Zakir Naik – Arabic Word Allah is Better than English Word God

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the cultural preference for calling Allah by the Arabic word instead of the English word God. They also mention the various religious attributes of Allah's personality, including his being a beautiful person and a father in Islam. The speaker suggests that this preference is a result of a culture of "the culture of Islam" rather than a cultural "the culture of Islam."
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Quran says in Surah Surah chapter number 17 was the 110 colada with Rama Amata do follow Allah, say call upon him by Allah, about a man by whichever name you call upon Him, to Him belong. The most beautiful names you can call Allah subhana wa Taala by any name, but it should be a beautiful name, it should not conjure up a mental picture and it should be according to that tributes given by him.

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And there are no less than 99 different attributes. You and Allah subhanaw taala in the goddess Quran as well as Adi

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Rahman r Rahim al Hakim, Most Merciful, Most Gracious, Most wise, no less than 99 and the crowning one is Allah.

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Why do we Muslims prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the other words used in different languages?

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example that why do we Muslims prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word God.

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Usually, a person can play mischief with English word God, as well as the other words used in other languages. For example, if you add s to God, it becomes God's rule of God. Then nothing like rule Allah. For Allah say he's allowed only if you add the SS to God, it becomes goddess, meaning a female God. There's nothing like male or female and Islam. Allah subhanaw taala is unique. He has got no gender.

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If you add further to God, it becomes godfather. He's my godfather, he's my guardian. There's nothing like Allah Akbar. Allah father in Islam. If you add mother to God, it becomes god mother. There's nothing like Allah Masha Allah Ameen Islam, Allah is a unique word.

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If you prefix attend before God, it becomes tin God meaning a fake God, nothing Latin Allah and Islam. That is the reason we Muslims, we prefer calling Allah but the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word card.

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Otherwise normally, when a Muslim is doing dava or conveying the message of Islam to non Muslim, and if he uses the word God instead of Allah like the way I'm doing now, I've got no objection, but I like to remind them that God is not the appropriate translation of the Arabic word Allah

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