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The piece

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the solution for humanity

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is its way of life.

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It is to

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be begin small

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Madhu when a Stein who and istockphoto when only Billahi min surely and fusina was say, Dr. Molina, Mia de la sala mo de la la Manila. One minute little fella had Yella shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika wa shadow Mohammedan abou wa salatu wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May Allah peace mercy and blessing be upon us all amin,

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fellow Muslim brother and sister. Today inshallah we are going to discuss about a very important topic about ourself being a Muslim, and the topic is how to become a good Muslim.

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When we talk about Islam, everybody understand what is Islam. But a lot of people do not know what Islam one from us. The word Islam rely on the rule of salema mean? Peace, meaning every Muslim must have peace within themselves, so that they will bring peace to others. Islam also mean total submission to Allah Almighty, not only by name, but physically, mentally and spiritually, we must submit to the Almighty Allah, the creators.

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Now we know that Islam remind us about who is Allah, and what Allah permits for people who believe in Islam or belief in Allah.

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Islam also means Salama means peace, security in this world and the hereafter. In the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam where he was calling people to Islam, the Sahaba or the Allahu anhu, the first generation, which the Prophet said kyron as Carney, the prophet confirm by saying that the best people is the people who live in my time, the first generation, these people, may Allah bless their soul, they are so careful about what they learn from the Prophet. After becoming Muslim. They came and asked the Prophet

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al muslimeen hiring Rasulullah they said, Oh prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam May Allah Peace be upon you?

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Who is a good Muslim? Or how can we be a good Muslim, not just be a good Muslim, but they want to be a practicing Muslim. So the Prophet say, our Muslim man Saleemul Muslim own, mainly sunny.

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A good Muslim is a Muslim who are very careful with his word, and his action, meaning wherever he go, he'll make sure that he'll bring peace to fellow Muslim and fellow mankind, he will not say anything that do not benefit himself, and also others, and he will never do anything that bring harm to himself and bring harm to others. Now to be a good Muslim, it is not difficult, what we have to do is what let the Prophet sallallahu wasallam have remind us the profits and loss and I'm saying, OC can be takala I remind all of you to be faithful to Allah Almighty, the creator of all things, the sender of all Prophets, and the revealer of our truth. Then after that, the prophet said, what

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some eight what are the noun the Prophet is trying to teach you how to be a good Muslim is that you must always be a good listener.

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First thing that you have to do is you must be a good listener. That may whatever allow you to do you listen carefully, and what the prophet have said to you, you listen carefully. And then the second step is, you must act upon it. You must be obedient to what Allah subhanho wa Taala have commanded you to do. By doing that, then you become a good Muslim.

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When you become a good Muslim, you are sure to bring peace within yourself. You will have some kind of tranquility inside you and wherever you go, we believe that you are going to bring

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Peace to others, fellow bro slim brothers and sisters in Islam. Now we all know today we all been a Muslim, but a lot of Muslim do not understand the spirit of Islam. They thought that Islam is just because I'm a born Muslim, my father, my mother is Muslim, as I pray five times a day, or I fast in the month of Ramadan, or do some other basic ritual, I'm a good Muslim, there is only for yourself. But when the Prophet Taka Islam, he do not talk about Islam that is only for you. Islam always good for you and good for others. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam remind us many times about how to become a good Muslim. So you must be careful of your word, your action,

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whatever you do, because if not, then you do not show a good example to others. I will share with you the different in a time of the Prophet not in our time, in the time of our Prophet, may Allah blessing and mercy be upon him, a group of Arabs beggar when them in the desert Arabs came to the prophet and they say to the Prophet, manna, we are believers, that when a prophet as a man, a messenger of Allah, of course he cannot read the heart of the people, he only will say believe what you say to him. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to Prophet Mohammed, an ayah in Surah Al Quran. This is a very important if for all Muslim, to understand. Now, Allah start by saying, call

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an Arab man.

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Lamb to me, no. Wallachian kulu, is

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now a group of Bedouin Arabs came to the prophet and say to the Prophet, Muhammad, we are believers.

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They are not talking about Islam, they talk about the unbeliever now. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed this verses to the prophet and remind the prophet to inform them saying that Calum to me No, say to them or Prophet Muhammad, they are not a believer yet,

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while lacking

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a slum

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is sufficient in the beginning for them to say that we are Muslim.

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So there's a difference between Muslim and mcminn. Now, the minimum Muslim must have is that they must have peace within themselves and have peace with each other. There must be very careful with their word and action. Now what Allah is trying to explain to us there's a lot of difference between Islam Muslim and Eman Islam is the religion Muslim is the follower.

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mean Eman means the person who really have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us again Yeah. Xena Amano tala. Otto Azza. Wa La Tomatina in untung. Muslim, meaning all you who believe in Allah, be faithful to Him.

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And you must be a true obedient followers of Prophet Mohammed Salam Salam am a true believer of a lost heart and wattana with Word and action and your heart and make sure that you will never die until you become a Muslim. Meaning until you completely submit to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning whatever Allah want you to do, you should do what Allah have the site for you, you should accept it. Because Allah is all knowing and all seeing whatever you want us to do is the best for us. So a Muslim is a person who really completely submit to Allah will. Now he is not going to put forward his opinion or how he feel when he talks about Allah subhanho wa Taala we talk about Deen he

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talk about the way of life. Now it's important for all Muslim to understand that whatever Allah one you do from the beginning to the end is for your own good. The most important thing if you want to be a good Muslim, you just become a true believer and submit to His command and follow the do and

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when you do that, then Allah subhanho wa Taala worldgroup you under the growth of samina wattana. The people who listen

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Obey is as simple as that. Today we have a lot of people listen to what Allah say. But in the same time, they do not believe or they don't follow what they learn what they after become a good Muslim. I believe inshallah every one of us want to be a good Muslim, because that's what Allah wants from us. He do not just want us to be a Muslim, a lot of Muslim now are not practicing Islam because they thought there has been a Muslim is sufficient is good enough. I have a Muslim name. I have Muslim family, but that's not good enough. Now after you become a Muslim, then you can consider yourself as a believer. Because before you want to move to a man, you must submit to Allah for us. And give you

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an example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam remind us about the basic requirement from min one of the saying the prophet SAW Salam say, min min min anass, Allah, Allah him, one fusi him.

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A true believer is a person who is trustworthy, that people's money and people's lives and honor or dignity can and trust to him even you can be trusted with money with people with everything. Like the Prophet said law Eman lemon law amanatullah who meaning there is no in man or no one have a perfect Eman until he can be trustworthy.

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Now coming back again when talk about a man they will go back to Islam again the prophets of Salaam remind us kulu Muslim,

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Muslim haram

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Dharma who was the man who was

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the Prophet is trying to explain further so that we understand so that we do not interpret Islam according to our thinking, by in the way that the Prophet have taught us. The Prophet said again, every Muslim to what another Muslim is sacred. haram means sacred, the Hara mine in Makkah and Medina what is sacred and one is their blood.

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No Muslim is allowed to injured, another Muslim,

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whether minor or major because their blood is holy and sacred. We've got to honor them. Number two, is their property they are well, no Muslim can another Muslim can take the property of another Muslim without his or her permission to the extent even the husband have no right to take any money from the wife without the wife permission. They got there is the right that Allah has given to all Muslim. And number three is his dignity. Every Muslim, how poor he is how ignorant he but he has the right to be honored.

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We have no right to this honor him because Allah subhanho wa Taala for beaters, and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forbids us to do so. Because all Muslim must honor another fellow Muslim, their dignity, their honor, and also their property, and also the ability or life. Now if everybody will understand the spirit of Islam, then we believe that we are the peacemaker. Because Islam means peace. So we can be the peacemaker, by right the Muslim, a peacemaker wherever they go, they have peace within themselves, because they have peace with Allah subhanho wa Taala and they have peace within the family and the peace we have good neighbors, and they have peace with fellow

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countrymen and also to other people. They also have peace with the environment. There's how Islam want us to do not just by having a name because my father My mother Muslim, but we must prove to the people that Islam is more than that. Now, when you come to the end after you become a total as a Muslim, like what Allah subhanho wa Taala want us to be and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will invite us to be a movement

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to be made when means wala Maja Eman Fie Kuru become into te la hora de la lidcombe in America Masha, Allah subhanho wa Taala say, after you submit to Allah be a good Muslim. That means you are always better listen and obey then

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Only the man will penetrate through your heart. The man is not lip service is not name is not how you look how you dress. The man is more than that is something that developed from within yourself from your heart. When the man penetrates through and stay in your heart, then you become a total different person. Now, you become completely a different person. What do we mean by different person because you have a personality that Allah subhana wa Taala is happy with it, and the Prophet is happy with it. What an opportunity that you develop with you. A prophet said, Man, a hub Bonilla

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abogado de la

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de La Romana La La Caddyshack Malema. When you have a pure sound in man, a perfect man, then you will love what Allah

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and the Prophet loves. You hate what Allah hates. Anything that is bad, that Allah dislike, you dislike, anything that Allah like you like, and you give what Allah wants to give meaning. You always like to engage in yourself in a lot of activities that will bring good to yourself and to others that benefit you and others and you will withhold

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meaning you are not going to be part of any kind of activity, that paths problem,

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anger, hatred, enemy among fellow mankind. So the four character that will develop after the man penetrate to your heart is hamdulillah

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abakada de la

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de La Romana and in this documentary, man, there's how the Prophet complete this issue about a man that will ever love what Allah love, hate what Allah hates, give in a way that allow you to give for the benefit of you and fellow mankind and you withhold that mean you are not supposed to get involved in any activities that cause destruction, that do not bring benefit to you, to the people and to the country. And then the Prophet enter with a cul de sac model man, then only you can claim that you have a sound Eman. You have a perfect Eman. Hello brother and sister in Islam. The beauty of this teaching of Islam is that when you really understand the spirit of Islam, you will find

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peace within yourself. You'll find peace with other and anyone who come to you get closer you also will feel the get the peace feeling. Because you are a person who can bring peace to other And whatever you do always benefit other like what the prophecy after Muslim you become a main man Phantom, meaning a believer is always beneficial to others. And then the prophecy again pauletta kulu Allah Atlanta's Minh and a Muslim will not become a burden to other people. They are not here to burden other people, but they are here to benefit others. So we got to ask ourselves, are we beneficial to others today?

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Do we constantly have a problem to ourselves?

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We destroy ourselves, to our family, to our community. We got to ask ourselves because without this house of self correction, looking into the mirror and look into ourselves, I don't think we can evaluate ourselves we can change you must remember brothers and sisters, their Islam always depend on what you want. Because Allah say hi Dana when I show you two ways, so we cannot blame Allah if anything goes wrong in the future. Because Allah have guide as he shows to me.

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And then Allah say, or Anna has a Sarah t mustard team at Abu

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Dhabi, oh Subala I show you two way then I inform you about my way, the right way.

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So you should follow the way that I want you to follow and after following a loss weight loss it will attack taboo. sabula after falling my way don't mix up with other ways. This is the problem that a lot of Muslim involve today. They say they follow the way of Allah. They follow a cron they follow the Prophet by English

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Same time, they are following other ways they mix up with other way. They mix up with their culture, their tradition that something contradicts with Islam. So they mess up everything and do today a lot of Muslims do not know the difference between Islam and culture between Muslim and Islam some some 10 tradition become Islam. Islam become tradition because they mix up everything and Allah disliked it because a lot of see what Anna has a Sarah t musta Pema tuttavia Oh, well at W Subala. This is my way, the only way you follow this way and after following my way do not follow other ways. They may Allah do not compromise his way and the way of his creation.

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This is very important fellow Muslim Brothers sister. So we must make sure that we understand Islam the way a lot one has to understand and the way that Islam have been conveyed to us through His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam who is the best model an example for those who want success in this world. And the success in here after this is what we always hope from Allah subhanho wa Taala fellow brother and sister every day when we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. What do we ask Allah? The minimum that we should ask is robina Tina dunya Hashanah what fill our para de hacer una joaquina azova. Now we call upon Allah we invoke Allah CE O Allah give us

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success, happiness, peace in this world. And the same, that we hope that Allah will give success, peace, happiness, and clarity in the hereafter that made me Allah enter all of us to Jelena and joaquina azova na and Allah save us from the common of hellfire. Now we do not want to end our life by going to the direction that we are going to suffer forever. There is jahannam what we want is insha Allah we hope Allah subhana wa Taala will make us among the people of Salim sit in the righteous people, the people who are right to themselves, you're honest with yourself, they are right to others and they are honest to each other. By having this kind of quality, Allah brothers

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Islam, I believe all of us will be the best. That what Allah subhanho wa Taala have reminded us couldn't do IRA oma, we the follow up Prophet Muhammad is not just a normal oma, but Allah say, You are the best of man. That's what Allah say, what I and I believe that all of us want to be the best.

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So how do you become a best Omar? Trying your level best to be a good Muslim facula Masato. Maybe there are people who said

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your brother was saying it's not easy to become Muslim? No, it's very easy. Like what I said early, sir Magna, wattana. listen and obey. So why do you have debt with you? You're safe and hamdulillah. And then to be me, you just got to follow what Allah have planned for you. Because he is the best planner and he's oversee everything. He knows our future. So whatever you do what Allah want you to do, at the end of the day, you will never regret insha Allah because Allah will never fail us. Allah subhana wa that promised those who believe in Him, those who follow his way that he'll be saved in the soil and also save in the hereafter. Now when Allah guarantee you success, he is not guaranteed

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success only in this world. Now human can give you some success in this world. Human can guarantee you something here but they cannot guarantee you about your life he after but when Allah guarantee or something he guarantee as dunya Hashanah Akira hacer una joaquina azova na so May Allah subhanho wa Taala meet us again insha Allah, may Allah enlighten us and make us a good Muslim men and most in in babila ito Philippi Accra, Ghana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah Hama behind the shadow Allah Illa illa Anta estado Federica wa to LA Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato is a way of life a complete way.

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Do y'all know what is says? It says, live the greatest. It says their lives. Space returned upon

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a way of life, a way of life, a way of life a way of life. Islam is always