99 Names of Allah #60 Al Muqaddim

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and potential of the MSN. It describes how Allah can bring forward things that we want to happen, such as making something happen when we want it to happen. It also describes how Allah has the power to make it happen when he wants it to happen.
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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Elmo carpe diem. Allah subhanaw taala is Elmo, Kadeem and Tonight marks 40 days until Ramadan. Subhanallah it's coming so quickly.

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Alamo. Kadeem is part of a larger point or a bigger lesson that teaches us that Allah makes things happen when he wants to,

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in his own time, not when we want things to happen.

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So a mocha dim means that Allah can bring forward or make something happen sooner than you expect it to happen.

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This happens all the time with growing up. When we're young, sometimes we feel like we're going to be young forever. Sometimes we feel like

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school, or our friends or the sports teams that we're a part of all these things are going to go on forever. But then we turn around and the years pile up and all of a sudden we're growing up.

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We're graduating from high school, we're moving on to jobs and families, our parents get old, all these sorts of things happen. A love brings them about makes them happen sooner than we expect.

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Maybe sometimes, you have found that when you're doing something you really love.

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You only had maybe an hour or you thought you had a whole hour you thought that you had enough time to do this thing but it was so engrossing you love to doing this thing so much that before you know it, an hour is already up and already gone.

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This is because Allah is Mo condom, Allah has the ability to bring something forward and to make something happen as soon as he wants.

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So if we want Allah subhanaw taala to bring something and make something happen in our lives, and we're having a hard time waiting. We can remember that Allah has and will continue, that he has the power to make it happen. And he has the power to make it happen as soon as he wants to. That's because the law is more plugged in. And that's all for tonight. I said I'm on a call more often to La