Omar Suleiman – The Beginning And The End – EP 44 The Knowledge of Adam

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker describes his past as a chemist and how he identifies parts of the brain and gives measurements. He also discusses the confusion surrounding the names of people and how they cover up false accusations, including Islam. The message of God is applied to individuals and is highlighted in the discussion of Jesus to angels. The conversation also touches on the idea of knowledge being superior to worship and how it can be used to worship. A recommendation is made to see other episodes and videos.
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Last panels out of them says why I'm adamant usma cool that our last panatela taught them the names of all things. And that particular topic of what are the values Salaam was taught is quite fascinating. Actually, the scholars say Adam is lamb was taught and more suddenly at and more suddenly out what that means are things that were concepts and they were mere, merely conceptual, the mighty Islam was able to take those things, and was able to give them, you know, an operational measurement, he was able to actually define them, he was able to actually identify the details within them. So all of these things, and people are presented to him at his salon and Adam Ali

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Salaam knows how to define them. Now, what this is referring to, you know, it's what it's really referring to as a precise I, you know, my dad is a chemist, and he's a distinguished professor in chemistry. And so when he looks at something, and he sees, you know, and he sees the name of it, he's able to go through all of the properties of it, because he's a chemist, so he naturally sees more within the chemicals right within the ingredients, right? If you're an engineer, then you see more in construction, you don't just see the the highway, you see more within that construction. If you're a farmer, then you know, you don't just see a particular fruit at one stage, but you're able

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to see all of the you know, all of the different stages of it. And you'll even give it more names. I always test my hedge group when we go to date farms. And I say, you know, what type of data is that what type of data is that? You know, you've got people there that might even be illiterate, but they can give you 20 different names for dates at their different stages. So Adam alayhis salaam is given all of that, all right, he's able to look at things and he's able to identify things and he's able to give the measurement and essentially Allah gave Adam Ani Salaam an incredible amount of knowledge and if you look at it scientifically right different parts of the mind excel in different people.

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And you know different parts of the mind usually would work towards certain types of sciences and so on so forth. Other money Salaam is being given this knowledge by Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah subhanaw taala after he taught them on his Salaam, these names from Allah whom Allah, he presented them he showed the same things to the angels for Karla um, be only be a smart you have a lot in quantum santoprene. And the last palletized says to the angels inform me of the names of these, if you are indeed truthful. Now what is Allah subhanho wa Taala talking about here, if you are indeed truthful, when the angels objected. In the beginning, when the last pantai says in the data, you

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don't fill out the halifa that I'm going to place a successor on Earth, a loss of Hannah hoods Allah is responding to their objection and he's saying if you are truthful in that I don't create anyone more knowledgeable or capable than you that can be a relief on Earth. Okay, so if you are truthful in that claim, or in that objection, then you go ahead and name these things that are demonic is Saddam was able to name now the angels didn't argue they did not fight and again, the nature of their objection in the first place was not one of questioning Allah subhanho wa Taala rather it was trying to understand the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala placing human beings on this earth after

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what had happened with the jinn. So when I lost contact have said that to them, they said Subhana Allah Allah Allah, Allah in Mecca, Aunty lollywood hacking, they said, Exalted are You You know the glorified a loss of power to how perfect are you? We have no knowledge except what You have taught us and indeed it is you who is the knowing and the wise, Kalia Adam, I am so lost panatela turn to other Marines, families that teach you know, teach them those names. So the mighty Salaam started to go through all of the names of these things that the angels were not able to identify. And he started to present to them, you know, according to some of the Sahaba the names of the human beings

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as well, all of these human beings, the mighty son was able to present their names. And according to some of the Sahaba, the mighty his Salaam, was even able to start presenting to the angels their names, so he turns to them and he starts to say to them, what their names are. So last pantai says falam humby, a smarty him Carla, and I could look them in the acronym of Eva somehow it will all work out l'amour Marta, we're doing it one more quantum tech to one Allah Subhana Allah to Allah said to the angels, Did I not tell you that I know the unseen aspects of the heavens and the earth, and that I know what you reveal and what you have concealed. So unless penetrator reminds the angels

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once again, look, there's a purpose here. However, what their intimates say here, which is very powerful, is that this particular last line of the ayah I know what you reveal and what you conceal that this was a message not just to the angels but also to the shape button who conceal this hatred and his jealousy and his pride that Allah Subhana Allah already knew what was inside

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Allah knew the innocence of the angels as well as the the nature of shaytaan. Right The evil nature of the devil and what he planned to do with the money his setup. Now, the greatest message that we can take from all of this obviously, is that felpa Cooley the Illuminati last pantai says above everyone who has knowledge is one who possesses more knowledge. Right? Now, Allah subhanaw taala has more knowledge than the angels and Allah has chosen to conceal some of that knowledge even from the angels. But here in this particular context, a loss of hundreds out of preferred the money his Salaam, with his knowledge, to their Eva to the worship of the angels. And this teaches us a very

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important lesson in our religion, that knowledge is superior to worship. So in this particular context of the mighty his salad was made superior to the angels and the children of Adam it his Salaam, were made superior to the angels only in that particular issue in that particular area. And of course, as we said, before, you know, when when human beings choose to worship Allah subhanaw taala and choose to, you know, to do away with those desires that take them away from Allah Subhana Allah then their rank also supersedes the angels. And Allah was teaching the angels the lesson as well as the money is Salaam because Adam is listening to the angels responding to Allah subhanaw

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taala by saying Subhana Allah, Allah Mallanna Elohim are lumped into that there is you know, there is no knowledge except what you've taught us. So Adam understands that just like the angels were taught, particular parts of knowledge, add them is non was was taught particular portions of knowledge and add them and he Salaam also is seeing the humility and the response of the angels, which is why the scholars say la de la alum to say I don't know, when you really don't know is half of a half of knowledge to be able to recognize that I don't know, is half of knowledge. And so we asked the last panel to grant us the ability to recognize that which we need to recognize, to grant

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us the blessing of knowledge that is beneficial to allow us to worship Him in a way that's pleasing to Him and to allow us to do away with those desires that would make us animalistic or even worse, that would make us satanic.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box and if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please click on the box under that and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.

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