Are all the Hadeeths in Saheeh Bukhaari Authentic – Can it be Compared to the Quran

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the credibility of the Hadith in Bukhari, India, and compares it to the Quran. They also mention the importance of the scribe of the book of Allah, which is the highest level of confidence among all the books of Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the book for the teachings of Islam.
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The next question

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a deal barelli Uttar Pradesh, India, if every Hadith

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in Bukhari authentic If yes, then can it be compared to the Quran?

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Regarding the first question that are all the Hadith in fable hurry authentic

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and can be compared to the Quran? Yes. All the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari authentic there are 7563 Hadith in Bukhari and all of them authentic can be compared to the Quran. The Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran it verbatim the word of Allah subhanaw taala which was revealed to our beloved prophet masala Salaam, to Archangel Gabriel. Then the scribes, the Sabbath, they wrote down and profit muscle loss column checked it up personally, he asked them to recite it, he checked it, there was a mistake, he corrected it. And Prophet peace be upon him is to rehearse it with Archangel Gabriel, every I'm done. And the last term done before he died, he reached it twice. So

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that means the Quran is 100% the word of Allah subhanaw taala. verbatim, revealed to Prophet Maisano Salaam, the prophet dictator, the Sahaba, they wrote it down he contracted it divided with Archangel Gabriel. So Quran is verbatim word to word without a difference even a four letter word of Allah subhanaw taala. As far as, say Buhari is concerned, it is the most authentic book amongst all the books of the highest level.

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But the

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other thing of the Prophet and actions, some of these are verbatim words, but the others are meaning life. They are not verbatim, the word of the Prophet, and they were hurt by the Sabbath, Sabbath memorize date, then the turbine turbine turbine and the chain of narrators. So it is not of that

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love. Brian is the highest level it is the verbatim Word of God. The Hadith are the things of the Prophet if we believe in it, we have to follow it. But natural Quran is number one, then comes to say howdy in say Hadith, the highest is cibo Hari and jamaa amongst the elephant novel Jama scholars among the Sunni scholars that after the book of Allah, after the Quran, the next inauthenticity the next to be followed, if SIBO Hurry, there's no doubt about it. The second most important book of Islam, a disciple hurry