A Muslim who dies of Plague or COVID 19 is a Matyr

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I am Abdullah from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My question is that if a Muslim dies in a plague, will he be called a martyr or villagers get the Sahaba formata. There are various studies talking about this incident of a person dying in the play of lava masala, some said sunset,

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its mission and ethos tirmidhi one number 200 number 1063. The Prophet said, there are five types of martyrs in Islam,

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the one who is killed in the way of Allah subhanaw taala.

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A person who dies in the plague, a person who dies of stomach illness, a person who dies while drowning, and a person who dies in a crash or collapse, we behold this collapse. So these five categories of the people according the profit, they are matters. So if a person dies in plague, yes, he's caught as a matter. There are they in a pretty major way number 400. Number 2804. The Prophet asks one of the servers that What do you know about the martyrs amongst you? So he said, that those who are killed in the way of Allah subhana wa, tada, martyrs, then the Prophet deployed? If this was the only case, then martyrs in Malmo would be very few. Then he said, martyrs are those who are

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killed in the way of Allah. martyrs are those who die in the house of Allah. martyrs are those who die because of stomach illness, martyrs or do those who die in a plague. And then in addition by another narrator say that matters are those who even who even die around. So these are five categories of people who the Prophet said, amateurs.

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Regarding the question, if a person dies in a plague, will he get his he called a martyr? Or will he get a swab of a martyr? There's another Hadith of the Prophet masala Salaam,

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which is mentioned inside Buhari one number seven. Number 5734. Where the beloved former masala Salim said, Russia mela said that the Prophet said that Allah sends plagues as a punishment

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than believers to whomever he wants.

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And as for the believers, it is a blessing.

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And if a believer

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during plague,

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lives patiently, and believing that nothing will befall him, except what Allah has ordained for him. Allah says he will get a reward of a matter. In this Hadith, a person who lives patiently is the criteria and believes that nothing will be formal befall him. Nothing will happen to him, except for the audit by Allah Spano tala, he gets the swap of a monitor and appoint a manager. He says ramola that there are three categories of people in this. A person who dies in play, he gets the job of plague, a person who is affected by plague, but does not die He to get the job of a matter and a person who during plague is patient, and afraid that nothing will befall him and he does not get

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sick. He does not die yet. He gets the job of a martyr, but a person who dies in plague, besides being called a martyr, he's also gets a suburb of a martyr. He gets both better. Hope that answers the question.