Abu Bakr Zoud – What is the correct time to eat As-Sahoor?

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing the correct time to consume a soul and the timing of an act. They also mention the importance of following the meal and not giving up until the end of the night to earn the blessing of a sword. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice these practices and not give up until the end of the night to earn the blessing of a sword.
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What is the correct time for a spoon? This is a very, very important matter to know. Because if you eat at the wrong time, you don't earn the reward of a soul. This is why it's important to know what's the correct time to consume a soul? What is the correct time to have or to practice this action of a soul by eating something?

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A soul, my brothers and sisters in Islam, it should be right towards the very end of the night just before them and Fisher. So the more you delay your hook, until close to them and Fisher. That is the Sunnah and that is when you earn the reward and the blessing of a circle.

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And as the Melek probably Allahu Anhu he narrated and he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and ziet been favored along the Allahu Anhu. The Sahara, they had slowly fell a man fell over when they finished from this whole common view. sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala solid, he got up from his house, and he went to the masjid in order to press on Ethel Fisher pulmonary * then

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any * obey Allah one was the one who narrated this hadith was asked by the Companions can can have been a follow up email in Soho email or the holy Hema for solid. What is the time between interview sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam having ended his or her meal? What's the time between when he finished the whole meal until he prayed the Sunnah of efficient? What's the time for anisopliae Allah one we sip Kado May Allah or Rajguru come Cena a he said the time was the time it takes for a person to read 58 will read about why Muhammad Allah that He said that's about 1112 minutes to read 58 So we can learn from this narration that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would delay is

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slowly extreme extreme delay oh boy, to until just before then and Fisher that's the sooner or sooner as well. And what is good to be practiced is to have support in a gathering don't eat alone with your family with someone you will find the MISA Hadith that I share with you it's always someone having to hold with someone else Subhan Allah had the latest so hold as best as you can under and about Bahama Home Allah Now, such as Eben Hjelm Bahama hula,

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he said that so time is between and visual care, the poor visual saw that it is between the false visual and the true visual, what is the difference between the false budget and the true vision. The difference is that, at the time of false visual,

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what happens in the sky is that a vertical white line appears in the sky, a vertical white line, a piece in the sky. This is known as Alpha zero Kelvin, the false Fisher

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so we're not allowed to pray at this time. And we do not make a vision for the future at this time. The first or then perhaps is made to wake people up and prepare them.

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And the true vision and visual sodic is the horizontal white line that appears in the sky its horizontal line, and then the light begins to grow bit by bit after that, that is when Alfred has entered, this is when you must stop eating and begin your fasting. So but how Giacomo Allah He said that a soul to eat a soul

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is between the false version and the truth budget will rule them out by him or her mama they see between them is some set 15 minutes some that said 30 minutes and some even mentioned 45 minutes 45 minutes is an opinion that is somewhat doubtful. So it is more correct to the fact that it's 30 minutes or 15 minutes. There are other numbers that have been mentioned. But this is what have been how's your Rahimullah mentioned that a support time to consume this meal in order to attain its reward and to earn the bulk of this meal. Eat that knew before the between the false version and the true fissures. So any act 15 minutes before then in Fisher 20 minutes before I then officially start

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eating 20 minutes before the delay it extremely delay your your your support until right at the end of the night just before then and that's the sooner start eating at that time and this is exactly what the companies would do. They would delay it until the last

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moment of the night. Yanni. Zubin Hareesh Allah we Allahu Anhu. He narrates and he says the Sahara to mA who differ from Mahajan, a la sala different methane and mosquito Selena Kartini. Well prema to Salah to lay Sabina Houma. Illa Hoonah yet one. So he said Zyban herb he said, I had sold with Riva how they follow the Allah once you once again. So having a supporting the gathering with someone else, they had support. Then they left their house to go to pre select and Fisher at the mercy of the Naboo. So he said once we arrived at the masjid, we prayed to rock out some little fidget, and the iqama professional was made. And he said, Lisa, Bina Homer 11 a year, there was only

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a short time. Once again, this hadith is proving that a sword should be consumed right at the end of the time, right at the end of the night, just before then efficient. And another Hadith is the hadith of Sahel and the Saturday obey Allah who I know. He said, Come to us out of the alley, from Ethel Mae, hakuna Surat and be an odd consolidated fishery while also the lady sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Sal, Allahu Allahu Anhu. He said, that I used to have so hold with my family, see, once again, he's having it with someone else, with my family from may have gone or sought out and be, then I would experience a rush within me to join solid Bill Fraser with Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he finishes his small and he rushes to the masjid, in order to join the Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and make it for Salah television. Once again, this third narration is emphasizing how delayed you're supposed to put this meal of a soror how much you're supposed to delay it and have it just before then and Fajr in order to attain the reward and attain any the blessing of a soul.

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Anything before this is not considered to hold any fee person in the middle of the night was to say I'm going to have some water now and then sleep. You don't own the reward of a soul because that is not support that is dinner. Or anyone who says you know have something after Tara we pray or eat something. And this is my soul. That is not so hard. You do not earn the reward for soul. Because this is called Dinner. This is not called Soul time. So be very yummy. What do we say? careful and pay attention to the time you consume this meal in order to earn the prayers of Allah and all the angels and to earn the blessing of a sword. Have it just before then in future

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