it goes to the level of the Sahaba. So, if the Hadees

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goes to the level of Sabah but doesn't reach the level of profit or loss or seldom, it is called as mocha

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that is stopped that the third level, the fourth is the Mk two means cut off, it reaches to the turbine to villages Allah subhanaw taala it could see which is to the Prophet it called as Mercedes which is to the Saba it is called as Marcos, if it reaches to the turbine, that is the next generation after the Saba It is called Mach two. So this classification is based on who is the original narrator, one type of classification. The second type of classification or forgiveness Allah is based on the number of chain of narrators. And it is divided into two texts, the matamata D and D. In the matamata, D, there are 13 there are several number of narrators, the number is

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specified, it says several at every stage and this method is divided into two further mutawatir in terms of wordings mutawatir in terms of meaning.

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I'll give you an example of mutawatir in terms

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of wording that means all the Hadith that you find. The wording is exactly the same and motivates me at every stage there are various narrators.

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Like at the Saba level, there are various Saba who narrated it, then there are various other people who narrated from the sidebar, and the next level and the third level. One example is a very famous moto moto D, which is

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motivated in words, that our beloved partner Sano Sallam said that anyone

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who deliberately or purposefully tells a lie in my name, he prepares his seat in the hellfire. Now this Hadith, the words are same but not Arabic. This is English translation which metaphor but actually

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Pick the words are the same, it was narrated by no less than 74 Savas 74 different hubbas narrated the Hadith that they said that they heard the Prophet says

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74 now, in the next level, you have much more than 74 people who have narrated it, Isa BAM narrated it to many other people. So, in the second level, you have more than 100 of narrators. Then third level you have another few 100 narrator. So, overall, there are hundreds of people who have narrated this ad and all those who have narrated the words are exactly the same.

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So, the scholars have added they say, it cannot be possible that hundreds of people are narrating exactly the same words, it has to be correct. There is no difference of opinion that these are verbatim the words of the Beloved Prophet Musa masala so many narrators at every level that means minimum narrators of this idea 74 next level there are more than 74 third level more than that. So minimum. So, if there are several narrators at each level, then that is called motivated if the word the same word for motivated in words.

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Let's come second example mutawatir in meaning that is of the problem of Salah Salaam when he said that for fudger Salah there are two rockets that are for rocket for the Zohar, Salah afercia lanisha, salah and for McGriff Allah there are three In fact, there are various narrators at each level, um, the number of narrators, many sellers who narrated it followed by but the words kept on differing, but the meaning was the same. Though the words differ the meaning was the same that in fact that there were two rakaats in zohore a ser Anisha therefore occurred to be prayed and the magnet tilaka so you had the both the shin say it is matamata in meaning meaning is the same the

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word metaphor.

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So, this was the type of mutata these two types in a deed it is further divided into three types of Hadith. One is Massoud, second is Aziz and third is Karim.

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All the other did they do not meet the criteria of

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the highest level of other this is the Masood that minimum three or more narrators have narrated at each level that means minimum number of narrator each level if there are three, then it is called as a maturity that minimum three Saba narrated it, then the turbine may be more than three, but if minimum three is there, at each level, it is called as maturity or even more than three, it can be for also yet it's called a maturity. If it is several, then it becomes a bottle water but if it's three at each level of for each level, it is called as a maturity it is the highest in terms of

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the second level has added in the obesity. In obesity, there are minimum two narrators at each level,

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the chain of narrators and minimum two servers have narrated it, and at the other levels also two or more have continued with the chain. So that's called a visa D. The third category of other this is the grip. That means at any one stage only one person, other stages, there may be 1020 no problem. And the best example of that is ohare which are narrated by the dermalab up within the first hadith of Bokhari one number one, book number one, number one that our beloved partner Salaam Salaam said in Albania, that your actions are based on your intention. All that is there are hundreds of all hunting that are there. It goes to another tournament lappi pizza, save Omar mela up with him said

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that the Prophet said below after the tumor, malapropism there are many writers, but at one stage there is only one narrator no other Sahaba besides Oman narrated this this becomes a HUD agreement it

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is the inquiry itself, but it is Haddadi and agree body all the chains reach for the common man library system. There is no other Sahaba who narrated this. So this is called an advocate ad agreement. So this was the second type of classification based on number of narratives.

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There are various classification I'll just come to the main one which we're discussing. The third type of classification of audit is based on authenticity. In this type of classification, there are two types of audit one is makeable accepted and the other is more dude which is rejected in the accepted that

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depths of a deep faded, and Hassan in the say Hadith?

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What are the criteria for Sati there are basically five criteria for it to be.

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Number one, the narrator should be of good character. That means you should be honest, he should be truthful, he should not lie, he should not cheat, he should be of good character, that is the first criteria. Number two, he should be a very good memory, so that he can repeat what they thought of the prophet or kindness Allah, it can also be that what he heard from the Prophet, he remember that, and he writes it down. And then if required, he can again read it, even that's accepted. The second category is the women should be very good. You can repeat it at any time or at least remember it till the time he writes it.

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The third criteria for audit to be savvy is that there should be a continuous chain of narrators. There should be consistency.

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I cannot say that I heard from my great grandfather, if my great grandfather died before I was born, how can I say I heard from my great grandfather. So there should be a continuous chain of knowledge all the narrator's are met each other and personally heard from them.

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The fourth criteria is that they should not be any flaw. I'll give an example of a flaw that two contemporary narrators who lived at the same time, if one chain of narrator said that narrator he heard from right to be and according to the original, the history, we know that these two narrators though they lived at the same time, but they never met. So, how can generate 100 leads from narrator B when they did not meet. So, this is a flaw. So, they should not be any flaw. And the fifth criteria for it to be say is that it should not contradict with any other sound or

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any other Hadith which is sound which if he if it contradicts then it is wrong. So, it should not contradict with any other sound or any other say these are Hassan a D.

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So, there are basically five criteria for a D to be saved. Number one, the narrator should be of a good character number two have good memory number three, they should be continuously in the chain of Narrator The fellas should be there. Number four, they should not be irregularities or flaws. Number five should not contradict any other sound. If all the five criteria are met It is called si Hadith.

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If there is a slight flaw in any of these, then has it become Hassan, but it is accepted

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into the magoun. In the audit, there are two types of audit

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that is the say headed with continuous chain

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and say headed with a broken chain in the US and again there are two types has an audit with a continuous chain and has an audit with a broken chain. So these are the categories of the macgiolla did accept it. If it falls under say or hassle. It is accepted as

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an argument for you to accept it. If it

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did, and it's a profit as prohibited, it becomes haram for you. If the Prophet has commanded you it becomes complexity for you or it become messed up for you. The second category is Hadid which are they a moto? They've got various categories they didn't they've because of the chain of narrator they because of inconsistency in the narrator. Various there are multiple different types of cipher The time will not permit to go into detail. Same with modu, there are different types. So basically, the third type of classification based on authenticity. And the other classification also makes Hadith which is Mahmoud added, which is murder, rejected.

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Now, the question also asked one more question that are all the same hadith of same category. That means all the Hadith which are more are the same category? No, there are levels.

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And I remember when one of my first teachers have added that they shake the arm and asked me may Alexander genma he was head and the Dean of the Department of Hadith in Islamic University of Medina and he expired just a few months back on the day of alpha on the 30th of July, just three months back and May Allah grant engender for those. He was my first teacher.

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And he said that there are 10 categories, levels of mobility. It can take you to the psyche and to have a man Buhari

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in his jammies he

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he put additional criteria for making a

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besides the five criteria which are discussed, Imam Bukhari put in additional criteria which are stricter, then only said I will include in my jammy fee or give you an example. Normally for Hadith to be say the narrator should be of a minimum level of category five, the movie scene, they have written the history and biography of all the narrators. And they've given 12 levels to the narrative. Number one is Sikka, all the sabas come in the sitcom means the best, number one, truthful, then 1234 last is kazaam. Liar. So if the narrator is up to level five, it can be controlled by the purchaser Hey, Mr. mojarra. He says, in my Silsila, he, in my Sahih Bukhari, I

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will only take directors up to level three. That means he's putting a stricter condition. So if

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Buhari put additional criteria to make it more authentic, if it's the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari at some higher level, Mr. Muslim, who was a student of your own Buhari, he put a few additional categories one, he said, I will take narrator's only up to level four, four and above Buhari said three and above 123 Muslims that I will take up to level four and not take level five, his initial criteria.

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So, the one thing they say that number one, the highest

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Hadith that had the most difficulty, that means the Hadith which was compiled by Buhari and he said to differ he in his favor Hurry, and that is usual compiled by Mr Muslim in a Muslim and because in both of them, so if it occurs in February and in a Muslim, it is called as both a fake ally. That means it is available in both say Bukhari and say Muslim, and there's a book Lulu Moran, that has a collection of all the Hadith, which are called in both Bukhari and Muslim. So that is, number one, the Hadith that is present in both Bukhari and Muslim that is the highest level number one, number two is the Hadith which are present inside Buhari. Number three are the Hadith which are present in

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say Muslim. Number four, the more than this in the FE that Mr. Bahari was not able to analyze all

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the more doesn't say that approximately today, there are approximately 1 million 100

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and Buhari memorized approximately six lakh 30 600,000 100.

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So the more thing say that those are the which Imam Bukhari did not analyze, and we are analyzing and applying the criteria of ohare

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then the more the thing they say that those are these Muslim did not analyze, we are applying the criteria from our Muslim on those Hadith, which Mr. Muslim did not analyze. And we are telling this fulfill this criteria. So number four, is the Hadith which Imam Bukhari did not analyze the other more this is analyzed and which Mr. Muslim did not analyze and the other motifs in applied the criteria for Mr. Madden life and it's matching both the criteria of Imam Bukhari and Mr. Muslim but these Imam did not analyze themselves that is number four. Number five is those with a Mambo hai did not analyze but fulfills the criteria are for mom Buhari that comes to number five number six is

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those with Mr. Muslim did not analyze but fulfilled the criteria for Muslim analyzed by the other modes defeat that come that level six in a mumble hurry as I mentioned, there are 7563 IDs even in a Muslim there are 7563 added the numbering differs in different editions.

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So this is level

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six, level seven is associated with continuous chain with doesn't fulfill the criteria Bukhari and Muslim which fulfill the nominal criteria of say howdy visa discussed five criteria say this but it is a continuous chain number eight is FA Hadid fulfilling that five criteria of say Howdy, but it is a broken chain

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number nine is definitely a little bit doesn't fulfill 100% of sight but very close to it with the continuous chain that is number nine Hassan D with the continuous chain and the 10th category is Hassan added with the broken chain. So these are the 10 categories of filebeat

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This science of Hadith, it is very vast. And believe me, if you compare to how the historians have proved any historical fact, and they say, Okay, this is historically collected, there is this criteria which normal non Muslim historians, when they agree that this historical fact. But the criteria put by the scene for a dish to be say is multiple times stricter, it is multiple times more difficult. It is multiple times more stringent as what the storage too. That's the reason if for ahaadeeth, to be sorry, I just told you the brief of it, it's not that easy. Every narrator his history has been written, they're very gentle all in detail, it is so difficult.

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It is such a mind new study, that if the Mojave seen, when they give a verdict, they can be a minor difference, they cannot be someone saying it's a very high category, someone saying that he The other thing, mobile, it's not possible, it may differ level one, or level two, one or two level may differ that said, If authentic, good one this in the refer and the check. So this is the science of Hadith. It is not possible for a layman

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or a person like me, who's just a student of knowledge. I cannot say for other faiths to leave. I've read about the criteria, but I am not qualified at all. So this to classify with additive he or they are model of each level of say it is the work of a Mohan with specialization. And in the recent time, one of the famous models, as I mentioned, was Chagas within Alberni. And he has done a great job showing us a little money.

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And the question, which when I studied wishing the man asked me, Malaga, random Jenna,

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that when we talk about Quran and say Hadith, we don't have all the same decompile the maximum I could do. I started with him in the 1997.

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We could see okay, takes in saliva he, but that doesn't have all decided, it contains the say had eaten cuando se towneley Bukhari Muslim and they are the four books. So vanilla after shake. They are a man as he retired.

00:27:28--> 00:28:23

There are many scholars in the last 14 years who tried to compile all the CSV together in one volume. But all those who tried they never completed the project, humble English exam and asked me after he retired, he took about 17 to 18 years to complete this project. And he compiled all this energy together, and he compiled a book called as Jeremy Campbell alhadeff A say a shaman. The full name is Al Jami, Al Carmel alhadeff. Asahi, a shaman, short form, it's called a Jama Comm. And about four years ago, he compiled it and the first edition was published. And after it was published, the revision was done about two years before and it was printed just this year, and our hamdulillah

00:28:23--> 00:29:05

after the second edition was printed and published and check DRM and I mean, he checked it up and you're happy that at least the Revised Edition was out. Though he wrote the manuscript in 20 volumes. It was printed the first edition in 12 volumes, the second edition because the print was larger, it came in volumes. He also made a mock the SIR Jama coming in five volumes in the original Jamaica mill, as to exam and as we said, there were more than a million at it. Out of the million Hadeeth there are many duplicates, like in St. Bukhari, if you remove the duplicates, there are 2220 Hadith. So if you compile all the 1 million Hadith and remove the duplicates, the point is examined

00:29:05--> 00:29:29

as mean there were about 60,000 Hadith from the 60,000 Hadith he collected only the say Hadith removing the duplicates and in his Jamaica mil there are 16,540 600 so called to shake DRM and as mean after removing the duplicates, the say had it today in the world are 16,546

00:29:30--> 00:29:59

and we can safely say if not 100%, at least, this compiler should have is at least minimum contains 95% of the say Howdy. In this compilation he has given the job he has his own criteria. He compiled all the deeds which I say then remove the duplicates. He gave a reason that if this audit was the he and according to him, it was safe. He even mentioned that outside is Jammie common. So there are additional 3000 Hadeeth which other scholars

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If he but he says it is safe, and he gives a good job, why did they and he mentioned that so that people don't think get forgotten, then you have even added in that 3000 a deed, a very common Hadith famous Hadith, but they're they've famous it with a motto, for example, the very common and famous added that extra laugh is arama it is a moto D. There's another model added that as far as you go to acquire knowledge, no problem you need to go to China, China was never the seat of knowledge at the time of the Prophet had this model. So, he mentioned this famous audit, but did not say it, it is a modal and giving us reason. So, total is Jamaica will contain 16,540 600 plus approximately 3000 a

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deed which other models in acid say and he says it is safe, or the other famous acid which has a fan model so people don't think he has missed out. And in this

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the big volume which is printed 12 volume in the first edition in the second edition, this has given the faculty the details why they say why it is safe and all the reasoning. And if the Hadith is the he gives the references they're in favor of Heidi, Hadith number one, so including a Muslim number one, so including without added number. So info at the end of every Hadith have it is available in three books of it or I will five books of the or two books of added or only one book of Hadith The details are given so that you come to know from where it comes

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in the SIR john mccammon which is in five volumes,

00:31:33--> 00:31:46

the technique the research has been removed so that it's easy for element to read. So, the complete jammy commonly mainly for scholars and for the mod the scene for a lay man the mock test that is sufficient the doctor sir

00:31:48--> 00:32:29

we have started translating it into English, it was a three year project we started it about four years back, but unfortunately when the translation was complete our than happy with the English language, so we are revising it. So now we have completed one third of the revision inshallah, next year by the end of next year, it will be out. So we will inshallah translate the mucosa which is in five volumes, and it will be easy for people who don't know Arabic to read it and to understand it. We're translating also into hoodoo, and other languages. We pray to Allah Spano that this work is a phenomenal work. So when we say Quran and say Hadith now you can say Quran and jammy

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jam a camel contains all the detail Bukhari all that is a Muslim all this at the end Dakota peseta in Abu Tao in Sunnyside in Sana tirmidhi in Nehemiah, Mata Malik the other books of

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the other books after he that we know that Buhari and Muslim are only two books which are 100% authentic and scholar woman says that Imam, Mata Malik also so for a layman if he wants to know he, you know, do research if you're Muslim, or Mr. Mata Malik safely can say the Hadith they say otherwise, he has to check whether they say or not. There were other books of Hadith compiled by scholars saying it's completely safe. But the scholars don't agree everything you say, after Bukhari and Muslim there is a compilation of say nazima according to suti syedna khuzaima. After Bukhari Muslim there are some additives which scholar says not say he, but it comes a third level, the

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fourth, if they've never been

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then there is the fifth book.

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It's Mr. Al Hakim. He also claimed everything you say but the scholars differ and they say that everything is there so he so these three books, compile everything you say, most of them almost all our say but not everything in the other four books when the mom vowed when he compiled his main objective wasn't to combine only say it. His objective was to compile a deed which falls matter of Salah or of Voodoo or other aspects. Same with the other. morphine. Mom, no say your mom tirmidhi or mommy play magia they purpose wasn't to compile a majority essay, but that is the reason they themselves mentioned in the collection that they have the disease number done that but for a lay man

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for him to know how did they say if it starts with ohare or a Muslim it is safe to call it so he or if it's a hadith which is there in Mamata, Malik the safe to be say any other Hadith he has to go and check up what have the Moses instead. And then he can decipher whether defy or not. The fourth in brief what I mentioned it is just scratching the surface.

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It is just crying.

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The surface on the science of a deep. It's a huge sense. Because of this, we know today a hamdulillah. All the minute details of the last and final messenger, our beloved prophet masala Salah, there is no human being on the face of the earth, whose life has been preserved with all my new detail. It is all because of the Hadith that we have. And when Allah says the Quran in surah chapter 15 verse number nine that we have revealed the Quran and we shall guide from corruption. The word you use Vicar, it surely means the Quran and many of the bodies in scholar says it also includes the say Hadith that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the Quran given the car and also the say

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howdy and he was seated that he protects it